How to Add Educational Fun to Your Family Vacation

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As the world begins to slowly reopen following over a year of pandemic-related closures, many families are anxious to get out on the road for a bit of adventure. So many yearly vacations had to be cancelled or postponed last summer that worldwide attractions are expecting record numbers this year as families make up for the lost time. 

Millions of children have been forced to convert to attending school from home putting parents in the unique position of taking on teaching responsibilities. Many parents have embraced this new role after some initial struggle and are now constantly looking for teaching moments to share with their kids.  

Travel is one of the most educationally rich experiences that you can share with your family. Children who are given the opportunity to travel tend to be more independent, curious, and open-minded. Whether you want to teach your kids about the process of winemaking by taking one of the Tastes of the Hunter Wine Tours or explore historical landmarks as a family, there are always opportunities to learn. Let’s look at easy ways to add educational fun to your next family holiday.

Farm or Winery Tour 

Most people don’t give much thought to where their food comes from. The food cycle is an important process to teach children to help them appreciate the process of how they eat. Parents and children can enjoy a day trip to a local farm or winery to learn how food is taken from the farm to the table. Exploring farming techniques, how wine is made, and how animals are raised for processing is an education that will never be forgotten and give your whole family a new appreciation of your everyday meals. 

Head to the Museum 

Teaching your children about the history of mankind and how to appreciate art and culture is paramount to them developing a well-rounded education. Nearly every city across the country is home to at least one local museum or art gallery. To help your children to get excited about art and culture, don’t skip the museums on your next trip. Let your kids explore the styles that fascinate them and discover intriguing facts about their own local history. 

Embrace the Outdoors 

Camping has made a tremendous comeback in the past decade. Families that spend time together in the wilderness are given a unique opportunity to appreciate and learn about nature. A simple day camping can provide dozens of learning and teaching opportunities. Outdoor survival skills can be learned right alongside how to roast the perfect marshmallow

Historical Landmarks 

teenagers exploring the Great Wall of China
Teenagers on the Great Wall of China

For any of us to truly understand our place in the world, it’s important to learn about our history. On your next vacation, make sure to stop and explore the local historical landmarks or monuments. There is often general information at these unique spots that can be further expanded on after your vacation.

Fun With Science 

Parents and kids are fascinated by science and technology. If your kids love to know how things work and where things come from, finding a local science center should be a part of your next vacation. Science exploration centers, planetariums, and aquariums are great venues for you and your children to explore the scientific world. 

Family time should always be a priority. Following a tough year, we have all learned how important it is to bond as a family. If you want to get out and have some fun on your next family vacation, think about adding some of these educational aspects to your trip and start building memories that will last and inspire.  

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