Indonesia, officially the Republic of Indonesia, is a country in Southeast Asia and Oceania, between the Indian and Pacific oceans. It consists of more than seventeen thousand islands, including Bali, Sumatra, Java, Borneo, Sulawesi, and New Guinea. Bali with its white sand beaches, Samatra with its wildlife and Java with its temples are its main tourism sites. See Indonesia with help from Wyld Family Travel’s detailed Indonesia travel guides.

  • Best Restaurants in Sanur Bali
    There is a huge variety of places to eat in Sanur. You will find everything from Mexican to Thai, from Indonesian to western at many Sanur restaurants. There is a little something for all taste buds in this part of Bali. During our stay in Bali, we had the chance to eat at some of … Read the full article here
  • The very best Ubud food tour
    Food tours scare me. Like they actually bring fear whenever we are going on one. Marley is an extremely fussy eater and getting that child to try anything different is a mission even at home. The food here in Asia for her has been extremely limited to chicken and rice so I was so looking … Read the full article here
  • Our mind-blowing Prambanan Temple tour
    Instagram you cheeky thing! You have yet again shown me pictures of a place that cannot be believed until you see it with your own eyes. I was completely not ready to be blown away by the sheer size of the Prambanan Temple complex and at the massive structure that stood before me. As I … Read the full article here
  • Things to do in Bandung with teenagers
    Bandung Indonesia is located just 165 kilometres from the capital of Jakarta. In reality, Bandung could be on the other side of the country due to the differences in the two cities. One is wrapped in the sea and the other in steep mountain terrain. On your Bandung trip with teenagers, you will see a … Read the full article here
  • Top useful tips for your holiday in Bali
    When we told everyone we were starting our year-long holiday in Bali most people said we were mad. And when we said we were starting in Kuta they said we had totally lost it. Many had had some shocking experiences during their holiday in Bali and were not keen to return. Some of our friends … Read the full article here
  • The Dusan Jogja Village Inn Yogyakarta
    After only a few hours I was calling the Dusan Jogja Village Inn a little piece of paradise in Yogyakarta. Anyone who has been to Jogja, as the locals call it, will know the streets are busy with cars and bikes 24/7. There are horns beeping, wheels screeching and a never-ending stream of over-revving motorbikes … Read the full article here
  • An amazing Borobudur tour
    I had seen it covered in mist, with brilliant blue skies, dowsed in torrential rain and warming to the rising sun but I had not seen it with my own eyes. The pictures of the amazing Borobudur are all over Instagram and I loved it so it was sealed we were off on a Borobudur … Read the full article here
  • Holiday Inn Bandung Indonesia
    As we walked into the lobby at Holiday Inn Pasteur I was so worried. It looked so beautifully clean, stylish and neat. Everything matched, everything was new and it all dazzled in the sunlight streaming in from the perfectly clean windows. This was not something we were used to and I was concerned our kids would be disturbing … Read the full article here
  • Zest Hotel in Jogjakarta
    Flying in from Bali we landed in Yogyakarta mid-afternoon. As a family who travels with teens and tweens, we stay in all types of accommodation from budget to midrange, from independent to chain hotels. We need to have rooms that can provide for us all and where we can be close together if we have … Read the full article here
  • Surviving Kuta Beach Bali with kids
    As we stepped out of our hotel’s minivan we had no idea what was awaiting us as we walked up to Kuta Beach. Within minutes we were fully surrounded by about 20 people all trying to sell us something. Our trip to Bali with kids was not off to a great start. There was yelling, … Read the full article here
  • Things to do in Bali with teenagers
    Bali is a tropical paradise known for its beaches, markets, temples and cheap holidays. It attracts people from all around the world and Bali has plenty to offer family travellers. You will find plenty to do in Bali with teenagers, teens, kids and toddlers. No matter how big or small your family is Bali has … Read the full article here
  • Indonesia’s best spots for family travel outside Bali
      When most people think of holidays in Indonesia, especially family trips, one place jumps immediately to mind: Bali. This is not without good reason, Bali’s reputation as a tropical paradise is well known. Travelling, holidaying and backpacking Bali Indonesia has been well established for decades. What many fail to recognize is that there are … Read the full article here