We here at Wyld Family Travel  are independent travellers. Bec, the kids and I, we are always looking for budget family accommodation that is family friendly.

By this I mean I spend hours planning our family adventure trips on the computer researching budget family accommodation, hotels with family rooms, apartments that fit our holiday accommodation expectations, family hostel prices and waiting patiently for the right prices. I start my planning and price checking at least 8 months in advance with an outlook of booking it 6 months out from our family adventure. In this day and age, travel agents are a thing of the past, much like spacious airline seats!

 Work out what you need for budget family accommodation!

One of the most important aspects of you planning your budget family holidays is to work out your budget is or what you can afford to spend on a holiday and how you want to allocate those funds. You don’t want to go on a family adventure and not be able to afford to see the sights.

 We tend to want to have more money to spend on seeing the sights and day to day tourist activities than we do on accommodation. After all, there is no use sleeping in a 5-star hotel in Paris but not being able to afford to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower. You don’t need a pool or a bar in your hotel accommodation, we believe. As a family, we need our family holiday accommodation to be safe and convenient.


By convenient, I mean near the middle of the city, near public transport, restaurants, supermarkets and shops. But by no means luxurious just comfortable and clean budget family holiday accommodation. You don’t need a minibar and rooms service. Family hotel deals for all budgets can be found.


Public transport is a big one for me and one of the first things I look at in relation to our family holiday accommodation. By staying in close proximity to public transport ideally a metro station makes travelling within the city easier and more convenient. It will also make transferring from the airport cheaper and easier.


I prefer transferring by public transport except when arriving at night then we cough up for a private transfer. Most cities have a rail connection from the airport (Melbourne is the odd city out). A close by metro stations makes your day-to-day activities faster to get to. If you are travelling with kids you don’t want them walking miles to the train station and then walking around the city too. They will be tired by the time you get there which will impact the rest of your day.
Budget Family Accomodation

Some amazing places can be discovered but not if you spend too much on your accommodation!

Supermarkets, markets, cafes nearby are also important to be able to grab some cheap food for breakfast or to eat on the run while out for the day. You will spend a lot less money going into the market and buying some water and fruit than spending money on food in tourist areas. This can be a big saving for you.

If you have an apartment you will have a fridge that you can stock with water, fruits, yoghurt and snacks. Throw some in your backpack every day. If the kids get bored they can eat it and it will make your day easier not having to run around finding a food outlet.


I believe that if you’re spending too much time in your hotel room you’re not making the most of your time travelling.
On our previous family adventure, we have tended to stay mainly in hotels but on our upcoming trip, we have mainly booked apartments which when you look into it are mostly cheaper than hotels. The only setback with some apartments is there is no staff on site to answer any questions you have. They are also often tucked in the side streets. This can be great in helping you experience the real culture and life of the city you are staying in.
Family budget Accommodation

Some amazing streets you can wander and pick up an amazing dinner!

The big plus of the apartment especially if you are travelling with children is that there are cooking facilities. A fridge where you can buy food to store can be a big saver for you on your costs of eating. Food and eating out are one of the biggest costs when holidaying for us. Most apartments also have a second room. After travelling for weeks with your children, a second room to get away from the children is fantastic. As much as we all love our kids we all have those days when they drive us ABSOLUTELY nuts!

When you find a good family hotel deals BOOK IT!

A huge challenge is finding budget family accommodation that will let 4 of us stay in the same room as a family suite at a hotel is very rare. Booking two rooms are just not economical or an option, this makes the apartment a better option. Prices vary widely depending on countries in Europe. I try to average around $120 a night for our family holiday accommodation.


In cities such as London and Paris, this is not possible by any means for 4 people. In Paris, you would be looking $180 minimum and that would be a 1 to a 2-star establishment. In countries like Poland, you can get an apartment for 6 for around $50 a night in places. Now that is fantastic value for money!
Another strategy we employ when booking accommodation is to do so with Booking.com or Agoda where you can pay on arrival and acncel your bookings a week out. This allows you to secure a room in your destination but keep looking to see if the prices fall at other hotels. If you find a better price and hotel cancel the first one and book the new one. I have done this plenty of times and it can save you alot of money
The Web sites that I have booked through often have ratings from previous people who have stayed in the apartment/hotel. These are well worth reading but take a lot of it with a grain of salt because some people whine for the sake of it about things that are not a huge problem. Without sounding stereotypical, I tend to ignore a lot of ratings by Americans (sorry guys). Americans tend to have a much higher expectation than Australians. I have read reviews where they have canned places because of the curtains are dusty etc. not relevant information for me.

Some of the better websites with lots of options are:

Budget family Accomodation
Save, Save, Save!!

www.airbnb.com – for apartments. they do make you pay upfront but click on the link above and you will receive $50 credit!

Agoda.com has great deals that change daily.

Booking.com you can pay on arrival and free cancellation up to 72 hours before arrival. Budget family accommodation is out there and available for you. If you click on the image you can save $40 off your next booking with Wyld Family Travel and Booking.com!

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