35 fun things to do in Brisbane with teenagers

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Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, is a vibrant Australian city located on the East Coast. The city is situated on the Brisbane River and is surrounded by lush rainforests and beautiful beaches.

It is a beautiful, easy-going city and with its easy access to some of the most popular Australian holiday destinations like Surfers Paradise and the Gold Coast, Brisbane is a top destination for travel with teens.

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  1. Know before you go. Our top Brisbane travel tips
  2. Things to do in Brisbane with teenagers
  3. Places to swim in Brisbane for teens
  4. Free things to do in Brisbane with teens
  5. Day trips from Brisbane with teens
  6. Best places to eat in Brisbane with teens
  7. Frequently asked questions about things to do in Brisbane for teenagers
  8. Where are the best places to stay in Brisbane with teenagers
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Brisbane is a popular tourist destination for families and offers something for everyone. Some of the city’s top attractions include things to do on the Southbank precinct museums, swimming and Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary.

The weather in Brisbane is warm and temperate, making it an ideal destination for things to do with teenagers year-round.

Know before you go. Our top Brisbane travel tips

Travelling to Brisbane with teenagers can be such an enriching experience for the whole family and Brisbane is one of the top family destinations in Australia. Did you know that Brisbane will be home to the 2032 Summer Olympic Games?

There are so many things to do in Brisbane and having information on the best place to stay, how to get around, which currency to use and more is extremely important.

Below you will find some information for planning a hassle-free family vacation in Brisbane Australia and all the fun places to go in Brisbane for your itinerary.

A vibrant shot of the iconic 'Brisbane' sign located in Brisbane, Queensland
Exploring the vibrant culture and attractions of Brisbane is one of the best things to do

Where to stay in Brisbane with teenagers

Great vacations with teens start with some great vacation planning. When you are planning a trip to Australia with teens, you’ll never be short of options for your family’s accommodation in Brisbane.

In the capital of Queensland, you find a range of hotels, apartments, and hostels for families on holiday that give you great access to all the fun activities in Brisbane for teens.

You will be sure to be able to find something to fit singles, couples, families, and groups on every budget on your family trip to Brisbane.

If you’re not keen on any of our picks below or have specific needs for your teen travel holidays, we recommend using Hotellook and Hotels.com to find the best prices in Brisbane for your family vacation to Australia.

Brisbane apartment alternative for your stay

If you prefer a home away from home-style accommodation when on your Australia trip with teenagers in Brisbane, then an apartment is the best choice for you on your family vacation in Brisbane with teens.

There are so many options for singles, families, and budget-friendly options in Brisbane as well. You can easily find the perfect apartment in Brisbane for teens on your Australia trip with family.

Search pictures, reviews, and booking options for apartments in Brisbane.

Getting to Brisbane with teenagers

Brisbane is one of the best family destinations, in Australasia for family travel with teens. Brisbane is the state capital of Queensland and as such is connected by highways, long distant buses, trains, and planes all bringing people daily to the city. This makes Brisbane one of the easiest family travel destinations to get to in Australia.

  • Brisbane Airport is the third-largest in Australia by passenger number. The airport has two terminals handling both domestic and international flights. Brisbane Airport is a major hub for both Virgin Australia and Qantas. The city centre is easily reached 6 kilometres away.
    • If your flights have a long stopover, or you just want to relax before your trip you should consider getting a lounge pass with Priority Pass. Priority Pass has access to airport lounges all over the world. Search now for your lounge pass.
      • Have someone waiting at the airport for you, book a private transfer from the airport to your Brisbane accommodation.
  • You can catch a train to Brisbane, with the East Coastline connecting the city to Sydney and Melbourne. Service from Sydney takes over 15 hours while Melbourne takes around 36 hours.
  • Brisbane can be reached from anywhere across Australia via bus with Greyhound Australia. The size of Australia means any journey between capital cities by road is long.
  • If you plan to road trip with teenagers in Australia, you can hire a car at any International airport and dealership across the country. Book with Rentalcars for the largest options.
  • Maybe you want to make a trip cross-country? A motor home hire is a great way to travel to Brisbane with teens.

How to get around Brisbane with family

Brisbane is serviced by an efficient and reliable public transport network that features trains, city cat ferries, neighbourhood buses and free inner city bus services.

These great transport options combined with taxis and Ubers will easily get you around the city. For more information, click through to Translink

Weather in Brisbane

The summer month of January is the hottest month in Brisbane, with an average temperature of 25.5°C (78°F). Make sure you bring sunscreen a hat and a rash vest if you are going swimming. July is the coldest month, with an average temperature of 15°C (59°F).

Winter in Queensland is a pretty mild affair, you will not need to plan many Brisbane indoor activities. The wettest month is February with an average of 130mm of rain, bringing a lightweight travel umbrella. An Australian holiday with teenagers in Queensland will have good weather all year round.

Seasonal essentials for travel to Brisbane

Brisbane for international visitors

International travel to Brisbane Australia requires a bit more thought. You will need travel insurance in Australia. Medical care is not cheap and if you want good quality care it will cost you a fortune if you don’t have travel insurance.

The official currency of Australia is The Australian Dollar. If you use your bank account from home, you will be stung with high transaction fees, while your mobile phone calls will all be charged at an international rate. These are just some of the things you need to think about when visiting Australia.

  • For International travellers, travel insurance is a must get a quote through Insurance Masters and don’t go home with a huge bill for medical expenses.
  • Do you need a visa to visit Brisbane? The country of Australia may require you to have a visa or an ETA (Electronic travel authorisation) to enter the country. You can check and buy these documents at iVisa.
  • Load a Revolut Travel Money card with Australian dollars for your visit and save on transaction fees
  • Make phone calls with an international sim card that you can buy before leaving home or buy a voucher for a virtual e-sim for your mobile phone.
  • A 4G pocket Wi-Fi modem is essential for accessing the internet. You can rent a pocket modem that you can pick up at the airport or your hotel, alternatively buy a pocket modem that you can use on all future trips with your phone, tablet or computer.

Where can I go in Brisbane if my teenager is ill?

If your teenager is ill in Brisbane, we suggest you start by calling qualified healthcare professionals at the Queensland Health phone line 13 HEALTH (13 43 25 84). They will be able to provide advice on where to take your child to see a doctor.

Travel accessories for teenagers

For teenagers, travelling can be a fun and exciting experience. However, there are a few things that they need to take into account in order to make the trip as comfortable and safe as possible. One of these is ensuring that they have the necessary travel accessories

Things to do in Brisbane with teenagers

Travelling with teenagers can be a unique and rewarding experience. Teenagers often have their own interests and preferences when it comes to travel, making it important to plan a vacation that caters to their needs.

In this article, you will find plenty of options for activities to do in Brisbane to keep teenagers engaged and entertained while on vacation.

Ride the Wheel of Brisbane

Riding the Wheel of Brisbane is your best way to catch the views of the city during the day or night. 42 enclosed pods circle up to 60 metres above the ground and allow 360-degree views through the tainted glass making this ride one of the top fun things to do in Brisbane for teenagers.

This all happens while commentary audio is playing, to help teach you about the different landmarks and Brisbane City.

The Brisbane Ferris wheel is towering toward a cloudy sky with a blue backdrop. The pods look small compared to the white wheel. Riding the Ferris wheel is one of the best things to do in Brisbane with teenagers
Teenage activities, Brisbane for families

A normal adult price for the ride starts at $19.95 and lasts about 10 to 15 minutes. Each gondola can hold up to 8 people, but if you visit out of peak times, you’ll normally get one per group or family. 

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Gallery of Modern Art Museum (GOMA) 

Immerse your teenagers in a cultural experience by visiting the Gallery of Modern Art, or GOMA for short. This work is in conjunction with the Queensland Art Gallery but holds more modern exhibits.

A captivating view of the Brisbane Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) in Brisbane, Queensland
Teenage holiday activities in Brisbane include visiting museums.

You can enjoy cinema experiences, large and small art displays, and interactive encounters. These are all to help entertain, learn about the art, and show the passion each artist has for their craft. 

You will find special events passing through the centre from time to time, and some of these are viewed for a small charge. Otherwise, most of the centre is free to enter and can be visited during normal business hours.

Fun things to do in Brisbane for teens – Ice World

There is an Ice World location on both the North and South sides of Brisbane, which is a 30-minute drive from the city.

These are Olympic-size rinks and are suitable for beginner and expert Ice skaters. It’s also a great way to escape the summer heat or try something a little different in a Queensland location.

Be entertained by the music, be mesmerised by the disco lights, or take a break at the coffee shop. It’s open almost every day of the year, and single-adult prices are only $20. Along with having multiple session deals available, as well as concession and group discounts.

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Things to do in Brisbane with teenage girls – High Tea

High Tea started out as a quintessentially British thing. This afternoon tea tradition involves savoury sandwiches, cakes, pastries, and of course, tea. For mothers and daughters, it’s a cherished ritual that often brings them closer together.

A beautifully arranged table with dainty teacups, saucers, and tiered trays displaying an assortment of delectable pastries, sandwiches, and treats of a high tea experience in Brisbane, Queensland
This elegant setting invites teenagers to indulge in savouring exquisite flavours on their holiday in Brisbane

High tea first became popular in the early 1800s, when aristocrats would gather in the late afternoon for a light meal. The spread would typically include cakes, tea, and sandwiches. These days, high tea is still enjoyed by many Britons and people the world over as a special treat.

If you’re looking to experience high tea firsthand, there are plenty of places in Brisbane to have a High Tea. But be warned – it can be quite addictive! Once you’ve had a taste of those delicious treats, you’ll likely want to indulge again and again. Some of the best Brisbane High Tea venues are.

  • Room with Roses – Gallery Level, Brisbane Arcade
  • Stamford Plaza – 39 Margaret St, Brisbane City QLD 4000

The V8 Race car experience – things to do in Brisbane for teenagers

Get your adrenaline pumping and take the ride of your life with a V8 Race car experience. This is held at the Willowbank Queensland raceway, about 1 hour west of Brisbane City.

The price will depend on the different packages you purchase, but it will take 2 to 3 hours to complete.

a high-speed V8 racecar in action, surrounded by the intense atmosphere of the race track at the Queensland Raceway in Brisbane
V8 racecar is one of the fun things to see for teenagers in Brisbane

Each experience will have you going through a short training exercise, dressed into your one-piece suit and fitted for a helmet. After that, you’re strapped into either a Ford or Holden car and taken on your hot Laps around the race track.

Feel safe with a professional behind the wheel and have your family or friends watching from the sidelines. Brisbane activities for teenagers will not be more thrilling than this. Book your V8 high-speed lap in Brisbane.

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Brisbane fun places for teenagers -Indoor Skydiving

Indoor skydiving is a new trend that is catching on with teenagers. It is a safe way to experience the thrill of skydiving without having to go through all the hassle of getting on an aeroplane and going to a place that is outside the city centre that may require transportation.

The indoor skydiving facility in Brisbane has been attracting many teens who are looking for something a little different and exciting on their family vacation to Brisbane.

Things for teenagers to do in Brisbane – Kingston Park Raceway Go-karts

The Kingston Park Raceway is your ultimate go-karting experience in Brisbane. It’s located on the south side and about 30 minutes from Brisbane City. Once you get a handle on these Go-Karts, you’ll feel the need for speed and take the corners like a pro.

The age limit for a single rider starts at just 10 years old, and prices will depend on the package and how long you’re riding. Obviously, the more you ride, the cheaper it gets, so plan for an amazing day out with this awesome activity in Brisbane with teenagers.

Indoor Rock Climbing in Brisbane

Indoor rock climbing offers a great alternative for those who want to enjoy the sport but don’t have easy access to outdoor climbing areas or want something a little safer.

Indoor rock climbing can be found in most major cities, and many offer classes to teach beginners the basics of wall climbing or free climbing for more advanced.

Once you have learned the basics, you can start exploring different routes on the wall. Indoor rock climbing is a great way to get fit and have fun at the same time. The best place to try indoor rock climbing in Brisbane is at Urban Climb West

Story Bridge Adventure climb

The Story Bridge opened to the public in 1940 and has been carrying traffic across the river ever since. These days you can purchase an adventure climb up one side, over the top, and back down the other side. This is a brilliant way to spend a day out in Brisbane.

It’s a heritage-listed steel cantilever bridge and 74 metres above ground at the summit.

A magnificent view of the iconic Story Bridge spanning across the Brisbane River in Brisbane, Queensland
Story Bridge climb with teens in Brisbane

On these tours, you can learn about the bridge, how long it took to build it, and all the other insights. It’s an icon of Brisbane City and will give you the most unrestricted views of this experience. Book your adventure climb in Brisbane.

Conquer your fears at the Tree Top Challenge

Thunderbird Park is located 1 hour south of Brisbane and where you’ll find the Mount Tambourine TreeTop Challenge. Get a thrill on the high ropes courses where you will be zip-lining through the tree, get up to speeds of 70 kilometres per hour, try over 120 high rope challenges and immerse yourself in nature.

The park can cater for young children up to adults, so you can safely choose the zip lines or high ropes course challenge suited to your needs.

Each attraction will have your heart pumping, admire the stunning rainforest and get you out in the great outdoors when you visit Brisbane with young adults.

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Brisbane’s attractions for teenagers – Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Tourists and Australians alike love Koalas, Lone Pine Sanctuary is one of the places to see in Brisbane. The Lone Pine Sanctuary has been open since 1927 and is located about 20 minutes west of Brisbane City.

This is your best way to learn about Australian wildlife and get up close or have your photo taken with any of the beautiful creatures.

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Brisbane, Queensland
Lone Pine is one of the popular tourist places in Brisbane

As the name suggests, expect to see the famous Koalas. However, you can also see platypus, kookaburras, cockatoos, wombats, eagles, dingo, and the kangaroo.

Ticket prices start at $49 per adult for a daily ticket, which will allow you to walk the grounds and see the animals. A great way to see Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is by boat from the city centre.

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What to do in Brisbane – Abseiling at Kangaroo Point

If you’re after a bit of a thrill, then maybe try abseiling down the Kangaroo Point Cliffs. The edges are only 20 metres above the ground and are suitable for 8 years and up to participate.

A young lady about to abseil down a cliff in Brisbane
There is plenty to do in the great outdoors

This is a fully guided tour, and the instructor will help you one by one over the edge and glide your way down. No experience is necessary, great for first-timers, and includes a safety briefing and all the equipment needed.

This is one activity that combines confidence training, experiencing a rush, and feeling that heart pumping with views of Brisbane. This is a fun adventure activity in Brisbane with teenagers that you can book right here!

Activities for teenagers – Whale Watching

Whale watching is a popular tourist activity, and Brisbane is one of the best places in the world to see humpback whales.

There are several tour companies that offer whale-watching tours, and most of them operate from the city’s port. The tours usually last for up to five hours, and they are suitable for teenagers and adults.

powerful and majestic silhouette of a humpback whale gracefully breaching the surface of the ocean
Must-do’s in Brisbane is seeing a whale.

Brisbane’s location on the coast means that it is easy to spot whales from the shore. However, taking a boat trip gives you a better chance of seeing these magnificent creatures up close. Many of the tour boats have experienced guides who can tell you all about humpback whales and their behaviour.

The best time to go whale watching in Brisbane is between July and November when the humpback whales migrate northwards to warmer waters. However, some whales can be seen off the coast at any time of year. Book a Whale watching tour today.

Brisbane Planetarium

Are your travelling teenagers crazy about stars or learning about the universe, then the Brisbane Planetarium is your place to go! It has a big focus on education with free entry, although the Skydome events have a small charge.

There are several fun activities to explore like the display zone, mini theatre, observatory, sundial courtyard, Skydome, and the gift shop. Here you can see incredible artifacts, a life-size space suit, model spacecraft, or purchase your very own souvenir.

At the same location, you can wander through the Brisbane Botanic Gardens or check out the views from the lookout at Mount Coot-Tha.

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Take in a mini-golf game at Victoria Park

Victoria Parks Putt Putt course is located about 10 minutes north of Brisbane City. Ticket prices start at just $20 per adult and are open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. 7 days a week.

colorful and whimsical mini golf course with various obstacles and challenges at at Victoria Park Mini Golf in Brisbane, Queensland
The Brisbane top attraction for families is Mini Golf

The course weaves around a rocky terrain and features sand traps, swinging poles, and water holes. Special events are held over the school holidays, and it’s a great place for your next family gathering or birthday party in Brisbane with teenagers.

It’s fully licensed for adults, a learning centre for kids, and jam-packed full of fun for the whole family.

Things to do in Brisbane with teenagers – Laser tag

The Laser Force area is located at Woolloongabba, about 10 minutes south of Brisbane City. It boasts a mega laser tag arena, you will find retro and modern games to play, as well as a labyrinth maze challenge. It’s fun for all ages and competitive with a big group.

The laser tag game features unique animated chest screens showing off your avatar, stylish battle suits, and a touch screen to see your mission progress.

Once completing the safety briefing, Brisbane teenagers are equipped with a phaser and taken to the laser tag field to complete their game mode. There is plenty of cool stuff to do in Brisbane.

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Walk sections of the River Walk

The best way to experience Brisbane is by walking the various areas along the Brisbane River and taking in the views. The simple circle loop just around Brisbane & South Bank is the most scenic and will have you entertained for at least a few hours.

This can be tailored depending on your time, distance, and what areas you would like to see, but all have river views.

A teenager walking along South Bank in Brisbane
Exploring Brisbane on foot.

The Les Bonney Riverwalk has been newly renovated with a wide path, water fountains, and shaded rest stops. It runs mostly on Kingsford-Smith Drive and past the Portside precinct.

This Riverside precinct has been built up with many different cafes, takeaways, and coffee shops, so always a great spot to stop in after your walk.

Take a scenic helicopter flight over Brisbane

Soaring over Brisbane and taking in the beautiful view of the city and coastline is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Going up high on a panoramic helicopter flight and seeing everything from the Southbank to Morton Bay can be one of the most exciting Brisbane things to do with teens. Explore Helicopter tour options in Brisbane.

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Kayaking on the Brisbane River

Discover Brisbane differently and enjoy outdoor activities on the Brisbane River. These guided kayak tours in Brisbane run several times a day and are even better as a sunset experience with the city’s night lights in the distance.

teenagers enjoying kayak adventure in Brisbane, Queensland
Popular things to do in Brisbane

It’s recommended to wear clothes you don’t mind getting wet in, especially if you fall in the water while kayaking on the Brisbane River. Additionally, limiting the electronic equipment or taking underwater housings.

The tours will take a couple of hours and only travel a short distance up and down the river. A Kayak tour in the Brisbane River is extremely popular for families in Brisbane.

Family fun adventures in Brisbane – Segway Tour

How do you make the best vacations for teenagers? Segway! There is nothing more fun than zipping around a city on a Segway and for teens, this has to be one of the best things to do in Brisbane for teens.

A Brisbane Segway tour is a great opportunity to have fun and learn about the city. Segway tours are for the whole family, you will be given instructions and a short amount of practice time before you set off on your adventures in Brisbane with teenagers. Book your Segway in Brisbane today.

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The most Instagrammable shots in Brisbane

The best family vacations for teens always incorporate something they love. Social media is important to travel teens, and Instagram is one of the most popular photo apps for teens on holiday.

With Instagram and social media playing an important part in the lives of travelling teenagers, we have some great places for Instagram photos in Brisbane.

We recommend visiting Roma Street Parkland, The Brisbane Sign and the Eleven Rooftop Bar for the best Instagram shots in Brisbane for teens.

Things to do for teenagers in Brisbane – Street Art

Street art is found throughout the world, but it is especially prevalent in major cities. Cities are home to a wealth of street art, from graffiti on building walls to pieces painted on lanes and bridges.

Street art provides a unique aesthetic for these places, with topics including current events, pop culture, portraits and more. Street art is a very popular free thing to do in Brisbane for families and attracts tourists and teenagers alike.

Street Art in Brisbane can be found in Elizabeth Street, McLachlan Street and Brunswick Street areas of Brisbane.

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Get event tickets for Brisbane attractions and activities

For concerts, theatre, stage shows and sporting events search Ticketmaster. Ticketmaster is an online marketplace that provides an outlet for buyers and sellers of tickets to live entertainment events.

Search Ticketmaster for a special event when you are on vacation in Brisbane with teenagers.

Pin Bowling in Brisbane with teenagers

Are you looking for fun places in Brisbane? Or some friendly family competition in Brisbane with kids? Then 10-pin bowling might be just the family activity in Brisbane for you and your teen travellers.

You can go 10-pin bowling in Brisbane at a number of different locations in the city centre, and 10-pin bowling has to be one of the best family-friendly things to do in Brisbane with teenagers. 

Most bowling alleys these days are more entertainment centres featuring amusement, food, and drink options. You will find some of the best bowling locations in Brisbane below.

  • Strike Bowling – Level 1 Wintergarden, Queen St, Brisbane 
  • Zone Bowling – Level 2 Westfield Garden City, Kessels Rd Upper Mount Gravatt

Axe Throwing in Brisbane for young adults

Axe Throwing is a new phenomenon that is sweeping around the world, Brisbane is home to Lumbar Punks.

No experience is required, as the staff at Lumbar Punks will run you through the safety precautions before giving tips and hints on how best to throw an axe.

If you are looking for unique experiences for teenagers in Brisbane, then axe throwing could be it. Axe Throwing is one of the awesome things to do in Brisbane on your family vacation.

Australia with kids:

Family holidays in Brisbane – Going to the cinema

Great vacations with teens have a mix of everything! Watching a movie is popular with teenagers anywhere in the world.

Going to the cinema in Brisbane with teenagers is a great evening activity. You will find state-of-the-art screens and sound for you to watch the latest blockbusters in Brisbane cinemas.

In Brisbane, you will find multiplex, IMAX, 3d and speciality cinemas showing art houses and indie films. A cinema is one of the best places to visit in Brisbane at night with teens,  You can use this Trip Advisor guide to the best cinemas in Brisbane.

Bike Riding in Brisbane for older kids

Teenager vacations need to be action-packed! Brisbane bike riding is a popular family activity when travelling with teenagers. Bike riding allows you to experience your location, either in town or out in the surrounding areas.

You will find Brisbane bike tours are the best way to go if you want to get an up-close and personal experience of the city on your holiday with teens.

teenager pedaling along a scenic riverside pathway in Brisbane, Queensland
Bike riding in Brisbane CBD

You will either have a Brisbane tour guide to point out all the important attractions in the city or a map to follow.

The city bike tours will take you on fun things in Brisbane family vacation 2-wheeled adventure. Alternatively, you can find locations that hire bikes and let you explore Brisbane on your own. Plan a Brisbane bike tour today.

Escape rooms in Brisbane for young adults

For those new to Escape rooms, this is a quick run down. An escape room, also known as an escape game, is a physical adventure game in which players solve a series of puzzles and riddles using clues, hints, and strategies to complete the objectives at hand.

Escape rooms may consist of a large, single room, or span multiple rooms. Players are given a set time limit to unveil the secret plot which is hidden within the rooms.

If your travelling teen likes this stuff, it is definitely one of the top things to do in Brisbane with teenagers. One of the best Escape Rooms in the city is Escape Hunt Brisbane.

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Shopping in Brisbane with teens

There is nothing worse than lost luggage on a family trip to Australia, or not having the appropriate clothing for your family vacation to Brisbane.

Below we have included some travel tips for families on where to shop in Brisbane for teens if you find you need to or if you just want to do some shopping in the city with teenagers.

If you’re looking for a unique shopping experience, Brisbane is the place to be. The city has a great selection of boutiques and specialty stores, as well as larger shopping centres. The CBD (central business district) is home to many of the best shops, and you’ll find everything from clothes and accessories to souvenirs and gifts.

If you’re after some retail therapy, head to one of Brisbane’s popular shopping centres like Westfield Garden City or Queen Street Mall.

These malls are packed with all your favourite brands, and you can also find some great deals if you’re willing to shop around. If you’re looking for something more local, check out the trendy boutiques in Fortitude Valley or New Farm.

These areas are home to some of the best independent stores in Brisbane, so you’re sure to find something special here.

Places to swim in Brisbane for teens

For many Australians and visitors alike, going for a swim on a warm day is essential. Cooling off on a warm day does need to be safe and secure and a swim at a local watering hole is one of the best free activities Brisbane has! Here are some of the best places to go swimming in Brisbane with teenagers.

The Enoggera Reservoir

The Enoggera Reservoir is a free-swimming spot located about 30 minutes west of Brisbane City. This is wild swimming and great for floatation devices, kayaks, and paddleboards. Along with a small beach and lots of grassed areas and shaded areas.

The Wynnum

The Wynnum wading pool opened in 1932, about 128 metres long, 54 metres wide, and less than 1 depth in the middle. Three pipes allow seawater to enter at high tide, and floodgates stop the water from reseeding.

Kodak Beach

Streets Beach, otherwise known as Kodak Beach, is located in Southbank and has views of Brisbane city across the river. This is your most popular man-made pool with palm trees and real beach sand. As well as being the closest and easiest to get to from Brisbane City.

Swim in the Redcliffe Settlement Cove Lagoon

The Redcliffe Settlement lagoon is located in the beachside suburb of Redcliffe and is 30 minutes north of Brisbane City. This is a man-made saltwater lagoon with shallow children’s areas and deeper parts for teenagers or adults.

a peaceful, man-made lagoon surrounded by sandy shores and palm trees at the Redcliffe Settlement Lagoon in Brisbane
Cool places in Brisbane for teens

It is 95 metres long and contains cemented rocks, palm trees, gradual depth entry, and even an Island in the middle for effect. Apart from that, the bottom of the pool is lined with pebblecrete, making it safer and less slippery.

This is a great way to get the family together for a day out, take a picnic, and use the supplied Barbeques. The pools are great Brisbane attractions for families.

Free things to do in Brisbane with teens

Brisbane offers, some of the best free things to do with your teenage family members. These free city of Brisbane activities are perfect for keeping everyone happy and entertained without having to spend any money.

There are also plenty of affordable restaurants and shops where you can shop for souvenirs without breaking the bank. Some of our recommendations for free activities in Brisbane for families are as follows.

  • Picnic at Kangaroo Point with views of Brisbane City
  • Take in a sunrise at Mount Coot-Tha with an overall view of Brisbane.
  • Meander through Gardens at places like the Brisbane City Botanic Gardens, Roma Street Parklands, South Bank Parklands or Brisbane Botanic Gardens
  • The Cultural Precinct has lots of free exhibits, including the Queensland Museum, GOMA, Art Gallery & the Library.
  • Hike around the Bushland of Mount Coot-Tha, The New Farm River Walk, over the Gateway Bridge, or walk out to King Island at low tide.

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Day trips from Brisbane with teens

While staying in the city with teenagers on your family holiday may be the easiest option on your family vacation to Brisbane, there are some fun trips for teenagers from Brisbane to make out of the city too.

The best vacations for teenagers usually include at least one day trip from Brisbane. Below, we have a couple of day trip recommendations for families travelling with teenagers.

There are also so many more things to do on your vacation with teenagers when you add a day trip from Brisbane.

Stradbroke Island

Welcome to Stradbroke Island the second-largest sand island in the world. Tourists will visit Straddie for the beach lifestyle, and wild animal experiences, and very popular for camping with friends or family.

A beach at Stradbroke Island.
Things to do in Brisbane, Australia on vacation

Visiting the Island is easy for a day trip or staying longer for a more relaxing experience. The ferry across takes only 45 minutes, and you have the convenience of going on a tour, bringing your own vehicle, hiring your own when you get there, or using public transport.

While you’re there, you can enjoy swimming at the many beaches or rock pools, hiking along the Gorge Walk, fishing, or just sitting back to relax in the sun. Enjoy a day tour to North Stradbroke Island.

Morton Island

The best way to experience Moreton Island is with a day trip or a convenient overnight package. The Tangalooma Island Resort takes passengers to the Island every day and can organise food and accommodation as well.

Either way, you have the choice to take advantage of all the resort facilities or tours or swim around the Island’s famous shipwrecks. Moreton Island is one of the most popular tourist places near Brisbane.

What draws most tourists to Moreton Island is the nightly wild dolphin experience. Each evening after dusk, dolphins will visit the Tangalooma Jetty and wait for the rangers to bring people down to feed them. This is one of the top things to do near Brisbane.

You’ll love the interaction and is your best (and most guaranteed) chance to see dolphins up close and personal. Search day tours and experiences on Moreton Island.

The Gold Coast Theme Parks

Fun stuff to do in Brisbane? A little further away is the fun and excitement of the Gold Coast theme parks such as Wet n Wild, Movie World, Sea World, Whitewater World and Dream World. These well-known theme parks will have outdoor adventures to suit the whole family.


For animal lovers, Australia Zoo founded by the late great Steve Irwin offers an up-close look and Crocodiles and many more Aussie animals on a day out from Brisbane. These are very popular school holiday activities, so it may be very crowded at that time of year.

Best places to eat in Brisbane with teens

Vacationing with teens absolutely needs to include a brilliant meal to remember the family holiday. Sharing an unforgettable meal is one of the top things to do in Brisbane at night.

Family travel with teenagers is a wonderful thing, and bonding over a meal at the end of the day or even during it is a great way to connect with your teen travellers. Having a meal with family is one of the top things to do in Brisbane with teenagers

You’re certainly open to choice when finding something to eat around Brisbane. Luckily enough, you will find a new and exciting one each time you turn a corner.

Two of the best places in Brisbane for teenagers to eat would be river views from the Eagle Street Pier in Brisbane City or the Parklands at Southbank.

Building and a Ferris wheel in Brisbane, Australia
The Ferris Wheel is one of the fun things to do in Brisbane.

From the Eagle Street Pier, you have Jade Buddha, with an east meets west fusion vibe. Naga Thai pays homage to both Bangkok and the northern villages of Thailand. The COPPA’s restaurant has seasonal food combining the tradition of coastal Italian cuisine with Australian ingredients.

Alternatively, Southbank offers delicacies like Embers, with produce that’s wood-roasted, smoked, grilled, or finished over ironbark coals. Ma Pa Me has a modern take on the guilty pleasures of Asian family cooking. While Shysh combines Lebanese fare with your breakfast and lunch favourites for a truly authentic experience

Street food in Brisbane

Street food is a popular way to eat in many parts of the world. It’s a quick and easy way to get some delicious local food without having to go to a full restaurant. Street food can be found in many different styles and options. Chasing amazing Street food is one of the top fun activities Brisbane!

Some of the most well-known street foods include tacos in Mexico, Zapiekanka in Poland, Dan Dan noodles in China, and Shawarma in Middle Eastern countries.

Street food in Australia often has its origins in the cultural history of people who have immigrated to Brisbane in the past. Some of the most popular Australian street foods include pies, sausage rolls, dumplings, pizza and more

Frequently asked questions about things to do in Brisbane for teenagers

There are so many frequently asked questions about what to do in Brisbane, especially from families travelling with teenagers. 

Brisbane is one of the best family city breaks in Australia and one of the best places to vacation with teenagers. There are so many things to consider when you are planning your family vacation to Australia.

Here is a list of some of the most frequently asked questions about Brisbane to help you make your family vacation to Australia easy and hassle-free.

What is the legal drinking age for teenagers in Australia?

Teenagers can not drink in Australia till they are 18 years old. If you plan on having a drink when you are in Australia, bring a photo I.D. with you as you may be asked to prove your age or you will be denied.

Is Brisbane a safe city to visit for families?

Brisbane with teenagers is like any other major city, it’s not crime-free, but it is relatively safe, particularly in the main tourist areas.

How do I call the Police in Australia?

You can dial 000 for emergency services in Australia.

Can you drink tap water in Brisbane?

Tap water is safe to drink in Brisbane, alternatively, you can buy a drink bottle with a water filter

Is tipping required in Australia?

Tipping is not required in Australia but is appreciated for good service.

What type of power sockets are used in Australia?

For Australia, the associated plug type is I, which is the plug that has three flat pins in a triangular pattern. Australia operates on a 230V supply voltage and 50Hz. Buy your power plug adaptor for Australia.

Where are the best places to stay in Brisbane with teenagers

At the top of the article, we suggested some accommodation choices for your holiday in Brisbane with kids.

If you are looking for a wider variety of choices for your family stay in Queensland, please find below an interactive map from Booking.com for you to find your perfect stay for your Brisbane vacation.


Are you looking to book flights, hotels, apartments, tours, airport transfers, travel insurance and more for your vacation with young adults? Are you just not sure what travel companies you can trust to book your family travel online? We have a family travel resource page that is full of companies that we personally use, trust and book through for all our family vacation trips from a weekend away to long term travel with older children around the world. Click here to search our travel resources page.

There are so many cool things to do in Brisbane with family, ranging from visiting the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, Australia Zoo, and Moreton Island to exploring the stunning South Bank Parklands.

We hope this article from us here at Wyld Family Travel on things to do with teenagers in Brisbane has you inspired to visit Brisbane with teenagers. There are so many things to do in Brisbane with young adults that will have you entertained for your family’s whole stay in the city. 

Travelling with young adults, teens and tweens has just as many issues as travelling with young children.

Choosing the best teenage vacation destinations, working out a budget, what bags and suitcases to take, travel essentials and more can be so time-consuming.

Planning family travel with teenagers and tweens can be stressful, and finding the best tips for travel is essential. 

Our Travel with Teenagers Destination Guides have you covered! With insights from around the globe, these guides will spark inspiration for your next family vacation, making it an epic adventure with your teens.

For more amazing ideas on where to holiday in Australia, click through to our Australian Destination Guide page for more brilliant inspiration.

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