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Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary…as good as it gets.

As many of you know we love animals and animal sanctuaries. The girls get to learn about our native wildlife, how to protect them and how to make their natural habitat last. We believe if they walk away with extra knowledge from these places it can only make the world better. Every time we go to one we learn something new, another way we can preserve their natural areas and what to do if they are in danger or need help. Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is another one that blew us away.

Marley hand feeding a little grey kangaroo at the Currumbin wildlife sanctuary

  • Things to know before you go
    • Wear good shoes. The paths are fantastic but if you want to do an animal encounter you need fully enclosed shoes.
    • You are able to take your own food into Currumbin wildlife Sanctuary but please DO NOT FEED any of the animals there with it.
    • Purchase some extra ‘food’ for the emus and the kangaroos…they can get very hungry!
    • You can refill your bottles of water at the fountains. There is one out the front of the Wild Burgers Take Away.
    • Go to the animal shows while you are there. They are fantastic and the keepers are so full of knowledge.
    • After the shows take the opportunity to meet some of the animals in them. Marley got to meet a possum, hold a snake and after the bird show Willow was able to have a hold of a wedge-tailed eagle. (This was at a small extra cost and came with a picture)

We arrived early at around 8.45am but we had planned to be there earlier for the lorikeet feeding at 8.00am. Unfortunately, there were some roadworks on and we arrived later than expected. We made our way to the visitor and member services kiosk to meet Jennifer and to collect our tickets, to check in for the Segway Safari tour that Mark and Willow were going on and get our tickets to the Koala experience as well. It was all very easy and while we were at the office I booked a surprise echidna encounter for Marley and me to enjoy while Mark and Willow were on the Segway Safari Tour.

Mark and Willow on the Segway safari tour at Currumbin wildlife sanctuary

After all of that was organised and papers were signed (Marley had to have a paying accompanying adult to the echidna experience as she was not old enough, but more on that later) we headed into Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary prices in the park
  • You can buy food in the wildlife park. Prices are on par with many of the other parks we went to while on the Gold Coast. We chose a family meal deal for $54.99. We got 4 drinks, 4 hamburgers that also came with a side of chips. There are other options available like salads and sandwhiches. We took our own snacks.
  • Willow held a wedge-tailed eagle at the end of the bird show at a cost of $20. We got a 6×8 picture with this as well. You can have the same after the reptile show but Marley did not opt for a professional picture with the possum.
  • You can have an encounter with animals such as a koala, dingo, echidna and a possum. These start at $25 per person. There are rules for these encounters that include height, age and number of participants. You may need to accompany your child on an encounter which you will have to pay for as well. You can book these at the Visitor and Member services kiosk.


willow trying to hand feed a peacock at the currumbin wildlife sanctuary

On our way in we saw our first little animal. A Water Dragon was right in the middle of the road and he was not moving for anyone. Later Willow and Mark would learn that that absolutely rule the park with truck drivers sometimes having to get out of their delivery trucks and shoo them out of the way! Cheeky!


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We headed to the Quokkas first and had a look at them before heading over to the reptile enclosure. I loved the Water Dragon’s enclosure as it was so green and lush with a waterfall for them to enjoy as well. It made me think if the ones freely roaming the park would come back here for a rest throughout the day! After a few minutes, we realised that it was actually feeding time and to watch the reptiles have breakfast was actually really fascinating. (Some people may find it a little bit confronting to watch but it was very educational for us all as it was not something we have ever seen before.)  We watched the turtles swim around and catch their breakfast from their keepers as it was dropped into the water, we thought a snake had a very strange coloured tail until we realised he was also enjoying his breakfast and the lizards were quick as lightning as they gobbled up their crickets. We got to talk to one of the keepers and the girls got to ask some questions about how often they are fed and what training you have to do to work with them.


Before we knew it we had to start to head back for Mark and Willow to go on the Segway Safari tour so we decided to have our Koala picture taken while we were there. I can tell you now it is one of the most memorable things I have ever done in my life. We decided that I would hold the Koala (Marley was too small and Willow was going on the Segway) We got to meet Happy Jay as his handler Amy held him. We all got to pat him and listen to Amy talk about his life at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. AND THEN IT WAS MY TURN! He was so soft and he just snuggled in like the girls did when they were little…instantly I was in love! We posed for our picture and took a few of our own while Amy chatted to the girls about the other koala’s the lived there. It was absolutely fantastic and I was not so willing to give him back. Thank you happy Jay for a memory that will last forever.

Boss Hog is a huge male crocodile at the currumbin wildlife sanctuary. You can see hime slightly under the water waiting for a feed from the handler on the platform

Tips for the Koala Photo Experience
  • Listen to the handler and the instructions they give you. It is for your benefit and for the koalas as well.
  • You can purchase your encounter inside the park from the Koala Photos booth.
  • You can have a group shot taken but only one person can hold the Koala.
  • Children MUST be over 140cm tall to be able to hold the koala. If they are not they can pat the koala or have a picture with them while the koala is in a tree.
  • Koala photos are $25 each and you get a 6×8 proffesional picture that you can collect when you are leaving.

Bec and Marley with the amazing Happy Jay the koala. He was so soft to hold...I wanted to keep himholding a koala at Currumbin Wildlife

















After our koala experience, it was time for Mark and Willow to head over to the entry gate to go on their Segway Safari tour. Marley and I headed off to find the place where we would have our echidna encounter. Following the paths in Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is really easy, they are nice and wide for prams and really smooth for those little legs that seem to trip over so easily. We had a map with us and there were signs everywhere telling you where you were going. We could have caught the little train that weaves its way around the park but we wanted to walk to see other things on the way.

We only had to wait a few minutes before little, wiggly Jack was bought out by Claudette. He was so cute and very happy to have a bowl of his favourite food. (Mince with a side of larvae!) Claudette was telling us about how old he was and what his favourite things are while he ate and we all fo a hold of him. He was a little spikey I must admit but they were not as hard as I would have thought. We watched him have a wander around before having our pictures taken with him. Marley loved that he was a bit of a wriggle worm and he was very keen to hop down and get some ants from a nearby tree!

Bec with Jack the echidna enjoying his lunch of mince and some larvae!

Tips for the echidna experience
  • You can book your encounter at the Visitor and Member Servies Kiosk just beside the entry to Currumbin Sanctuary.
  • Children aged 3-12 must have a paying accompany adult on the experience with them.
  • The experience is limited to 6 people so get in quick!
  • You are allowed to take your own pictures.
  • When you book an enconter a 6×8 picture is included in the price. You can pick this up on your way out through the girlf shop.
  • The echinda is used to people but they are still wild animals…you must listen to the handler at all times and if there is any problems the encounter can be cancelled at any time if the echidna is distressed.
  • An echidna encounter is $25 per person and goes for around 25 minutes.
  • You do need to be at the encounter 10 minutes before your allocated time.

After we had finished with wriggly Jack we headed right next door to the reptile show…yep, right next door. That is the top thing that I loved about Currumbin Sanctuary. The shows were all located very close to each other with plenty of time to get to the next one. Families have really been thought of with the planning of this and it is the first park I have been to where I haven’t missed the start of the show because I have had to rush between sites that are half a park away! BRILLIANT!

The little Tassie devil at the Currumbin Wildlife sanctuary. We was running around before getting tired and needing a rest

Shows at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Lorrikeet Feeding
  • Australiana Show
  • The Big Fang Theory (Reptile show)
  • Free Flight Bird Show
  • Pelican and Eel show
  • Crocs Live
  • Aboriginal Dance Show

We spent the rest of the time wandering the park before heading up to the section where the kangaroos were and that is basically where we stayed for the rest of our time there (We actually missed quite a lot of the park because of this) It was here that we fed the kangaroos and watched them laze in the sun. There were some grey kangaroos up in a grassy area on the side of a hill and one took a real liking to me. He was happy to lay there and have me feed him which the girls thought was hilarious. We then headed down to where the red kangaroos which were on a red dirt setting. It was here that a little roo went up to Willow and flopped down next to her. She was worried about it and sat down to pat it. The cheeky little thing just wanted some attention as it just laid there as she fed it. Every time she went to get up to go it would put its paw out at her and she would stay! We ended up having to drag her away…she was very reluctant to leave him.

The water dragons rule the footpaths and roads at the currumbin wildlife sanctuary

Absolute best bits about Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary
  • It is so family friendly. The paths are wide, there is a little train that you can ride for tired legs and there is plenty of shade.
  • You can refill water bottles from the fountains.
  • The animal shows are set close together at great intervals between them. No hurrying tired legs long distances between shows.
  • There are so many places along the way you can get a fresh cold drink or a small snack.
  •  You can take in your own food.
  • The shows are close together but with enough time between them that you don’t have to rush AND the guys that are hosting the show do wait for those very excited little people to settle before they start!
  • It is nice and shady all the way around.
  • There are so many places to sit at with tables and chairs for people who need a rest.
  • The train is a heaap of fun and a great way to get around the park.


It wasn’t until later that I realised that we had missed the Lost Valley. I honestly have no idea how but we loved all of the places that we spent time in. Australian animals are so unique that even though we are Australian we still love to see them and be near them. I have now had to make the promise to return to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary to go there and see it. I also will be booking another cuddle with Happy Jay!

Claudette holding the wedge tailed eagle during the bird show at the currumbin wildlife sanctuary

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary Entry Prices: Single Day Admission with Lost Valley Entry

Adult entry                                                                                       $49.95

Concession entry                                                                             $39.95

Child 4-14 years                                                                              $39.95

Family (2 adults – 2 children)                                                           $149.95

Family (2 adults – 3 children)                                                           $179.95

Children under 4 are free


We want you to enjoy Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary as much as we did so we have teamed up with them to offer you adults at kids prices. Just use the promo code WYLD at the checkout when you purchase your tickets. Click here to book your tickets. [/box]

If you live in the area I highly suggest you get yourself a membership to enjoy Currumbin Sanctuary as often as you like. There are so many options and the membership comes with some amazing deals for other places as well. If we return to the Gold Coast (which I have promised) it will be the first place that we will be booked into above all other activities we did there. I loved everything about the wildlife park and I know my family did as well.


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A day at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

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    • Hi Betsy! They are amazing and beautiful creatures that I love getting to see. I hope you do get your chance to pet one and I’d love to hear about it if you do! have a great day and thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment!

  1. The Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary looks really unique. I love the way one can interact with the animals. Especially the koalas are adorable. I hope the photos with each Koala is limited so that they are not troubled. I am sure the authorities would be having a system in place to ensure that the animals are not exposed to any kind of trauma.

    • Hi Sandy N Vyjay! It is a really unique place that I really want to go back to in the future. The welfare of the animals is so important to everyone at Currumbin that they do have systems in place to make sure that the animals are in no distress at any time. To be honest, you can see the care and love that all the keepers had for the animals, so I am sure that if they didn’t feel right about a situation there is no way they would put one of their animals in it either. Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment and have a fabulous day.

  2. I used to live on the Gold Coast, I went to Currumbin sanctuary one of the first days I got there ๐Ÿ˜€ I loved it so much. It is such an awesome place for travellers too. You really get to see most of the unique Aussie animals there and hold some of then? Did you go to the beach in Currumbin? one of my favourite beaches ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Hi Vibeke! You are so lucky to have been able to live there…Marley is begging us for another trip there but thankfully has given up on asking us to move there. There were lots of people there the day we went and watching everyone enjoy our beautiful animals was just as fantastic as being near them too. I am so glad you loved the sanctuary when you visited…I wonder how much it has changed since you went there! Thanks so much for leaving a comment and we hope you have an awesome day.

  3. This place looks really fun to visit! Good to know you can bring your own food into the sanctuary.
    I would love to try the train to get around the park. You also said that Marley got to meet a possum, hold a snake and after the bird show Willow was able to have a hold of a wedge-tailed eagle. How was the wellbeing of the animals?

    • Hi Daphne! Being able to take your own food is such a great way to cut costs on your outing and it also gives you the extra money to maybe spend on a souvenir from your day out! At no time did I think that the care for the animals was lacking in any way. I found the keepers to truly love the animals they were with and they had their best interests at heart at all times. You could see the love they had for them in every show and the way they talked about the animals just reaffirmed how passionate they are about protecting them. Thanks so much for leaving a comment and we hope you have a great day.

  4. The segway safari tour sounds like so much fun! I am actually planning on going to Australia and am looking for animal sanctuaries like this ๐Ÿ™‚ Grea tip that you can refill your own bottles.

    • Hi Candy! Well, Currumbin is definitely for you then! I found it was easy to walk around and there is so much to see. Get there as early as you can to get the most out of the sanctuary. I’d love to hear how much you loved it when you visit too. Thanks so much for leaving a comment…have a great day.

  5. This looks like an absolutely wonderful experience. I can’t imagine being so close to a koala. I would love to pose for a photo with one. The echidna is incredible looking too. It seems like your family had a great time.

    • Hi Stella Jane! Thanks so much for leaving us a comment…we had an amazing day and we are hoping to return there in the future. Holding Happy Jay (the koala) was the most amazing experience for me and I must admit I didn’t want to give him back! Little Jack the echidna was so interesting to watch as I have never seen one up close before. He was fascinating.

    • Hi Stella Jane! Thanks so much for leaving us a comment…we had an amazing day and we are hoping to return there in the future. Holding Happy Jay (the koala) was the most amazing experience for me and I must admit I didn’t want to give him back! Little Jack the echidna was so interesting to watch as I have never seen one up close before. He was fascinating.


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