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We travel because we want our kids to be better world citizens

 In today’s society with rising nationalism, political divide and cultural misunderstandings it is important to expose our children to different cultures, beliefs and societies. We hope this will make them smarter, more understanding and more accepting of others in today’s world.

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How to get from Freiburg to Colmar

How to get from Freiburg to Colmar

In this article we are going to look at how to get from Freiburg Germany to Colmar in France Freiburg in Germany is an ideal place to visit if you want to access The Black Forest region and the Alsace region of France. Colmar France is just over the border from...

How to get from Basel to Colmar

How to get from Basel to Colmar

Many travellers to Switzerland take the opportunity to visit neighbouring regions such as the Alsace in France and Baden-Württemberg in Germany during their stay in Switzerland. Being so close together the call to easily visit another country is too hard to ignore for...

How to get from Strasbourg to Colmar

How to get from Strasbourg to Colmar

Many travellers to the Alsace Region in France make a trip from the capital Strasbourg to Colmar to visit one of the most picturesque towns known to man. Not only is Colmar a beautiful place to look at, it is also a wine connoisseur's playground and the food that is...

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