Here at Wyld Family Travel, we believe Hostels are underutilized by family travellers these days. A lot of Hostels these days are just as good as hotels. You will find private rooms with ensuites, tour desks, bike hire, cafe’s, bars and more.

  • Best accommodation in Strasbourg with kids
    The capital of Alsace is an amazing city to visit all year round. The area is world-famous for its wine, with the Alsace wine route running the length of the region and its fairytale villages that are completely picture perfect. In winter, Strasbourg hosts its world-famous Christmas market that people from all over the world … Read the full article here
  • The ultimate guide to staying in family hostels
    With travel on everyone minds at the moment, plenty of families are saving for that next trip. Many families are leaning more towards staying in cheaper accommodation rather than going all out so they have extra money to spend on experiences. So how do you chose the best family hostel for your vacation with family? … Read the full article here
  • Couples stay at Sydney Harbour YHA
    One look at the pictures of YHA Australia’s location in The Rocks at Sydney and we were sold. The picture in question shows the rooftop bar area that overlooks the Sydney Opera House and The Sydney Harbour Bridge. I could instantly imagine my wife and I sitting on the roof of Sydney Harbour YHA, having a drink … Read the full article here
  • Staying at Phillip Island YHA
    Phillip Island is a favourite for families. The small island near Melbourne has built a massive tourism industry on the back of small Penguins that come ashore every night drawing hundreds of tourists every night to see them. The YHA is the perfect Phillip Island family accommodation located on the island. Where is the Phillip … Read the full article here
  • YHA Grampians Eco Lodge Halls Gap
    Nestled in the beautiful town of Halls Gap is the Grampians YHA Eco Lodge. With the picturesque mountains rising behind it and the wildlife that wanders around the grounds of the hostel, you will find a piece of perfection waiting for you to enjoy. Best of all, the hostel has the smallest footprint possible on … Read the full article here
  • Is the Beijing Heyuan Courtyard International the best hostel in Beijing?
    Most capital cities are expensive and Beijing is absolutely no different. We had a tight budget and we wanted to spend any money we had let over on seeing as much in China as we could so when we saw the amazing Beijing Heyuan Courtyard International Hostel in Beijing in our price range we jumped … Read the full article here
  • YHA Canterbury reviewed for families
    As a family of 4, we look for good value, well-located accommodation wherever we travel. Anyone who has travelled as a family can tell you rooms for four in any city can be hard to come by and expensive. We have stayed in hostels in Europe and Asia in the past and hope to do so in … Read the full article here
  • Is the YHA Central London good for families?
    Travelling as a family of 4, we look for good value, well-located accommodation wherever we travel. As you can imagine rooms for four in any city can be hard to come by and expensive when you do finally find them. This is no exception in London. We have stayed in hostels in Europe and Asia … Read the full article here
  • The affordable Alley Youth Hostel in Xian China
    Xian is a big bustling city of nearly 9 million people in North-West China and it is home to so many cultural experiences for tourists. Affordable accommodation is one thing it is not known for so we were on a mission to find something within our budget. In the back streets of the Muslim Quarter, … Read the full article here
  • Staying at the Connect Hostel Chiang Rai
    When we were looking for places to stay in Chiang Rai, The Connect Hostel kept popping up high in every search. There were many hotels and hostels in Chiang Rai to choose from. We selected Connect Hostel as our Chiang Rai accommodation. We like staying at hostels with our kids especially when we can find … Read the full article here
  • Wassup at this Penang Hostel
    In order to maintain our travel budget for real experiences, we have had to at times stay at hostels with kids. So where to stay in Penang which is known to be expensive for accommodation to save some money? The choice was to stay in a Penang hostel. Hostels are a real melting place of … Read the full article here
  • 14 Great Hostels for families in Europe
    As I walked into the Generator Hostel in Copenhagen, I looked around at all the people in the common area. There I could see singles, friends, couples and families. A thought ran instantly through my mind. How many families have never considered staying at a hostel because of pre-conceived notions that hostels are all about … Read the full article here
  • 6 reasons staying in a hostel is good for your kids
    Party, party, party is what most people think when they think of staying in a hostel on a trip. When the idea was first bought up as a way to save money while travelling it was a hard no from me. There was no way I thought staying in hostels with kids was a great … Read the full article here
  • Staying at Meininger City Centre with kids
    Meininger Munich Germany is one of these newer types of accommodation properties. Not quite Hotel, not quite Hostel. It’s certainly an upgrade from a Hostel as we know them. Whichever way it’s marketed or perceived it is certainly a very good place to stay while you are visiting Munich with kids. Meininger Munich has car … Read the full article here
  • The Generator Copenhagen Reviewed – For Family Travel
    When I think of hostels I generally think of dirty shared rooms with drunken teens and twentysomethings running around drunk making noise to all hours of the morning. That is not The Generator Copenhagen. Could we have been more wrong? While looking for affordable accommodation in Copenhagen, the Generator Hostel kept popping up. Could a … Read the full article here