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We had to meet our guide for a tapas Seville tour in Plaza Mayor Seville. Not knowing anything about Plaza Mayor you could imagine our surprise when we came out of the small streets of Seville into this big square that is dominated by the wooden Parasol Setas Sevilla.

Sevilla in Andalucia Spain is renowned for its historical sights such as the Sevilla Cathedral and the Seville Alcazar.  Today you will find Seville sights also include a modern architecture masterpiece called Las Setas de la Encarnación or Setas Sevilla. Locals call it the Seville mushrooms.

A view of the Setas Sevilla from the ground. You can see the intricate way the wood is moulded together to make a honeycomb like pattern

In English, the building is known as the Metropol Parasol. The wooden parasol is located at La Encarnación square. Deep in the old quarter of Seville, Spain. This modern masterpiece Setas Sevilla was designed by the German architect Jürgen Mayer and completed in April 2011. It has dimensions of 150 by 70 metres (490 by 230 ft) and an approximate height of 28 metres (85 ft). The Seville Mushroom claims to be the largest wooden structure in the world. If nothing else Setas Sevilla is a very interesting structure to look at.

The sheer size of the Setas Sevilla is hard to believe. From this view it gets the sunlight and you can see how big they really are

 Setas Sevilla – the History

Since the early 19th century a market has been in Plaza Mayor. The dilapidated Sevilla market building was torn down in 1973. and the site remained void of a building until early 1990. The city of Seville decided to build some underground parking and revive the market.  During the initial stages, Roman and Moorish ruins were discovered. Progress ground to a halt in red tape but fast forward to 2004 when a new local government decided to start again with the redevelopment and Setas Sevilla was off and running again.

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The two girls playing at the bottom of Setas Sevilla on one of the large white pillars that support it.
The girls playing on the base of the mushrooms

An international design competition was held to bring life back to the square. A winning design was chosen and as one would say it was full steam ahead or so they thought. The project was plagued by design limitations and the laws of physics. It was soon worked out that it could not be built as proposed. Tests, tests and more tests were done to find materials capable of the design. Finally, 5 years after the initial design the construction began. The structure was made out of Scandinavian birch wood, known for its strength. The budget was to be 50 million Euros.  By completion in 2011, it had cost 100 million Euros.  They say every city has one building the public don’t like well Metropol Parasol is that building for Seville. It is a modern eyesore in a traditional neighbourhood.

The building today has four levels. The underground level features the Roman and Moorish remains discovered on site. They are on display in a special museum room. Level 1 or the street level is the Central Seville Market. Level 1 on top of the market is an open-air public space. Levels 2 and 3 are the two area of the wooden parasol, affording one of the best views of the city.

Now getting back to our experience. As luck would have it we had a few minutes spare before our Devour Seville tour kicked off. We climbed the steps and had a look,  fascinated by Las Setas Sevilla. This wood structure above our heads seemed to flow effortlessly above us in every direction. We had never seen anything like it.

From the wooden honeycomb view to right out over the city of Seville the Setas Sevilla give you amazing views of the beautiful red roofs and the white buildings

Stall holders inside the market at Setas Sevilla. They have large pieces of ham hanging all around their stalls
Amazing Iberian Jambon

We met Jamie our guide on our Seville Tapas tour and the second stop was the Seville food market at street level. The Metropol market was an amazing array of food stalls selling fish, meats, cheeses you name it. We wandered the Seville market try the best Seville food on offer. We tried some amazing Iberian ham and bought some fruits for the girls to eat. The Mushrooms of Seville Market contains over 40 stalls and occupies 2,200 square meters.

Fast forward 3 hours later and we finished our Seville tapas tour and we headed straight back to the Seville Mushroom.

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The Roman Ruins that were uncovered while the Setas Sevilla mushrooms where being built. In this one there is a mosaic floor that you can see and some pillars with the walls of a house in the background

We headed to the underground level to explore the Antiquarium or Roman Sevilla. The Archaeological walk allows you access to 400 meters worth of raised walkways. The walkways take you over the ruins of the house foundations, mosaic floors and Roman columns, all on display for your viewing. If only all Roman ruins were this well looked after. The Antiquarium Seville is well worth a few euro’s for a look at some amazing well kept ruins.

The views from the Metropol Parasol is amazing

From the underground level, you access the lifts to Mirador Setas de Sevilla (Metropol Parasol lookout). You arrive at level two where there is a bar, restaurant and toilet facilities. From here there are an additional 250 meters of walkways that reach a height of 28 meters off the ground giving you an unparallel 360 view of Sevilla. The kids enjoyed the lookout walkways. They had fun running back and forth. The kids looked like they were on a floating cloud. Make sure you have your camera handy, you will get some of the best pictures of Seville from up here.

A view of the Seville Cathedral framed by the wooden honeycomb structure of theSetas SevillaThe Metropol Parasol is at the top of the list of things to see in Seville

At 3 Euro entry, you also got a free drink at the bar, so for us, this had to be one of the best priced Seville sights. We ordered a wine sat in the Andalucia sun and enjoyed the moment. We were there on an amazing day bright blue skies and afternoon sunshine. We pointed out the Seville sights we had already seen and ones we were going to see.

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The uniqueness of this building cannot be understated. You will marvel at its beauty, you will ponder its design and overall you will be left with a lasting memory of a truly special building like nothing else anywhere in the world

The walkways that entwine around the top of the Setas Seville which give you amazing views of the city. It takes you up and down and all around the top of the wooden honeycomb structure

How to get to Monumentos de Sevilla – Metropol Parasol

If you plan to take public transit, take bus lines 27 and 32 or the Metro T1, stopping at Plaza Nueva.

Being centrally located in Seville it’s easily accessed by foot. If you’re coming from the Seville Cathedral, area head north on Av. de la Constitución towards Calle Federico Sánchez Bedoya, Turn right onto Calle Alemanes, Turn left onto Calle Álvarez Quintero, continue onto Calle Conteros, slight left to stay on Calle Conteros, continue onto Calle Francos, continue onto Plaza Jesús de la Pasión, continue onto Calle Lineros, Calle Lineros turns slightly right and becomes Calle Puente y Pellón, Continue straight onto Pl. de la Encarnación, and you have arrived! No visit to Seville is complete without seeing this amazing building.

The Setas Sevilla has one section that reaches over a busy road to the other side with a huge pillar to support it
Plaza Mayor and the Mushroom Seville


Monumentos de Sevilla – Metropol Parasol opening hours:

Sunday – Thursday: 10.00-23.00h



Where do we stay in Seville?

We stayed at apartment Salvador in the Seville Old Town. Beautifully furnished and modern self-contained apartment featuring cooking facilities. Restaurants, shops and the Seville Mushrooms (Setas Sevilla) are all in close vicinity. The Alcazar and the cathedral are 5 minutes walk away.

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How to get to Seville

  • Find your international flights to Seville with Momondo. Domestic budget flights in Spain try Veuling
  • San Pablo Airport is located in the south of Spain, ten kilometres north-east of the Seville city centre.
  • Pick up your hire car from Seville Airport to explore the region. For the best prices click HERE.
  • Airport transfers to Seville and surrounding area are available. Book your transfer today.
  • Catch a train to Seville from cities in Spain and beyond. Plan your trip HERE
  • Many buses arrive and depart Seville Bus Station daily from all over Spain and Portugal. We arrived from Granada and departed to Albufeira Portugal from Seville Bus station. Search Bus tickets with Go Euro

Getting around Seville

Seville’s bus system runs from  06:00 to 23:30. Perhaps the most convenient lines are the circular C1, C2, C3 & C4 lines, which take you near some of the Seville’s most iconic monuments. A single bus ticket costs 1,40€ or a Bonobus voucher allowing 10 trips costs 6€. Seville has a small metro with just three lines The Seville metro runs from 06:30 to 23:00 and until 02:00 on Friday and Saturdays. A single ticket costs 1,40€ or a one day ticket including unlimited travel on the Metro is 4,50€. The centre of Seville is very compact and easily traversed on foot. Other options include the Seville Card. The Seville Card allows you use public transport and offers free and discounted entry in too many Seville Attractions. The Seville Hop on Hop off bus offers 24 and 48-hour tickets. This bus drops off and picks up at 12 different spots around Seville and also offers 4 free walking tours. Get the latest prices and booking details HERE

Where to stay in Seville

  • Seville has accommodation options for every budget from Hostels, to Apartments and Hotels rooms.
  • Hostels in Seville can start from as little as $14 a night for a shared dorm room. HostelClub has a great selection of properties. Check out Trip Advisor for the top 5 ranked hostels in Seville. You can book your stay directly from this page.
  • You can search Airbnb for there Seville accommodation offerings. If you have never used Airbnb before get yourself $50 credit by signing up and booking a stay right HERE
  • Hotels in Seville generally start from around $70 a night for a double room and increase incrementally as the luxury rating rises towards 5 stars.  You can compare and book your stay on Agoda, Hotels.comHotels Combined and Priceline

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  1. I’ve heard so much of them but I still haven’t been able to go! It definitely makes for an interesting experience from what I see!

  2. This is such an interesting structure and what a value for money! The visit would be a nice combination of modern art, history, culture and gastronomy!

  3. Without knowing they were there, I can definitely understand how the wooden Parasol Setas Sevilla would be a surprise! I had heard of Seville for the Sevilla Cathedral and the Seville Alcazar as you had mentioned, but didn’t picture it with quite so incredible modern architecture. Definitely a modern masterpiece! Clever to go with an international design competition to revitalize the area – seems to always be the way that it takes longer and more money than originally thought. Love that they’ve preserved the Roman and Moorish remains in a museum as opposed to completely replacing the heritage of the site.

    The Seville Tapas tour sounds great – epic views from the Metropol Parasol lookout!

  4. I had never heard about the Parasol Setas Sevilla before I read this post! Undeniably a unique and fascinating structure. I’d love to walk along it and see the view from the top!


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