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Tree Surfing on the Mornington Peninsula is located at the Enchanted Adventure Garden at Arthurs Seat above Dromana, Australia. When I was researching our staycation on the Mornington Peninsula I was instantly attracted to the tree surfing possibility. I knew such an activity would test and challenge our girls and certainly take them out of their comfort zone. Tree surfing is a mixture of climbing, balance and containing your fears. For those that don’t know Tree Surfing, it’s basically a high wires obstacle course. Tree Surfing Mornington Peninsula here we come!

Tree Surfing Enchanted Adventure Garden is so much fun!

The Enchanted Adventure Garden Tree Surfing starts with you meeting at the harness room. The equipment you need is explained to you as you are being fitted with the latest safety equipment. Your safety is their number one priority. You get fitted with a harness, helmet and a safety vest. After getting fitted out we headed for the trees. The instructor will lead you onto the practice course.

The practice course is the place where you’ll learn how to use your gear and test your skills before starting the full course. The practice course is great to show you the basics so you gain some confidence. With some apprehension, nervousness and some fear the girls and I climbed the ladder to get to the first level on the Tree Surfing Grand course. Marley first then Willow followed by me at the back.

Tree Surfing Mornington Peninsula
All harnessed up for tree surfing at the Enchanted Garden

Tree Surfing Mornington Peninsula
Practising for Mornington Peninsula tree surfing



Enchanted Adventure Garden Tree Surfing Mornington Peninsula General Admission tickets

Immerse yourself in a wonderland of hedge mazes, artistic gardens, giant puzzles, bushland obstacles and tube slides. With over 22 acres of fun all ages! Allow yourself 2-3 hours to explore all the park has on offer including 5 challenging mazes, 3D spooky maze, fast and furious tube slides, artistic gardens and hedge topiary, kids obstacle course and a canopy Walk

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The Grand Tree surfing offers 5 levels for your fun, enjoyment or terror depending on yourself. You must complete the levels in order to progress. Each level is finished with a zip lining experience which takes you back to the ground. This is a great idea so if you don’t want to go on any further levels you can bail out. The Grand course has over 50 aerial obstacles, bridges and 5 zip-lines linked to tree-based platforms up to 10m high. I can tell it looks really high when you are up hugging your way around a tree while your legs are shaking!

tree surfing (1 of 1)

Enchanted Garden Tree Surfing is challenging for the whole family

I am going to put out there now we did not complete all the levels. The Wyld family are not known for their love of heights. We would have had to rope and drag their mother (Bec) to get on the Tree Surfing course. Things moved slowly but steadily till Marley was gripped by fear on a plank walking section of the course. After much reassurance from her mother, the instructor on the ground and Willow and I in the tree behind her, Marley moved along.

tree surfing (1 of 1)-11


Mornington Peninsula Enchanted Adventure Garden Ziplining and Canopy Tour

The Enchanted Adventure Garden offers an unforgettable Tree-top climbing tour activity for both adults and children alike with over 50 aerial obstacles, bridges and 5 zip-lines linked to tree-based platforms up to 10m high. The Grand course offers 5 different levels of challenges, giant Tarzan swing and rock climbing wall.

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There is only allowed to be one person at a time on each aerial section of the course. When we made it to the end of level one we were faced with a big zip line down to the ground. Now, this was fun. The girls headed up to level 2 while I bailed out. A dad’s job was done, I had got the girls up on the course and reassured them enough to go on solo. After a few more levels the height became too much for the girls also and they bailed out. I must say we were proud of them for giving it a go, for showing some determination and stepping outside their comfort zone.

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Mornington Peninsula day tour from Melbourne including The Enchanted Adventure Garden

See the stunning Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne’s playground of the rich and famous, visit a prestigious winery, be captivated by the breathtaking bay views and seized the day at The Enchanted Adventure Garden! Home of Australia’s largest Tube Slide Park, 3D Indoor Maze, tree surfing Melbourne and featuring 20 beautiful gardens and 3 Hedge Mazes.

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Tree Surfing Mornington Peninsula is a must do activity

Tree Surfing Enchanted Garden also has a nippers course designed for the smallest members of the family. This allows little kids to feel like they are apart of the action and believe me some of the kids on the nippers course showed no fear when traversing the course. The Nippers course is very similar to the Grand Course.

The Nippers still get to experience suspended tunnels, stepping bridges, climbs and tree platforms. The course rises to 5m above the ground and incorporates three levels to challenge even the most adventurous nipper. There are three Zip-lines in the Nippers course. The Nippers course is for any kids under 135cm in height.


Family Travel Tip: If you think your nipper may become nervous or scared adults are allowed to go on the nippers course with the kids. 

The Big Zip is an optional extra that compliments the Tree Surfing activity at the Enchanted Garden. The big zip takes zip lining to whole new level. You will be zip lining over 300 meters on two different lines. This has you crossing the lake and formal gardens as you fly through the air.

We were not aware of the big zip when we arrived but after doing the tree surfing we went exploring the Enchanted Garden. Marley spotted it and straight away she said ‘I want to go on that’. Once again the girls needed to be harnessed, helmeted and explained the safety procedures for the big zip.

The girls were keen as mustard (sorry an Australian term) The take off for the Big Zip starts by crossing a suspension bridge to the launch tree platform. The platform sits at knee shaking 8 meters off the ground. An instructor makes sure everyone takes off safely from the platform. I was waiting down underneath the zip line to watch the girls fly overhead. The first big zip is 170 meters long and 20 meters off the ground at its highest point. Once across the lake, you line up again to come back on the smaller 100-meter zip line.

The Enchanted Adventure Garden has something for Everyone

Needless to say, The Enchanted Garden Tree Surfing and The Big Zip were a huge hit with the girls of Wyld family Travel. People still refer to the Enchanted Garden as the Arthurs Seat Maze. Besides the tree surfing and zip lining, the Enchanted Garden at Arthurs Seat has many other features including.

  • Mazes
  • Full-size brain teaser puzzles
  • Tube slides
  • Bush Adventure Scramble obstacle course
  • 3D spooky mirror maze
  • The canopy tree top walk
  • Sculpture bush walk.

Family Travel Tip: One can spend a whole day at the Enchanted Adventure Garden. There is onsite Picnic Areas so you can bring along your own food. There is onsite cafe and lolly shop for you to buy food and drinks. As I mentioned earlier tickets should be bought in advance for the Tree Surfing, Big Zip to ensure you get a go on these activities. These activities cost extra on top of the admission prices. Arthurs seat chair lift is 300 meters down the the road if you are looking for another activity. A Tree Surfing Arthurs Seat double.

How do I get to the Enchanted Garden:
DRIVING: Take Eastlink out of Melbourne and exit onto the Peninsula Link. Follow this freeway all the way to the Mornington Peninsula. After Dromana, take the exit to Arthurs Seat, follow the scenic drive to the top of the hill and turn right into Purves Rd.
PUBLIC TRANSPORT:  Take the Frankston Line Train to its terminus at Frankston station. Catch the Portsea Passenger Service (Bus #788) to the Mornington Peninsula, get off at the Dromana Visitor Information Centre. From here you will have to take a taxi up the hill to Arthurs Seat (Taxis are unreliable in the area and you can be waiting for very long periods for transport pick up or drop off services.).

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