The ultimate guide to visiting Siem Reap with kids

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While you have probably come to Siem Reap to see the temples at Angkor Wat there is so much more to do in this amazing city than just temples. We will cover visiting Angkor Park but here we will also show you some other places that are awesome to visit while you are in Siem Reap with kids.

Know before you go. Our top tips for visiting Siem Reap

Siem Reap is the capital city of Siem Reap Province in northwestern Cambodia and the gateway to the Angor temples. Siem Reap is located 318 kilometres northeast of the capital Phnom Penh. The nearest foreign capital city is Bangkok Thailand which is 406 kilometres away.

Where to stay in Siem Reap?

Siem Reap has accommodation for all budgets and all types of travellers from singles to families. You will find Siem Reap accommodation very affordable for any traveller. The average price for a 3-star hotel in Siem Reap is 34 USD, while a 4-star hotel average is 52 USD and the average luxury price for a 5-star hotel in Siem Reap is 112 USD. Jaya House River Park, Shintani Saya Residence, and Viroth’s Hotel all received great reviews from families travelling in Siem Reap with kids.

  • Luxury Accommodation – Located in the centre of Siem Reap close to the markets and restaurants is the 104-room Park Hyatt Siem Reap hotel. Rooms from $170USD a night will have you relaxing in one of the 2 pools onsite or getting a massage at the day spa
  • Mid-range Accommodation – This comfortable 32-room property is a short ride to the famous temples. The Central Suite Residence is an oasis of calm and tranquillity in busy Siem Reap. Rooms from $70USD a night
  • Budget Accommodation – In a great location with a supermarket straight across the road. You will find the King Boutique provides great value for money with comfortable air-conditioned rooms and a swimming pool onsite. Prices from $25USD a night
  • Hostels – With private and dorm rooms available, the Siem Reap Pub Hostel is the place to stay. With a rating of 4.5 stars, it provides great value for your budget stays in Siem Reap. Rooms from $10USD per night

Apartment alternative for Siem Reap

If you prefer a home away from home-style accommodation in Siem Reap then an apartment is the best choice for you. There are so many options for singles, families and budget-friendly options as well. Click here to find the perfect Siem Reap apartment for you.

Money in Siem Reap, Cambodia

The official National Currency in Cambodia is the Riel. The Cambodian Riel comes in 50, 100, 200, 500, 1,000, 2,000, 5,000, 10,000, 20,000, 50,000 banknotes as well as 50, 100, 200, 500 coins which are rarely used.

You will find it easy to withdraw either Riel or American dollars from ATMs as you are given an option but we do recommend you pick withdrawing in USD.

We were told by plenty of people that you could widely use the local currency when we were there but we found that most people at shops and stalls thought we were American. They would straight away give us the amount in American Dollars. It was frustrating for us (as we are Australian) but we ended up paying for most things in US dollars.

Why should you visit Siem Reap with kids?

Siem Reap with kids is so much more than just Angkor Wat. While many people spend most of their time in Siem Reap visiting temples it is easy to become fatigued and uninterested in what Siem Reap is famous for. Spending some time mixing up activities in Siem Reap with kids is the perfect way to make sure your vacation to Siem Reap is memorable.

Top things to do in Siem Reap with kids

It doesn’t matter what age your kids are there is so much to do and see in Siem Reap it will have everyone enjoying their stay there.

Phare Cambodian Circus

If you are planning to visit Siem Reap you must put this on your list of things to do in Siem Reap with kids. It is also a great show for adults as well.

performers doing an act at the circus in Siem Reap Cambodia

What is Phare Circus?

The Cambodian Phare Circus is a show based on acting, music, acrobatics and theatre to tell a traditional Cambodian story. It will keep you entertained for the entire hour you are there.

How much does Phare cost?

Tickets start from $18 USD per person for just the show. There are many options for you from just entry tickets to dinner and show tickets.

How long does Phare go for?

The show goes for about 1 hour but we do recommend that you get there early to get a good seat.

Where is Phare located?

The address you will need is: Ring Road, Siem Reap City, Kingdom of Cambodia

Tips for Phare:

  • Get there early to get a good seat
  • There are drinks and some food there for you to purchase
  • If you do plan to buy food take some smaller money with you
  • Ask your tuk-tuk driver for a return trip. They may wait for you for a small amount more

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Pub Street Siem Reap

Even if you don’t eat on this street it is a great place to visit in Siem Reap with kids. The atmosphere is electric and you will find plenty of things to have a look at as you walk the street as well as some places to shop if you need to pick up some souvenirs.

What is Pub Street?

Pub Street is where it is all happening in Siem Reap. You can come here to find dinner and some entertainment with or without kids. You will find so many places to eat and everyone is catered for. You will also find that the restaurants will charge you Western prices as well although many have cocktail hours and alcohol is quite cheap.

A busy street at night in Siem Reap Cambodia

How much does Pub Street cost?

Pub Street is Free! You can wander around it and how much you end up spending is really up to you. We got some meals really cheap as we ate early and we did get a couple of souvenirs as well.

What time is Pub Street open?

Pub Street is open all day and then into the early hours of the evening.

Where is Pub Street located?

Well, it is Pub Street and it is the most visited street in Seim Reap. Your tuk-tuk driver will know how to get there and your GPS will get you there easily too, just type in Pub Street!

Tips for visiting Pub Street:

  • Shop around for good prices on the food you like
  • Most places have a happy hour with cheap cocktails
  • You can get a beer for 50 cents…bargain!
  • If you want to pay by card make sure the restaurant has the facilities, some don’t have card facilities
  • There are some street performers along the street that can entertain the kids
  • Grab some ice cream rolls for $1 USD

*Extra Tip: If you are not keen on the crowds or the tourist prices we ate at a great restaurant called The Red Angkor off Pub Street in a quiet street. They had main meals starting at $1.25USD with 50cent draught beer and $1 USD cocktails. The address is Peace Road, Steung Thmey Village, Svay Dangkum District, 17252, Cambodia

ArtBox Siem Reap

This little gem is a great place to visit in Siem Reap with kids to get out of the severe Cambodian heat.

What is ArtBox Siem Reap?

There are 2D pictures that come to life as you wander through the rooms. You will find some based on life and art in Cambodia and some others from major attractions throughout the world.

How much does ArtBox Siem Reap cost?

Tickets to ArtBox Siem Reap cost $15 US for adults and $10 US for children

What are the ArtBox Siem Reap opening hours?

ArtBox Siem Reap is open daily from 9.00 am until 5.00 pm

Where is ArtBox Siem Reap located?

The address you will need for ArtBox Siem Reap is 1 Krous Village Road, Krong Siem Reap, Cambodia.

The Siem Reap Night Market

Now, this is an awesome place to do some shopping in Siem Reap especially if you are looking for some amazing souvenirs.

What is the Night Market?

The night market is a collection of stalls back off the main street in Siem Reap. It is great to wander around and pick up some bargains or souvenirs that may not cost you as much as they would in Pub Street.

How much does the night market cost?

Again…a wander around the Night market is free but however much you want to spend on the things you want is up to you but it really is a great thing to do in Siem Reap with kids.

When does the Night Market open?

We found some stalls opened in the morning and went until late whereas others opened late in the afternoon and closed at about 10 pm. If you see something you really like and you have limited time there I would buy it in case you don’t get the chance again.

Where is the Night Market located?

There are few located around the city. They all seemed to be very similar.

Tips for visiting the night markets in Siem Reap:

  • You need to barter and barter hard
  • You can find nearly everything here but there isn’t a lot of food
  • There are some shoes, socks and clothes
  • You will find a lot of traditional items there
  • There are plenty of bars and restaurants around the area

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The Asia Plaza Supermarket Play Zone

On a seriously hot day, you can make your way here to give the kids a real dose of home.

What is the Play Zone?

This is an excellent activity to do in Siem Reap with kids for some serious downtime. The Play Zone is a whole floor of arcade games for kids of all different ages. There are games for little ones and then some for even the teenagers in the group.

How much does the Play Zone cost?

The games start from as little as $1 USD and you collect tickets to gain prizes from a large selection.

When does the Play Zone open?

Play Zone opens at around 9 am and operated until about 10 pm

Where is the Asia Plaza Play Zone located?

You will find the Asia Plaza Play Zone on level 3 of the Asian Plaza Preah Sangreach Tep Vong St, Krong Siem Reap, Cambodia

Tips for the Play Zone:

  • It is air-conditioned so you can relax
  • There are places for parents to sit and relax while the kids play
  • On the ground floor, there is a supermarket with plenty of Western brands if you need something from home
  • On the second floor there is a restaurant as well

Tonle Sap Lake

Just 15 km south of Siem Reap is Tonle Sap Lake. Tonle Sap is the largest freshwater lake in South East Asia, providing a great opportunity to get out of the city into the nature of the countryside. The lake is known for its abundance of fish, floating villages, turtles, otters, crocodiles, snakes, storks, pelicans, and more. The best way to an exploration of the lake is with a guided boat tour during the day or on a dinner cruise.

Angkor National Museum

This amazing museum is the home of some of the artifacts that came from the archeological sites in Angkor. Here they are preserved and displayed for everyone to see. The learning opportunities here are endless and it is a great way to get out of the heat of the day.

What is the Angkor National Museum?

The Angkor National Museum is where some restored artefact items are kept that have been taken from the Angkor sites. There are rooms where you can learn about the history of the temple complexes, Angkor archaeological park, Khmer ceramics and the rise and fall of the Khmer empire.

How much does the Angkor National Museum cost?

It is recommended that you get to the Angkor National Museum before buying your entry tickets or booking them online. Scams for entry are common.

Ticket Cost
Adult$12.00 USD
Student$10 USD
Child$5 USD
Audio guide$5 USD

*Added tip for tickets to Angkor National Museum- After we had established with our tuk-tuk driver that we wanted to see the Angkor National Museum he took us to a little building to purchase our tickets. Now, this is a scam we have heard of before and we were very hesitant to part with our money. It was annoying but we felt very much pushed into it as we wouldn’t be going anywhere until we got the tickets there. They gave us a voucher that we swapped for tickets as soon as we walked in the door at the ticket counter. Just be aware that this can happen if you hire a tuk-tuk driver off the street

When does the Angkor National Museum open?

1 Apr – 30 Sep 08.30 – 18.00
1 Oct – 31 Mar 08.30 – 18.30

The front of the Angkor National museum in Siem Reap

How long should I spend at the Museum?

We didn’t expect to spend a lot of time at the museum but we ended up there for around 2 hours. You may spend less time there if you have younger children or children who don’t like to do a lot of reading.

Where is the Angkor National Museum located?

 968 Vithei, Charles De Gaulle, Krong Siem Reap, Cambodia

Tips for the Angkor National Museum:

  • Most of the exhibition is air-conditioned
  • You are not able to take pictures within the display rooms but you can take pictures in the outdoor areas
  • There is a lot of reading to be done
  • A visit before or after you visit the actual Angkor Wat site is recommended. We visited before we went and it helped us understand some areas of the sites

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Things to do near Siem Reap with kids

If you are taking a day trip out of Siem Reap to some temples see if any of these sights are open for you to have a look at.

Butterfly Garden

The butterfly garden is a small garden area where you can see many native and very colourful butterflies. Both of our children really liked it and we had our own personal guide come around with us. This was fantastic as the children were able to see all of the stages that the caterpillar goes through to become the butterfly.

*You can choose to have the guide or you can do it by yourself

How much is entry to the butterfly garden?

Entry was $5 USD for adults and $3 USD for children

When is the Butterfly garden open?

The Butterfly Garden is open daily from 10 am

How long do I need at the Butterfly garden?

It is a very small garden and even with the guide we only spent around 45 minutes there. Most of the time was spent trying to get a great photo of a butterfly.

Cambodian Land Mine Museum

The Cambodian Land mine museum was originally started by Aki Ra. He was a soldier for the Khmer Rouge and he laid land mines all over Cambodia. As a sign of remorse, he has now made it his life’s work to go and defuse some of those landmines he laid.

How much is entry to the Cambodian Landmine Museum?

This is an unforgettable experience and worth the money to learn about a very sad time in world history.

Adult $5USD
Child under 10Free
Cambodian ResidentFree

How long do I need at the Cambodian Landmine Museum?

The Cambodian Land Mine Museum can be a very emotional place and we spent about an hour walking and talking to our daughters about what had happened there. There are places you can sit so you are able to have that chat and in some areas, you can walk as you are doing it.

Having fun at the Angkor Zipline

Any family vacation itinerary should include the Angkor Zipline. Located in the forest not far from the temple ruins of Angkor is this exciting experience for families. The zipline course will have you soaring through the rainforest on zip lines, walking across suspended sky bridges, and abseil from trees.

Located 30 minutes from Siem Reap the location features 21 platforms high in the treetops, 10 thrilling zip lines, 4 sky bridges and more. Bring the kids for fun and adventure at one of the best southeast Asia zip lines.

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Visiting the Angkor Archeological Park with kids

This is what the majority of us have come here to see, and I can tell you it is worth the heat. As you head past the rice fields into the archaeological park, you will soon see amazing ruins

Angkor Wat Archeological Site

The Angkor Wat Archaeological site is the biggest religious site in the world that is roughly 162 hectares. If you were to see all of the temples within the site you would be there for a long time.

2 kids in Siem Reap recieving blessings from a monk

What do we suggest for families visiting Angkor Wat?

It feels like there is so much to remember when you are visiting Angkor Wat with kids. There are so many things to consider and so much to see sometimes in a short amount of time.

We suggest that you:

  • Have a list of the must-see temples for you including Angkor Wat, Bayon Temple, & Angkor Thom 
  • Know the distance between them
  • Have a trusted tuk-tuk driver get you there
  • Know how much your children can take before they have had enough for the day

Having a great plan is a must, especially in the Cambodian heat.

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Sunrise at Angkor Wat

Sunrise at Angkor Wat is a spectacular thing and I won’t lie, the other 1000 people there think the exact same thing.

It is a bucket list item for so many people, and I know a few that have been really turned off by people telling them how crowded it is and how unauthentic it is.

We went anyway and I loved it. I ignored the other people there and focused on me having a great time and seeing something amazing with my kids.

Top Tips for Sunrise at Angkor Wat with kids:

  • It’s a long day. Take everything you can to keep your kids happy at Angkor Wat
  • It is dark when you get there. Make sure you can identify each other
  • It is still hot even at that time of the morning
  • Women must have their shoulders and knees covered
  • It can get a bit pushy for the best spot. Don’t let people push your kids around
  • Try to stay as long as you can. The crowds thin out at about 8 am and then you can wander

*A great way to identify your kids is to take some glow-in-the-dark bracelets and put them on the kids. They give off enough light so you can identify them but not enough that it will disrupt everyone around you.

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Sunset at Pre Rup

We had planned that we would see our sunset on our second night in Seim Reap but we had rain in the afternoon and the cloud cover made it hard to see so we waited until our last night there.

We picked Pre Rup as our place to go and again it was crowded. It is a popular place to see the sunset at Siem Reap as it has a great top on the temple where you can sit and watch the sun go down.

2 kids at sunset sitting on a temple near Siem Reap Cambodia

Top tips for Sunset at Pre Rup

  • It is a long way to the top. It is also a much longer way down in the dark after sunset
  • There are no railings at the top of the temple so you must be careful
  • You can buy drinks there but we chose not to

Visiting Siem Reap with kids. Our experience

Our girls both wanted to see the temples of Angkor Wat park and that was high on our list but after some months of travel, they also needed some downtime and a place to relax to just be kids so it was important that we weren’t temple hopping all day with them.

We decided a three-day pass to the temples would be a good idea and then if we needed time off we could have it.

We decided to hire a driver for the first two days of visiting the temples and then decided to do a day off to give the girls a chance to have some time to do something they liked which included a swim in the hotel pool and a lot of Roadblock for one kid. Our thoughts were if you did the three days in a row we would not enjoy the temples as much as if we had a break.

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Frequently asked questions about visiting Siem Reap

There are so many frequently asked questions about travel to Siem Reap, especially from families travelling with children. 

Siem Reap is one of the best family city breaks in Asia, especially if you love history. There are so many things to consider when you are planning your family vacation to Siem Reap. Here is a list of some of the most frequently asked questions about the city to help you make your family vacation to Cambodia easy and hassle-free.

Do people speak English in Siem Reap?

English is the main language of tourists and is understood by many people in Siem Reap and Angkor Wat. If you are worried about being able to understand Cambodian buy a Langogo translator

What type of power socket is used in Cambodia?

G Type Power plug. The Type G electrical plug has three rectangular blades in a triangular pattern. Buy your G Type adaptor today  

How do I call the Police in Siem Reap?

Call 117 in an emergency or 097 778 0002 in English

Can I drink tap water in Siem Reap?

Drinking tap water generally isn’t recommended in Cambodia.  Buy your travelling water bottle with filter today

Is tipping required in Siem Reap?

Tipping isn’t required in Cambodia, although it is always appreciated. Most service workers in Cambodia earn a low wage, so if the service is good to leave a few coins.

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Overall, we loved our time in Seim Reap with kids and we would love to go back to have a look at some of the lesser-known temples that are there. There are so many things to do in Siem Reap with kids that you will never be bored and neither will your children!

We hope this article from us here at Wyld Family Travel has you inspired to visit Siem Reap in Cambodia.

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