At Zero Grid, we want you to pack less so you can travel more

Now I hope that’s got your attention! It certainly got mine when I first read it “Pack less so you can travel more” I am a big believer that we pack way too much stuff when we travel.
Here at Wyld Family Travel, we are not big into doing product reviews. Actually, you will find this is our first product review that we have done on the site. We want to talk about and review some fantastic travel products from Zero Grid. These products are made for travellers by travellers to help with your everyday needs and practical packing solutions.

  • Wouldn’t your tour through Europe be better without lugging 70 pounds of rolling luggage across the continent?
  • Is an adventure to the great temples of Chennai even thinkable with a tonne of bags?
  • We give you what you need to leave most of your stuff at home and focus on the road ahead.
  • Minimalist packing will maximise your enjoyment of your next trip.

We are pretty frugal with our money, that’s what helps us travel. The number of accessories out there in the travel market that claim to be the next big thing, the only thing, the thing that will make travel easier is endless. Family travel accessories need to be helpful, and light since we will be carrying more bags than normal travellers anyway.

When we part with our dollars we want equipment that is

  • great value for money
  • durable and hard wearing
  • practical and helpful

The products that Zero Grid make and market meet all the criteria we set for buying accessories. Their reviews on the website from customers were first rate and heaped praise on their products. Reviews like Super absorbent, light, quick-drying, Must have for gym, beach, pool, and travel, Saves space and makes my life less complicated, Awesome idea and much more from happy customers.
Ok now let us get to the good stuff! These are some of our favourite products from Zero Grid that we own.

Best travel accessories – MICROFIBER TRAVEL TOWEL SET

You can usually rely on your accommodation if you are staying in a hotel to provide you with towels. This becomes a stumbling block in summer if you want to go to the beach or swimming and taking a towel from the hotel. You need a small towel for kids accidents or just to wipe some sweat off.

The travel towel set from Zero Grid contains two towels. A body towel and a hand towel. These two towels come packed in a space-saving carry pack that is great for your day pack or your carry-on luggage.

travel accessories

I love thsi towel set its amazing

Features of the towel set:
  • Soft microfiber material with a blend of 80% polyester and 20% nylon for faster drying speed and a soft, smooth feel
  • Full sized body towel provides full privacy when you exit the shower
  • Antimicrobial fabric to prevent unpleasant odours
  • Weighs just 11.3 ounces total dry when packed in the compression bag

Willow drying off with the Zero_Grid towel set


travel accessories

It feels sturdy and tough

What struck first about the travel umbrella was how solid it felt. It was thick in your hands not like those cheap flimsy umbrella’s you buy that break at the first sign of wind. The addition of a LED flashlight handle, in the end, is a great feature and one I have never seen before. It collapses down to a size no larger than the typical forearm and comes with a free quick-dry carrying case. Bring it with you in your shoulder bag or backpack when you travel. The rubber no-slip handle is also non-conducting to protect you from lightning during thunderstorms. It’s even great to use for opening doors in the dark with your keys. Unlike most other travel umbrellas, Zero Grid’s comes with an integrated LED flashlight handle. It’s the perfect umbrella for travellers, hikers, and campers who want to be prepared for anything. Check out Zero Grids website HERE

travel accessoriesFeatures of the Umbrella:
  • Included water-resistant travel case that protects the rest of your bag from the wet umbrella
  • Wind resistant at speeds up to 55 mph so you don’t have to worry about it going inside out
  • Comes with carabiner clip and carrying loop so you can attach it to anything like your backpack or your belt
  • Batteries included


Luggage travel accessories – COMPRESSION PACKING CUBES SET

Packing cubes seem to be all the rage at present for travelling. We use the cubes ourselves on our long trips. I can tell you what impresses me the most about Zero Grids packing cubes…we love the see through front mesh window on these cubes. This feature certainly makes it easier to distinguish what is in each cube without unzipping. The compression set comes with 1 large cube and two small and a shoe, laundry bag. This makes a great combination for carry-on luggage.
travel accessories

Features of the compression cubes:

  • Compact design that holds its shape to make it easier to organise in your suitcases

    travel accessories

    Fits perfectly into your day pack for carry on luggage

  • Breathable mesh covers so your clothing stays fresh while you travel
  • Weighs just 12.3 ounces total so you can get organised without adding weight to your bag
  • Durable YKK zippers with paracord pulls so you can zip it closed effortlessly every time


Zero Grid don’t just make great products that all travellers should have, Zero Grid stand behind their products. Unlike other travel accessories companies, Zero Grid has an uncompromising dedication to product quality. Other accessories manufacturers offer 30-day money back guarantees, 60-day guarantees, 365-day guarantees, or no guarantees at all. If something snaps or tears one day after the guarantee ends, you’re on your own with other manufacturers.



Zero Grid’s products are fully warranted against defects in materials and workmanship with a lifetime guarantee.

You know you want and deserve a suitcase that looks like this on the inside. It’s tidy, it’s neat and everything is where it belongs. It makes unpacking a breeze when you arrive,
travel accessories

 How would you like to win to some Zero Grid travel products for yourself? Zero Grid have been nice enough to put on this giveaway for the readers of Wyld Family Travel. Enter your details below.

Wyld Family Travels Zero Grid Gear Giveaway

( The competitiion is only open to US and European residents )


Head over to to buy these fantastic travel accessories from Zero Grid with worldwide shipping available. We love our Zero Grid products and highly recommend them to all travellers out there.

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