How to get cash back on your delayed European family holiday

After months and weeks of planning, searching the internet, trolling through travel sites, booking flights, booking accommodation and activities, the big day has finally arrived. It’s vacation time!

You have been putting money aside for the last year, you have been sacrificing takeaway coffee and work lunches to make sure your family vacation is a memorable experience for everyone. Nothing is further from your mind than a delayed European family holiday.

It’s family vacation time!

You get up way early with a million things running through your mind, have I packed the right clothes? Have the kids actually packed at all? Are our suitcases underweight? Did I put the passports in my bag and so many more things run through your mind!

All family members are accounted for, and all suitcases and bags are present at the front door as you leave for the airport chatting about what’s to come, what you will do later when you land, where you will eat tonight and more.

Arriving at the airport

Outside the airport there are cars and taxis pulling up, people rushing around everywhere, and the sounds of baggage trolleys moving around. You head to the doors of the airport and look for the nearest departure board to find your flight number.

Scanning the board looking for our flight, your heart skips a beat as the dreaded words are everywhere. Flights delayed, flights cancelled. You look up at the board and see that your flight has been delayed too and your heart sinks. This is not the best way to start your family vacation.

Delays, cancellations and stress

What does this mean for your flight? When will it take off? How long will you be sitting here? Will it be cancelled indefinitely? Will you miss a connecting flight? Do you need to contact your accommodation? How will it affect the bookings you have made? The stress of a delayed, cancelled flight can be enormous.

Stress free results

Did you know you can be compensated for flight delays and airline cancellations? I know it does not help with stress levels and travel planning, but at least it is something. If you have experienced the hassle of delays and cancelled flights while flying with a European airline or had issues departing from an EU airport (including layovers and connecting flights), you may be eligible for compensation.

Delayed European family holiday

European airlines are required to compensate you for flight delays, cancellations and poor service. The EU air passenger rights rules make it mandatory for airlines to pay compensation when your flight is delayed or cancelled by over 3 hours.

The European legislation EC 261 holds airlines financially responsible for disruptions that are within their control. Under extraordinary circumstances like political unrest or inclement weather, you are ineligible to receive compensation for losses.

Although air passenger rights vary from country to country, laws and regulations advocate for us. Knowing your rights is an essential first step in this process, but what are your rights in regard to delayed and cancelled flights in Europe? Below, we outline what you can expect in compensation with regard to time spent delayed.

If your flight is delayed two hours or more…

The airline is obliged to supply you with food, refreshments, and water. This will most likely be in the form of vouchers, so you can make purchases at the airport. Make sure you head to the airline desk and ask for this, as they are unlikely to give them out. This can be a good saving as airport food is so expensive.

If your flight’s delayed for 3 or more hours…

At the 3-hour point of your delayed European family holiday is when the cash kicks in and can start filling your wallet. The regulations state passengers are entitled to receive compensation from the airline of up to 600 euros per passenger depending on the flight distance. Your arrival in the final destination must be delayed at least 3 hours or more (taking into consideration time differences).

If your flight’s delayed for 5 hours or more…

After 5 hours of delays and uncertainty, frustration and annoyance will be kicking in big time. You and your family have the option of cancelling the flight entirely, and the airline is responsible to provide a full refund of your flight to and from your family holiday destination.

If you decide to wait out the delayed flights or overnight cancellation, you can claim up to 600 euros per person. The airlines also have to provide access to telecommunication services (phone calls and e-mails), and accommodation if you’re delayed overnight. Plus travel expenses between the airport and the hotel!

Delayed European family holiday tips

Most airlines will not voluntarily offer compensation or even tell you it’s available for your delayed European family holiday flights, so this is why you need to claim it! The airlines are legally obliged to pay for your flight delays, cancellations and denied boarding compensation in certain circumstances.

There is nothing worse than a delayed European family holiday

Who can help me with my delayed European family holiday?

Do not stress, If you think you are entitled to compensation Click2Refund makes it super easy, you just simply let them know what happened with your flight, and they will do the work to get your money

Is flight delay compensation worth it?

You are probably thinking, yeah, I have heard this all before and I will spend all this time filling out forms only for it to be denied and a total waste of time. This is why Click2Refund simplifies the process for you, what have you got loose? Nothing!

Click2Refund is one of the best companies for Europe flight delay compensation, with a success rate of over 90% for claims. It might even be worth checking if any of your past flights have been delayed cancelled, or overbooked flights while travelling in or from Europe within the last six years are eligible for compensation. In the end, this extra money can help you plan next year’s family holiday.

We hope this article from us here at Wyld Family Travel has informed you of your right to claim compensation for your disrupted family holidays caused by airlines. Planning a family holiday can be stressful and if airlines make it even more stressful they are obligated to make amends. Don’t let them off the handle and pursue your compensation. 

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