After months on the road, it’s finally time to head back home. You might be looking forward to it, you might be dreading your travelling adventures coming to an end or maybe you’re just worried about the daily grind, finding a job, moving back in with your parents or life becoming seemingly “normal” again…

It’s normal to have mixed feelings about coming home after travelling. So, in order to help I’ve collected 5 potential “next steps” you could take when you get home. To make your transition a little easier. 

Display your journey

All those beautiful shots and snippets of your travels are wasted if they’re forever left within the depths of your phone or social media. So, make an effort to get all of them – or your favourites printed off put on show for everyone to see and for you to enjoy. You could go for traditional prints and display them in frames or opt for some beautiful canvas prints to bring your walls to life. It’s a wonderful feeling to be surrounded by your favourite memories. 

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Start taking care of yourself

Being on the road is an incredible and awe-inspiring experience. But it’s not always kind to your mental or physical health. Now you’re back at home you can take some time to look after yourself a bit more. Whether you’ve been overindulging on the street food a little too much, or you’ve pushed your body to its limits while you’ve been trekking in the middle of nowhere, it’s a great opportunity to find some R&R. Introduce a little more exercise into your day, head to the spa to rest those aching muscles, visit your GP if you’re worried about a bite or pain you have, or just get a good night’s sleep in your own bed!

Seek a new challenge

Travelling is all about pushing your limits and personal boundaries. So, heading back home can feel a little mundane. Try to keep your travelling mindset alive by introducing something new to your life. A new languages class (perfect for your next travelling adventure), join a photography club, develop a new skill that could turn into a new career or just go out and meet new people. 

Keep in touch

Travelling abroad means creating friendships for life. The people you’ve met on the road will always be part of your life, so why not make the effort to keep in touch? Social media can be a wonderful thing, so take full advantage of it and keep in touch with each other’s adventures. Plus, when you decide to hit the road again, you might have somewhere new to stay!

Plan a new trip

It’s true that once you’ve been bitten by the travel bug there’s no escaping it! If you’re lucky enough to have the funds, then you can book your next adventure as soon as you get home. If you need to wait a while, don’t worry – just save as much as you can and enjoy planning it all. Having something to look forward to will certainly keep your feeling upbeat and positive. 

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