Why Teenagers Should Use a VPN When Traveling

… activities, potentially exposing them to invasive advertising, data collection, and other privacy infringements.

A VPN acts as a shield, allowing them to maintain control over their online presence, free from unwanted surveillance.

What Are the Safeguards Provided by VPNs for Teenagers’ Online Safety?

Aside from securing their internet traffic, VPNs

The best summer break destinations for teenagers

… tortoises.

Aside from cruising and seeing different wildlife, a summer break to the Galapagos Islands is also a chance to witness historical sites and learn more about nature. In addition, snorkelling is excellent in the summertime since there are more nutrients in the waters, luring numerous marine animals. The …

Winter in Vienna -11 family vacation things you must do!

… landmarks as they glide across the ice.

The atmosphere is full of both excitement and relaxation, making it perfect for an afternoon of ice skating.

Aside from Rathausplatz (city hall), there are many other smaller rinks around Vienna that offer great cost savings and are less crowded than the city …

21 best doable day trips from Strasbourg, France

… inspired stories like Beauty and the Beast.

Colmar is charming, enchanting, and absolutely captivating for all, it’s an assault on the senses both sight and taste.

Having coffee and enjoying Colmar attractions

The Gothic 13th-century, Martin’s Collegiate Church stands on central Place de la Cathédrale. The …

How to get from Basel to Colmar

canals in Colmar

… in a short space.

Have an idea on how you will pay for these and maybe even have a small amount (around 25 euro) put aside for these, so you are not spending out of your daily budget.

Do I need travel insurance in Switzerland and France?We always say

The most awesome things to do in North Wales

… across the surf lagoon, you can even fly in tandem with your friends.

The indoor takes you underground one of the longest man-made caving courses in the world. This will have you climbing walls, jumping into the darkness, experiencing the most extreme slides, a netted aerial assault course, and

14 Great Hostels for families in Europe

… great fully equipped kitchen (the supermarket is 7 km away in Vik) and dining area.

Downstairs had a cool bar and a comfy lobby area.

Ania from The Travelling Twins

Book the Barn Hostel

Seach more VIk Hostels

The Y in Basel Switzerland

We’re new to hostelling with kids …

19 best things to do in the Alsace France

… roofs, the sort of stuff that inspired stories like Beauty and the Beast.

Colmar is charming, enchanting and absolutely captivating for all, it’s an assault on the senses both sight and taste. You will find some amazing things to do in Colmar.

In Colmar, the Little Venice area is …

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… ages including teenagers, hot air balloons are usually beautiful, colourful, and spacious. These three unique features make hot air balloons the most photographed aircraft. Other aviation forms are designed to travel from one destination to another. They are mainly means of transport; enjoying yourself is the only thing you can …

Climbing Kotor Fortress a 3 hour odyesse

… to discuss if Marley could go on or if our ears could bear the pain of Marley’s whining. We pushed on for the final assault on this Kotor Fortress Hike. We could nearly taste the satisfaction, the feeling of accomplishment at this stage, not to mention the sheer burning …