After only a few hours I was calling the Dusan Jogja Village Inn a little piece of paradise in Yogyakarta. Anyone who has been to Jogja, as the locals call it, will know the streets are busy with cars and bikes 24/7. There are horns beeping, wheels screeching and a never-ending stream of over-revving motorbikes that seem to invade your every thought wherever you are!

BUT this is not the case once you enter the foyer of the Jogja Village Inn. Behind the high walls and the entrance was brilliant accommodation in Yogjakarta that all families, couples, and singles would love. We had found a tiny piece of paradise that seemed to be able to block out all of that noise from the street.

The bed and room at the Jogja Village

Facilities at the Jogja Village Inn

  • Tour Desk
  • Spa
  • Saltwater Swimming Pool
  • Secang Bistro (yummy food daily!)
  • Movie Room
  • Multipurpose Lobby (games, coffee shop, relaxing area)
  • Laundry Service
  • WiFi (strong and fast in all the areas)

As you leave the lobby area you cross over a small bridge which has a pond underneath it. The pond is filled with the most amazing Koi fish you will see anywhere. Bec and Willow used to say good morning to fish every day and they would come to the top of the water with mouths open.

I know they were only looking for food but it felt like they were greeting you every day and it made us all laugh as we chatted to them as we left. We asked about what they eat and the kids were presented with some food to feed the Koi with. It was one of the highlights for both of the girls and for us too really! Don’t forget to ask the staff if you can feed the koi, even if you don’t have kids!

Work space on the balcony at Jogja Village Inn

Hot tip: Make sure you try the avocado frozen yogurt. It was absolutely to die for and we had a small serve every night we stayed. We discovered this when we first arrived. You are given a welcome drink but we were so hot we opted for the forzen yoghurt and we are so glad we did!

After you have been awe-struck walking through the courtyard you have to make your way to your room. The hotel has 24 traditional rooms and when I say traditional I mean in the Javanese style that’s meant to put you at ease with a tranquil feel. (If you don’t have that walking through the most beautiful courtyard I have ever seen I don’t know what will!) We had 2 rooms one for us (parents) and one for the kids right next door. We were on the second floor overlooking the amazing pool area.

We had a big queen sized bed, desk. tv and bathroom. The bathroom was great as it had a shower/bath combination. The kids had been hanging out to have a nice long bath since we left Australia and they made good use of the one here.

Out on the balcony was a day bed/bench that you could sit on or lie down on. It was very peaceful hearing the running water that was filling the pool. I would often spend a few moments every day outside taking in the scene and quietness of the Jogja village and Rebecca found it an awesome space to get soe of her online jobs done.

pool in Yogjakarta
This amazing pool awaits you at the Village Inn

The pool area at the Jogja Village Inn was amazing. A big pool surrounded by day beds and the Secang bistro for drinks and food. It was nice to experience a saltwater pool instead of the highy cloranated pools we had found everywhere else. For the first time, Marley was able to swim without goggles on. Pool towels were on a stand waiting for you to use when you got out of the pool or to lie on while we were watching the kids swim.

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Being such a small boutique hotel there was never an issue with overcrowding in the pool or finding a sun lounge to park your self on. There was a swim up bar area (when we were there it was not staffed but there were small bells beside all of the lounge chairs that you could ring and someone would come and help you)

A lookout tower
Javanese look out tower

Just remember that Indonesia is a Muslim country and as such the call to prayer happens every day numerous time a day. It just so happens to start at around 4.30am every morning. You will hear this loud and clear no matter where you are in Yogjakarta. If you remember, pack some earplugs or ask the guys at the front desk if they have some

The Secang bistro, what can I say here? I felt like I was transported to a Caribbean island or a beach resort somewhere, not the bustling inland city in the middle of Indonesia! There are tables to sit at or you can sit in big comfy lounge chairs or even on some couches with a small table in front of you. It is such a relaxing setting and it really makes you just sit and enjoy your meal. The Secang Bistro is open all day from breakfast until late at night. You can have anything from snacks to full meals at a really decent price.

*You are also able to get any of the items on the menu delivered to your room. If you are off on a tour out of Yogyakarta for the day the guys will make you up a breakfast to take if you are going to be gone before it is served. 

It is a big open area with tables, chairs, and couches. We had breakfast every morning and dinner every night we stayed. We had meals such as grilled chicken salad, roast chicken with salad, nasi goring and much more. You will find chicken dominates the menus in Indonesia.

Secang Bistro Yogyakarta
The Secang Bistro

The Secang bistro is also popular with people in the area. You will often see people not staying at the hotel calling in for a drink or meal in ths amaizng setting.

Breakfast was a mixture of Western and Asian foods. You could have cereal, eggs and toast or you could have Tom Yum, rice and noodles just to mention a few. The breakfast was a buffet so you could fill up for your day exploring Jogja.

The Kayumanis Spa offers a variety of massage and treatments to keep the body feeling fresh and relaxed. The spa is open daily and there is a price list located in the door.

Things to see in Yogjakarta:

  • The Sultans Water Castle
  • The Keraton – Palace complex
  • Prambanan – 9th-century Hindu temple compound 
  • Borobudur – It is the world’s largest Buddhist temple
  • Malioboro St – for shopping and markets

This amazing boutique hotel in Yogyakarta is only 10 minutes from the “Kraton” (Sultan Palace), 30-minute from the largest Southeast Asia Hindu temple “Prambanan” and a 40-minute drive from the world’s largest Buddhist temple “Borobudur”.

entry to the Yogja village Inn
The entry way to this amazing boutique hotel
How to get to Yogjakarta

Yogyakarta is served by Adisucipto International Airport which connects the city with other major cities in Indonesia. International visitors can arrive and depart for Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

Tuga Railway station is at the intersection of train travel in Java. Trains from Jakarta and Bandung terminate here as do the trains from Surabaya.

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