Ever since our first Segway experience, we had been hankering to do another. A week on the Gold Coast in Australia provided us with just that. This segway experience would be truly unique. We were going to Segway through Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. Willow and I were stoked to be back on a Segway. We had never heard of an animal experience on a Segway before. The Currumbin Sanctuary Segway Safari would certainly be one of the best things to do in the Gold Coast area.

Gold Coast activities Currumbin Sanctuary Segway Safari

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is run by the National Trust of Queensland. Currumbin is home to many native Australian animals and it is located a short 20km from Surfers Paradise and 4 km from Coolangatta. It is the largest Animal Sanctuary in Queensland. The Currumbin Animal sanctuary is home to an amazing amount of native animals and the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary animal encounters are legendary.

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary Animal Encounters:

* Koalas
* Salt Water Crocodiles
* Tasmanian Devils
* Kangaroos
* Wedge-tailed eagles
* Echidnas
* Emus

Just to name a few. It is also home to the largest animal hospital in Australia. Operations are carried out daily on sick and injured animals. If you have the stomach for it there is a viewing area to watch the operations.  Anyway back to the Segway!

We booked in at guest services where we had to watch a video on Segway operation and Safety. It is a short session on safety and such. We then headed off to meet our guide, Jacob. You will complete 10 minutes of practice before completing a 40-minute safari of some of the park. Each Segway Safari session contains a maximum of 4 participants and the instructor.  After some introductions and quick instructions, we were on the Segway! We had to prove to Jacob that we could stop and start the segway on flat ground and hills before the real fun of this Gold Coast attraction could begin.


We stayed at the Seacrest Apartments in Surfers Paradise. These fully self-contained apartments had 2 bedrooms, cooking and laundry facilities. Balconies overlooking the beach. A pool, spa, sauna, tennis court and bbq area onsite for you to use. The Seacrest is central to many things to do in the Gold Coast. We enjoyed our stay and would certainly stay at the Seacrest again.

For more information and prices at the Seacrest see here!

There was also a small course with cones set up to practice going around turns and bends. This is really good just get a feel of the Segway before you take off. In no time it had come back to Willow and I and we were zooming around the course getting ready for the Segway Safari. If you have never been on a Segway before the first few minutes can be awfully disorientating as you find your balance.

Best things to do with kids on the Gold Coast is the Segway Safari

We headed off to the park to see the sights and learn about the animals at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. You initially head off on about a 5-minute ride along the flat ground as you work your way into the heart of the park. Our first stop was to point out the Currumbin animal hospital. After a small chat and some orientation of where things were in the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, we were off again. Our guide pointed out the small things that you would not normally know such as

Wild Family Travel at Currumbin wildlife sanctuary

* The Tasmania devil being out around lunchtime is weird because they normally stay in their homes until late afternoon.

* The giant saltwater crocodile ‘Boss Hog’ as he is known measures 5.5 meters in length, but that is smaller than the average size. Boss Hog was trapped and after eating a prize $10,000 bull in North Queensland found his new home at the Currumbin Sanctuary.

* The water dragons that run around the park everywhere are very territorial and sometimes won’t even move for trucks unless they blow their horn at them. Sometimes if they are feeling extra cheeky the driver has to get out of the truck before they will move!

* Koalas sleep for up to 20 hours a day.

* That summer is mating season for the koalas and he had spotted 6 small baby koalas in the last few weeks.

* We were told when the animal shows were on and which ones were highly recommended.  Jacob said seeing Boss Hog launch out of the water for food was an amazing sight.

Riding a segway at Currumbin Sanctuary

Like all things fun, our Gold Coast adventures Segway experience was overall to soon and we were heading back to the start/finish point. We would say this experience suits nearly everyone from 10-year-olds upwards looking for unique Gold Coast activities.

What Willow (Aged 12) thought of the Currumbin Segway Safari

The Currumbin segway tour was a lot of fun for me. It took you all around the park and since dad and I already knew how to do this we rode around the training course with ease. The trail was bumpy but I was having a lot of fun so I didn’t notice. Our guide told us a lot about the park and the animals there. Thank you Jacob for a great tour.

There are a few regulations for doing the Currumbin Sanctuary Segway experience
  • You must be 10 years old ( suits older kids activities in the Gold Coast Australia )
  • Participants between 10-17 years old need to be accompanied by a paying parent or guardian.
  • You must weigh over 45kg and under 120kg.
  • You must keep two hands on the Segway at all times.
  • Closed in shoes are required on the Segway tour
Tips for the Currumbin Sanctuary Segway tour

* Bring a GoPro if you have one as you cannot film with your phone while on the Segway. Make sure you have GoPro accessories such as a chest strap and hand strap for filming. It’s not good if you don’t as you can’t take your hand off the Segway.

Willow and the amazing Jake the Segway Safari guide

We had an amazing time made all the better by our guide Jacob’s knowledge of the park and animals at hand. If you want something a little different than the normal walking around then the Segway experience comes highly recommended by myself and Willow. I have got to tell you there is nothing cooler than zipping around on a Segway

The feeling of the wind in your face, the smell of tree’s and some not so nice animals smell as well at times! The up hills and down hills, the corners and just the general excitement of being on a Segway is unmatched. If you have never done segway before you don’t know what you’re missing out on! This is one of the best Segway Tours anywhere in the world.

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  • The Gold Coast Airport is located in Coolangatta. The Gold Coast Airport is 27 km from Surfers Paradise and 68.9 km from Byron Bay. 6 million people travelled through Gold Coast Airport airport in 2016 making it the 6th busiest in Australia. ( Currumbin Sanctuary is just 5km away )
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  • The new light rail system operates in the Surfers Paradise/Southport area from 5 am to midnight on weekdays and throughout weekends. The route links Helensvale, Gold Coast University Hospital, Southport, Main Beach, Surfers Paradise and Broadbeach.
  • Buses service the urban areas of Gold Coast City. The network stretches south to Coolangatta, west to Nerang, and north to the developing areas of Coomera and Ormeau.
  • The TransLink Journey Planner will help you to plan your trip and provides fare and timetable information
  • The Gold Coast has accommodation options for every budget from Hostels, to apartments and hotels rooms.
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The Gold Coast in Australia has great attractions on offers. Our favourite thing to do on the Gold Coast is the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary Segway Safari. Experience thrills on the Segway and see Koalas, Kangaroos and more.
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