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Tryp by Wyndham in Xian China is the type of hotel you seem to only find in Asia. It starts on the 6th floor of a building above a shopping centre. The TRYP brand by Wyndham has a different feel in each hotel. The TRYP brand gives each of its hotels the liberty to be original to feel individual and deliver a unique accommodation experience for everyone who visits. After all, the TRYP by Wyndham motto is “Powered by the city”

What was check-in like at TRYP by Wyndham Xi’an?

Being a westerner in China is always a challenge. As we approached the check-in desk we could see staff looking at us as one darted off to find the English speaker in the office. We were greeted by a nice lady who spoke what I would say is good enough English to get by but on the other hand, our Chinese is extremely limited!

Our check-in was pretty smooth considering the language barrier. For many people, it is a lack of confidence in speaking English to a native speaker that holds them back from trying.

Once we made the lady Tina comfortable she became much more confident in speaking with us.

Lobby Area

The front desk lobby area of the hotel looks amazing. There is a real modern fresh feel about this place. Big couches and bright colours catch the eye. The lively decorations make you want to spend time in this area. It has an industrial feel about the space with open ceilings and indoor plants walls.

The Frolyc Bar

There is big dining spaces, seating area and a bar. The Frolyc Bar caught my eye straight away with its exposed beer vats. Could it be a microbrewery onsite? Yes, it was. Indoor and outdoor seating is available, something for all types of weather. There are fire pits and BBQs that are used for dining at certain times of the year.

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What are the rooms like at TRYP by Wyndham

I will start off talking about the rooms by saying the bed in our Superior King was amazing. It was one of the best hotel mattresses we have ever slept on. The room had a small desk and leather chair, widescreen Tv featuring some English channels and a couch to laze on by the window.

The rooms are well-appointed and continue on with the modern industrial feel. You will have exposed pipes that make up the storage space in both the room and bathroom.

We have a large mural of a rock god playing in front of the Xian Drum Tower. In our kid’s room they a skateboarder shredding in Xian. In our shower, we had split vinyl records used as a wall hanging. All this feeds into the funky modern feel that is TRYP by Wyndham in Xian.

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The kids stayed in a twin room, the beds were closer to doubles than singles. Plenty of charging ports for mobile phones, laptops and tablets.

There is a gym on the 8th floor in an open shared space for you to work out and get your daily exercise. You will find walking machines, exercise bikes and a cross-trainer. A rack of weights to pump up the muscles and a multi-purpose weight machine for arms, legs and torsos.

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What facilities does TRYP by Wyndham have for guests

Speaking of exercise there is a basketball court on the roof at floor 6. Talk about Air Jordan! You can dunk from 6 floors up. It is a nice area with seating and kids play equipment. A really nice space for families to relax and play while staying at TRYP Wyndham.

The bathroom was large and comes with all the little amenities that you would expect from Wyndham like shampoo, conditioner, body wash and toothbrush sets. After a long day exploring Xian it was nice to have a shower and put on the comfortable Wyndham robes and slippers

Tea and coffee were provided while the minibar had a beer, soft drinks and a snack ready to go when getting hungry.

Breakfast was served every morning from 7 am till 10 am in the Wyne’n Dyne area. The breakfast as expected was geared towards Chinese guests and featured wonton soup, noodles and savoury porridge. For us westerners, there were plenty of pastries, fruit and yoghurt.

Western snacks could be ordered anytime during the day with pizza and burgers on the menu plus more.

Essential services around TRYP by Wyndham Hotel

Below the hotel (remember the hotel starts on the 6th floor) is a shopping and entertainment centre. There is a supermarket in the basement with a food court. You can buy all your personal needs in here with plenty of variety.

There is Burger King, coffee shops and bakeries for food as well located in the shopping centre. Upstairs there is a cinema and entertainment area. The nearest ATM is just meters from the front door. Local restaurants line the street in each direction.

We really enjoyed our stay at TRYP by Wyndham Xian. The location was good, the facilities were amazing. It is really important when you visit a new city you feel at home, safe and comfortable in your hotel. We felt all this and more at TRYP by Wyndham

You can find TRYP by Wyndham here >>

What to see in Xian

For visitors to Xian, culture sights will be high on your list of things to see. TRYP Xian is nicely placed for you to access these places by foot, public transport or Didi (Chinese Uber)

The Drum Tower and The Bell Tower are straight down the road for TYRP Xian. These two iconic Xian buildings have been standing in the city centre since the 13th century. You can walk there in 45 minutes or you can call a didi car and arrive there in 5 minutes and pay 20RMB.

Daming Palace and The Danfeng Gate was the capital of China for 300 years under the Tan Dynasty. This site is amazing with old palace ruins, a reconstructed gate, statues, a mini model of the site and more.

The Terracotta Warriors are 30 kilometres from TRYP by Wyndham Xian hotel. The Warriors site contains 3 pits for viewing, a museum and a cinema.

We caught a didi taxi to the site and it cost 115RMB. Our best tip is to be there at 8.30 am at the opening to encounter the smallest crowds.

There is so much more to Xian. See this amazing city with our awesome things to do in Xian Guide.

Xingqinggong Park is located just a short walk away from the hotel. This park has amusement park rides for kids, gardens, lakes and historic building dating back to the Han Dynasty.

We hope this post from us here at Wyld Family Travel has inspired you to book your nights in Xian at the TRYP by Wyndham hotel in Xi’an China. For more amazing ideas on where to holiday in China click through to our China Destination Guide page for more brilliant inspiration. Are you looking for some more amazing places to stay in when you travel? You can click through to our hotels for families page for more places to stay.

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How to get to Xian

Xi’an Xianyang International Airport is Xians main airport. The airport covers an area of 5 square kilometres, it is the largest airport in Northwest China. It is 41 kilometres (25 mi) northwest of Xi’an city centre.

Xian North railway station is one of the largest hubs for high-speed rail in the north of China. The station has 34 platforms and is located 10 kilometres from the city centre. You can book your china trains here.

Xi'an North Railway Station

Long-distance buses arrive and depart from Xian Fangzhicheng Bus Station. It is serviced by Xian metro line 1.

The main highways in China are fine for travelling by car. Pick up a rental car at any main airport and travel around China by car.

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