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The Amazing Prague in Winter

It was official, we were going to Prague in December. Now for most people, this was not a problem...who wouldn't want to visit Prague in winter? But for me, it was something I was not ready to do. You see we had already been to Prague on a previous trip when Willow...

Vegas 5 star million Dollar December Sale

Family travellers looking for a 5-star getaway or just a weekend away from the kids look no further than Las Vegas in December. A recent survey by a luxury travel magazine tells us that, only 24 percent of U.S travellers have stayed at a five-star property more than...

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Luggage what to check what to carry-on

Travelling Heavy: What You Need to Know About the Items You Plan to Bring With You Keeping up with all the different baggage rules is not easy, especially since they are constantly changing.  The sudden banning of laptops in luggage on flights from the middle east to...

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