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Day trips from Munich

As many of you will know Munich is one of our favourite cities in the world. So much so that we have been to Munich 5 times over the years and hope to go back later in 2019. It is so family friendly and we just can't get enough of the amazing hospitality that we are...


Vienna has to be one of the best visits I have visited in Europe. Located in Austria, Vienna is the capital city, a thriving metropolis of 1.8 million people. It was May, we arrived in Vienna from Madrid, the main airport is located 18 km from the centre of the city....

How to get to Pompeii from Rome

Just like in the Roman times the path from Rome to Pompeii is still ever popular. Let us take a look at how to get to Pompeii from Rome. In this article will explore the Rome to Pompeii train, driving to Pompeii from Rome and Rome tours to Pompeii. The Romans used...

5 things to do on Kangaroo Island South Australia

Many creatures of the creatures of the animal kingdom are facing an uncertain future even extinction. However, there is an island off mainland South Australia whose people are dedicated to preserving their wildlife animals such as koalas, sea lions and various bird...

A definitive guide to long term travel pre departure

I penned the first article on long-term travel planning 12 months out from our proposed departure. It seemed so far away. Nearly 11 months have flown by since then which now finds us a little under 5 weeks out till we leave. Things are starting to get real now, we are...

11 Great Hostels for families in Europe

As I walked into the Generator Hostel in Copenhagen, I looked around at all the people in the common area. There I could see singles, friends, couples and families. A thought ran instantly through my mind. How many families have never considered staying at a hostel...

5 great gift ideas for Christmas 2019.

Tinggly   A gift of experiences and memories is a truly unique gift to give a person. Something that won’t soon be forgotten or tossed aside. Tinggly makes this even more adventurous by offering the recipient a range of choices they can choose from. Booking.com’s...

Indonesia’s best spots for family travel outside Bali

  When most people think of holidays in Indonesia, especially family trips, one place jumps immediately to mind: Bali. This is not without good reason, Bali’s reputation as a tropical paradise and a haven for tourists has been well established for decades. What many...

Our Port Arthur historic site day trip and tips

There are some places that will instil the fear in most people and the Port Arthur prison must have done that back in the day when it was a fully functioning convict prison. I can tell you that because even as it stands now in ruins on the tip of a little bay it still...

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