29 best things to do with St Augustine with teenagers

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St. Augustine Florida is America’s oldest city and is full of awesome adventures for families with teens. The entire area is filled with tourist attractions, art galleries, historic sights, wilderness areas and more, offering a broad scope of activities and attractions for your vacation.

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  1. Things to do in St Augustine with Teenagers
  2. Free things to do in St Augustine with teens
  3. Annual events in St Augustine that teens will love
  4. Fun restaurants in St Augustine for teens
  5. Escape the City: Fun Day Trips from St Augustine with Teens!
  6. Know Before You Go: St Augustine with Teens!
  7. Where are the best places to stay in St Augustine for teenagers

Creating unforgettable experiences for the whole family can be a challenge, especially when travelling with teenagers. St. Augustine offers a vibrant mix of activities that will ignite curiosity, satisfy adventurous spirits, and foster lasting family memories.

Unleashing Teenage Enthusiasm:

  • The Pirate Museum: Embark on a swashbuckling adventure through interactive exhibits filled with pirate lore, artifacts, and even a chance to dress up like a pirate!
  • The Ripley’s Believe It or Not!: Get ready for mind-boggling displays, optical illusions, and interactive challenges that will amaze and entertain teenagers.
  • Fort Matanzas National Monument: Explore this 18th-century Spanish fort and immerse yourselves in St. Augustine’s military history. Interactive exhibits and ranger-led programs bring the past to life.

Engaging Sightseeing:

  • Trolley Tours of St. Augustine: Hop on a trolley for a narrated tour through the historic streets of St. Augustine. Learn about the city’s fascinating past while enjoying the convenience and comfort of a trolley ride.
  • Scavenger Hunt Adventures: Transform sightseeing into an interactive adventure with a themed scavenger hunt. Solve puzzles, answer trivia questions, and explore hidden corners of the city while learning along the way.

Planning for Success:

Traveling with teenagers requires a bit of pre-planning to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone:

  • Teen Input Matters: Involve your teens in the planning process. Get their input on activities that pique their interest and cater to their preferred vacation style.
  • Balancing Structure & Freedom: Create a balanced itinerary that includes some pre-planned activities chosen together while also leaving unstructured time for independent exploration.
  • Embrace Flexibility: Teenagers’ moods and energy levels can be unpredictable. Be prepared to adjust your itinerary on the fly to accommodate their needs and preferences.

Things to do in St Augustine with Teenagers

Now that we have covered all the essential St Augustine travel tips for families, here are all the very best things to do with teenagers in St Augustine.

Aligators in water at St Augustine Aligator Park
Alligators are popular in Florida with teens.

St Augustine Alligator Farm

  • 999 Anastasia Blvd, St. Augustine, FL 32080-4619

999 Anastasia Blvd, St. Augustine, FL 32080-4619

Prepare for a thrilling adventure at the St. Augustine Alligator Farm and Zoological Park! This unique zoo isn’t your average wildlife encounter. Here, you’ll come face-to-face with hundreds of fascinating reptiles, including alligators, crocodiles, snakes, and more.

Up-Close Encounters:

  • Gator Mania: Get up close and personal with these prehistoric giants! The park offers unforgettable experiences like holding baby alligators (with supervision, of course) and feeding larger ones. Witness their power and grace in a safe and controlled environment.

A World of Wildlife Wonders:

  • Beyond Gators: The St. Augustine Alligator Farm isn’t just about alligators. Explore diverse exhibits showcasing a variety of fascinating creatures, from slithering snakes to exotic birds. Learn about their unique behaviors and ecological roles. Visitors can also stop by the gift shop to purchase souvenirs related to the animals and exhibits.

Rare and Remarkable:

  • Albino Alligators: Marvel at the park’s rare albino alligators. These unusual creatures benefit from specialized enclosures that protect them from the harsh Florida sun, allowing them to thrive. It’s a chance to see a truly unique sight.

Meeting Maximo:

  • A Prehistoric Powerhouse: Don’t miss Maximo, the park’s resident celebrity and the largest crocodile in captivity! Witness his sheer size and power, and learn about these apex predators.

A Legacy Remembered:

  • Gomek the Giant: While no longer with us, Gomek, the former record-holding largest crocodile in captivity, is still honored at the park. See his preserved remains and learn about his impressive history.

Castillo de San Marcos

  • 1 S Castillo Dr, St. Augustine, FL 32084-3252

Towering over St. Augustine and guarding its shores for centuries, the Castillo de San Marcos is a must-see for any visitor. This awe-inspiring fortress, now a National Park, offers a captivating glimpse into Spanish colonial history and military might.

An old fortification in St Augustine
There are many historic sites in St Augustine Florida

A Legacy in Stone:

  • Guardian of the Colony: Built in the 17th century, the Castillo de San Marcos served as a vital defensive structure, protecting St. Augustine from potential attacks by sea. Explore the expansive fort and learn about its role in safeguarding the Spanish colony.

A Living History Museum:

  • Step Back in Time: Wander through meticulously restored rooms and corridors, each one meticulously furnished with artifacts from the 1600s. Imagine yourself as a Spanish soldier stationed at the fort and experience life in colonial St. Augustine. The preservation of the Castillo de San Marcos is an art form of historical architecture and military engineering, showcasing the ingenuity and craftsmanship of the era.

A Breathtaking Vista:

a tween exploring the castillo in St Augustine
A family in St Augustine exploring the Castillo de San Marcos Fort
  • Strategic Location: Perched atop a strategic point overlooking the Matanzas River, the Castillo offers stunning panoramic views. Keep an eye out for playful dolphins frolicking in the river’s waters while you soak in the scenery.

*Veterans visiting the Castillo can get a free America the Beautiful Pass, which gives them access to all the national parks across America, while regular entry is $15

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Whetstone Chocolate Factory tour

a person spreading chocolate on a table
Closeup of a worker using spatulas to spread melted chocolate out while at work in a chocolate-making factory

Craving a unique and interactive experience in St. Augustine? Look no further than the Whetstone Chocolate Factory Tour! This fascinating tour takes you behind the scenes of a world-renowned artisanal chocolate producer, offering a glimpse into the history and production of this delectable treat.

Beyond the Candy Store:

  • Factory Floor Access: Unlike typical candy stores, the Whetstone tour grants access to a real, functioning chocolate factory. Witness the magic firsthand as expert guides lead you through the production process, showcasing the machinery used since the early 1900s, some even dating back to the late 1800s!

A Journey Through Chocolate History:

  • From Mayan Elixir to Modern Delight: The tour delves into the rich history of chocolate, tracing its evolution from a spicy Mayan beverage to the decadent bars we know and love today. Learn about the fascinating transformation of this ancient treat.

Tempting Your Taste Buds:

  • A Sensory Experience: The Whetstone Chocolate Factory Tour isn’t just educational, it’s a delightful sensory experience. You’ll have the opportunity to savor some of their finest artisanal chocolate creations, including classic dark chocolate and unique flavors like tangerine-infused chocolate oranges.

Perfect for Families and Chocoholics:

  • A Family-Friendly Adventure: The Whetstone Chocolate Factory Tour is a perfect activity for families visiting St. Augustine. It’s educational, interactive, and of course, delicious! It caters to all ages with its engaging presentation and delightful treats.
  • Beyond the Factory: For an even more comprehensive chocolate experience, consider a walking chocolate tour in St. Augustine. Indulge your taste buds with samplings from various chocolatiers throughout the city.

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Ripley’s believe it or not

  • 19 San Marco Ave, Saint Augustine, FL 32084

Seeking an extraordinary experience in St. Augustine? Look no further than Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, a museum overflowing with bizarre and fascinating exhibits guaranteed to entertain teenagers and adults alike.

A World of Oddities:

  • Curiosity Unleashed: Ripley’s boasts a mind-boggling collection of oddities, sure to spark wonder and amusement. From shrunken heads and two-headed creatures to unbelievable feats of human achievement, Ripley’s offers a unique glimpse into the strange and extraordinary.

Interactive Entertainment:

  • Beyond the Exhibits: Ripley’s isn’t just about static displays. The museum offers a variety of interactive experiences, including challenging mini-golf. Putt your way through Ripley’s wacky themed course for an unforgettable blend of amusement and competition.

Family Fun for All Ages:

  • Intergenerational Appeal: Whether you’re a curious teenager or a fun-loving adult, Ripley’s Believe It or Not! provides something for everyone. It’s a perfect destination for families seeking an exciting and memorable activity in St. Augustine.

Fountain of Youth Park

  • 11 Magnolia Ave, Saint Augustine, FL 32084

Journey back in time at the Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park, St. Augustine’s captivating landmark steeped in history and legend. While Ponce de Leon’s mythical spring may not grant eternal youth, the park offers a truly enriching experience for families and history buffs alike.

a sign over a street at the fountain of youth in St Augustine florida
The arch sign into the Ponce de Leon’s Fountain of Youth

Beyond the Legend:

  • Unearthing the Past: Excavations at the park have revealed fascinating secrets. Explore the archaeological site, where remnants of the original Spanish settlement, including a cemetery, offer a glimpse into the lives of early colonists.
  • A Toast to History (or Not): The iconic spring, believed to be Ponce de Leon’s landing site, dispenses refreshing, albeit not particularly palatable, natural spring water. (Bottled water might be a better choice!)

Living History Comes Alive:

  • A Church Reborn: Step back in time and witness the meticulously reconstructed first church of the Catholic mission system, built on its original foundations.
  • Engaging Talks: Immerse yourselves in the past with a captivating talk by a monk, detailing the history of the settlement and the church’s reconstruction.

A Window into Colonial Life:

  • Archaeological Wonders: Witness ongoing excavations as archaeologists meticulously uncover and reconstruct the first colonial buildings and indigenous settlements, offering a tangible connection to St. Augustine’s origins.
  • Living History Demonstrations: Travel back to a bygone era with park staff demonstrations. Learn about the weapons used to defend the colony from pirate attacks and witness thrilling cannon and musket firings!

Level Up Your Family Fun: St. Augustine’s Thrilling Arcades

Craving some friendly competition and classic entertainment during your St. Augustine family vacation? Look no further than the city’s vibrant arcades! These exciting spots offer a nostalgic escape for parents and a treasure trove of fun for teenagers, featuring a variety of activities such as arcade games, bowling, laser tag, and virtual reality.

teenagers playing video games at an arcade
Kids in St Augustine will love the amusement arcades

A Nostalgic Adventure:

For a truly unique experience, visit Anastasia Island’s Arcade Museum (2085 A1A S). This museum-arcade showcases a collection of vintage video games and pinball machines, allowing families to experience the history of these iconic forms of entertainment. It’s a great way to bond over classic games and create lasting memories.

Some of the best arcades are as follows.

  • Sarbez – 115 Anastasia Blvd St Augustine
  • Anastasia Island’s Arcade Museum – Portman Plaza south of Pope Road2085 A1A S, St. Augustine

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Seek Thrills & Chills: Ghost Tours in St Augustine!

Unveil the mysterious and spooky side of St Augustine with a thrilling ghost tour that teenagers will love.

Spine-Tingling Tales:

Wander through the city’s haunted hotspots with a captivating guide who shares local legends and chilling ghost stories. Ghost tours are popular for teens seeking a unique and exciting adventure.

Hauntingly Fun:

  • Period Costumes: Guides often dress in period attire, adding an extra layer of spookiness to the atmosphere.
  • Night Time Adventures: Tours usually occur at night, when darkness ramps up the eerie ambience.
  • Fun Things: Ghost tours are one of the many fun things to do in St. Augustine, especially for teens.

Popular Ghost Tours in St Augustine

Check out some of these spine-tingling tours:

Classic Car Museum

  • 4730 Dixie Hwy, St. Augustine, FL 32086

Calling all car enthusiasts! Take a nostalgic journey through automotive history at the Classic Car Museum of St. Augustine. This expansive 30,000 square foot museum showcases a stunning collection of meticulously restored vintage cars from across the United States.

A Feast for the Senses:

Immerse yourselves in the evolution of automobile design. Marvel at the craftsmanship and artistry evident in these bygone beauties. From sleek muscle cars to luxurious sedans, each vehicle tells a story of innovation and engineering prowess.

Beyond the Chrome:

The Classic Car Museum isn’t just about admiring the exteriors. Learn about the fascinating history of each car through informative exhibits and knowledgeable staff. You might even get a glimpse into the engines and understand the technological advancements that shaped the automotive landscape.

A Perfect Family Activity:

The Classic Car Museum is a perfect outing for families with teens in St. Augustine. It caters to various interests – history buffs will appreciate the timeline of automotive development, while design enthusiasts will be awestruck by the aesthetics. Interactive exhibits or scavenger hunts can make the experience even more engaging for younger visitors.

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Step Back in Time at Fort Matanzas National Monument

History buffs and adventure seekers alike will be enthralled by Fort Matanzas National Monument. Built in 1742, this historic site boasts the distinction of being the first military installation in the continental United States.

Strategically located on a picturesque island accessible by a scenic ferry ride across the Matanzas River, Fort Matanzas played a vital role in protecting St. Augustine from potential attacks.

Beyond the Tower:

While the imposing coquina stone cannon tower, reminiscent of Castillo de San Marcos, is the fort’s centerpiece, Fort Matanzas National Monument encompasses a captivating 300-acre island sanctuary. Explore the natural beauty of the island, teeming with diverse wildlife, and immerse yourself in the rich history of this strategic outpost.

A Living History Experience:

Fort Matanzas comes alive with engaging ranger-led talks and interactive demonstrations. Learn about the daily lives of soldiers stationed at the fort, witness musket and cannon firings (schedule permitting), and gain insights into Spanish colonial military strategies. Knowledgeable volunteers also add enriching details to your visit.

St Augustine for teenagers – Potter’s Wax Museum

  • 31 Orange St, St. Augustine, FL 32084-3634

Create lasting memories with your family at Potter’s Wax Museum in St. Augustine! This interactive museum offers a unique blend of entertainment and education, appealing to both teenagers and adults.

Meet the Icons:

Get up close and personal with life-sized wax figures of your favorite celebrities, historical figures, and fictional characters. From Hollywood A-listers like Michael Jordan to historical icons like Abraham Lincoln, the museum boasts a diverse collection that sparks curiosity and ignites imaginations.

Harry Potter fans will be particularly delighted to find their favorite characters brought to life in wax form, offering a photo opportunity they won’t forget.

Beyond the Wax Figures:

Potter’s Wax Museum isn’t just about static displays. Many exhibits incorporate interactive elements, allowing visitors to engage with the figures in a fun and memorable way. This interactive approach enhances the experience for all ages. Visiting Potter’s Wax Museum is also a great way for teens to spend time with their best friends while exploring the exhibits.

Convenient Location:

Situated in the heart of St. Augustine, Potter’s Wax Museum is easily accessible for families exploring the city. This central location makes it a perfect stop on a day filled with sightseeing and exploration.

Mother-Daughter Delights: Day Spa Fun!

Treat your teenage daughter to unforgettable memories in St Augustine!

Pamper Yourselves at a Day Spa:

  • Relax, rejuvenate, and reconnect with a luxurious spa day.
  • Unwind in saunas, steam rooms, and pool areas, or indulge in blissful massages and beauty treatments.
  • Discover various day spa options, including the renowned Small Indulgences Day Spa and Poseidon Spa.
  • Don’t forget your drink bottle; You can get dehydrated while indulging in some spa treatments.

St Augustine offers endless possibilities for creating lasting memories with your daughter. Explore our website for more ideas!

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Fishing experience in St Augustine for teenagers

Calling all anglers! St. Augustine boasts a haven for fishing enthusiasts, offering diverse waterways teeming with a variety of fish species. Whether you’re a seasoned fisherman or just starting, St. Augustine has something to offer.

fishing charter boats in St Augustine
Outdoor activities in St Augustine

A Fisherman’s Paradise:

The picturesque waterways surrounding St. Augustine provide the perfect backdrop for a relaxing or action-packed fishing trip. The calm waters of the Tolomato River are ideal for beginners, while the Matanzas River offers challenges for experienced anglers. For those seeking saltwater adventure, the St. Augustine Inlet teems with diverse marine life.

Species Galore:

St. Augustine’s waters are a haven for a variety of fish species. Cast your line and you might catch anything from hard-fighting redfish and spotted sea trout to prized tarpon and mighty black drum. Be sure to check local regulations and obtain any necessary licenses before your fishing adventure.

Explore with a Charter:

For an unforgettable fishing experience, consider booking a guided charter. Knowledgeable captains will take you to prime fishing spots, provide expert advice, and help you navigate the local waters. Charters often cater to all skill levels, making them a great option for families and groups of friends.

Planning Your Fishing Trip:

  • Consider mentioning local bait and tackle shops or online resources for finding fishing licenses.
  • Briefly touch on the different types of fishing charters available (inshore, offshore, backwater) to help users choose the right experience.
  • You could also mention any fishing tournaments or seasonal catches that might be of interest to visitors.
  • After a day of fishing, families can enjoy a scenic bike ride along the waterfront.

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The Pirate & Treasure Museum

  • 12 South Castillo Drive St Augustine, Florida

Ahoy, mateys! Set sail for adventure at the St. Augustine Pirate & Treasure Museum! This captivating museum immerses visitors of all ages in the thrilling world of pirates and lost treasures.

the outside of the pirate museum
The Pirate Museum is waiting for your visit

Walk the Plank into Pirate History:

Explore engaging exhibits that bring the Golden Age of Piracy to life. Learn about notorious figures like Blackbeard and Captain Kidd, their daring exploits, and the codes they lived by. Examine authentic artifacts and recovered treasures, each piece whispering tales of adventure and plunder.

Beyond the Booty:

The museum delves deeper than just buried gold. Uncover the secrets of treasure hunting through interactive displays and demonstrations. See a replica of a pirate ship, step aboard, and imagine the life of a salty buccaneer.

A Treasure Hunt for All:

The St. Augustine Pirate & Treasure Museum isn’t just about passive learning. Interactive elements and engaging exhibits make history come alive for all ages. Children can go on their own treasure hunt within the museum, adding an extra layer of excitement to their visit.

Prime Location and Additional Adventures:

The museum’s convenient location on St. George Street, in the heart of St. Augustine’s historic district, makes it an easy to find for families visiting the city. For more pirate experiences beyond the museum, consider booking a thrilling treasure hunt cruise, complete with an onboard show – a perfect way to extend your pirate adventure!

St. John’s County Ocean Pier

No St. Augustine beach vacation is complete without a visit to the iconic St. Johns County Ocean Pier. This family-friendly pier offers stunning views, exciting activities, and easy access to the beach, making it a must-do for teenagers and adults alike.

People lying on thh beack in St Augustine with the pier in the back ground
St Augustine is the best beach vacation for teenagers in the USA

Affordable Family Fun:

For a small fee, you can enjoy an afternoon of pier exploration. Take in the breathtaking panoramic vistas of the coastline and keep an eye out for playful dolphins frolicking in the waves. The pier also features a convenient shop stocked with beach essentials, so you can stock up on sunscreen, snacks, or any last-minute beach gear.

Beachside Recreation Awaits:

The St. Johns County Ocean Pier isn’t just about the views. The adjacent beach beckons with soft sand and inviting waters, perfect for swimming, sunbathing, or building sandcastles. For some friendly competition, head to the volleyball and bocce courts located right next to the pier. These free-to-use courts provide a fun way to relax and socialize with family and friends.

From the pier, you can see across the whole beach area of town and can usually see the dolphins that cruise up and down the shore. Next to the pier are all kinds of activities for families, including volleyball and bocce courts that are free to use.

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Spend the day at one of St. Augustine’s 42 miles of beaches

Sun worshippers, surfers, and nature enthusiasts alike rejoice! St. Augustine boasts a stunning 42-mile coastline offering a diverse selection of beaches to cater to every vacation desire. From lively, amenity-packed downtown stretches to pristine, secluded escapes in Anastasia State Park, St. Augustine’s beaches promise unforgettable experiences.

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A Beach for Every Mood:

  • Bustling Boardwalks: Immerse yourself in the vibrant energy of St. Augustine’s downtown beaches. Popular options include Crescent Beach and
  • St. Augustine Beach, both known for their lively atmosphere and convenient access to amenities. These stretches offer a variety of restaurants, shops, surfboard and beach equipment rentals, and water sport options like jet skiing or parasailing. Additionally, fast food joints near these popular beaches provide convenient dining options for families.
  • Lifeguards are present during peak season at both Crescent Beach and St. Augustine Beach, providing peace of mind for families with young children. Beach kiosks at these locations often sell refreshments and beach essentials.

Beyond the Sand:

St. Augustine’s beaches aren’t just about sun and surf. Anastasia Island and other protected areas are havens for diverse wildlife. Keep your eyes peeled for nesting sea turtles, a glimpse of the endangered Anastasia Island beach mouse, or a variety of shorebirds. Remember to observe wildlife responsibly and maintain a safe distance.

Planning Your Beach Day:

  • Consider packing your own beach essentials like sunscreen, towels, and snacks, especially for the more secluded beaches in Anastasia State Park.
  • Research tide tables before your visit, especially if you’re interested in tidepooling or exploring the shoreline.
  • Download a beach safety app that provides information on local rip currents and UV index.

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Activities in St Augustine – Explore St. George Street

Immerse yourself in the rich history and vibrant culture of St. Augustine’s captivating Historic District. This charming area, centered around the iconic St. George Street, is a treasure trove for families seeking a fun-filled afternoon of exploration.

St Augustine with teenagers is great to experience. Here is a busy street filled with people walking. The high buildings provide shade to the pedestrians and there are flags flying from the second story of the old-style shops.

St Augustine with teenagers is great to experience. Here is a busy street filled with people walking. The high buildings provide shade to the pedestrians and there are flags flying from the second story of the old-style shops.
Exploring the old town area of St Augustine with kids

A Living History Museum:

Stroll along the picturesque streets lined with meticulously preserved Spanish colonial architecture. Imagine life in the 18th century as you wander past historical landmarks like the Castillo de San Marcos and the Cathedral Basilica of St.

Augustine. Interactive exhibits and knowledgeable guides at museums bring history to life for visitors of all ages.

Beyond the Cobblestones:

The Historic District isn’t just about museums and monuments. St. George Street pulsates with a modern energy. Browse one-of-a-kind art galleries showcasing local talent.

Treat yourselves to delicious meals at diverse restaurants, from casual cafes to fine-dining establishments. Catch a live performance or simply relax and people-watch at a charming outdoor cafe.

A Family-Friendly Adventure:

Spend time exploring St. George Street together as a family. Try an Interactive scavenger hunt or go on themed walking tours, which can make the experience even more engaging. The abundance of shops caters to all interests, with unique souvenirs and local crafts alongside popular retail stores.

St Augustine trolley tour

Discover the charm and history of St. Augustine with a fun and informative ride aboard the Old Town Trolley Tours. This convenient hop-on, hop-off trolley service is a perfect way for families and visitors of all ages to explore the city’s most popular attractions.

a collage of a train and a train
Trolley Tours in St Augustine

A narrated Journey Through Time:

Climb aboard the charming trolley and embark on a narrated journey through the historic streets of St. Augustine. Knowledgeable guides will share captivating stories and historical insights, bringing the city’s rich past to life.

See It All, at Your Own Pace:

The beauty of the Old Town Trolley Tours lies in its flexibility. With multiple stops strategically located near major landmarks, you can create your own customized itinerary.

Hop off to explore the awe-inspiring Castillo de San Marcos National Monument, delve into the fascinating exhibits at the St. Augustine Lighthouse, or wander the charming streets of the Colonial Quarter – the pace is entirely yours.

Family-Friendly Fun:

The trolley tours are a delightful experience for families with teenagers. They offer a break from walking long distances, and the narrated commentary keeps everyone engaged. The trolley tours are also a great educational activity for teens during the school year.

Many teenagers find the historical stories and insights surprisingly interesting when presented in this interactive way.

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Unleash Your Inner Explorer: City Scavenger Hunts in St Augustine!

Looking to ditch the typical tourist traps and engage your teens in St Augustine? Step up your sightseeing game with a thrilling scavenger hunt!

Transform Sightseeing into Adventure:

These interactive app-based games are more than just your average tour. Explore hidden gems, solve brain-teasing puzzles, and complete exciting challenges as you navigate the city’s iconic landmarks and lesser-known corners.

Non-stop fun & learning: Ditch museum fatigue! Scavenger hunts keep teens active, engaged, and discovering hidden gems, all while sneaking in history and local knowledge. Plus, it’s a blast to work together as a family!

Ready to Explore Like Never Before?

Several fantastic scavenger hunt apps offer adventures in St Augustine:

Bonus Tip: Research different scavenger hunt apps and choose one that aligns with your teens’ interests and age group.

Tee Up for Fun at Fiesta Falls Mini Golf

  • 818 A1A Beach Boulevard St. Augustine, FL 32080

Challenge your family and friends to a swashbuckling adventure at Fiesta Falls Mini Golf! This award-winning 18-hole miniature golf course in St. Augustine promises an exciting and scenic escape for all ages.

A Landscape of Adventure:

Prepare to putt your way through a captivating landscape overflowing with waterfalls, caves, a 65-foot Spanish ship replica, and breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean from the mountaintop gazebo. The meticulously designed course provides a fun challenge for seasoned mini-golfers while remaining enjoyable for beginners.

Family Fun for All Ages:

Fiesta Falls Mini Golf offers a perfect activity for families and groups. The vibrant atmosphere, combined with the engaging course design, keeps everyone entertained. Mini golf is especially popular among teen boys who enjoy friendly competition. It’s a great way to create lasting memories with some friendly competition and playful laughter.

Beyond the Greens:

After conquering the course, cool off with a refreshing treat from the on-site ice cream shop. For larger groups or birthday parties, Fiesta Falls offers a dedicated deck area for celebrations.

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Set Sail on an Unforgettable Adventure: Dolphin & Manatee Boat Tours

Cruise along the scenic coastline of St. Augustine and look for playful pods of bottlenose dolphins. Witness their incredible agility and grace as they often leap and splash alongside the boat.

dolphins in the waves at the bay of plenty in New Zealand
Seeing Dolphins in the wild is exciting

Knowledgeable guides will share fascinating facts about these intelligent mammals, enhancing your appreciation for their vital role in the ecosystem.

Manatee Encounters:

The calm waters around St. Augustine are also home to gentle giants – the manatees. These fascinating herbivores graze on seagrass meadows, and with a little luck, you might spot them gliding serenely through the water.

Boat tours are conducted with the utmost respect for these endangered creatures, ensuring a safe and responsible wildlife viewing experience.

More Than Just Sightseeing:

Dolphin and manatee boat tours offer more than just animal sightings. Many tours provide insightful commentary on the local marine ecosystem, touching upon the delicate balance of marine life and the importance of conservation efforts.

You might even catch glimpses of other fascinating creatures like sea turtles, pelicans, or osprey soaring overhead.

After the tour, families can enjoy a cup of hot chocolate at a nearby café to warm up and relax.

Capture Memories & Likes: Top Instagram & Snapchat Spots in St Augustine!

Planning a teen-tastic vacation to St Augustine? Social media is a big deal for teens, and capturing envy-worthy Instagram shots is likely high on their agenda. Fear not! St Aug boasts a treasure trove of Insta-worthy locations guaranteed to light up their feed.

The Bridge of Lions in St Augustine

From The Bridge of Lions, to the famous St Augustine Red Door you will easily find a variety of teen-approved backdrops. Imagine taking a cool sunrise photo at the beach or a street scene at Magnolia Ave.

Up Your Insta Game:

  • Gear Up: A small tripod and gimbal will help your teen capture those oh-so-steady and stunning shots.
  • Guided Tours: Take it to the next level with an Instagram tour! Local guides know all the hidden gems and best angles to make your teen the star of their feed. Teenage boys will also find plenty of cool spots for their social media feeds.

St Augustine awaits! Start planning your unforgettable adventure today and prepare to rack up those likes!

The best family vacations for teens always incorporate something they love. Social media is important to travel teens, and Instagram is one of the most popular photo apps for teens on holiday.

With Instagram and social media playing a significant part in the lives of travelling teenagers, we have some great places for Instagram photos in St Augustine.

We recommend visiting The Bridge of Lions, St Augustine Red Door and any of the beaches for the best Instagram shots in St Augustine. Alternatively, book yourself, an Instagram tour with a guide who will take you to all the hotspots in the city.

Pin Bowling in St Augustine with teenagers

If you’re looking for a bit of fun, friendly family competition in St Augustine with kids, then 10-pin bowling might be just the family activity in St Augustine for you and your teen travellers.

a young adult doing 10 pin bowling
Some ten-pin bowling family fun

Nowadays, most bowling alleys are entertainment centres featuring amusement, food, and drink options. Below are some of the best bowling locations in St Augustine.

Tips for Your Visit:

  • Check for special offers: Many bowling alleys have family deals or discounts on specific days.
  • Consider booking in advance: This is especially recommended during peak times or for larger groups.
  • Wear comfortable shoes: Closed-toe shoes are ideal for bowling.

Movie Magic: Cinemas for Teens on Your St Augustine Vacation

Family vacations need a mix of activities, and movies are a global teen favorite! St Augustine boasts state-of-the-art cinemas perfect for catching the latest blockbusters with incredible sound and visuals.

Beyond Hollywood hits, explore hidden gems! Many cinemas showcase independent and arthouse films, offering a unique experience.

Finding Your Perfect Cinema:

  • Search by genre (animation, foreign films) to cater to everyone’s taste.
  • Consider amenities like luxury seating or in-theater dining (great for teens!).
  • Choose a location convenient to your stay or with easy public transport access.

TripAdvisor Tip: Use their guide to find the best cinemas in [City Name] with user reviews and ratings.

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Escape rooms in St Augustine for young adults

Get ready to crack codes and unravel mysteries at one of many exciting escape room. These immersive experiences throw families into themed rooms, where you must work together to solve puzzles, decipher clues, and escape within a time limit.

Older teens in Florida will love Escape Rooms

It’s a thrilling mix of adventure, teamwork, and critical thinking, perfect for teens seeking a unique and exciting experience.

St Augustine Escape Rooms:

Teens can also enjoy laser tag at nearby entertainment centers.

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Shopping in St Augustine with teens

St. Augustine may be steeped in history, but its shopping scene is anything but old-fashioned! Here’s how to turn your shopping trip with teens into a memorable adventure:

Embrace the Treasure Hunt:

Instead of dragging teens through department stores, transform St. George Street into a pirate’s bounty. Seek out unique finds at:

  • The Colonial Quarter: Specialty shops brimming with pirate-themed apparel and handcrafted jewelry – the perfect souvenirs with a local twist!
  • St. Augustine Art Galleries: Unearth hidden gems like funky graphic tees or hand-painted accessories by local artists.

Fuel Up for Exploration:

Break up the shopping spree with a pit stop at a trendy cafe on St. George Street. Teenagers will appreciate a cool drink and a chance to recharge before tackling the next adventure.

Channel Your Inner Foodie:

The St. Augustine Farmers’ Market is a must-visit for teens with adventurous palates. Sample exotic fruits, grab homemade baked goods, or try a unique local dish – a delicious way to embrace the city’s vibrant culture.

History with a Twist:

Shopping doesn’t have to be mindless! While browsing the shops in the Colonial Quarter, weave in stories about the city’s fascinating history. Let them imagine themselves as swashbuckling pirates searching for treasure!

Brand Name Bliss:

St. Augustine Premium Outlets offer a treasure trove of popular brands at discounted prices. From sportswear giants to trendy apparel stores, there’s something for every teen’s style. St. Augustine Premium Outlets has two locations, offering a wide range of shopping options. Let them have the thrill of finding a great deal on their favorite brands.

Strike a Pose:

Let your teen unleash their inner fashionista at a trendy clothing store like Salty Flamingo or The Bench. These shops offer a curated selection of beach-inspired apparel and accessories, perfect for capturing the St. Augustine vibe.

Bonus Tip:

Consider setting a budget together and letting your teen have some autonomy in choosing their purchases. It fosters responsibility and makes the shopping experience more rewarding.

With a little planning and these insider tips, your St. Augustine shopping spree will be a treasure hunt for the whole family!

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Free things to do in St Augustine with teens

The city offers some free experiences that will keep your teens entertained without breaking the bank! In any city, families can find free fun outdoors! Pack a picnic for a park visit, or explore the city’s unique architecture on a self-guided walking tour.

Many museums offer free admission on certain days, and street art scenes provide a free art fix. Window shopping lets teens browse the latest trends without spending a dollar.

Annual events in St Augustine that teens will love

St Augustine is a city with a rich culture and history. There are many annual events that take place in St Augustine that can be enjoyed by families and teens visiting Florida. Some of these events include:

  • First Friday Art Walk – First Friday Art Walk is a monthly event on the first Friday of every month in St. Augustine, Florida. It is a self-guided tour of the city’s art galleries, studios, and cultural venues. The event is free to attend and open to the public. During the Art Walk, galleries and other venues stay open late, and many offer refreshments, live music, and artist demonstrations.
  •  The night of lights – Running for over a month, the town is lit up in Christmas lights. The historic buildings of St. Augustine glow with more than 3 million white lights. Held in late November and December every year
  • Drakes Raid – An authentic recreation of the 1586 sacking of the city by Sir Francis Drake and his raiders. Period costumes, guns and more will excite all who see them. Held in May each year.

These events help to make St Augustine a vibrant and exciting city to visit on your next family travel vacation.

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Fun restaurants in St Augustine for teens

Family dinners are a chance to unwind and bond, but finding teen-approved restaurants can be a challenge. Fear not, St. Augustine offers a delectable array of options to satisfy even the pickiest eaters:

World-Famous Oasis Restaurant

  • 4000 A1A S, Corner of Ocean Trace Road, Saint Augustine Beach, FL 32080

The Oasis is one of those restaurants you hear about whenever you ask where to eat in St Augustine. It’s a big restaurant with 2 levels so there is room for rowdy teens any time of the day.

They serve all the typical seafood and American and southern favourites with their seafood being the best draw. You can get fish, shrimp, pasta, you name it, there are many things to try and you will love all of them.

Beachcomber Restaurant St. Augustine Beach

  • 2 A St, Saint Augustine Beach, FL 32080-6902

If you’re looking for a chill spot on the beach to grab a bite, then the Beachcomber is your family’s place. It’s right on the beach and eating outside watching the waves is one of the most relaxing meals you can have.

It feels like a vacation should when you are eating here. Being on the beach you can get your seafood urges filled and they also have some awesome sandwiches. It will definitely be a hit with all of your family.

Sweet Treats & Beach Vibes:

St. Augustine isn’t all about savory eats. Don’t miss these spots for a delightful sugary treat:

  • The Hyppo: This iconic St. Augustine institution serves up handcrafted ice cream in unique and delicious flavours. From salted caramel pretzel to pistachio goat cheese, there’s a flavor to tempt every taste bud. Grab a scoop and enjoy it while strolling down St. George Street.
  • Waffle Cone: This beachfront staple offers classic waffle cones, sundaes, and milkshakes piled high with toppings. The ocean views and relaxed atmosphere make it the perfect spot for a sweet ending to a fun beach day.

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Escape the City: Fun Day Trips from St Augustine with Teens!

Sometimes, a change of scenery is just what you need! St Augustine offers fantastic day trip options for families with teens:

St Augustine to Orlando for theme park fun.
  • Expand Your Horizons: Explore nearby towns, historical sites, or natural wonders. Day trips let you experience new adventures beyond the city limits.

Day Trip Inspiration:

  • Variety is key: Include a mix of destinations – historical sites, natural wonders, amusement parks, or charming towns.
  • Consider travel time: Choose day trips with manageable travel times suitable for teens (around 1-2 hours each way).
  • Teen interests: Highlight destinations that cater to teen interests, like adventure activities, outdoor experiences, or unique cultural attractions.

The best St Augustine Day Trips include:

  • Explore the history of space travel at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. Located just a few hours from St Augustine,
  • Get your thrills at Orlando Theme Parks. Orlando is home to Disney, Universal and more. Orlando with teens is a great day trip

With a day trip from St Augustine, you can create lasting memories and discover hidden gems in the surrounding area!

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Know Before You Go: St Augustine with Teens!

A little planning goes a long way! Working together with your teens to research your destination will ensure a smooth and enjoyable St Augustine adventure for the whole family.

Make your family trip a breeze with these essential tips:

The best hotel for you will depend on your budget and priorities. Decide how much you are comfortable spending and consider how close you want to be to the attractions you want to visit. Then, consider what features are important to you, such as a pool, spa, or fitness centre.

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Getting There:

Getting Around:

  • St Augustine does not have a dedicated public transport system. Instead, the Sunshine Bus Company runs two local routes. 
  • Taxis & Uber also available.
  • Research options based on your needs.


  • Pack for the season, you will experience hot summers over 30ºC (85ºF) and mild to cool winters.

International Visitors:

Travel Accessories for Teens:

Ready to transform your St Augustine trip from dream to reality?

We get it – navigating travel bookings with teens can be tricky. You want reliable companies and the best deals to create unforgettable experiences.

Look no further! Our family travel resource page is packed with trusted recommendations for flights, hotels, apartments, tours, airport transfers, travel insurance, and more – all vetted by us for families with young adults.

Click here to explore our travel resources page and find the perfect travel partners for your adventure!

St. Augustine FAQs for Family Travelers with Teens

Planning a trip to St. Augustine with teenagers? Here are some essential answers to frequently asked questions:


  • Is St. Augustine safe for families? Yes, St. Augustine is generally considered a safe city for tourists. However, as with any destination, it’s wise to practice common-sense precautions like being aware of your surroundings and keeping an eye on valuables.


  • What is the legal drinking age in the US? The legal drinking age throughout the United States is 21. This applies to St. Augustine and all other cities in the country. It’s important to be aware of this regulation, especially when traveling with teenagers.

Emergency Services:

  • How do I call the police in St. Augustine? The emergency number in the United States is 911. This number connects you to emergency services, including police, fire department, and ambulance.

Currency and Tipping:

  • Is tipping required in St. Augustine? Tipping is customary in the United States, including St. Augustine. A standard tip for restaurants is 15-20% of the total bill before tax.

Drinking Water:

  • Can I drink tap water in St. Augustine? Yes, tap water in St. Augustine is safe to drink. The municipal water supply undergoes regular testing and filtration.

Power Adapters:

  • What type of power sockets are used in the USA? The United States primarily uses two plug types: Type A (two flat parallel pins) and Type B (two flat parallel pins with a grounding pin). If you’re traveling from another country, you might need a power adapter to convert your electrical plugs to the US standard. Consider purchasing a universal travel adapter for convenience.

Where are the best places to stay in St Augustine for teenagers

At the top of the article, we suggested some accommodation choices for your holiday in St Augustine with kids. If you are looking for a wider variety of choices for your family stay in St Augustine please find below an interactive map for you to find your perfect stay for your St Augustine vacation.

Start planning your unforgettable trip today!

We hope this article from us here at Wyld Family Travel has you inspired to visit St Augustine with teenagers. There are so many things to do in St Augustine with teenagers that will have you entertained for your family’s whole stay in the city. You will easily find things to do including Miami with teens and have a great choice of family resorts in Florida to stay at.

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