Straight out of the box I was impressed with the weight of the treVolo S. It was heavy in my hand so I actually checked the manual and it weighs in at 1kg. For me, this is usually a good sign when dealing with speakers, it usually means great quality. The treVolo by BENQ measures 63.2 x 157.5 x 96.3 mm. This makes it a great size for a stand-alone speaker or a computer speaker.

The treVolo S is a stylish piece of equipment that unpacks looking like a WD hard drive. But once you charge it and open its wings it really takes off. Literally, its wings open to present you with some amazing sounds. I tested it over an Ac/Dc song, a Lee Kernigan song and a David Guetta song. I was particularly impressed with the beats it pumped out from David Guetta’s Titanium.

Trevolo by Benq

Its a snazzy looking speaker

treVolo S uses the same electrostatic technology that is typically reserved for high-end speaker systems. It was created to reduce harmonic distortion from 10% to less than 1%, representing a tenfold improvement over traditional speakers

The treVolo S can be paired with another treVolo S speaker hence allowing you to join 2 together on opposite sides of the room or in different areas of the house. This allows great flexibility. The added advantage of a micro USB slot allows the flexibility of not having to connect Bluetooth technology and drain your phone battery.

treVolo S has evolved to bring more dynamic volume and all-around acoustic clarity. With Bass Evolution and Optimized Acoustics modes, treVolo 2 leads you to a world of mobile audio amazement.

Tips to get the best sound out of your treVolo:

  • Place the speaker on a sturdy and flat surface that does not shake/tremor during music reproduction. If you hear any tremor please check the placement of the speaker.
  • Make sure the wings are open and towards your face with the same height of ear to get the best sound image. You must try this. Put your favourite song on and check it out!
  • Place around the speaker in different positions to have the best acoustic result.
    • Avoid placing the speaker too close to the rear wall (or worse, glass) as the electrostatic panels emit sound bi-directionally. It will reduce the natural reflection from the rear side of the panel.
    • Try place the speaker close to wall or corner in the room and you will find the level of bass increased. This is due to the “boundary effect”. This applies to all speakers.
  • For the best result, we recommend playing music in a quiet room. An open area with the noisy environment does not show the sound quality from treVolo.

The treVolo 2 comes with an ac power adapter and a nice protector bag for when your not using it or taking it away with you. The treVolo 2 is a handy enough size that it easily transportable when going on vacation, camping or just having a bbq/picnic. It can be charged by USB cable as well as Ac adaptor making it highly transportable.

When using the USB cable, the speaker may just be connected to PC or adapter. It’s not able to connect to the phone. As a result, it won’t drain the phone battery. It has a good enough volume for a party around a campfire or just background music in your beachside holiday apartment. Its weight would make it restrictive to take on a plane.

We love our treVolo S BENQ speaker and highly recommend it to all music lovers.


treVolo 2 is available today at for pricing and information click ⇒HERE⇐

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