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There are just some things that Australians are known for. Our unique language is always talked about and you can find plenty of people trying to work out what we are saying. Our scenery is just beautiful and different from place to place, there are no two places alike. Our wildlife is stunning and yet terrifying to some at the same time.

But one of the areas that are always left out is some of the unique Australian Delicacies that we just love. From a great meat pie to a few dimmies at lunch time or a pav for dessert! Here are our top True Blue Unique Australian delicacies you should try when you get out here!

Meat Pie

Every town has it’s own favourite meat pie. Our local bakery does one that is absolutely amazing and is a favourite in our district. They can come in plenty of different ways some chunky with hardly any gravy, some quite runny and then some that combine the two. Plenty of companies have tried to go for the upmarket types with Angus beef and the like but nothing beats a freshly made pie from a local bakery. A one of the best Australian Delicacies!

When to eat it:

Lunch is the best time they are very filling but most places will have a family size pie that you can have for dinner. We normally have ours with mash potato and peas and corn if it is in season. (The corn, not the pie!)


I know so many people who have had this and they hate it. Plenty of visitors and Aussie’s alike just can’t eat it. Most tourists have been tricked with a spoonful of this culinary delight being shoved at them and told this is how we eat it. DO NOT EAT IT…this person is terrible and even if it was the last food on earth there is no way they would do that to themselves. Vegemite is a tar looking spread for sandwiches or toast. It is salty…and it is so hard to explain. Some tell me it tastes like marmite but I have never had that because I am a vegemite kid!

When to eat it: 

As I said above DO NOT EAT A SPOONFUL of this stuff unless you are slightly crazy or doing one of those food challenges! I don’t have it on sandwiches but I did when I was a kid. I love mine now on toast with a heap of butter and a tiny, paper-thin spread of vegemite. Then you eat it while the toast is still warm. My friend used to have vegemite and cheese sandwiches for lunch and I thought she was crazy!

Dim Sims (Dimmies)

Dim Sim’s are sort of like a dumpling but they are longer and fatter. Some have them with soy sauce I have even known a friend to eat the with tomato sauce much to my horror and there are even places that coat them in batter and deep fry them. Or for the best Unique Aussie food experience, you can have them deep fried as is! I must admit I like mine steamed and with a tiny amount of soy sauce

When to eat it:

These are a great lunch food or a snack on the go if you are out in the car for the day. Most servo’s or takeaway shops will have them in the bain-marie ready to go! Grab a couple and off you go!

 Pavlova (Pav)

Now my mum makes a mean Pav. It is like a large meringue but it has to be crunchy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. The pavlova is then covered in whipped cream. Not the tinned stuff but fresh whipped cream with a little bit of vanilla essence in it. Then you top it off with either some passionfruit pulp, summer berries, crushed up peppermint crisp or some other chocolate that you love. My mum normally only does strawberries on top in summer or at Christmas and crushed up flake in the winter. You don’t need to go crazy with the fruit, just a little is nice.

When to eat it:

We love this one in summer after a family bbq. It is great to sit down with a glass of wine on my parent’s deck and have a piece.


BudgetLamingtons are a light and fluffy sponge cake that is then rolled in chocolate and then covered in coconut. I like mine in the fridge so the chocolate hardens just the slightest but both the girls like their’s at room temperature. Some people will also cut them in half and put in some jam and then add whipped cream too. Again none of that tinned stuff, it is freshly whipped.

When to eat it.

My mum makes them for the girl’s school lunches as their something nice in their lunch box. We have them as a little cake with a coffee or a dessert after dinner too sometimes.

Tim Tams

Now, these biscuits are just the best with a cuppa. My favourite is the double coat Tim Tams and they are best served cold! I get them in the morning and put them in the fridge till the afternoon. Some people bite off a corner on opposite sides and suck their cuppa through the Tim Tam but I have never tried that. I am a very traditional girl and just love eating them the way they are. There have been many different types like caramel, fruits of the forest, dark chocolate and white chocolate developed over the years but I recommend the plain ones or the double coat. We have taken a couple of packets overseas with us to share with friends and they have loved them too!

When to eat it:

I am always picking up a packet of these fine Australian delicacies if I am going to someone’s house for a coffee or afternoon tea. I don’t know many people who don’t like them and they are a really easy option! If I have not had time to put them in the fridge I whack them in the freezer to get them cold quickly for our coffee.

Chiko Roll

Well, this is a bit different and I am really struggling on how to describe it! It is a deep fried sort of pastry roll that is stuffed with veggies, mainly cabbage and a very slight amount of minced meat. Most people I know squeeze the inside out through one of the ends and eat that and then eat the outside pastry/yummy stuff.

When to eat it:

They are really good if you are having a picnic down by the water or a snack from a local fish ‘n’ chip shop or a servo.

 Aussie Pizza

This is not one that I would pick straight away going into a pizza shop but I know so many friends from overseas that absolutely love them. It is a normal base with either bbq sauce or the traditional tomato sauce with bacon, onion, cheese and egg! Yes, you got that on it has an egg on it!

When to eat it

Mainly at dinner time or for a lunch option. There are mainly three sizes of pizza in Australia probably like most places around the world so if you are unsure you can get your usual and then get a small one of these to try it out.

Golden Gaytime

Oh, this is one of my top favourite things to eat on hot days in summer. It is a caramel, vanilla ice cream base that is covered in soft biscuit and it is yummy! Sometimes though the biscuit hasn’t softened and is still a little bit crunchy which is not as good as the soft type. And everyone loves the small bits that are right at the bottom that are the softest and the extra yummiest bit.

When to eat it

On a hot day, for desert, on a road trip, on a cold day, whenever you see one at the shops…they really are that good. Actually just buy a box and sit back and enjoy. Thank me later!

Battered Dog

This is a hot dog that is battered and deep fried. You can get them at the service station or a convenience store, these ones are normally pre-battered and frozen in massive numbers. If you go to a local fish and chip shop normally they battered them themselves and they are much better. They go great with a couple of dollars of chips and a fresh piece of fish.

When to eat it

As I just said if you are ordering some chips for a quick lunch or an easy dinner order one as well. Mark has his with tomato sauce but I like mine without. The girls actually unwrap them and eat the dog first then the batter…sometimes they don’t eat the batter though!

Fairy Bread

Now, this is an iconic Australian masterpiece one of our finest Australian delicacies…fairy bread, everyone loves it and it is absolutely not a party unless you have some. It is white bread, sandwich sliced (not the thick stuff) with a small layer of butter and then you bring it home with Sprinkles! (Or hundreds and thousands) Every kid loves this and even the adults will pinch a piece when no one is looking! Some people get fancy and put chocolate sprinkles or long sprinkles on it but you don’t have to go to extremes…keep it simple because it is a sure fire winner.

When to eat it

As I said a party is just not a party without it. I have known some kids to have it as a lunch time sandwich but that is absolutely not recommended at all. Plus too much and the sugar high will destroy you…but it is a magnificent true Aussie dish.

 Jelly Slice

This is our definite number two best ever Aussie inventions…jelly slice. Not the mass produced one but the little street stall kind. If you are ever anywhere and there is a street stall see if they have some of this. It is like a cheesecake. It has the biscuit base with the cream cheese filling with jelly on top! It is so good it should be totally wrong. If you mess it up though the biscuit base will be soggy and if there is too much gelatin in it, it will be hard as a rock. Hard to master but once you do you will seek it out!

When to eat it.

As I said you see a street stall grab some and eat it straight away. You can go home and put it in the fridge for a little bit longer if you want. Goes great with a cuppa at a friends or afternoon tea if you don’t want to share. It does not go well in a lunch box or on a long trip…it needs to be cared for.

Mum’s Sunday Roast

This is also another favourite. We used to have roast lamb every Sunday when I was younger and most families I knew did too. They may have had a different type of meat but we all went home for mum’s roast on a Sunday. If you are offered to go to someone house for dinner on a Sunday go! They are normally brilliant…no fancy stuff though just the meat and veg is the way to go.

When to eat it

As I said above if you are invited on a Sunday go! But the roast has also evolved into a midweek meal for some as well, so just go and have a try. It is a really great way to sit down and chat with everyone around the table. You really can’t go wrong with a roast!

Added Australian delicacies to try: The BBQ

Aussie’s love a Bbq and if you are invited to one you should go. They can be a great way to meet new people and to relax. We normally have a few during the year with all of our friends around for lunch and then it normally goes into dinner time as well. We have a mixture of foods but you can’t go past the snag in bread or a lamb chop! They are my favourite and I always take a tray of them with me when we go to a Bbq. They can be just a heap of fun and the really simple ones are my favourite ones to go to.

So there you have it…our Australian delicacies or Unique Aussie Foods. Some will make you want to try them, some will leave you shaking your head and some will probably horrify you but whatever your reaction you really should try them out!

These are our top tips on Unique Aussie Delicacies but if you would like to see what our friend Paula from Sydney Expert thinks to click here to read her story!

11 thoughts on “Unique Australian Delicacies you should try!”

  1. OMG you have got me completely drooling Bec! And you know what, pretty much everything you’ve listed here is on our list to eat in the first couple of days we get home. Are you missing parma & a pot though?

  2. Haha I spent a year in the UK longing for a Golden Gaytime and had one as soon as I left Sydney airport on returning to Aussie soil! And you can’t quite beat as Aussie meat pie, can you?

  3. We have never been in Australia but we have eaten the Vegemite, in Europe. We didn’t know that it has a good and particular taste!
    Pavlova is something we’d like to try for sure 🙂

  4. Well you’ve just taken me on a walk down memory lane of my childhood. I never understood the fascination with dim sims or chiko rolls, they look (and smell) revolting to me! Haha. But give me a Vegemite sanga, or a lamington, or sausage sanga or Tim Tam ANY DAY!

  5. I’m so glad you included Fairy Bread too! We still have a Sunday roast every week, this is partly as my husband is English anyway. Our girls sometimes get tired of it…but we keep the tradition anyway and tell them that they’ll remember it fondly when they grow up! Everything on your list is super…except battered dogs… I have never had a fondness for them…is it the name perhaps…

  6. Right now I am feeling hungry!!!!

    Pavlova (Pav) looks amazing! About the Vegemite I thought (at first) that it was a kind of chocolate cream but you said it is salty so I think I won´t try it (sorry) hehe.

    Very nice post! I will try as much as possible os this food!

    greetings from Spain!

  7. I’ll have a ton of Lamingtons please! Right after the pie. This article is a pure gem. Thanks so much for taking the time to put all these yummyies in here.

  8. I’m so hungry now haha These are great pics and reminds me I have Tim Tams on my desk…

    I’ve not tried vegemite but I know I do not like marmite!

  9. Given the vast array of wildlife in Australia, we were a little afraid of what might be in this post! Glad to see Vegemite is the most extreme thing on the list. 😉 Mmmm…Mum’s Sunday Roast looks great, btw.

  10. That fairy bread literally speaks for its name, very colorful. And of course the Battered Dog, if you’re an Asian you will not be surprised, but where’s the dog? just kidding, looks really delicious though. And yes I’m surprised no roo meat?


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