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Whenever I think of Prague in winter I think instantly of Micheal Hutchence walking in the mist beside the river serenading me…personally. It may be an extremely far stretch in anyone’s imagination but we were heading to Prague and I was keeping my dream alive.

Who wouldn’t want to visit Prague in winter? The city is beautiful and it is a top destination in Europe for the Christmas Market and wandering Charles bridge in the snow.

A red tram crosses one of the many bridges in winter in Prague
The old-style Prague Trams get you around the city

We here at Wyld Family Travel had visited Prague in the summer previously and things had not gone to plan. Returning to the city where you had a huge dose of food poisoning was not high on my list but Mark surprised me and it was high on his list of places to see in Europe. Prague had better produce the goods in winter and luckily we tried all the things to do in Prague in winter.

For this visit to Prague, I wanted it to be a memorable experience but we had limited time during our short stay in Prague. The daylight hours can be short in Prague during winter so the weather would play a huge part in what we could see. We had a short time to find the best things to do in Prague in December. The challenge was on how much could we actually do in Prague in December with limited time?

Some of the amazing statues you will find in Prague
Statues in the Praha Old Town

After finding our apartment in Prague, we unpacked our car and headed up to our apartment. We had decided even on our short stay in Prague we would opt for an apartment as it was a budget-friendly accommodation option in Prague Old Town. There was room for us all and plenty of space to spread out rather than having to all be in the same room.

Let the Prague in winter adventures begin!

The lady that owned it had met us and was telling us that it really was the best time to visit Prague. I was still really nervous but I was getting excited about going out into the city and seeing some of the best things to do in Prague in Winter. There were Prague attractions I had missed out on during our last visit. Bring on Prague during winter.

It was then that we had to put on our layers and head out to see what we could in a tiny amount of time. Make sure you have a great quality coat, non-slip boots, gloves and a beanie to go Prague sightseeing. So what did we think we’re the best Prague things to do in Winter?

The banks of Vltava River leading up to Charles Bridge. You can see the bridge gate and other classicall building
The Skyline you will see when visiting Prague in Winter

Visiting Prague in winter – Charles Bridge

We headed straight for Charles Bridge when we got out of the apartment as it was the one place I could not remember seeing. I was surprised at a number of people on the bridge even though it was so cold. Everyone was rugged up though and ready for whatever the Prague winter weather was going to throw at us.

Charles Bridge from a distance displaying its recognisable arches that lead it accross the Vltava River
Prague Winter travel always includes Charles Bridge

You could still get to see all of the statues along the sides of the bridge and it wasn’t a fight to get moving. It was while we were standing on Charles Bridge that it started to snow very lightly and we were all really excited to see it. For us, it was an amazing experience and we think for that reason, a walk along Charles Bridge makes it one of the nest thing best time to visit Prague in December

 Prague in the winter – Charles Bridge Tower

I am terrified of heights but there was one picture I have wanted to get for as long as I can remember and that is a picture of the Prague Old Town Square from one of the towers. I was especially excited to see what a picture of Prague in winter would look like and I was not disappointed with my picture.

Charles Bridge Tower greets you at the entrance to the bridge
Prague Winters are great for less crowds

The climb up to the top did take me a lot longer than I thought due to the height and the last section was by a ladder. This was my sticking point. There was a small gap between the ladder and the door that I needed to get through to get out onto the platform that was where I could get my photo from. I was so scared but once I was up there getting my picture it was all worth it.

View accross Charles Bridge with tourists walking during Prague in winter
Prague in winters is just beautiful

Old Town Square in Prague during winter

The first time we visited Prague was in the autumn and it was much different this time around. We sat on the square and had some lunch whereas this time we wandered the Christmas Market. It is an amazing square with the spires of the Church of Our Lady before Tyn in the background.

The Old Town Square Prague Christmas Market

Iconic buildings of Prague old town light up during winter in Pragie for the annual christmas market
Praha old town

 Prague Christmas market was amazing and it was one of the best we went to on our trip. We had some amazing food, the smoked ham was so delicious and it really warmed you up on a cold night.

We had so much mulled wine at the amazing Christmas market and then we wandered the shops as they all seemed to be open late and accommodate all the tourists that were wandering the city. The kids and adults loved the market, it’s certainly a good night activity if you are looking for things to do in Prague with family.

Prague Old Town Christmas market during winter in Pargue. Market stalls and christmas trees in every direction
Praha Winter Christmas market

The girls loved the carols the most. Even though they were not in English the tunes were familiar and they ended up singing and dancing in front of the stage. The huge Christmas Tree in the centre of the square was also a highlight and it was so beautifully decorated. The Christmas Market is the number 1 thing to do in Prague in December hands down.

The Amazing Prague Castle

While we did not make it up the enormous hill to go to the Castle this time around I wish we had have had the time. The views from up there over the city are phenomenal and they would have been amazing to see in the winter too.

Prague castle at night time sits illuminated abouve the Vltava River during winter in Prague.
Prague Castle at night

Last time we were up there the castle was open and we spent a good half of the day exploring inside and around the castle. On our previous visit, this was one of the top things to do in Prague. This would be a great way to get out of the cold when you are visiting Prague in the winter.

You could also head out of the city to see the visit the ruins of Vyšehrad and explore the little buildings, church and get amazing views back over Prague. We just ran out of time to do this but we loved looking around it on our last trip to Prague.

You can also go up the funicular to Petřín Hill.

Have an amazing goulash

A plate of warm meat Goulash that warms your heart when in Pargue in Winter

After wandering the Prague Christmas market for a good couple of hours we chose a restaurant off the main square to have some dinner. You will find a lot of cheap places to eat in Prague in this area. The food is still good quality but with lots of tourists around there needs to be cheap places to eat in Prague. Mark and I both had an amazing goulash for dinner (I had to go easy on the ham to fit it in and that was really hard!) that warmed us up for the walk through the streets home. The bread was also amazing to dip in the goulash.

Try the ham at the Prague Christmas Market

As I said I had to go easy on the ham at the Prague Christmas market but it was so amazing. It was some of the best ham I have ever had and seeing it cooking in front of you makes you want it so much more. Just be careful in the size you get as it goes by weight and it can be costly if you are not paying attention.

Wander the city…even if it is cold!

For some reason even in Prague in winter it was not that cold as we wandered the streets. Just make sure you bring some good quality winter clothes as they are important for Prague in Winters

It wasn’t snowing heavily at that time and there was only a slight sprinkling of snow on the ground but there were so many people wandering around. You can stop in at a cafe for a hot coffee or a goulash to warm up. Prague street food will keep you full if you are just wanting something on the go. You will find an assortment of Sausage, pastries and the famously fried cheese sandwich on the Prague street food scene.

Willow and Marley Wyld of Wyld Family Travel watching a cruise boat go under Charles Bridge during Winter in Prague
Prague family trips are very popular

Take the time to see the Astronomical Clock 

The only time we saw the clock was at night this time and it was under repairs so we didn’t see it very well. I think that will be the first thing we will head back to see again when we got back to Prague.

So there you have it our top things to do in Praha in winter and experiences that you should not miss. I am sure there will be so much more than I have not included. I wish we had had the time to see more of the best things to do in Prague in December. (Next time we hope to explore more of the amazing Czech Republic)  Feel free to let us know if we missed something amazing! Below I have included two posts in an amazing castle we visited and our guide to staying warm in Europe in winter!

The Czech Republic with its many sites Prague, Cesky Krumlov, Pilsen and more are all worth exploring in the winter months.

Prague in winter weather

Winter in the central European countries is very cold and snowy. Winter in Prague is the coldest season of the year. when At this time of the year average temperatures drop from 1°C at the start of December down to -1.5°C by mid-January.

The frozen Prague winter temperatures then begin to increase up to an average of 2°C by the end of February. Yep, and increase to 2 degrees time to break out the bikinis. Daily average weather in Prague change, in the same way, falling from 4°C/-1°C at the beginning of December down to 1°C/-4°C by January before rising up to 5°C/-1°C by the end of February.

Where did we stay in Prague during winter?

Carolina Old Town Apartments have 3 different apartments located in central Prague. All units include a sitting area. A toaster, a refrigerator and stovetop are also provided, as well as a kettle. Some units also have a kitchen, fitted with a dishwasher.

Every unit is fitted with a private bathroom with a hairdryer. Towels are available. We stayed in the 2 bedroom apartment which was within easy walking distance to Charles Bridge and the Prague old town. The location of the apartment made Prague winter things to do so much easier.

Find out the latest prices for Carolina Old Town Apartments HERE!

How to get to Prague by plane

Prague is the biggest city and capital of the Czech Republic. Václav Havel Airport Prague is 12 kilometres from the city centre. Prague Airport. Statistics for the summer season of  2017 show 66 airlines fly to 154 destinations in Europe, Asia and North America from Prague Airport. Prague is the home airport for Czech airlines and its budget off shot Smartwings.

You can check the prices of international flights to Prague with CheapOair. Budgets flights to and from Prague can be booked with Vueling.

You can book an airport transfer with Suntransfers who we have personally used on many occasions.

Check out this guide on how to get from Prague airport to the city centre

There is no Metro link with Prague airport, public buses and the airport express from the central station are your options.

How to get to Prague by car

You can reserve a rental car and have it waiting for you at Václav Havel Airport in Prague.

Parking in Prague in the winter

We drove to Prague. Car parking in Prague can be quiet expensive and hard to find near your apartment. Prague has street meters, So parking in Prague can get quite expensive. If you don’t pay your car will be clamped and towed. There is free parking in Prague available. 

All of Prague 5 is free parking, everything south of Vitezna Street. See the Prague map below. We were able to find a free spot fairly easily. Most Prague hotels are on the other side of the river. We had a 10-minute walk from our free Praha parking. You can always find a parking garage for the night in Prague.

Map of free parking in Prague

How to get to Prague by train

Praha hlavní nádraží is the main train station in Prague. Its serviced by trains from across Europe. Check the information and book your tickets here.

How to get to Prague by bus

Buses from across Europe terminate at Florenc bus station. Find your bus tickets to Prague with GoEuro

How to get around Prague in Winter

Getting around Prague:

  • Prague has one of the best public transportation systems in Europe.
  • The metrotrams and buses are used by two-thirds of Prague’s population and cover the majority of the city and outskirts.
  • Like most cities, if you’re staying in Prague for a few days, you may want to buy a tourist pass that will enable you to use all transport in Prague as many times as you want within the time period for which your pass is valid.
  • A list of passes and ticket information is provided on the Tickets & Passes page supplied by the Prague Public Transit Co.

Where to stay in Prague:

  • Prague has accommodation options for every budget from Hostels, to apartments and hotels rooms.
  • Hostels in Prague can start from as little as 10 Euro a night for a shared dorm room. The best hostels in Prague are in the old town area
  •  You can search Airbnb for there Prague offerings. If you have never used Airbnb before get yourself $50 credit by signing and booking a stay right HERE
  • Hotels in Prague generally start at around $66.00 a night for a double room 3star and increase incrementally as the luxury rating rises towards the 5-star average price of $179.00.
  • You can compare and book your stay on Agoda, and Expedia


(All coloured text in the Getting to Prague, Getting around Prague and Where to stay in Prague links to the pages mentioned for your information and booking convenience. We at Wyld Family Travel will make a small commission from any bookings you make. This money goes into maintaining our website). 

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Amazing things to do in Prague in Winter

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