Have you heard of Traveloka? They are the newest player in the Australian online travel market. New yes to Australia but not to most of Asia

After some research, I found out that Traveloka is one of the leading travel booking platforms in Southeast Asia. Traveloka arrives with a mission to make travelling simple and more compelling, which is something that I am forever looking for when planning a trip.

I for one can vouch for the easiness of Traveloka to book trips. While recently in Indonesia we were able to book a train from Bandung to Jakarta on our mobile phones with little fuss through Traveloka.

Yes, Traveloka has a desktop version for us planners and a mobile app for those on the go. Let us introduce you to some key features of Traveloka

Flights: Did you know some of the big flight search engines omit budget airlines because they don’t make any money off them? Well with booking flights around Asia you will find Traveloka will include all airlines even regional ones you may never have heard of.

Traveloka will provide a great price for all flights in their introduction to the Australian market with a limited offer of no booking fees. I have tested Traveloka against some of the other big flight search engines and they are extremely competitive.

Search your flights and get the latest prices with Traveloka

Accommodation: You will find Traveloka indexes all properties for you to view from 1 to 5-star properties. Hotels, villas, apartments and hostels, a little something for everyone.

Traveloka works hard behind the scenes negotiating deals with properties for customers who become members of the site. Extra value accommodation is yours when adding a place to stay with a flight booking. So it is like a bundle deal. If you book them together through Travelocker you can save more money off your accommodation again.

To be a one-stop service Traveloka is able to take you from the airport to your accommodation with airport transfers booked on the site. I mean how much easier can they make it. All you need to do is turn up at the airport for your flight. Traveloka will take care of the rest after you have booked.

Search Traveloka for you next nights accommodations

If you do have any questions, requests for change or concerns, a 24-hour multi-lingual support team is on hand. You can even chat live to customer service via the Traveloka desktop website. If you’re happy to wait for an answer, send a message from the mobile app and receive a response within 30 minutes.

If you’re like me the refund conditions of a booking can be a concern. Traveloka has a request refund feature makes it easier to get your cash back if you change your mind.

However, some booking conditions set by companies are outside of Traveloka’s control. Traveloka will make that clear to you with an icon beside all listings in your search. This icon indicates it is non-refundable.

Are you looking for activities and attractions to visit at your chosen destination? There is a good chance Traveloka knows about it as well. You can book activities, attractions, entries and tours through the site. Don’t go using dozens of different sites, have everything at your fingertips with your Traveoka account.

Traveloka Mobile App: The app allows you to search for flights and then set price alerts. You will be notified if the flight you were looking at drops in price. Keep your credit card handy to strike when this happens for maximum savings.

The app will send you notifications of your flights status and reminders to check in online so you have everything covered and little to worry about. It’s like having your own personal travel agent in your pocket.

Traveloka has a secure 3ds credit card payment system that is trusted by millions of people the world over. I trusted it and booked with no issues. The 3ds security system provides an extra layer of protection for online transactions for your peace of mind. Over 1 million people have booked flights and hotels using Traveloka. Will you be the next person?

What are you waiting for? Give Traveloka a try, I am sure you will be surprised and satisfied with their offerings, deals and customer service, I know we were.

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