In this article we are going to look at how to get from Freiburg Germany to Colmar in France

Freiburg in Germany is an ideal place to visit if you want to access The Black Forest region, enjoy Christmas Markets and the Alsace region of France.

Colmar France is just over the border from Freiburg Germany. You need to cross the Rhine from one country to another to visit Colmar.

Colmar is at its most popular in the 6 weeks leading up to Christmas. The Colmar Christmas market is one of the most popular markets in Europe.

For wine lovers, this small part of Europe around Colmar and Freiburg produces some of the best white wines in all of Europe.

Freiburg to Colmar by train/bus

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Trains leave Freiburg daily headed for the French border then the buses take you onto Colmar. In Freiburg, you need to leave from Freiburg HBF. The station Freiburg HBF is located on the western outskirts of the Old Town of Freiburg, about a kilometre from Freiburg Minster.

The train from Freiburg to Briesach takes 25 minutes, Breisach is located on the Rhine River which is the border between Germany and France. At Breisach Bahnhof, you will disembark from the train. Breisach is the end of the line for the train. From here you can catch a bus onwards over the Rhine River to Colmar.

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There are around 11 buses a day running from Breisach to Colmar. The bus takes a little under 1 hour and stops between 5 and 11 times on the journey. Colmar bus station is located just on the edge of the city within easy walking distance to the Little Venice area.

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Driving from Freiburg to Colmar

The journey by car from Freiburg to Colmar is 52 kilometres. You head out of Freiburg on the A5 freeway before heading towards Breisach on the Rhine. You cross the river into France and head onto Colmar. The drive will take you under an hour to Colmar

Where to Park in Colmar

There is plenty of car parking available in the Colmar City Centre. We recommend parking in the Place de la Mairie parking garage underneath the Monoprix grocery store.

Place de la Mairie is reasonably priced for the city centre parking location, with a WC for public use.

A little out of the centre but in easy walking distance is the Parking Le Grillen. It is a free car and is 1.4-kilometre walk to the Little Venice Colmar area.

We have a great article on what to do in Colmar. The article features attractions, food, wine and accommodation. This article will complement any Colmar travel planning you are doing. Read our Visit Colmar article here!

Freiburg to Colmar train

There are no direct Freiburg to Colmar trains. There are 2 options to reach Comar by train. You can catch a train from Freiburg to Basel and onto Colmar or from Freiburg to Strasbourg and onto Colmar.

The train from Freiburg to Basel takes 45 and the train trip to Colmar from Basel takes 45.

Journey time with transfers is around 2 hours.

The train to Strasbourg from Freiburg takes around 1 hour and 15 minutes. During this part of the trip, you will need to change trains in Offenburg to reach Strasbourg. At Strasbourg, you need to change trains to get to Colmar which takes 33 minutes. Travel time will also be around 2 hours.

The bus/train route and the train routes all take around the same amount of time. Our research suggests that the train only options through Basel and Strasbourg are considerably more expensive than the train/bus option

Freiburg to Colmar bus

The bus to Colmar is not a direct service. Flix Bus the largest bus operator in Europe runs a bus daily to Mullhouse France that coonects to a bus to Colmar France. The Flix bus from Freiburg to Mullhouse takes 55 minutes.

You will have a 20-minute wait in Mullhouse before catching the onwards bus to Colmar. The bus takes 40 minutes.

Total travel time is 1 hour 55 and will set you back between 10 -15 Euros.

Colmar is an amazing destination for all no matter where you are coming from. Colmar is easily reachable from major centres nearby. Travel to Colmar from Paris, Strasbourg and Freiburg is very convenient.

Colmar is an amazing destination for all no matter where you are coming from. Colmar is easily reachable from major centres nearby. Travel to Colmar from Paris, Strasbourg and Basel is very convenient.

How to get from Freiburg to Colmar