In order to maintain our travel budget for real experiences, we have had to at times stay at hostels with kids. So where to stay in Penang which is known to be expensive for accommodation to save some money? The choice was to stay in a hostel.

Hostels are a real melting place of people from all walks of life and the people staying at the Wassup hostel in Penang was no different. Whether it is the African American girl sitting by the pool having a smoke, the young Muslim girl eating her loaded McDonald’s fries or the 60 something French couple making coffee. We all had one thing in common, we are all trying to travel on a budget.

Family Room at Wassup Hostel Penang
One half of the family room at Wassup Hostel Penang

Let’s chat about the Wassup Youth Hostel

We stayed at the Wassup Penang Hostel for 4 nights in a quadruple room with ensuite and balcony. The thing with staying at hostels are that they often bring up great travel memories whether it is the good, the bad or the ugly when it comes to experiences. The Wassup Youth Hostel was no different.

Our stay at the Wassup Penang Hostel was no different. We arrived at the Penang International Airport and immediately ordered a Grab (Asian version of Uber) to take us to our Georgetown Hostel. This is where the hostel adventure begins.

Let finding the hostel experience begin!

You see this Penang accommodation is located on a busy road where cars cannot stop. The Grab driver was slightly lost as google maps were taking him into a dead end street. After two laps of the block, Bec got out of the car and asked a security guard and some random guys if they knew the hostels location. We determined the hostel was not here but close.

Kitchen facilities at Wassup Hostel
The small ktchen area for all to use

The Grab driver had no idea and had pretty much had enough. So he started unloading the luggage and urged us to walk across a gravel car park, climb an overpass and we would find it over there (most people were waving loosely in the apparent area we were meant to go in…maybe).

After climbing the steps of the overpass, dragging 2 kids, 4 small suitcases and a backpack each we were still no closer to discovering our accommodation. Good old Google Street View to the rescue as we located it just 100 meters away by the finding building that was opposite it. In reality, we could have got to the Wassup Penang Hostel way easier by just rounding the next corner from there the Grab pulled into the dead-end street. Lesson 1 learnt!

The most excited hostel hosts ever

So we finally all pile in the front door relieved to have found the place only to come face to face with two of the most uninterested, unmotivated, unhelpful girls working behind the counter that you could imagine. The effort to raise their heads up from their phones was only equalled by the bad math as they shortchanged us 10 Malaysian ringette that Bec quickly picked up on.

Communal area at Wassup Hostel
The communal area

Later when we ventured out for dinner we went to the front desk where eye contact was made for a split second as we asked about the internet only to be told the wifi is bad in the evenings because everyone is using it. I thought maybe if you got off the wifi and did your job it may work better. So we tried to ask where a good place to eat was. Still staring at her phone she said…’streets back there all good’ with a wave over her shoulder. Great, Thanks.

Later in the night upon returning from an amazing dinner in Georgetown hot and sweaty from the warm weather I jumped straight in the shower. Turned the water on, soaped up only to have the water completely stop and I mean stop, dried up like the Sahara desert, not a drop coming out and here I am standing in the nude with soap everywhere. I sent Bec scurrying the two flights of stairs down to the front desk to ask what was going on.

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No nudey runs from the Wyld’s at a hostel!

Yes back to the unfriendly and unhelpful girls at the front desk to ask about the water to be met with ‘oh yeah, no water for an hour. We have called someone, we only have a small tank of water. You wait 1 hour’. They offered for me to go downstairs and use the communal shower but when Bec said I was naked and covered in soap she shrugged her shoulders at Bec and said ‘wait 1 hour’ as she stared at her phone. It would have been nice to have told us this when walked in the door, just as a heads up. Hmmm, finished my shower with the tiny trickle of water coming out of the water tap in the basin. 15 minutes later the water was back on.

But what makes Wassup a family friendly Penang Hostel?

Ok so all these things we have talked about are only superficial problems mainly from two peoples compele lack of enthusaim. We have found the Wassup Penang Hostel to be family friendly with its facilities and location.

Pool area at the Wassup Hostel

What are the family friendly facilities at Wassup Hostel?

We were able to get a quadruple room with 2 double beds, private bathroom and balcony for $50AUD (27 pounds, 36 USD, 32 Euro) per night on the third floor. The beds are comfortable, the room a good size with air conditioning, fan and it was clean.

One the second floor of the Wassup Youth Hostel they have a relaxing area with bean bags, books, games and a small table. There are two desktop PC’s set up for you to use as you see fit. Marley used them to watch youtube and have some time away from the rest of us chatting to other travellers.

On the ground floor was a communal room with couches and a table. A pool table, fuse ball table and Tv with cable channels for you use. An outdoor basic kitchen was there for your use along with a small spa pool measuring around 2 meters by 6 meters in length.

Street art in Penang
The Wassup Hostel is located in the UNESCO World Heritage Area.

The rooms were clean with a fridge and clothes rack. Unlike some hostels, there was plenty of power points for charging devices. The soap dispenser was included in the bathroom and the rooms can be serviced daily on request. There is also a laundry service offered by the hostel which was great for us. It cost RM50 per kilo and was delivered back to us the next day.

What is there to do in Penang near Wassup?

Located in the UNESCO world heritage area of town you have restaurants, shopping centres, attractions, and museums right at your doorstep. The best of Georgetown Penang is located in easy walking distance of the Wassup Youth Hostel.

  • Prangin Mall
  • Penang Ghost Museum
  • The Top Penang
  • China Town
  • Glass Museum
  • 3d Glow in the Dark Museum
  • Asian Comic Culture Museum.

Why is this hostel the best place to stay in Penang Malaysia?

This area is clearly the best place to stay in Penang. With all the attractions, easy walking and public transport options are also great.

Can I get the bus from Penang Airport to Wassup Penang Hostel?

Getting to Wassup Youth Hostel from the airport by bus is pretty straight forward as well. Look for any bus that terminates at the Bus Terminal Komtar. Make sure you catch bus 401 and not 102. Both buses take a staggering length of time to reach the terminal.

  • Bus 401 – Penang Airport to Komtar Terminal 1 hour 40 minutes
  • Bus 102 Penang Airport to Komtar Teminal 2 hours 48 minutes
  • Grab taxi under RM30 ($10AUD, $7USD, 6 Euro)

Or you can catch a taxi or get a Grab to the Wassup Youth Hostel in Penang.

Is the Wassup Hostel the best place to stay in Penang Malaysia?

Would we stay in the Wassup Georgetown Penang Hostel again? Yes for sure it provided everything we needed to for a great stay in Penang. The Wassup Youth Hostel met all our needs besides a few minor early hiccups.

If you’re on a budget and looking where to stay in Penang the Wassup Youth Hostel may be just for you. For us travelling long term on a budget, it was the best place to stay in Penang and we would recommend staying in hostels with kids. We hope this inspires your family to stay at a hostel soon

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Looking for a hostel in Penang, The Wassup Hostel in Georgetown deliver so much and so little at times.
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