11 amazing stops on the Seoul hop on hop off bus

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In Seoul, families can explore the city’s top attractions at their own pace by utilizing the convenient hop-on hop-off Seoul bus tour. The hop-on hop-off bus is a great way to get an overview of the attractions in a city.

The bigger the city, the harder it is to see all the sights by public transport. This makes the Seoul hop-on hop-off bus perfect. Seoul has a population of over 10 million people with attractions spread out all around the South Korean capital.

What do you see on the Seoul sightseeing bus?

The Seoul hop on hop off bus route covers major tourist attractions such as Gyeongbokgung Palace and N Seoul Tower.TV Towers to shopping districts and museums.

The Seoul sightseeing hop on hop off bus will get you there in comfort with audio guides to tell you about Seoul along the way.

You can buy your hop-on hop-off Seoul tickets online, or you can purchase them at the ticket offices located at Gwanghwamu, Seoul Station, Yongsan Station and Gangnam Station.

What are the stops on the Seoul hop-on hop-off bus?

The hop-on hop-off bus in Seoul, Korea has four different lines, plus a DMZ tour. There is Line A – downtown Seoul, Line B – Seoul Panorama course, Line C – around Gangnam tour, and Line D – night tour of Seoul.

Let’s take a look at some of the main attractions in Seoul you can see on the bus tour.


Blue line, Downtown and Palace course.

The Deoksugung stop allows to you visit the popular Deoksu Palace. This walled compound of palace buildings in Seoul was home to members of Korea’s royal family during the Joseon monarchy. The royals resided here until the annexation of Korea by Japan in 1910. Deoksugung is one of the Five Grand Palaces built by the kings of the Joseon Dynasty.

War Memorial of Korea

Blue Line, Downtown and Palace course

The Seoul hop on hop off tour bus stops at the amazing War Memorial. This huge site traces the history of all conflicts that Korea has been a part of. The museum has displays tracing the last 500 years of conflict. The largest section focuses on the Korean War, a conflict that still divides present North and South Korea.

The museum has both indoor and outdoor exhibitions. Outside of the main building, you will find a display of real war machines such as fighter jets, boats and tanks just to name a few.

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National Museum of Korea

Blue Line, Downtown and Palace course

The National Museum of Seoul is one of the highlights of the Seoul tour bus. The National Museum is located in the Yongsan district of the city. The best part about this museum is that entry is free for all visitors.

Pagoda at museum in Seoul
Seoul City Bus Tours takes you to the National Museum

With over 3.5 million visitors a year, it is one of the most popular museums in the world. Highlights include collections from the ruling Joseon and Silla dynasties. There are also some outstanding objects to see, including the Ten-story Stone Pagoda of Gyeongcheonsa Temple, The 5th Century Silla gold crown and a 7th-century Buddha statue.


The number one tourist site in Seoul is the Gyeongbokgung Palace. This stop on the Seoul tour bus is just a few hundred meters from where you buy your tickets. This is the largest of the Five Grand Palaces built by the Joseon dynasty in South Korea, and it has over 7,700 fully restored rooms to see.

2 teens dressed in traditional Korean dress
City Tour Bus, Seoul has a stop at Gyeongbokgung Palace

You can see the changing of the guards daily at the entry gates or hire a traditional Hanbok to wear around the palace. Entry to the site is free if you’re wearing a traditional dress.

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Namsan Seoul Tower

Red Line GangNam·Buk Panorama course

Towering over the city is the Namsan Seoul Tower. Tours of Seoul on the hop-on hop-off bus can either take you to the base of the tower or to the cable car, which also takes you to the base of the tower. Namsan Tower, or Seoul Tower, is a communication and observation tower located on Namsan Mountain. The 236-meter-tall (or 774-foot) tower provides amazing views from both the base and the top observation panel. There are walking trails leading from the tower around the forested area of Namsan Mountain.

Namsan cable car

Red Line GangNam·Buk Panorama course

As mentioned above, these Seoul buses also drop off at the bottom of Namsan Mountain. This gives you the option to get up the hill in a glass-windowed cable car. The views as you rise above the city are simply stunning.

Seoul TV Tower
Visit Namsan Tower on the Seoul City Tour Bus

Lotte World Tower

Green Line around Gangnam tour

Any Seoul tours by bus will be stopped at Lotte World Tour. Lotte World Tour is the fifth-tallest building in the world at 555 meters high. The tower is home to a shopping mall and viewing platform. The first nine floors of the building constitute the large shopping mall.

The viewing platform sits at 500 meters, making it one of the highest viewing platforms in the world. Our tip is to head to the 7-11 store on the 31st floor for great views as it will not cost you an entry fee.

Lotte World

GreenLine around Gangnam tour

Lotte World is a major recreation complex in Seoul, South Korea. Seoul Lotte World consists of the world’s largest indoor theme park and an outdoor amusement park called Magic Island, which is an artificial island inside a lake linked by monorail to the shopping mall and luxury hotel.

This Seoul theme park is divided up into four different lands, including Magic Island. The indoor and outdoor amusement park has a large range of attractions and rides you will like. You will even find a familiar-looking castle that a well-known western chain of theme parks uses.

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This well-known district in the city of Seoul is a drawcard for shoppers. The main shopping parade was rated the ninth most expensive street in the world to shop on. You will find brands such as Louis Vuitton, Bulgari, Zara and more flogging their latest fashion lines. In the evening, the area lights up with neon signs and restaurants seem to leak out from every shop doorway well into the night.

shopping district in Seoul
Seoul City Tour Bus Route takes you to the most popular spots

Namsangol Hanok Village

Namsangol Hanok Village comprises five Hanbok buildings, the Gugakdang (traditional theatre), Traditional Garden, and Seoul Millennium Time Capsule Square. The five traditional houses are built from material that was collected from other original buildings around the city. The houses were then rebuilt on Namsan Mountain, and are today a very popular thing to see in Seoul.

Gangnam Station

GreenLine around Gangnam tour and Red Line GangNam·Buk Panorama course

The Hop On Hop Off bus in Seoul offers a stop at Gangnam. Gangnam was made famous by the song we all know… “Wop Wop Gangnam Style”. Today, Gangnam is an exciting neighbourhood in Seoul with a population of around 500,000 people. Gangnam is a mixed bag with a little something for everyone.

You will find great shopping with malls and designer brands, there is also an aquarium, Samsung D’light and even Royal Tombs to visit. Gangnam is a must-stop on your journey around Seoul.

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Line D – The night tour

This is certainly a highlight of the Seoul hop on hop off bus. The night tour is mesmerizing as the lights of skyscrapers, palaces and bridges keep you glued to the ever-changing scenery. The tour lasts for 1 hour and 30 minutes as you drive past the attractions of Seoul before stopping at the Namsan TV Tower.

Seoul at night
City Bus Tour Seoul runs day and night

The bus stops for 30 minutes so you can get some great pictures of the tower and city glowing in the night sky. The night tour is not included in all tickets.

Key Takeaways from this post

  • The Seoul hop on hop-hop-off bus is a great way to see all the top Seoul tourist attractions easily
  • There are 2 lines on the Seoul hop-on hop-off bus route so make sure you pick the right one for you
  • The Seoul hop on hop-hop-off bus is suitable for families and solo travellers to South Korea

Know before you go! Our top Seoul travel tips

Travelling to Seoul can be such an enriching experience for the whole family. There are so many things to do in Seoul and having the best place to stay in the city and wander is extremely important. Here we’ve got some information to get you planning your family vacation to Seoul to make it completely hassle-free.

Where to stay in Seoul

You’ll never be short of options for your accommodation in Seoul. In Seoul, you find a range of hotels, apartments and hostels. You will be sure to be able to find something to fit singles, couples, families and groups on every budget.

river in Seoul
Sightseeing in Seoul South Korea

If you’re not keen on any of our picks below or have specific needs, we recommend using Hotellook and Agoda to find the best prices in Seoul.

Budget: The Itaewon Inn has family rooms for four with a bathroom and kitchenette. The subway and restaurants are a short 5 minutes’ walk away. There is an especially great view of Seoul from the roof terrace.

Mid-priced: The hotel features a concierge desk and a 24-hour front desk for guests’ convenience, free Wi-Fi, and on-site restaurants and bars where guests can enjoy a variety of cuisine and drinks. Ibis Styles Ambassador Seoul Myeongdong has room for up to 4 people

Luxury: The family-friendly 5-star Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul has family rooms waiting for you. The hotel features a pool, tennis court and gym for those active teens in Seoul.

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Seoul apartment alternative for your stay

If you prefer a home away from home-style accommodation in Seoul then an apartment is the best choice for you. There are so many options for singles, families, and budget-friendly options as well. Check out the map below to find the perfect Seoul apartment.

How to get to Seoul

  • Incheon International Airport is the largest airport in South Korea, the primary airport serving the Seoul Capital Area, Incheon is located 49 km away from Seoul. You can search for planes to Seoul with Kiwi Flights.
  • Seoul is connected to the rest of Korea by the high-speed KTX network, Direct trains from Busan, Daegu and Ulsan to name a few will get you to Seoul by train in no time. Book your train tickets with Trip.com.
  • Buses arrive in Seoul every few minutes of the day. There is 2 major bus station in Seoul for express bus arrivals and departures. Browse your Korea Bus Tickets today!
  • South Korea has modern and good quality roads making driving a pleasure. You can reserve a rental car and have it waiting for you at Seoul Airport.

How to get around Seoul

  • Seoul has an efficient system of public transportation that includes both subway trains and buses. The trains are fast and run on time daily until 12 pm. Seoul has nine major subway lines that will take you anywhere in the city and even go into the suburbs and surrounding areas.
  • The Seoul Hop on hop off bus is another excellent option for seeing the sites of the city and surrounding area. Check the current prices HERE
  • The Seoul Pass entitles you to entry to some major attractions and free public transport on the buses. More information is available here.

Seoul City Pass & Transportation Card

Enjoy Seoul City with a 24, 48, or 72-hour mobile Discover pass. Benefit from free entry to 40+ attractions and discounts at 60+ attractions, shows, shops, and malls. Take public transportation for free through the city and visit major attractions and palaces. The pass will be delivered to your mobile for easy use. Book your Seoul City Pass today.

Using your phone in Seoul

Relying on Wi-fi when you are travelling and sightseeing in Seoul can be hard. Making calls and staying in contact with who you need is a top priority. Plan your trip out and order your sim before you leave home to stop any stress about travelling, data and calls.

Do I need travel insurance for my family vacation to Seoul?

South Korea has a high quality of healthcare but in saying that travel insurance is still recommended for all travellers entering the country. The last thing you want is a huge bill for medical expenses should you require care on your family holiday in Seoul.

We recommend using Travel Insurance Master, their website will compare the best deals from several providers and present you with the best value for money policy on the market. Click through to Insurance Masters to get a free quote.

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We hope this article from us here at Wyld Family Travel has inspired you to see all the very best attractions in Seoul when you visit South Korea. Using the Seoul hop on hop off bus is the perfect way to see Seoul.

For more amazing ideas for your holiday in South Korea click through to our South Korea Destination Page for more brilliant inspiration.

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