Can you take kids to Oktoberfest? Most people assume that Oktoberfest is just for adults but you will see children at Oktoberfest everywhere. Most people from Munich were children at Oktoberfest themselves at one stage or another.

Don’t get me wrong the beer tents are awesome. I certainly suggest trying some beer while you are there.
Our daughter Willow celebrated her 8th birthday at Oktoberfest 2013.

Oktoberfest is not just beer and pretzels

Oktoberfest is the world’s largest funfair held every in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. Fun fair sounds to me like children at Oktoberfest will have a blast. It is a 16-day festival running from late September to the first weekend in October with more than 6 million people from around the world attending the event every year. To the local Bavarians, it is simply called the “Wiesn”, after the name of the fairgrounds (Theresienwiese) where it is held. The history of the festival dates back to the early 1800’s when it was first held to celebrate a royal Bavarian wedding.

Oktoberfest is also one of the biggest carnivals in the world. You will find everything from giant Ferris wheels, haunted houses, carousels, giant slides, fun houses to extreme roller coasters. Food is another highlight. You will find giant sausages, fruit skewers dipped in chocolate, giant bread pretzels and your normal carnival fair such as fairy floss, chips, doughnuts etc. You will see children at Oktoberfest with their parents and in school groups visiting the Wiese. We had lunch at the Paulaner beer tent on the outside seats pork knuckle, chicken, potato salad and giant pretzels. It was also a chance for me to sneak in a litre stein of beer as one does at Oktoberfest. Spetzi is a soft drink that is a mix of cola and orange lemonade the kids loved it. It is made by the Paulaner brewery of Munich and only available in Germany mostly. Brand new carnival rides are debuted at Oktoberfest every year. Its very family friendly and kids are most welcome. Kids are even welcome in the beer tents. Can you take your kids to Oktoberfest…yes you can!


Children at Oktoberfest are everywhere!

Our children Willow and Marley had an absolute ball at Oktoberfest the carnival takes up 75% of the whole area that Oktoberfest is held at. Personally, daylight hours are the best time to take the kids. In the night hours, you may encounter many people who have been drinking all day since the beer tents open before lunch and the atmosphere may not be as family friendly. There is a large police presence at the festival to keep all in check and we never witnessed anything that would have deterred us from taking the children.

Like all shows, carnivals and fairs attractions, food and drink don’t come cheap as a family we spent around €200 on rides and food. There is no admission fee so even if your budget does not stretch far it is still a must if you are in Munich. It filled in five hours of our day. My daughter Willow still tells everyone with the biggest smile on her face how she spent her 8th birthday at Oktoberfest and it was “the best day ever”. Willow had previously been to Oktoberfest as a ten-month-old in 2006  and happily tells everyone she has been to Oktoberfest twice, something a lot of people will never do! So the bottom line children at Oktoberfest is a big yes from us. oktoberfestOktoberfest is held annually in Munich. It starts mid to late October and runs till the first weekend in October. Oktoberfest attracts over 6 million visitors annually from all around the world.

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