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Travelling with kids and teenagers can be an incredibly rewarding experience for both parents and their children. It’s an opportunity to explore new destinations and create lasting memories that will stay with your family for years to come. While family travel may come with its challenges, such as the occasional mood swings or reluctance to participate in family activities, the benefits far outweigh any minor inconveniences.

  • Helsinki with teens – 38 fabulous activities to do on vacation
    When it comes to planning a family vacation, few destinations offer the blend of culture, adventure, and Nordic charm that Helsinki does. From fun and exciting adventures to vibrant urban art scenes, this capital of Finland is perfect for a teen-friendly trip. So fasten your seatbelts, because Helsinki with teens is a whirlwind adventure waiting … Read the full article here
  • 51 super-fun things to do in Honolulu with teenagers
    Visiting Honolulu with teenagers will have you tripping around the island taking in spectacular landscapes, amazing beaches, sampling mouth-watering food and witnessing cultural experiences that will create memories with your teens that will last a lifetime! The vibrant capital of Oahu, Honolulu, offers an array of exciting experiences for families. What makes it even better … Read the full article here
  • Cities in 2023 with the best European Christmas Markets for teenagers
    Christmas Markets in Europe are a dream travel destination for many parents. They conjure a winter wonderland ideal that hits straight to the heart of anyone with even a hint of wanting to visit. Some are centuries old, and some are new and innovative, but where are the very best European Christmas markets for teenagers? … Read the full article here
  • 48 Cool things to do in Miami with teenagers
    Welcome to Miami, the teenage paradise where fun, sun, and wild adventures await! Calling all cool teens and their fearless parents – Miami with teenagers is like a match made in vacation heaven. Miami isn’t just about lounging on beautiful beaches; it’s a playground bursting with thrilling activities and vibrant culture. Parents, don’t worry; you’ll … Read the full article here
  • 36 of the best things to do in Kuala Lumpur with teenagers
    Kuala Lumpur, the vibrant capital city of Malaysia, is a fantastic destination for families with teenagers. It offers a perfect blend of modern attractions and cultural experiences that will captivate their interests. Teenagers will be amazed by the iconic Petronas Twin Towers, where they can enjoy breathtaking views from the observation deck. The bustling street … Read the full article here
  • 46 Fantastic year-round things to do in Split with teenagers
    Embark on a remarkable family adventure in the captivating city of Split, Croatia! Unleash the spirit of adventure and create lifelong memories as you immerse yourselves in the rich history and awe-inspiring beauty of this remarkable Croatian gem. As a seasoned traveller with teenagers I can tell you this was one city that was high … Read the full article here

In fact, travelling with teenagers can provide them with valuable life lessons, enhance their independence and responsibility, and strengthen the bond between family members. By immersing yourselves in different cultures, trying new foods, and exploring new places, you can create a closer and more connected family unit.

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Long Term Family Travel

Long term family travel can be a rewarding experience for the whole family and can allow us to learn more about ourselves, and about the people around us. Learning is not always about sitting in a classroom, it’s learning history where it happened, it’s using different currencies, learning through life experience. Long term travel with kids provides real life learning outcomes, not just through books. Don’t be afraid to take your kids out of school for travel experiences. Gap year travel with kids is a wonderful adventure that we all should experience at least once in our lives. 

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