How to plan your camping trip with Campervan Rentals

Going on a camping trip with your kids is the best way to unwind and be with nature. It’s a series of fun outdoor activities you can enjoy with your family, especially with teens. It’s perfect if you’re looking for a unique and adventurous holiday. 

Why you should consider campervan rentals

Renting a campervan is an excellent option to enjoy your next camping trip. Campervans are equipped with everything you need for an adventure, including a cozy bed, convenient toilet and shower, and a compact yet functional kitchen. They’re practical, convenient, safe, and comfortable for the whole family.  

Here’s a quick guide on planning your next camping trip with your teens in a campervan. 

Choose a suitable campervan size 

Campervans or motorhomes come in different sizes to accommodate specific needs. Compact ones are light and easy to drive. Some are specifically designed with additional bunk beds to provide enough comfort and privacy, suitable when you’re camping with teens. 

Campervan parking at the beach of Gregory in Western Australia during a windy but clear day

When looking for a motorhome hire, specify your needs and expected functions. Consider how many persons it can accommodate and your preferred bed configurations. You may also ask your teens about their preferred features to ensure they stay comfortable throughout the trip. 

Research your target destinations 

A camping trip is a series of outdoor adventures. One of its advantages is the opportunity to explore different places and enjoy various family-friendly activities. During planning, research your target destinations and start creating an itinerary. 

Each stop on your camping trip has a unique activity to offer. Some places are best for hiking, trekking, or biking. Some destinations near the beach may allow surfing, diving, or simply swimming.

It’s also best to ask your teens about recreations and activities they want to try. Chances are, they have a few things they want to tick off their bucket list.

Another reason to do thorough research on your target destinations is the rules and regulations regarding campervans. Some may have a maximum size limit or limited parking spots, especially during the holidays. Considering these factors help you plan a hassle-free camping trip.

Find the perfect parking spots 

One of the most challenging parts of going on a trip with a campervan is finding the perfect parking spots. While there are available RV parks, they aren’t always the most suitable place, especially if you want privacy and added safety for frisky teenagers who are always eager to explore.

While planning your camping trip, you may search for a private and secure campervan parking spot. You may reserve your slot and pay ahead to ensure you’ll have your own space for each destination. 

Prepare for bad weather conditions 

If you’re planning a long trip, you may expect weather changes. While campervans are well-insulated and equipped with heating, cooling, and proper ventilation, you may need additional preparation to ensure everyone’s comfort and safety. 

Bring additional blankets, jackets, and socks when you’re expecting cold weather. Don’t forget your fire starter tools to make it easier to light up a bonfire that can help you stay warm while enjoying the outdoors.

In contrast, prepare comfy and breathable clothes when you’re about to experience a hot summer. Bring a cold compress and lots of drinking water to battle the heat. 

Overpacking is a common problem among campers and travelers. One tip to remember is to pack only the essentials, even if you have more space for storage.

Pack only the essentials 

Traveling light is always safer, especially when driving a large vehicle. It’s also a great opportunity to teach teenagers the benefits of minimalism during travel.

To help you stick to the essentials, create a checklist. It must include basic clothing, camping gear, hygiene products, a first aid kit, kitchen and dining tools, and extra bedding.

Create a healthy meal plan 

Going on a camping trip lets you explore places, including the specialty food they offer. However, meal planning is still imperative since you’ll spend most of your time discovering remote locations with only a few pit stops. 

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Campervans are equipped with a functional kitchen, which allows cooking whenever you prefer. Creating a meal plan helps you prepare and store healthy and delicious dishes even picky teenagers can enjoy

Furthermore, preparing a stock of ready-to-eat meals and additional snacks and drinks is essential. Doing so will prepare you for exploring remote locations without worrying about what to eat. 

Take advantage of the flexibility 

While planning your camping trip down to the tiniest details may help prevent issues, it’s best to take advantage of the flexibility. Traveling with a campervan is like bringing your home wherever you go. This opportunity provides comfort and freedom to do more than you’ve planned. 

During your camping trip, it’s best to stay open to more adventures. Allow your teens to enjoy more activities and explore more places, even if it means changing plans.

You’re also free to pause and enjoy more sunrises and sunsets surrounded by scenic views and appreciate your time together as a family.

Going on an adventure with teens in a campervan is an eye-opening experience. It’s a great opportunity to explore more places, try more activities, learn new things, and create more fun family memories.

To help you stick to the essentials, create a checklist. It must include basic clothing, camping gear, hygiene products, a first aid kit, kitchen and dining tools, a solar power generator, and extra bedding

We hope this article from Wyld Family Travel helps with your planning for long term travel. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

Long term travel is daunting for anyone planning travel. If you are planning long term travel with kids or even couples, there are so many things you need to consider.

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