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Indonesia, officially the Republic of Indonesia, is a country in Southeast Asia and Oceania, between the Indian and Pacific oceans. It consists of more than seventeen thousand islands, including Bali, Sumatra, Java, Borneo, Sulawesi, and New Guinea. Bali with its white sand beaches, Samatra with its wildlife and Java with its temples are its main tourism sites. See Indonesia with help from Wyld Family Travel’s detailed Indonesia travel guides


Indonesia has a great network of trains on the main island of Java. In Bali, the best mode of transport is with a private driver or taxi. If using a taxi make sure you have a taxi app so you know the price. Planes fly between all islands and ferry services are available


The official currency of Indonesia is the Rupiah. Indonesia. Notes come in 2000Rp, 5000Rp, 10,000Rp, 20,000Rp, 50,000Rp and 100,000Rp denominations. Debit and credit cards are accepted widely. We suggest using a Wise card to cut down on high international withdrawal fees.


Accommodation prices in Indonesia vary wildly. You can get a room anywhere from $20 night through to thousands of dollars. You will easily find good quality accommodation for $50


We recommend eating local and finding a warung. These family-owned streetside restaurants make fresh food from only a few dollars a plate. You will find western fast food companies everywhere. A meal at a mid-priced restaurant should cost around $7 USD while coffee will set you back $1.91 and a loaf of bread $1.14

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