Portugal is a southern European country on the Iberian Peninsula, bordering Spain. Located on the Atlantic Ocean, fishing has influenced its national dishes which include salted cod and grilled sardines. The Algarve’s beaches are a favourite beach destinations Lisbon was flattened by an earthquake in the 1700s but today is a major city celebrating it’s once powerful maritime empire. See Portugal with help from Wyld Family Travel’s detailed Portugal travel guides. 

  • How to get to Sintra from Lisbon
    For the thousands upon thousands of visitors to Lisbon each year, nearly all come wanting to visit Sintra. What a lot of these visitors don’t know is that to get to Sintra from Lisbon is easy and straight forward. Lisbon to Sintra can be done in an umber of ways. The most popular way is … Read the full article here
  • Things to do in Albufeira Portugal
    The Algarve is an amazing stretch of coastline that spans the whole of the bottom of Portugal. The Algarve attracts tourists in record numbers every year who flock to the surf, sand and fun that the Algarve is known for. Albufeira is one of the Algarve’s premier resort towns. I have often been asked What … Read the full article here
  • Amazing cultural things to do in Lisbon
    Lisbon is an amazing city, it’s a city we have visited on 2 occasions and one we always feel drawn back to. There are many things to see in Lisbon, whether it is the amazing sunrises over the Tagus River, the views from the many Miradoors that dot the city or just the relaxing feel … Read the full article here
  • Is a day in Sintra enough?
    On our first trip to Lisbon, I had no idea what there would be in the city to do. It was our first time there and we didn’t really know what to expect. We had booked an apartment to stay in and the lady who checked us in gave me a brochure for a nearby town … Read the full article here
  • 5 things not to miss in Lisbon
    We had been to Lisbon during a trip to Portugal before and had checked off the things to do in Lisbon, but this time, it was a different experience with the kids a bit older. I was surprised to find out so many attractions in Lisbon that make it a perfect holiday getaway for families. … Read the full article here
  • 3 amazing day trips from Lisbon
    I have said it over and over again I love Lisbon, Portugal. I love everything about it and I hope that we will return one day to see it again. There are so many reasons why we love Lisbon, the people, the food and the amazing scenery but until our last trip, we had not … Read the full article here
  • Capela dos Ossos Portugal bone chapels with kids
    Our 11-year-old daughter first bought the Faro Chapel of bones to my attention. Straight away I thought surely this is one of the most interesting things to see in Faro Portugal. This definitely made our what to do in Faro list. I knew there was a Bone Chapel in the Czech Republic but not in … Read the full article here
  • Little Lisbon Tour For Kids
    There are times on our travels that when we say tour it is met with instant whining from the girls. Long tours that go on forever and talk about things they don’t understand are their worst nightmare. We wanted the kids to see Lisbon in their own way So on this trip, it was our … Read the full article here
  • Oceanario Lisboa visiting the largest aquarium in Europe
    The Lisbon Oceanarium/Oceanario Lisboa is located at the Park of Nations or locally called Parque das Nações. The Park of Nations is an area of Lisboa, Portugal that was refurbished nearly 20 years ago for the World Expo and it lies on the banks of the beautiful Tagus River. The Park of Nations is also home to … Read the full article here
  • 13 things to do in Lisbon with kids
    We love Lisbon it’s one of my favourite cities in Europe. We have been lucky enough to visit Lisbon twice now and it is a city that does not stop surprising you. It is always bustling with locals and tourists alike. Everywhere you look there are amazing and unique things to do in Lisbon with kids. … Read the full article here
  • Lisbon Bus Tour – Hop on hop off bus.
    We are undisputed fans 0f the hop on hop off buses in Europe. So the Yellow Bus hop on hop off bus tour in Lisbon was a no brainer. Well, I should clarify this…our kids love cruising around in the big buses, especially if they score the very front seat up the top! Double-decker buses … Read the full article here
  • Carmo Convent a 1755 survivor.
    The Carmo Convent sits high on one of the 7 hills of Lisbon. Anyone wandering the downtown Rossio area of Lisbon will notice the large Gothic arches of the Convent rise high above the buildings around it making it one of the most recognisable of Lisbon monuments.  As they rise above the buildings they quickly … Read the full article here
  • 5 things not to miss in Porto
    Porto is an eclectic mix of old and new, a city struggling to come to terms with tourism and money needed to facilitate it. You are just as likely to see a brand new building as you are to see a falling down house in a major tourist area. What to see in Porto, who … Read the full article here