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Australasia is made up of Australia and New Zealand. A family travel holiday in Australia and New Zealand will be full of adventure, beaches, wildlife and more for teenagers. Plan a family holiday in Australasia today for your next big family adventure.

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  • Things to do in Adelaide with teenagers
    The capital city of the state of South Australia, Adelaide, is one of Australia’s most underrated cities. Despite being significantly smaller than the likes of Sydney and Melbourne, there are still so many amazing activities in Adelaide, beautiful sights, and fascinating history waiting to be found in this city, especially if you are looking for … Read the full article here
  • Things to in Melbourne with teenagers
    With a bustling population nearing 4 million, Melbourne is the beating heart of sports and culture in Australia. There is no better city in the world to visit with teenagers than Melbourne. A visit to Melbourne with teenagers will be full of culture, sports, attractions, festivals, entertainment and epic memories that will leave you wanting … Read the full article here
  • Things to do in Queenstown with teenagers
    New Zealand’s South Island is a paradise filled with hidden gems and natural wonders. With plenty of amazing things to do in South Island, travellers often tend to overlook Queenstown, thinking that it’s just a starting point for their road trip. Well today, I’m here to tell you all the best things to do in Queenstown with teenagers! … Read the full article here