Romantic things to do in a hotel room when travelling

Being a family with teenagers, we are in that period where we have started taking long weekend trips as a couple and leaving the kids at home to stay with friends and relatives. This got me thinking, what can we do when we are away as a couple?

What are romantic things to do in a hotel room besides the obvious? Below you will find a list of romantic getaway things couples can do that will be fun and engaging once back at your hotel.

Before you go…

First things first, to have the most romantic stay in a hotel room, you have to pick the room first! There are so many things to consider when looking for the perfect hotel room for your romantic night.

Maybe look for a hotel that has a rose petal turndown service and in-bed breakfast. Have fresh flowers and chocolate-dipped strawberries waiting when you arrive. Below we have our trusted sites, so you can browse all the very best rooms to make your vacation and your hotel date nights unforgettable.

Romantic things to do in your hotel room

So now that you’ve set the date and booked the room let’s look at some ideas. You could be looking for anniversary hotel room ideas, or just romantic weekend ideas. Don’t be afraid to ask for romantic special requests for hotels you are staying at.

Things for couples to do in a hotel room – Share a bottle of wine

On your way back to the hotel destination, grab a bottle of local wine and ask at the hotel bar if you can take 2 glasses back up to your room. Wine or champagne is something that is best shared, smelled sip and tasted. Talk about the flavours and plan more couples trips to wineries and vineyards.

Fun things to do in a hotel with boyfriend, girlfriend, husband and wife.

Get a romantic couple’s message

Depending on the quality of the hotel you are staying in you might be able to get a couples massage in your hotel room. Usually, the hotel will have staff who will come to your room with their tables and oils and totally relax you with a rub down, now that’s what we call hotel fun.

Learn to dance together in your hotel room

In today’s world of modern technology devices, there is a good chance your hotel room with has a smart tv. You can put YouTube on and search for dance lessons. Learn a sexy Spanish dance such as the flamenco that includes lots of touching and intimate gestures

Romantic gestures – Learn sexy new words

Set the mood and have some romantic fun by learning some sexy and naughty words in a different language. Learn how to compliment your partner in French, be a bit naughty in Spanish or something suggestive in German

Stay in bed as long as you want at Romantic Hotels

With no work to get to, no laundry to be done and no kids yelling out for mum and dad this is a great opportunity to spend some extra hours in bed. You can relax, talk, cuddle, laugh and much more. You can even use the time to sleep in and have breakfast in bed

A romantic idea for a hotel room – Watch a sunset or sunrise

One of the easiest romantic things to do on your special getaway in a hotel room is watching a sunset or sunrise. Make sure you ask your hotel for a room with a balcony so you can sit outside and chat while the sun goes down. It is a great thing to do with your bottle of wine or some dessert.

Romantic hotel dinner for couples can be done with room service

Romantic things to do in a hotel room – Bath Together

Book a hotel or apartment with a spa bath or hot tub and create a romantic atmosphere. Get yourself organised with some wine, bath salts and chocolates, strip off your clothes and inhibitions and jump in. At worst, have a bubble bath or shower together and wash each other’s bodies.

Hotel romance ideas – Order Room service

Place an order for some of those special foods that love. You want sexy food that will get you in the mood such as chocolate-covered strawberries, oysters and more. Take turns feeding each other your favourite sweet treat. Now that you are in the mood get to the obvious romantic things to do in a hotel room for couples, be creative, be playful and be naughty.

Romance in hotel rooms – write a shared bucket list

A shared bucket list is something that all couples should have. It can be a great way for them to imagine the life they want together and to make sure that they are both on the same page when it comes to their goals.

It can also be a great tool when it comes to planning their future together. Shared bucket lists are often accomplished in tandem with ideas for family bucket lists, travel bucket lists, career bucket lists and so on.

Hotel Romance Ideas – Stargazing

Looking for a romantic escape? Why not try stargazing at a hotel? Many hotels have rooms with incredible views of the night sky. Stargazing can be a very intimate experience for couples. It’s the perfect way to reconnect with each other and appreciate the beauty of nature.

Romance ideas for her in a hotel – have flowers waiting

Call the hotel ahead of time and ask them to organise some flowers in the room or rose petals on the bed to set the tone of a romantic and exciting couple’s weekend away at a hotel. This will win you points for your hotel date ideas. Remember, it is the romantic gesture that counts.

Romantic things to do in a hotel room for him

Men are simple creatures, most men would say bring the lingerie that’s romantic enough. Men like to be surprised, make the effort, ladies. You could bring some sexy hotel games for couples, such as Spice it up or Drunk in Love

A night in a hotel spending quality time in another’s company will create a special night.

We hope this article from Wyld Family Travel inspires you for your next couples’ weekend away.

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