There are a number of amazing day trips from Strasbourg that can be made to destinations in France, Germany, and Switzerland. Strasbourg is the capital of the Alsace region in France. An exciting city in its own right bursting with museums, culture, history and a world-famous Christmas Market, just to name a few.

A city influenced by French and German culture, Strasbourg through the century has belonged to both countries. It is easy to see the legacy left by both countries. Strasbourg lies in an envious position as it lies only minutes from the German border and within an hour of the Switzerland border.

In this article, you will find 17 of the best day trips from Strasbourg. These Strasbourg day trips include historical sites, theme parks, Chateau’s, wine routes, waterfalls and more. Day trips from Strasbourg France can truly incorporate a diverse number of sites in France, Germany and Switzerland.

Old city part of Strasbourg


Staufen is a small German village located between south of Strasbourg near Freiburg. Staufen is famous for 2 things, the Staufen castle, which sits in ruin high on a hill overlooking the town and surrounding vineyards of the area and schnapps. Since 1844, the world-famous Schladerer distillery has produced fruit brandies and unique spirits. You can do a tour and taste at the Schladerer Brewery, A cake and coffee and one of the finest coffee shops in Germany is a must. Cafe Decker makes some of the tastiest cakes anywhere.

Strasbourg to Staufen is 105 Kilometers


Exploring Colmar is like jumping into a fairytale. From the period coloured wooden houses to blooming flowers and stalks on roofs, the sort of stuff that inspired stories like Beauty and the Beast. Colmar is charming, enchanting and absolutely captivating for all, it’s an assault on the senses both sight and taste.

having coffee in the Little Venice area of Colmar

The Gothic 13th-century, Eglise Saint-Martin church stands on central Place de la Cathédrale. The city is on the Alsace Wine Route, with local vineyards specializing in Riesling and Gewürztraminer wines. A visit to the Little Venice area is a must. Colmar is home to a large number of museums including the highly reputable fine arts museum.

Strasbourg to Colmar is 73.6 Kilometers

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Luneville is one of those smallish non-descript French towns until the Chateau de Luneville comes into view. The grand Château de Lunéville, built-in 1702 for Leopold, Duke of Lorraine. This magnificent building was the residence of the duke of Lorraine until France annexed the duchy in 1766.

The château was designed to resemble Versailles for Leopold’s wife, Élisabeth Charlotte d’Orléans, who was the niece of Louis XIV. Leopold and his wife were the parents of Francis I, Holy Roman Emperor (through him, they were the grandparents of Marie Antoinette)

Luneville is 128 kilometres from Strasbourg.


Baccarat Crystal is known worldwide for its beauty and quality.  Louis XV authorized the creation of a glassworks in 1764. The works became a crystal glassworks in 1817 and were sold to the Compagnie des Cristalleries in 1881. The company went from strength to strength, achieving worldwide fame under the name of Baccarat. The Musée Baccarat is a crystal glass museum located in the Baccarat factory. It is located at 2 rue des Cristalleries in Baccarat It showcases around 1,100 objects.

Baccarat is 96.9 kilometres from Strasbourg

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Frankfurt is the fifth-largest city in Germany. Frankfurt is a global hub for commerce, culture, education, tourism and transportation. Some of the main tourist attractions in Frankfurt include the Romer a complex of nine houses that form the Frankfurt city hall (Rathaus).

Frankfurt to Strasbourg is 219 kilometres away.

Struthof Concentration camp

Located in the hills above Strasbourg was Struthof Concentration Camp. Struthof was the only camp ever established in France. Between 1941 and 1944, Alsace was administered by Germany as an integral part of the German Reich. The camp operated from 21 May 1941 and was evacuated early in September 1944. Some 22,000 people died at the camp. Today you can visit the camp, walk the grounds and view the barracks and buildings. These buildings include a museum and gas chamber.

Struthof is 50 kilometres from Strasbourg.

Koenigsbourg from above

Chateau Haut Koenigsbourg

Koenigsbourg chateau dated back to the middle ages and was built by the Hapsburg dynasty. The current version was built by the German Kaiser in the late 18th century when the land belonged to Germany. Today the Chateau stands proud overlooking both France and Germany. Self-guided tours of the staterooms and armoury are available. Strasbourg to Haut Koenigsbourg is 62 Kilometres

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Mont St Oldie

Nestled high in the hills of the Vosges mountains in the Alsace region of France is Mont Sainte-Odile. The Monastery was originally built sometime in the early 7th century, but has been destroyed and rebuilt many times over the years. Visit the tomb of St Odile, the Chapel of Tears and the Chapel of Angels.

The red brick building at the Monastery Mont St Odile

Odile was blind but regained her eyesight after Saint Erhard of Regensburg baptised her, thus bringing her eyesight back. Her father tried to marry her off and Odile escaped into the mountains being chased by her father. A cliff face opened up to protect her and her father then agreed to build her Monastery in this position. Strasbourg to Mont St Odile is 44.3 kilometres.

Hohenzolleran Castle

Everyone knows fairy tale castles are Germany’s thing. You can’t see to go to an area of this beautiful country and not find one that just blows you away with its structure, never-ending turrets, pure opulence and colourful history that at times seems unreal. Hohenzollern castle is absolutely no exception.

Today many of the castles you see become surrounded by towns with urban crawl getting closer all the time to these historic buildings. Not so with Burg Hohenzollern, it sits magnificently on top of a hill and looks like it belongs in the sky. Strasbourg to Hohenzollern Castle is 123 kilometres

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Alsace Wine Route

The Alsace Wine Route is 170 km long, starting near Strasbourg in the north and ending just south of Colmar. As mentioned earlier this area is a wonderful blend of French and German culture. Colourful, half-timbered buildings line cobblestoned streets with wine merchants and paddocks of vines around every corner. The wine route takes in some legendary towns such as Ribeauville, Kayserberg and Eguisheim.

Organize your trip to Alsace with free entry to a large choice of museums, castles, wildlife parks, and more. With the Pass Alsace, enjoy free entry to 56 sites in Alsace. Head to the Haut-Koenigsbourg Castle, the Monkeys Mountain or the Batorama sightseeing boat tour in Strasbourg. Benefit from discounts and reductions


Yes, Paris, even the capital of France is doable in one day from Strasbourg. You can catch the early morning TGV fast train from Strasbourg which will have you in the heart of Paris in 2 hours. Spend the day strolling the Champs Elysees, climb the Eiffel Tower, stroll the left bank have wine and pastry before catching the late afternoon Paris to Strasbourg service back.

The Conciergirie form the Seine River

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Visit another country on a day trip from Strasbourg

France is an amazing country and there is so many more right on its doorstep. You can do some amazing day trips from Strasbourg that include visiting another country!

Basel Switzerland

Basel like Strasbourg is located on the Rhine River in northwest Switzerland, close to the country’s borders with France and Germany. Its medieval old town centres around Marktplatz, where you will find most tourists who visit Basel. The Basel Old town is dominated by the 16th-century, red-sandstone Town Hall. Its 12th-century Gothic cathedral.

Strasbourg to Basel is 136 Kilometres

Europa Park

Europa Park is Europe’s 2nd most popular theme park in Europe behind Disneyland Paris. It lies in Rust Germany. Europa Park like many theme parks, is broken up into different themed areas. The big roller coasters are what most people come for. The Silver Star tops 240 feet high and reaches speeds of 90 miles an hour. The Wodan wood roller coaster is through back to the classic wooden coasters of the past. It reaches a height 131 feet and speeds through at nearly 65 miles an hour. Europa Park has something for everyone. Strasbourg to Europe Park is 59 Kilometres


Heidelberg is a town on the Neckar River in southwestern Germany, roughly halfway between Frankfurt and Strasbourg. The town square in the Altstadt Old Town and the red-sandstone ruins of Heidelberg Castle are today protected by UNESCO. The iconic bridge that spans the Necker river is an amazing place to take in the views of the town. Heidelberg Gothic Heiliggeistkirche church towers over the town square. You will find bars, restaurants and shops leading off in all directions. Heidelberg is 132 kilometres from Strasbourg.

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Day trips from Strasbourg to the Black Forest

As Strasbourg sits right on the France Germany border the Black Forest makes an ideal day trip from Strasbourg. We will explore 2 Black Forest destinations.


Titisee is one of the most popular destinations in the Black Forest. It sits on an idyllic lake offering boating and watersports in the summer months. In winter many day-trippers arrive to have coffee and enjoy the local iconic Black Forest Cake. Tourist shops and cuckoo clocks line the street as the tourists pour in from trains and cars. Strasbourg to Titisee is 122 Kilometres


Triberg im Schwarzwald is a town in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, located in the Schwarzwald-Baar district in the Black Forest. Triberg is 83 kilometres from Strasbourg. By car, it will take somewhere between 1.15 to 1.30. Triberg is a beautiful town high in the black forest with many traditional houses and souvenir shops selling cuckoo clocks. Triberg is famous for its waterfalls. The waterfall is the highest in Germany cascading down a series of falls over a length of 163 meters. Strasbourg to Triberg is 83 Kilometres

Freiburg im Breisgau 

Freiburg is one of the sunniest cities in all Germany with a mild climate all year around. Freiburg is famous for its old town Munster which was started in the 12th century. Freiburg has a unique system of water channels called the Bachle that runs through the streets like a small river snaking its way around the city.

Bridge in Freiburg Germany

Freiburg has many green spaces for relaxing on warm sunny days. The Mundelhof on the edge of the city is an animal reserve that is popular with families. Martins Brau in the city centre brews some amazing craft beer and is a great place to grab some German cuisine. Strasbourg to Freiburg is 89 kilometres

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Frequently asked questions about Strasbourg

What type of power plugs do they use in France?

In France, there are two associated plug types, types C and E. Plug type C is the plug which has two round pins and plug type E is the plug which has two round pins and a hole for the socket’s male earthing pin. France operates on a 230V supply voltage and 50Hz. Buy your C Type adaptor here

Do they speak English in Strasbourg?

In Strasbourg, many people speak English since the international institutions based there will usually only employ people fluent in English. But the primary language is clearly French. If your worried about being able to understand buy a Langogo translator

Can you drink tap water in Strasbourg?

In France, tap water is perfectly okay to drink. Buy a drink bottle with a water filter in it for travelling today

How do I call the Police in Strasbourg?

You can call 112

Do I need to tip in Strasbourg France?

The words ‘service compris’ on your bill mean no tip is required, but most locals leave up to 10 per cent in coins if service is good. Tipping at bars is not expected.

Where to stay in Strasbourg

If you decide a day in Strasbourg is not enough we have some excellent Strasbourg accommodation recommendations for you.

Accommodation in Strasbourg comes in all shapes and sizes to fit all groups from singles to families. There is a burgeoning luxury hotel scene in the city as well as hotels and apartments.

Luxury accommodation in Strasbourg

Luxury hotels in Strasbourg include Hotel Le Bouclier d’Or et SpaHotel Cour du Corbeau Strasbourg – MGallery, and Hotel Les Haras

Hotels for couples in Strasbourg

The best hotels in Strasbourg for couples are Garrigae Villa La FlorangeriePavillon REGENT PETITE FRANCE, and Hotel Suisse .

Hotels for families in Strasbourg France

The best family hotels include Garrigae Villa La Florangerie and Mercure Strasbourg Palais des Congress received great reviews from families travelling in Strasbourg.

Air BnB in Strasbourg

Strasbourg Airbnb is another popular option for staying in the Alsace capital. The Airbnb Strasbourg option is affordable and often gives you great choice for a number of rooms, location and parking choices for your stay in Strasbourg. Airbnb apartments often feature kitchens and kitchenettes so you can cook. Check the Airbnb map or our personal choice at the start of the accommodation section.

How to get to Strasbourg France by plane

Strasbourg Airport is a minor international airport located in Entzheim and 10 km west-southwest of Strasbourg. Air France and KLM fly from Paris to Strasbourg Airport multiple times a day. The flight takes 1 hour and departs Paris from both CGD and Orly airports. Besides Paris and other domestic locations, you can fly direct to Strasbourg from Munich, Istanbul, Barcelona, Tel Aviv and London just to name a few. You can book your flights to Strasbourg with Skyscanner.

How to get to Strasbourg by train

Strasbourg Gare Centrale Train Station receives a number of daily TGV high-speed trains. Strasbourg has direct high-speed train lines with Dijon, Lyon, Avignon, AixDisneyland Paris, Paris, CDG Airport and Marseille. Regional trains from the Alsace Region and connections locally with Freiburg in Germany and Basel in Switzerland are available. You can book all you train to Strasbourg with Omio Go Europe.

driving to Strasbourg on the highway

Can you drive to Strasbourg France?

You can drive to Strasbourg from all over Europe. The highways in France are of high quality and well maintained. The French Highways have tolls on them which can be quiet expensive. You can drive to Strasbourg from Paris in around 6 hours, from Frankfurt in around 1 hour and Freiburg in around 45 minutes. You can pick up a hire car at any airport in Europe and in Strasbourg

Parking in Strasbourg tip:

Parking in Strasbourg can be expensive in the old town area. Your best option is the park and ride system. There are 12 places located on the outskirts of the city that you can park and catch a tram into the city centre. The cost is only 4.20 euro per car for up to 7 people including transport by tram into the city

Look here for more information on the park and ride ,locations in Strasbourg

How to get to Strasbourg by bus

Flix Bus and Eurolines service many destinations around Europe by bus. Buses arrive and depart Strasbourg from Place de l’Étoile 67076 Strasbourg France. Buses from Paris to Strasbourg take around 6.5 hours. The big bus companies offer comfortable seats, air conditioning, and onboard WiFi. You can book all your buses to Strasbourg with Busbud

We hope this post from us here at Wyld Family Travel inspires you to take some of the best Strasbourg day trips while visiting France. For more amazing ideas to help you plan your trip to the Alsace region click through to our France Destination Guide Page.

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