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About Us – The Wyld Family

We are a family from a small country town in East Gippsland Victoria, Australia. Mark got the travel bug way back in 1999 and passed it onto me in 2003. Since then we have infected our two daughters Willow and Marley with discovering all the different wonders of the world. With our travels, we are hoping to inspire as many people as we can to get out there and travel! So many people think it is too hard, too expensive and too restricting to travel with small children, but we are here to show everyone that it can be done and most of all that a wonderful experience can be had by the whole family!  We juggle full-time jobs, school, a mortgage and life with fitting as much travel and day trips in as possible.

In a world with increasingly less family time available we believe travelling with our kids can only make us a closer knit family and make our kids more balanced and accepting children by exposing them to different cultures and nationalities along the way.

Mark Wyld born 1973
Father, Husband, Travel Planner, Savings Expert, Beer Connoisseur, Photographer, Social Media Tragic, Castle and UNESCO Seeker.

Employment: Disability Support Worker. I work with people who have intellectual disabilities.


Bec Wyld born 1978
Wife, Ministry of War & Stress, Sangria Sampler, Souvenir Collector, Market Explorer, Bargain Hunter.

Employment: Barista, Coffee Queen.


Willow Wyld born 2005
Wanderlust Gene, Student, Book Reader, History Lover, Documentary Watcher, Chocolate Connoissuer, Starbucks Lover.


Marley Wyld born 2008
Explorer, Traveler, Minecraft Expert, YouTube Watcher, Ben & Jerry’s Connoisseur, Chief Complainer at Wyld Family Travel, Stress creator.