Dargo! where is it, what can i do there and will my GPS find it

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Dargo is Victoria’s most remote town, set in the foothills of the  Dargo High Plains. The town of Dargo, with a population of approximately 150, is the gateway point for the Alpine National Park, Avon Wilderness Park, and Mitchell River National Park.

The town is located 100 kilometres north of Sale and 348 kilometres east of Melbourne in the East Gippsland Region. 

Dargo Hotel

Fishing in Dargo

Dargo has many first-rate 4WD touring roads for a bit of off-road action. Rafting, canoeing and fishing in Dargo are popular in the area. Trout and Redfin are caught in the rivers of the high country near Dargo. The Dargo River flows just behind the township while you will cross the Wonnangatta River on the road approaching Dargo.

Wonnangatta River from the bridge just before dargo
Wonnangatta River

It is an amazing place to go fishing with mountains and wilderness surrounding you from all angles.  The area is also a known destination for horse riding, bushwalking, and hiking. And the hunting of samba deer that inhabit the area. Wonnangatta Station located nearby was once Victoria’s most remote cattle station and can be visited by 4WD.

Dargo is known for its groves of century-old walnut trees that line the valley floor, and at one stage used to hold a very popular wall nut festival. These days the most popular site is the local pub. The Dargo Hotel is known to attract top country acts from Australia to the little town to put on concerts in the high country.

A visit to the Dargo Pub is a truly unique Australian experience. The pub has that rustic-type outback feel about it. The bar is adorned with stubby holders and beer signs on the wall, while a trail bike sits perched above the beer fridges. The meals are great value and large in size. The Dargo steak sandwich is not to be missed.

The bar area inside the dargo Hotel

 Acts have included Lee Kernighan and Adam BrandThe Dargo Hotel was established in 1898 and is open 7 days a week. The hotel offers indoor and outdoor dining. As expected in Australia bar serves ice-cold beer and a high country favourite Bundaberg Rum on tap. I am sure they can even rustle up some wine!

What is in the town

At the northern end of town are an oval, town hall, playground, tennis court and BBQ facilities. Being out of the centre of town the BBQs are usually clean for those wanting to use them. There is a roofed shelter with picnic tables and toilets near the hall.

Alternatively, you can turn at the Dargo pub and follow the road till you cross the river and on your right, you will find another picnic area. This area has some tables but no toilets or BBQs. It is a nice area with a big shady tree’s.

play ground and bbq are at dargo in Gippsland

Dargo Bush Nursing Centre is open Tuesday through Saturday. Times are 9 am-5 pm Tuesday to Friday and 9 am to 3 pm on Saturdays. The Dargo Bush Nursing Centre is just for minor aliments and referrals.

There are no doctors present onsite and you will be referred to an ambulance or to Sale & Bairnsdale hospitals if you have a serious injury. You can contact the centre on 03 5140 1246

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Shops in Dargo

The Dargo General store is the only store on any note in town for visitors. The general store sells fuel for those running low. Inside you will find a range of takeaway foods available. There is a small section of groceries for anyone camping in Drago. You will find maps and souvenirs of Dargo for you to buy.

Dargo General Store

Gold mining history in the area

Gold played a big part in Dargo’s history A mini gold rush was experienced in the mid-1800s, the town was a place of rest for many weary prospectors who had made their way into the high country seeking their fortune.

Supply shops sprang up to equip miners on their way to the Grant, Talbotville and Crooked River goldfields nearby.

These days there is one shop a General Store, The Pub, The Mill Tavern and the town hall on the main road through town.

There is a BBQ area with a tennis court and playground for you to have a break and a snag in bread. I mean what’s more Australian than a snag in bread?

An old shearing shed in a paddock

Camping in Dargo

There are plenty of free camping spots located close to the town and by the nearby rivers. Some Dargo camping spots are designated areas with toilets and fire pits.

At present, you are allowed to camp for free behind the Dargo Hotel. The Drago camping site at the pub is located on the river with shady trees. Just call the Dargo Hotel and they will give you all the information.

A little further from the town is the Talbotville camping area. Talbotville was once a gold mining town on the banks of the Crooked River 35 kilometres north on the Dargo High Plains Road.

Google maps showing where Drago is

It is a beautiful campground on the river flats, with picnic tables, fire pits and a drop toilet. You will need a 4WD to access this area.

Meyers Flat Camping Area is south of Dargo. The area is a flat shaded grassed area perfect for off-road caravans, trailers and tent camping. This camping area is great for families who like swimming and fishing. You will find fire pits and picnic tables for your camping in the Drago trip.

A partially dry creek bed with trees on the bank and moubtains in the back ground

Accommodation in Dargo

If your looking for somewhere to stay in Dargo your choices besides camping are limited. There is accommodation at the two pubs and a small motel. Airbnb is another option that is available in small quantities around the town. Please search the Airbnb map below for your accommodation in Dargo option.

If you are heading back towards Melbourne after your High Country trip call in at Briagolong and visit the Pub there. It is another wooden gem that dates back to the last century when it first opened its door in the 1880″s.

We hope this article from us here at Wyld Family Travel has you inspired to visit Gippsland for a holiday or a weekend. This area is an absolute hidden gem and you will want more every time you visit and Gippsland will always deliver. For more amazing ideas on where to holiday in Australia click through to our Australia Destination Guide page for more brilliant inspiration.

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