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Most capital cities are expensive and Beijing is absolutely no different. We had a tight budget and we wanted to spend any money we had let over on seeing as much in China as we could so when we saw the amazing Beijing Heyuan Courtyard International Hostel in Beijing in our price range we jumped at it.

Now don’t let the whole youth hostel thing put you off. Hostels all over the world are realising that there is a much bigger market than the crazy young ones who want to party.

There are older couples, families, and still those young ones that want to party but they also want to stay in quality accommodation with facilities to meet fellow travellers without breaking the bank and Heyuan Youth Hostel is a leader in this.

We have stayed in a few hostels with our daughters on all of our travels and we have to say the Heyuan is one of the best we have stayed in.

Where is the Beijing Heyuan Courtyard International Hostel?

The address you need is: 1 Zhiqiang Beiyuan, Wenhuiyuan Road, Hai Dian, 100088 Beijing, China 

The Beijing Heyuan Courtyard International Hostel is located in a Hutong area in outer Beijing. While the Hutong area the hostel is located in is not filled with traditional buildings there are plenty of small alleys near it.

The rooms at the Beijing Heyuan Hostel

Because this is a hostel you have many options from single dorms, to twin rooms and family rooms.

Our room was equipped with two double beds and a private shower/bathroom. It was located at the back of the hostel through the inner courtyard in a nice quiet place.

Our friends had a twin room inside the main building in the hostel. It had a twin size bed and a private bathroom as well. They said it was still very quiet and comfortable inside the main building area.

What facilities does the Beijing Heyuan Courtyard International Hostel have?

There is an amazing courtyard for you to relax in after a huge day of sightseeing in Beijing.

  • There is a well-stocked bar with basic meals available starting at 10Yuan
  • Family rooms with a private bathroom as well as dorms, single rooms and private rooms with ensuite.
  • Washing machine and a drying area in the courtyard
  • Airport pick up and drop off
  • The guys at the desk can organise any tours for you

Best bits about the Beijing Heyuan Courtyard International Hostel

For me, the washing machine was really needed for us. I also liked the cheap dinner options that we could have after a long day. It was very easy to get a cheap dinner there for the whole family.

For my daughters it was the hostel puppy ‘Mao Mao’ They absolutely loved watching him run around and loved to spend time snuggling with him as well.

Some room for improvement areas

I didn’t have any problems with the hostel but you are unable to cook there or use a dryer. For people on a very tight budget, this may be an issue or a tight time frame to get the washing done.

Our favourite parts of the hostel

There are so many things I loved about this hostel it was hard to narrow it down to just three of my favourite things.

The communal room

The communal room at the Hostel had a heap of charging points for devices, a pool table, some board games and a bar where you could purchase cheap drinks and some food.

The inner courtyard

This was such a beautiful peaceful place that was such a pleasure to be in at any time of the day. It had traditional Chinese decorations with a koi pond, bamboo and fruit trees. It was also a favourite of Mao Mao’s as he loved to play there and the girls would watch him run around.

The staff

The staff here were brilliant and did as much as they could to help us out in any way. One night we wanted to have Peking Duck but the kids just had had enough so they helped us order some and get it delivered.

What essential services are near the hostel?

You will find nearly everything you need within walking distance.

On the same street

Right next to the hostel are two small local shops that have drinks and snacky food (they have a larger range than the hostel) Around the corner on the same street you will find a restaurant as well.

We ate here one night but we found it very hard to order and preferred the restaurant on the main road.

A bit of walking (under a kilometer)

There is a main street very close to the hostel. On this street, you will find a McDonald’s, an ATM, a bakery, 3 great restaurants, a pharmacy, a supermarket and a fruit shop.

What are things to do around Beijing Heyuan International Youth Hostel?

There are so mnay things to do in Beijing that you will need to plan your days well whiole you are there.

We found that the Beijing Heyuan Youth Hostel is a little bit out of the city center so walking is not an option to the sites around here.

We did found it easy to catch a Didi from the hostel and go to any place that we wanted to see while we were visiting Beijing. We had no problems getting to and from places while we were there using the app.

Do we recommend the Heyuan Youth Hostel?

People are very worried about staying in hotels with kids but to be honest we book a full room and a private bathroom for our family of 4 and with that we highly recommend a stay at Beijing Heyuan International Youth Hostel.

We found the facilities, staff and the location fabulous for us and we thoroughly enjoyed our time there and if we do another Beijing trip we will definitely stay here again.

Money in China

The official National Currency in China is the rénmínbì (RMB) or some call it the Yuan. They come in 100, 50, 20, 10, 5, and 1 RMB banknotes as well as 1 yuan, 5 jiao, and 1 jiao coins.

We found for tourists you needed cash and smaller notes were better to have. Many Chinese pay through Wechat or Alipay. The ICBC bank was the easiest to use with an English language option and fewer fees than other banks for withdrawals.

How to get to Beijing

Beijing is serviced by 2 airports, Beijing Capital and Beijing Daxing International Airports. Beijing Capital is located 32 Kilometers from the city centre while Daxing is located 46 kilometres away.

High-speed rail is king in China. China has the worlds largest high-speed rail network with trains travelling the country at up to 350 kilometres an hour. You can reach Beijing for anywhere in China via high-speed rail. You can read our buying train tickets in China post here.

China has an extensive network of highways that are of good western quality. The traffic in Beijing is heavy at all times and best tackled by experienced city drivers. Nether the less you can hire cars at the major airports

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