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As you walk into the Leoneck hotel you are greeted by the fresh, crisp decor and a lobby that is bright but as you will find out the single most outstanding feature of the Leoneck Swiss Hotel is the staff. You can have all the most beautiful decorations in your hotel but if your staff don’t shine, other aspects lose out.

And the staff here nothing short of fantastic. The amazing hospitality from the day and night desk staff, the restaurant staff and the friendly housekeeping crew is the one thing that has stuck with us even after leaving the hotel. Friendly, polite and engaging are words that pop into my mind immediately. They are all brilliant at their jobs and you can tell with the way they go about their day within the hotel.

The Leoneck Swiss Hotel is located in the Centre of Zurich within an easy walk from all the attractions. Trams 6 and 10 also stop right out the front of the hotel.

These will take you to the central station where can transfer to other points of the city. For many people, Zurich is the gateway to Switzerland. You will find the Leoneck hotel Zurich has a distinctive Alpine feel about it with the pictures that are on display around the lobby and into the restaurant onsite.

The rooms at the Leoneck are super comfortable

You will find 5 floors of rooms that are both well-appointed and comfortable for couples and families. We stayed in a family room that easily accommodated the four of us. A nice touch was the small Toblerone sitting on all our pillows when we arrived. It is the little touches like this that separates a good hotel from a great hotel. And we can guarantee with this our girls were immediately in love.

The rooms have a desk, tv and coffee pod machine. Some hotels have coffee pod machines but no pods. The Leoneck supplies you with 4 pods a day enough for a few cups of coffee before and after you explore Zurich.

A flatscreen TV with channels in various languages. For us, we were surprised and happy with the number of English channels on offer here. Everything from news, kids channels, drama and movies were available. It gives the kids another option besides the internet all the time.

Some rooms come with a balcony that includes a table and chairs to sit on. Our room had a balcony facing the downtown area of Zurich. The city skyline is impressive in the day and night.

Some hotels talk about being green and environmentally friendly. The Leoneck Hotel Zurich puts its money where its mouth is and gives you a 10chf voucher to use in the bar if you don’t have your room serviced.

The hotel has a 24-hour front desk that sells snacks and even a bottle of Swiss wine. Before I mentioned the amazing staff, well I went downstairs early to do some work on the computer in the comfortable lobby area. I went to buy a diet coke when the overnight staff member on the front desk inquired if I had breakfast with our room.

I said yes and he said would like a coffee instead, I will grab you one it is included with your breakfast. I thought wow now that’s going the extra mile. Some hotel staff would have just taken the money. Not here, the Hotel Leoneck sets high standards. The lobby area has seating on comfortable lounge chairs so you can check social media, read the paper or just watch life in Zurich travel by outside the window.

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Eating in at the Leoneck is a must

The restaurant on site is nicely decorated with a comfortable modern Swiss industrial feel. The restaurant showcases the best of Swiss wines, food and beers. The attentive staff were more than happy to talk us through the selection of wine and provide us with a taste test.

Luckily we travel with our teenage daughters who are happy to use the super-fast internet in the room while we sampled the good stuff downstairs in the restaurant. Mind you the deserts were to die for as well. Our fantastic host Elena was superb with her recommendations.

The restaurant doubles as the breakfast bar. Leoneck swiss hotel breakfast is buffet style with an all you can eat option. The buffet leans heavily on the fresh food of Switzerland. You will find fresh cheeses, yoghurts, fresh in-season fruits, cereals and vegetables waiting for you, not to mention the favourites such as bacon and eggs. Great coffee and refreshing fruit juices are on demand. Leoneck Swiss Hotel restaurant breakfast is a great way to start the day.

The hotel Leoneck Swiss features six private parking spaces for anyone arriving by car. The private garages are underneath the hotel and located only a few meters from the front door.

The Leoneck Swiss Hotel Zurich is a great place for families and couples to stay. We will have no hesitation in returning in the future.

Do I need travel insurance in Switzerland?
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How to get to the Leoneck Swiss hotel

The Zurich Airport is located just 10 kilometres away from the hotel making it a short trip from picking your bags up to checking into the hotel. The Zurich train station is a short 900-meter walk to the hotel. This makes getting to and from Leoneck Swiss Hotel to Zurich train station an easy walk

How to get to Zurich Switzerland

Zurich is the largest international airport in Switzerland and the home airport of Swiss International Air Lines. The airport lies 13 kilometres north of the city centre. You can organize an airport transfer into the city here

Zurich is easily accessible by car. The Swiss Autobahnen in German, autoroutes in French, autostrada in Italian, autostradas in Romansch will get you to Zurich fast and efficiently. The A1, A3 and A4 Autobahns pass through Zurich.

Zurich train station handles over 400,000 passengers a day. Many international trains arrive directly from places such as Paris and Milan and domestic trains from Geneva and Lucerne. Book your train tickets with Omio

The Zurich International bus station is located adjacent to the train station. You can get to Zurich by booking a ticket with Flix bus

What type of power sockets do they use in Switzerland?

Switzerland uses Type C and Type J electric plugs with a voltage of 230V/50 Hz. Buy your C Type plug today

How do I call the police in Switzerland?

call 117

Do they speak English in Zurich?

It is very common to speak English in Zürich. If your worried about being able to understand buy a Langogo translator

Can you drink tap water in Zurich?

Tap water is perfectly safe to drink everywhere in Switzerland. Buy your travelling water bottle with filter today

Is tipping required in Switzerland?

Tipping is not a must in Switzerland as service is always included in the price.

We hope this article from us here at Wyld Family Travel has you inspired to take a trip to Zurich and stay at the Leoneck Swiss hotel Zurich Switzerland. There are so many great things to see and do in Switzerland For more amazing ideas on where to holiday in Spain click through to our Switzerland Destination Page for more brilliant inspiration.

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Leoneck Swiss Hotel for families

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