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Vienna has to be one of the best cities I have visited in Europe. It has everything you need in it for a travelling family, culture, green spaces, entertainment and markets. Located in Austria, Vienna is the capital city, a thriving metropolis of 1.8 million people.

Being our first time in Vienna, unsure of the language and city layout we booked a Vienna airport transfer through Up transfers. The truth be told it was a very pleasant experience, the driver was very friendly, he pointed out the city sights as we drove through the Vienna and we navigated the Vienna city centre quickly and safely to arrive at our hotel.

Know before you go. Our top Vienna travel tips

It was May and we arrived in Vienna from Madrid. The main airport is located 18 km from the Vienna city centre. For our stay in Vienna, we rented an apartment very close to the river. We felt that this would be a perfect area for our family to really see Vienna and what life was like in the city.

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The best things to see in Vienna

We immediately set out to explore many of the great things to do in Vienna. Downtown Vienna is like a museum in itself, each street hides particular magic, all you have to do is look a little more closely and you will be amazed.

St. Stephen’s Cathedral

The first of many attractions you should visit in Vienna is the St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the most important religious building in Vienna and also the place where the wedding and the funeral of the genius Mozart took place.

Hofburg Palace

During our time strolling the streets, we visited the imperial palace of Hofburg, the largest and oldest palace in Vienna. The president of Austria lives in the Palace along with the impressive National Library of Austria.

The library contains more than 8 million documents, including old books, maps and papyri. The Library holds an amazing collection of old-world maps that must have magnificent stories to tell.

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Vienna Opera

As the sun set and the light faded over this amazing city we headed for the  Vienna Opera. A local friend recommended we get there early and see if we could buy last-minute tickets.  If you are lucky, you can get tickets for a very cheap price.

We managed to secure some of the last tickets and ended up in the last rows. The Vienna Opera is one of the best experiences of the Austrian capital. If you are going to stay in Vienna see if you can secure yourself some tickets too. You won’t be sorry!

Schonbrunn Palace

The next day we caught the train to the Schönbrunn Palace which is located approximately 8km from the Vienna city centre. It is an incredibly beautiful Palace and in spring its gardens are an incredible experience. We arrived early to visit and had plenty of time wandering the gardens. In the afternoon there would be an outdoor concert which should not be missed.

The Schönbrunn Palace is an old imperial summer residence and represents one of the greatest attractions of Vienna. Although the history of the place dates from 1559, it was Empress Maria Theresa who years later would turn the palace into a temporary residence of the Habsburgs.

It has 40 rooms and a large baroque gallery. As you wander the lavish hallways you think to yourself ‘if these walls could talk’ and you so wish they could. it would be a little girls dream to grow up in a home as stately as this.

Vienna Zoo

The Vienna Zoo is also located at Schonbrunn Palace. The Zoo is one of the oldest in the world. It has a hugely successful Giant panda breeding program and watching these amazing animals play in their enclosure is something we will not forget. It is one of the biggest highlights of our stay in Vienna and one will still talk about today.

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The Prater

On our last day in Vienna, we had to leave for the airport early in the afternoon. We had done all of our packing the night before so that morning we decided to visit The Prater for the last bit of fun The Prater is an excellent theme park in the centre of Vienna city.

The Prater has been a way of life in Vienna for well over a 100 years and if you chat to the locals they will tell you, you must visit when you stay in Vienna. We had a lot of fun and enjoyed typical Austrian cuisine from the Schweizerhaus Wien Biergarten.

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Where to eat in Vienna

There are so many amazing places to eat in Vienna that you may have some trouble picking the right place and if you do what do you eat.

Eat amazing strudle

After enjoying our time at the Palace we thought it was only right to try the world-famous Austrian struggle. We ate the traditional apple strudel at the subway station while waiting for our train back to the Vienna city centre. It is safe to say that we all enjoyed it and would have had some more but our train was arriving…more for next time!


Located in the Prater you can have a pork knuckle the size of your head at this amazing restaurant. Focusing mainly on a good beer and a hearty meal it is definately a good idea to visit this amazing Vienna restaurant before you go on the rides!

Leopoldauer Alm (XXL restaurant)

As it says above this is an XXL restaurant and yep, it’s all huge! The sizes are massive and one meal can literally feed a few people unless you are big eater. Go with an empty stomach and watch your eyes water as they bring out some of the biggest meals you will ever see.

*Our daughters had the sundaes and again they were huge

Wanner cookie is a store made famous for its cookies a treat for chocolate lovers. Lucky we are chocolate lovers and we can tell you they are delicious!


If you have been serving schnitzel since 1905 you sure do know what you are doing. These schnitzels are the size of a plate and they are absolutely amazing. A great side serving is the in house made potato salad. It’s so good!

*Figlmuller is a seriously busy place and rightly so. If you want to eat there you really need to book in advance to make sure you have a table.


This amazing choclkate cake is another food that Austria is known for and it is delicious.

We liked the experience with Up transfers so much that we requested a Vienna City Center to Airport transport service back to the airport when we were leaving. We saved so much time booking this service. We were able to enjoy the park in the morning before we left the city and we arrived stress-free in time for our next adventure.

We hope this article from us here at Wyld Family Travel has you inspired to visit Austria and stay in Vienna. There are so many things to do in Vienna and it is a brilliant place for families. For more amazing ideas on where to holiday in Austria click through to our Austria Destination Guide page for more brilliant inspiration.

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