The theories of a mad crazy travelling mum

   So if you read our blog regularly you will know I love a good worry.

I stress about stress before something stressful has even happened and when a trip is on the go I am in the zone…continuously.
Sometimes I think back to a situation and say to myself…”woman, are you serious?” Sometimes this can also happen when I am in the middle of stressing over something ridiculous. Mark will attest to that! It is a question that he asks himself all the time!
So I thought I would write my top things that stress me on holidays and with the power of hindsight, I will write what I will try to do next time to keep calm and travel hard.

(Mark, it may be a wise idea to save this in an easily accessible place to flash at me next time I am freaking out over something. Maybe near a jug of Sangria or a pork knuckle depending on where we are.)

1: Our Luggage
mad crazy traveling mums

Marley being totally supportive of her sisters lost luggage!

This is one I think all people will worry over. On previous trip’s I have put a few of all our clothes in each other’s suitcases so then if one goes missing we are covered. This time I was talked out of it by Mark and low and behold we lost a suitcase…granted only for 12 hours, but it was still lost! Poor Mark! After nearly 40 hours of travelling the stark raving lunatic in me surfaced and not only did he hear all about it but so did most of the people in the tiny airport in Krakow, Poland! Our friends were meeting us there and sorted all the details out for us, so the case would be delivered to our hotel. It was Willow’s and she was more than happy at the prospect of a new suitcase of clothes but if it had been mine I would have gone into complete meltdown. Moral of the story: Don’t listen to Mark!

Other borderline crazy thoughts that went through my mad crazy travelling mum mind at this point include: Who has her suitcase? What will be in it when we get it? Will there be something wrong with it? Will there be something in it that I did not pack? What if it does not arrive in time? What if I can’t find anything for her to wear? Yes, seriously these were all thoughts!

2: Our transports

As we go to as many places as we can when we are on holiday we have plenty of different means of travel. This is probably the only thing that even gets Mark worried and well that just gives me a whole new level of ‘bring out the crazy’. I must admit we have never had a problem except one in Rome and that was a worry for us all. It was a magnificent feeling when we finally got to the airport with that driver at the wheel. We have come close to thinking we would be at the airport late, but we do give ourselves a massive amount of time to get there. I suppose that some of it comes from the fact that I drive us everywhere. We have little to no public transport in our town…well is two buses to the nearest larger town a day lots of public transport? and I don’t think I have caught a taxi since I lived in Brisbane 17 years ago!

Anyway crazy thoughts: Are we going to get there? Are we going to get there on time? Do they know where they are going?(I think this has actually been screamed by me in the past) Where did this guy get his licence…a Weeties box? (Again probably said while kissing the ground after arriving at our destination) Is all our luggage going to fit…IN THAT? Is this car safe?

3: The area or apartment we are staying in

After all our trips now Mark is extremely aware that I am very pedantic about where we are staying. It has to be safe and not a seedy area. Sometimes he nails it and then other times he is getting the look for the entire stay! I must admit though he has done a great job and there has never been an issue once we are settled…well nearly. He neglected to tell me about the 6 flights of stairs to the apartment in Rome and the 8 to the apartment in Lisbon! We have only had to move rooms once and that was only because there was a problem with a leaking shower in the room above us. It was for our safety so there was nothing we could do. I honestly think it is more for his safety than for mine that he shows me the upside of where we are staying. I google the place and even if it has some negative feedback about it I am confident that he has made the right choice!

2015-06-11 13.22.05

See, even Prince Charming gets the look!

This though does not save him from a barrage of questions like: Is this place safe? What is its rating? How many people have stayed there? Is that mould in that picture? You can not be serious? If I get bed bugs you will NEVER hear the end of it Mark Wyld. (There was a review to a place we were looking at that had this problem)

4: Flying

I am not really a fan but to get anywhere it is something you have to do. Mark always says to me think that you are in the lounge room and watching T.V. This has really helped me and probably the time he told a Flight Attendant that I was frightened. I got a great smile and his response was “Honey if I thought this thing would go down do you really think I would be on it?” It made me laugh and whenever I am thinking of how high we are I just go back to my little lounge room or remember I am travelling with my family and they are probably minutes off having a fight that I will have to referee. If they are having a rest from fighting, there will be a toilet break soon as I put on my headphones on to get back to the movie I have been trying to watch!

The main worry is what will the kids eat? Have I packed enough snacks for the flight if they won’t eat the food? WHY WON’T YOU EAT THE FOOD? How did you get that all over yourself? How did you get that on me? Really the questions here are endless.

5: Losing Something…not our children.

Where are our passports? Have you got our passports? Where are our tickets? Oh My God…where are our bags?

I am forever worried about our passports and tickets. Sometimes there are added costs to get new tickets and I can only imagine the nightmare I would be if we had to go to a Consulate and get new passports while travelling. Now that we have had a bag stolen while travelling I realise that everything can be sorted and it is something that we will be ok with. Everything is replaceable…we are ok.

6: Losing our kids

This is actually something I am relatively relaxed about, surprisingly. I have never technically lost my kids here at home although I have been called to the assistance desk by the both of them on separate occasions over the loud speaker for ‘wandering’ off on them while we are shopping. I am not sure whether to be mortified that it happened twice or actually extremely proud of my epic parenting skills that they know what to do if we are separated. I think I am not as stressed about this and I have my mother to thank for it. I am pretty sure that I may get a large portion of my ‘crazy’ from her as well! Before we left for our trip she gave me the big lecture about losing the girls. It went something like…don’t you lose my grandkids, don’t you let anyone near my grandkids, don’t you let my grandkids out of your sight, you make sure you bring them back here, don’t you leave the girls with anyone. No worries mum, I think I understand where you are going with this.

mad crazy travelling mum

So when they decided to wander off on us in Vienna, yep you guessed it, the first thing through my head was…what am I going to tell mum? Which led to, how the hell am I going to tell mum? Do I have to tell mum? Do you think she will notice?

Luckily they freaked themselves out once they could not see us and I think the banshee screaming their names may also have had an impact on them running back to us from behind the newspaper stand they were behind. All was well and we can laugh about it now…well possibly until my mother reads this post!

7: Losing my underwear…or not having enough

I am strictly a wash before you wear person, especially underwear. I have been blessed numerous times with an ample bosom. I am so blessed I wait nearly 2 months for a delivery of bras from a store 45 minutes away as they are the only ones that stock my size in the district. WHAT WOULD I DO IF I LOST ONE OR ONE BROKE? This is a horrible thought for me. What will hold them up? How will I be able to go out in public? Where will I be able to get a new one? All my nightmares became a reality when three days before we left one got eaten by the washing machine. In desperation, I called my shop Chantilly Lace in Traralgon and ordered a new one that would be delivered after we returned from our trip and then I let the mind wander. What spare one am I going to take? Will it be as good as my favourite? How often will I have to wear it? Isn’t it amazing how I can just get this amount of questions out of one bra?

And then there were the ‘how many pairs of undies will I take dilemma? I decided 12 was a good number which nearly sent Mark into a fit! Are you serious? Are you totally serious? was all I got out of him for at least 20 minutes. Despite all my reasoning like, I really need them, what if I lose a couple or leave some hanging on a washing line? He just could not get over it. I think to save himself he just let it go and ignored the fact that I was totally and utterly taking 12 pairs of undies!

8: Who sat on this toilet before I did

For some crazy reason, my children decide that touching everything in the toilet is a great idea and I swear everyone in the restroom is horrified at me continuously saying Don’t touch that, stop touching that, why are you touching that? They are probably just as surprised as the three of us squish out of the toilet cubicle! Some people are very surprised when you tell them that many toilets overseas are paid as you use. I really think that sometimes I would not mind doing it here either with the state of some! So it leads me to say to the girls is it clean? as soon as they walk in. Now they are so well-trained they call out ‘CLEAN’ at the top of their lungs as they are walking into a toilet! But the worst is sitting on a warm toilet…that is just leading me down a dangerous path of Mark getting harassed for the next 20 minutes about a warm toilet seat!

9: Are there any dangerous animals here?

Seriously, I am Australian so I have no idea why I even worry about this!

And that is not even a dip in the ocean about where my mind can go when let loose! My imagination would rival a small child’s when given a chance but at least I can realise it and have a laugh at myself. I may joke that these are funny but when I am in the zone there is no way I can snap out of it as fast as I claim. I am trying to be calmer every time we travel and I hope I am getting better with time. (I can see Mark rolling his eyes so hard as he reads this and probably thinking to himself ‘What crazy stuff will she come up with next time?’) Luckily.  I am a mad crazy travelling Mum

mad crazy travelling mum