Cozumel with teens – 32 fun things for families to do

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Cozumel with Teens is a family-friendly tropical paradise in Mexico! Imagine sparkling blue waters, soft, beautiful white sand beaches, and warm weather. Outdoor adventures await, such as biking through lush jungles, snorkelling coral reefs with sea creatures, and exploring ancient Mayan history.

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  5. Teen-friendly dining options in Cozumel
  6. Travel accessories for teenagers
  7. Know before you go. Cozumel travel tips for families with teenagers 
  8. Frequently asked questions about Cozumel
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Cozumel is also a foodie’s paradise! Your taste buds are in for a treat with Mexican food, including tacos and international flavours. So pack your sunscreen, curiosity, and appetite—Cozumel awaits! 

Things to do in Cozumel with teenagers

Travelling with teenagers can be a unique and rewarding experience. Teenagers often have their own interests and preferences regarding travel, making it essential to plan a vacation that caters to their needs.

In this article, you will find plenty of Cozumel activities for families with teens to keep them engaged and entertained while on vacation in Cozumel. From jungle adventures to a jeep tour or learning to scuba dive with sea turtles, let us help you plan days out with teenagers.

Visit beautiful white sand beaches

Many people’s entire reason for visiting this region of Mexico is to go to the white sand beaches and the clear ocean water that makes a great area for swimming or sunbathing.

Cozumel Island San Martin beach in Riviera Maya of Mayan Mexico

In Cozumel, some of the most popular beach areas are Playa Chen Rio on the island’s east side, Playa de San Martin and Playa Palancar. Grab your beach towel and sunscreen and head to the beach.

Visit a beach club in Cozumel

Beach Clubs have become extremely popular recently. They are all in one venue with beaches, pools, music, food and more to keep you entertained. There is more to the beach than lying on a soft towel in the sun.

Paradise Beach

An all-inclusive beach club on the white sands of the Mexican Coastline is Paradise Beach in Cozumel.

In addition to free drinks, food, and pools, that is offered with a day pass. Paradise Beach offers the option to access inflatables anchored just offshore or book parasailing or banana boat rides for an extra price.

Mr Sanchos

Mr. Sancho’s Beach Club in Cozumel offers a premium beach experience for families. This beach club offers an all-inclusive package with all-day food, drink, pool and beach access, beach chairs, water toys, hammocks, lockers and more.

As an extra add, you can also rent a private cabana. It is the ultimate way to relax with teens, and it is by the beach in Cozumel.

There are just too many all-inclusive beach clubs to mention in detail. Some others include The San Francisco Beach Club and the Paradise Beach Club.

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Parasailing in Cozumel

Do you want to see Cozumel and the stunning Mexican coastline from a different angle?

a parasailting boat in the blue waters off Cozumel in Mexico
A boat pulling a parasail in Cozumel

Parasailing might be the fun and exciting adventure in Cozumel you’re looking for! Get up high in the air and enjoy the view as you’re pulled by a speed boat along the clear waters off Cozumel.

Snorkelling Experience in Cozumel

Snorkelling in Cozumel is a popular and must-do experience. The island’s east coast provides crystal-clear waters and plenty of marine life for a snorkel trip.

A teenage boy snorkelling in the reefs along the Cozumel coast.

Some of the best snorkelling spots off Cozumel include the Palancar Reef, Columbia Reef and Playa el Cielo.

Several different snorkelling experiences, including visiting the Turtle Sanctuary area and seeing the amazing star fish found everywhere off Cozumel. Maybe you want to combine a snorkelling tour and an ATV adventure for a full-day experience.

For snorkelling beginners, head to the tide pools at Chen Rio. It is a protected area and popular with the locals. It’s a good place for small children to be introduced to snorkelling, and you can see a fish or two.

ATV Adventures

Does bashing through the jungle on a four-wheel motorbike sound like an activity teens would love? I can tell you our teens have loved doing this. Strap your helmet on and head off on some fantastic trails around Cozumel.

Families, prepare for lumps, bumps, dirt, mud and more. Many of the ATV tours visit local caves and local cenotes, where you can stop and have a swim or explore.

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Camel Rides

Like something out of Lawrence of Arabia, except on the white sands of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.

Family mother and kids riding camels at tropical white sand beach in Cozumel

Hop onboard a camel for a stroll along the beach. During the experience, you can pet, feed, learn about and connect with the camel.

Surfing lessons in Cozumel

The calm waters off Cozumel are the perfect place to dip your toes into the world of surfing!

What better place to have a surfing lesson than on the beautiful beaches Cozumel? Learn the basics of this much-loved sport, and who knows, it may become your newest passion.

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Playa Mia Beach Aquatic Park

This is guaranteed to be a fun filled day for teens and kids in Cozumel! A whole day at the Playa Mia Beach Aquatic Park includes access to the inflatable water park, water trampolines, aqua bikes, canoes, swimming pools and more. It’s an excellent place for the whole family to have fun in the sun.

Watch the Mexican wrestling in Cozumel

Wrestling is an activity that is as much entertainment as it is action. Mexican wrestling is not to be missed. It will provide your family with unique entertainment in Cozumel.

Enjoying the local wrestling

The Mexican wrestling style Lucha Libre is renowned for its high-flying acrobatics, vibrant masks, and dramatic storylines. The wrestling matches are known for their fast-paced, acrobatic manoeuvres, making them enjoyable for the entire family!

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Ziplining in Cozumel

What can I say? A fast-paced, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants adventure activity, all these things sum up the fun you will have ziplining in Cozumel!

You will be strapped into a harness as you fly above the Jungle on a 2400 ft zipline circuit of 6 canopy towers with landing platforms. This tour is ideal for teens who love outdoor adventures.

Mayan Bee Sanctuary

A left-field attraction here is the Mayan Bee Sanctuary. Learn how the Mayans made honey! From where the bees built their hives to the benefits that the Mayans associated with honey.

After your tour, try different kinds of honey. You’ll see how they use honey to make candies, eye drops, soaps, shampoos, and creams.

Jetskiing in Cozumel

Jet skiing in Cancun provides a fun and exciting experience for teens! Hiring a jetski allows you to explore the waters off Cozumel.

Teenager on jet ski in the blue waters near Cozumel.

Hopefully, there will be some waves to make it even more fun. You will feel the rush of the wind and the waves bounce as you drive the jetski! Jet skiing in Cozumel is fun for both beginners and more experienced riders.

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Atlantis Submarine Tour

The Atlantis Submarine Tour in Cozumel is an extraordinary experience that allows you to explore the ocean as you dive 100 feet below the surface!

This real submarine experience will take you below the waves, under the sea, maybe in an octopus’s garden. You will see a sea turtle or two, clear blue waters, and exciting marine life! It’s a safe adventure, perfect for teens and adults who love the ocean alike.

Get ready to discover the hidden world beneath the waves!

Cozumel Island adventure highlights

Embark on a sun-soaked Cozumel island tour! Start at a top beach club, where you can sip refreshing drinks, relax on lounge chairs, and savour local delicacies.

Whether swimming, sunbathing, or strolling along the crystal-clear water, this family-friendly adventure has it all.

You can also explore the tranquil Playa San Martin beach or immerse yourself in Mayan culture at Otoch Mayan Experience Park.

Mum and daughter activities in Cozumel – Day Spa

How about a mum-and-daughter bonding day in Cozumel with a day spa experience? Enjoy a relaxing day experiencing saunas, steam rooms, massages, beauty treatments and pool areas. Several choices include the Blis Day Spa, Zensi Spa and the Mayan Essence.

Things to do in Cozumel with kids – Scavenger hunt

These activities are sometimes called scavenger, treasure, and mystery hunts. You follow clues and solve puzzles to find extraordinary places in the city. It’s like a treasure hunt, but you discover famous landmarks and hidden gems instead of gold.

In Cozumel, they have a version based on the TV show The Amazing Race. This activity is part obstacle course, part scavenger hunt, and 100% fun for families and teens. It’s a great bonding experience for families as they must work together to complete it!

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Cozumel food experiences for teenagers

Embark on a food adventure with your teenagers and discover the flavours of Mexico through a food tour. Let us be honest: kids love to eat, and Mexican is one of the most popular international cuisines worldwide.

From savouring local delicacies to learning traditional cooking techniques, food tours can ignite a lifelong passion in teens for cooking and eating global cuisines.

Some of the best food tours in Cozumel are the table culinary experience, A private cooking class in a home kitchen, and the Authentic Cozumel food tour.

Tequila Tasting for teens 18+

Mexico is renowned for its Tequila and Mezcal. So, if your teenager is over 18, becoming a Mezcal and Tequila Connoisseur only makes sense in Cozumel.

Try a variety of different types, both straight and mixed, along with some food in this enjoyed experience. Book your Tequila tastings today. Maybe the Chocolate and Margaritas tour sounds good as well.

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The most Instagrammable shots in Cozumel

The best family vacations for teens always incorporate something they love. Social media plays a crucial role in their lives, and teenagers often use platforms like Instagram to stay connected with friends, share their interests, and express themselves creatively.

Suppose you’re planning a vacation to Cozumel. In that case, we recommend considering a few Instagram-worthy spots, such as The Mayan Ruins of San Gervasio, The Cozumel lighthouse, and any fantastic beaches to get photos truly worthy of your teens social media profiles!

One great idea is to explore the city with a small tripod and gimbal. These handy tools will help capture stable and stunning shots, perfect for your teens’ Instagram feed.

Professional photoshoot in Cozumel for families

Capture your precious family vacation memories forever with a professional photoshoot! Cherish those genuine smiles, laughter, and love shared during your holiday.

Let a skilled photographer freeze those beautiful moments in time, creating timeless keepsakes you’ll treasure for generations to come. Don’t miss the chance to make your family holiday memories last a lifetime!

Street Art in Cozumel

Street art is found worldwide but is especially prevalent in major cities. It provides a unique aesthetic for these places, with topics including current events, pop culture, portraits, and more.

Street art is a trendy, free thing in Cozumel and attracts tourists and teenagers alike. Head to downtown San Miguel de Cozumel to see the 35 murals the Sea Wall Project painted.

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Pin Bowling in Cozumel with teenagers

If you’re looking for a fun, friendly family competition, then 10-pin bowling might be just the family activity for you and your teen travellers.

Most bowling alleys are entertainment centres featuring amusement, food and drink options. You can go bowling in Cozumel at Riviera Maya bowling alleys.

Going to the gym

Fitness is essential to many teenagers, and being on a family vacation in Cozumel is no reason to miss a session.

A teenage boy is working out on holiday.

Working out is a big part of a healthy lifestyle. Just because one is travelling,  you can go to some Gyms that sell passes ranging from a day to a week and a month. Head to the Ego Gym or The Greko Gym to work out and stave off the holiday weight!

Axe Throwing in Cozumel

Axe throwing is an excellent activity for bonding, laughter, and friendly competition. If you are looking for unique experiences for teenagers in Cozumel, then axe throwing could be a good option. In Cozumel, head to Splinters Axehouse for some family fun.

Bike riding in Cozumel

Cozumel has a 65-km cycle track that loops around the island. Several places, such as Best Bikes Cozumel and Rent a Bike Cozumel, allow you to hire a bike and explore the bike track.

Alternatively, joining a bike tour allows teenagers to socialise and bond with other participants. In Cozumel, the most popular bike tours are the E-Bike City Tour though Cozumel & Taco Tasting Tour and the E-Bike Adventure in Cozumel – West Side Ride N’ Snorkel

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Going to the cinema

Great vacations with teens involve a mix of everything! Watching a movie is popular with teenagers worldwide. In Cozumel, you will find three cinemas showing movies. Cinemex Premium and Cinepolis Cozumel are both near the beach to keep you updated with the newest releases.

Shopping in Cozumel with teens

Shopping with teens in Cozumel can be exciting and a bit challenging. They have their tastes and must-find boutiques, shopping centres, and local stores they enjoy. It’s also a great way to bond and explore different styles together.

Shopping for souvenirs in Cozumel

Plus, you can find some fantastic souvenirs at these places! Below, you will find some great recommendations on where to shop with teens in Cozumel.

  • Los Cinco Soles:
    • A treasure trove of Mexican folk art, jewellery, and clothing. Teens can explore genuine silver jewellery, exquisite ceramics, and boutique clothing from all over Mexico. Located at Avenida Rafael E. Melgar no 27, near the Ferry Pier. 🌺 1.
  • Royal Village Shopping Center:
    • While not as bustling as downtown, this centre offers a mix of shops. Teens can discover unique finds and enjoy a leisurely shopping experience. Located on Carretera a Chankanaab Km. 3.5. Costera Sur Cozumel. 
  • Deja Vu Leather & Jewelry:
    • Teenagers can visit this store for trendy accessories and leather goods. It is located at 7 sur y 11 sur 0, Av. Rafael E. Melgar and is open daily from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM. 

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Free things to do in Cozumel with teens

Cozumel offers some free things to do with your teenage family members.

Two teenage girls enjoying the beach

Some of our recommendations for free activities in Cozumel for families are getting a picture with the Cozumel Sign and climbing the lighthouse at Punta Sur, or walking along the gorgeous beaches!

Annual events in Cozumel that teens will love

Many annual events occur in Cozumel and can be enjoyed by families and teens when visiting. Some of these events include:

Cozumel Carnival is a big, colourful February party in Cozumel, Mexico. People dress in fun costumes, dance, and play music in the streets. It’s a celebration for everyone, and tourists worldwide come to join in the fun. 

The war survivors founded El Cedral on Isla Cozumel, starting the Fiesta of the Holy Cross, which is now the island’s oldest festival after over 140 years. It includes local art, food, and traditional events and continues to be a tradition despite new residents joining the island community.

These events add to Cozumel’s existing attractions that entice families for a vacation.

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Day trips from Cozumel with teens

While there may be many activities to do in Cozumel, it is highly recommended you take a day trip with teenagers to see a bit more of the surrounding area. Some fun trips for teenagers and families can be made out of Cozumel.

The roads lead to adventure

These added attractions allow families on vacation to experience new adventures beyond the city you are staying in.

On a day trip from Cozumel, pack essentials like Sunscreen, Water, Snacks, a Waterproof dry bag, Power Bank and Comfortable Shoes for an enjoyable and memorable experience with your teenagers.

Below are a couple of day trips from Cozumel, which are recommendations for families travelling with teenagers.

Visit a Cenote

Cenotes are like magical swimming pools hidden in the jungle. They’re special because they’re natural sinkholes filled with crystal-clear water.

Head to Dos Ojos, a fantastic underwater cave with turquoise waters. A visit to the Cenote can often be done in conjunction with an ATV or jeep tour!

Tulum Mayan Ruins

Explore El Castillo, the Temple of the Frescoes, and the cliffside Castillo.

Historical Mayan Ruins near Tulum

Tulum served as a major port for the ancient Mayan city of Coba, and its strategic location adds to the historical significance of these ruins. Visiting places like this is excellent for teenagers interested in history. Book a tour today.

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Teen-friendly dining options in Cozumel

Whether you want to try the local cuisine at a quaint eatery or enjoy a burger at an international chain, gathering for dinner as a family during vacation is a must at the end of the day. It’s a great time when the whole family can chat about their day in Cozumel and plan the next!

Traditional Mexican shrimp tacos

For families, you will find everything from takeaway brands such as Pizza Hut and Subway to local eats and fine dining. Senor Frog is a popular Mexican restaurant serving Mexican and international dishes in a fun, laid-back environment that kids will enjoy.

For a special family meal in Cozumel, consider heading to Bajau Seafood and Steak on the waterfront for an unforgettable meal. At the same time, Crazy King Burritos provides the perfect budget-friendly meal for families.

Street food adventures for teens in Cozumel

Street food is popular in many parts of the world. It’s a quick and easy way to get delicious local food without going to a full restaurant and a way to learn more about the culture of the area! Street food can be found in many different styles and options.

Some of the most well-known street foods include tacos in Mexico, Zapiekanka in Poland, Dan Dan noodles in China, and Shawarma in Middle Eastern countries. Street food in Cozumel often has its origins in the cultural history of people who have immigrated to Mexico in the past. Some of the most popular Cozumel street foods include 

  • Tacos al Pastor: A must-try in Mexico, these are tacos filled with thinly sliced, marinated pork cooked on a vertical spit. They’re often served with pineapple, cilantro, and onions.
  • Elote (Grilled Corn): Elote has been all over social media recently with a fusion twist! So why not try the traditional version? You’ll find vendors selling grilled corn on the cob, slathered with mayonnaise, cheese, chilli powder, and lime. It’s a flavourful and satisfying street snack.
  • Cochinita Pibil Tacos: This Yucatan dish features slow-roasted pork marinated in achiote paste and orange juice. It’s commonly served in tacos and topped with pickled onions.
  • Churros: These fried dough pastries are often coated in sugar and cinnamon. You can find them from street vendors, and they make for a delicious dessert or snack.

Travel accessories for teenagers

Travelling can be a fun and exciting experience for teenagers. However, they must consider a few things to make the trip as comfortable and safe as possible. One of these is ensuring that they have the necessary travel accessories.

Know before you go. Cozumel travel tips for families with teenagers 

Travelling with teens to Cozumel, Mexico, can be such an enriching experience for the whole family. Cozumel is one of the top family destinations in North America. Did you know that the Maya settled Cozumel in the 1st millennium AD?

Knowing helpful travel tips and information about your destination is crucial as it can significantly enhance your family’s holiday experience. Information on the best places to stay, how to get around the city, which currency to use, and more is essential.

Our know-before-you-go tips allow you to plan your itinerary effectively, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable trip to Cozumel with teens!

Where to stay in Cozumel with teenagers

From beachfront resorts to cozy apartments, Cozumel offers a family-friendly haven for all budgets. Unwind in spaces perfect for singles, couples, families, and teens alike. Your dream family getaway awaits – check out our top picks below!

The Cozumel waterfront

If you’re not keen on any of our picks below or have specific needs for your teen travel holidays, we recommend using Trivago and Trip Advisor to find the best prices in Cozumel for your family vacation to Mexico.

  • Hotel Cozumel & Resort: Offers family-friendly rooms, all-inclusive packages, and entertainment for kids.
  • Iberostar Cozumel: A beachfront resort with family suites, pools, and a kids’ club for all-inclusive indulgence.
  • Sunscape Sabor Cozumel: Features family suites, teen activities, and an unlimited fun experience.
  • El Cozumeleño Beach Resort: Family-friendly resort with spacious rooms, pools, and a kids’ play area.
  • Cozumel Palace: A luxury resort offering family-friendly suites, spa facilities, and upscale dining options.

Cozumel vacation rentals for your stay

If you prefer a home away from home-style accommodation on your Mexico holiday with teenagers in Cozumel, an apartment is the best choice for your family vacation.

You will find many options for singles and families and budget-friendly options. You can search VRBO for apartments in Cozumel.

If you’re looking for something fancier, discover Plum Guide’s exceptional luxury apartments, handpicked for their stunning views, prime locations, and indulgent amenities.

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Getting to Cozumel

Cozumel is renowned as one of the top family destinations in Mexico, perfect for travelling with teenagers. As Cozumel is an island, there are only a few ways to get there.

The airport terminal on Cozumel
  • The Cozumel International Airport is approximately 3 kilometres (2 miles) north of San Miguel de Cozumel on the island. Many U.S. airlines, such as American Airlines, Frontier, Southwest Airlines, Sun Country Airlines, and United, provide direct flights to Cozumel, Mexico, making it easily accessible for family travellers.
    • If your flights have a long stopover or you want to relax before your trip, you should consider getting a lounge pass with a Priority Pass. Priority Pass has access to airport lounges all over the world. Search now for your lounge pass.
  • You catch a ferry to Cozumel from both. Playa del Carmen and Cancun. You will find regular ferries running daily.

How to get around Cozumel

Being a relatively small island, you can walk. You can rent a moped, but most people agree this can be very dangerous to visitors due to being unfamiliar with local traffic. You can also rent a car if you intend to explore the south or east of the island.

Weather in Cozumel

With a tropical climate, Cozumel enjoys warm temperatures year-round, ranging from 80°F to 95°F, higher humidity, and a wet season from June to October.

Warm weather and blue water attract tourists to this Mexican Island.

The dry season, considered ideal for visiting, runs from November to April, offering lower humidity and minimal rainfall. Hurricanes can impact the island during the official season from June 1st to November 30th, but well-prepared infrastructure mitigates potential impacts.

Cozumel for international visitors

International travel to Cozumel requires a bit more thought. You will need travel insurance in Mexico. Medical care is not cheap. If you want good quality care, it will cost you a fortune if you don’t have travel insurance. 

The official currency of Mexico is the Mexican Peso. If you use your bank account from home, you will be stung by high transaction fees, while your mobile phone calls will all be charged at an international rate. These are just some of the things you need to think about on a vacation with teens.

  • For International travellers, travel insurance is a must. Get a quote through Insurance Masters, and don’t go home with a massive bill for medical expenses.
  • Do you need a visa to visit Cancun? Mexico may require you to have a visa or an ETA (Electronic travel authorization) to enter the country. You can check and buy these documents at iVisa.
  • Make phone calls with an international sim card that you can buy before leaving home or buy a voucher for a virtual e-sim for your mobile phone.
  • A 4G pocket Wi-Fi modem is essential for accessing the internet. You can buy a pocket modem that you can use on all future trips with your phone, tablet, or compute
  • Make sure you grab a VPN for your family’s trip to Mexico. VPN Proxy Master has plans available from one month to one year to help keep your data safe from hackers and malware while travelling.

Where can I go in Cozumel if my teenager is ill?

If your teenager is ill in Cozumel, you have several options for medical assistance. The main hospital on the island is Hospital General de Cozumel, located in San Miguel de Cozumel.

Frequently asked questions about Cozumel

Cozumel stands out as one of the top destinations for family city breaks in Mexico, offering an excellent choice for vacationing with teenagers. There are many things to consider when planning your family vacation to Cozumel.  

Where are the best places to stay in Cozumel for teenagers

At the top of the article, we suggested some accommodation choices. If you are looking for a wider variety of choices near attractions in Cozumel, please find below an interactive map to find your perfect stay in Cozumel with your family.


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We hope this article from Wyld Family Travel has inspired you to visit Cozumel with teenagers. So many things to do in Cozumel with young adults will keep you entertained for your family’s whole stay in the city. Kids will enjoy participating in a variety of family activities in Cozumel.

Travelling with young adults, teens, and tweens has just as many issues as travelling with young children. Choosing the best teenage vacation destinations, working out a budget, deciding what bags and suitcases to take, travelling essentials, and more can be time-consuming.

Planning family travel with teenagers and tweens can be stressful, and finding the best travel tips is essential. 

Our Travel with Teenagers Destination Guides have you covered! With insights from around the globe, these guides will spark inspiration for your next family vacation, making it an epic adventure with your teens.

For more unique ideas on where to holiday in Mexico, visit our Mexico Destination page.

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