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Other than the warriors what is there to do in Xi’an China? So many people just stared at us and had no idea. It was our mission to get out there and find as many things to do in Xi’an that we possibly could when we were visiting Xi’an China. We planned on finding the most epic places to visit in Xian and we were not disappointed with what this amazing city had to offer us.

There are some places that are on the well-beaten tourist track and they certainly should not be missed when you are planning a trip to Xian but there are some that we had no idea about and really enjoyed. Here are the best things to do in Xi’an China.

Know before you go! Our best Xi’an travel tips

We spent one month in China and we did it independently! There are so many things to consider for your trip to Xi’an but lucky we have put together this section so you can start planning a trip to China and Xi’an. So let’s start with some great first-hand knowledge on the important things like accommodation in Xi’an and using the internet in China.

There are so many things to do in Xi’an and location is something that you will need to consider as well as price. For anyone visiting Xian getting around can be difficult if you do not speak Chinese or have a translator app with you.

Where to stay in Xian

You’ll never be short of options for your accommodation in Xi’an. In Xi’an, you find a range of hotels, apartments and hostels. You will be sure to be able to find something to fit singles, couples, families and groups on every budget. If you’re not keen on any of our picks below or have specific needs, we recommend using Booking.com and Trip Advisor to find the best prices in Xian. We spent 8 nights in Xi’an and stayed in two very different accommodation styles while we were there.

  • Luxury: Located a 2-minute walk from Bell Tower, Merlinhod Hotel Xi’an features the onsite massage, sauna, free bike hire attraction tickets and currency exchange. All this luxury is yours starting at $150 USD per night
  • Mid-Range: Located on a street that leads directly to the old town area is TRYP by Wyndham. Featuring rooms for families and couples, onsite restaurant and microbrewery await you. Downstairs is a shopping centre and cinema.
  • Budget: Located in the Muslim Quarter of Xian is the Alley Youth Hostel. Just meters from the famous food street and weekly markets. Alley Hostel features nightly activities such as dumpling making and Chinese calligraphy.

Xi’an Airbnb alternative for your stay

If you prefer a home away from home-style accommodation in Xian, Shaanxi Province then Air BnB is the best choice for you. There are so many options for singles, families and budget-friendly options as well. Check out the map below to find the perfect Xi’an Airbnb. 

How to get to Xi’an

  • Xi’an Xianyang International Airport is Xians main airport. The airport covers an area of 5 square kilometres, it is the largest airport in Northwest China. It is 41 kilometres (25 mi) northwest of Xi’an city centre. Search your flights to Iceland with Kiwi.com
  • Xian North railway station is one of the largest hubs for high-speed rail in the north of China. The station has 34 platforms and is located 10 kilometres from the city centre. You can book your china trains here.
  • Long-distance buses arrive and depart from Xian Fangzhicheng Bus Station. It is serviced by Xian metro line 1.
  • The main highways in China are fine for travelling by car. Pick up a rental car at any main airport and travel around China by car.

How to get around Xi’an

Xian has a public transport system serviced by buses and trains. You will need to purchase a metro card and top it up with the money to use the train or bus. You can find vending machines at all train stations. For westerners visiting Xian, it would be much easier to grab a taxi or a Didi (Chinese Uber). If you use a taxi make sure you have a picture of where you are going. Taxi and Didi prices were very cheap.

Internet and phones in China

We were all prepared for no internet for the month we would be travelling in China for. We knew we would need some for our work but at the same time knew it may have been an issue as we had been told that the internet in China for tourists was hard to get even in hotels.

We decided to purchase Chinese sim cards from home in Australia before we left and had them in our luggage to put in our phones when we arrived in China. This is one of the essential things you need for travelling to China. If you are unable to do that we have some great deals here for you to check out.

Using a VPN in China

We downloaded Express VPN in Australia before we left and we have not had a problem with it while travelling in China. It does reconnect sometimes but we have not had any other issues. This is an essential tool if you want to use the internet in China. If you plan on using the internet this is one of the top things you need for travelling to China.

If you want Facebook and Youtube in China download Express VPN before you go

The very best things to do in Xi’an China

As we have said above most people visit Xian for the Terracotta Warriors but there are just so many more wonderful things to do in Xi’an. You can spend so much time wandering this magnificent city finding more brilliant things to see in Xian.

Drum Tower of Xi’an

The Drum Tower in Xi’an is one place you can’t miss and is a must on any Xian itinerary. During the day you can watch the hustle and bustle of the square below and even stop for ice cream at the McDonalds there if you are struggling with food in China.

At night you can wait and watch the sun go down from the balcony at the top of the tower and then walk around it as the lights come on and light it up.

It is a stunning way to see the Drum Tower in Xian and visiting the Drum Tower at sunset has to be one of the top things to do in Xian at night.

Travel in Xi’an China tip:

The very busy street right near it is a top Xian attraction that leads into the Xi’an Muslim Quarter. The Xi’an street food there is amazing and you can find some great bargains if you are looking for souvenirs. If you go at night it will be a fight to make your way down it but if you can go in the morning it will be much better for you with hardly any tourists there.

Learn More: If you are planning a trip to China there are some things you need to know. Use our epic guide to make sure you have everything you need before you leave home for your vacation in China

The Beiyuanmen Muslim Market

If you have just visited the Drum Tower on the left side down the busy Xian Muslim Quarter Street is there is the Beiyuanmen Muslim Market. It is easy to see as there are t-shirts and souvenirs hanging on the outside of the entrance of this fun Xian tourist attraction.

I found this market really good for souvenirs and other things like a North Face bag and some LV. If you are planning on doing any shopping in Xi’an you should plan to go here.

I bought a few things there when we visited. We had originally seen it at night and the number of people there was crazy so we returned during the morning when it was just getting started.

It is a long very narrow street with a cover that makes it extremely hot even at the start of the day! I could not have thought about walking through this street shoulder to shoulder with hundreds of others at night in the Xi’an heat.

Here are a couple of examples of things I bought there and an idea of what I paid.

ItemOriginal priceWhat I paid
Boxed chopsticks250RMB60RMB
North Face Backpack650RMB55RMB
LV coin purse450RMB55RMB
LV purse650RMB55RMB

*I actually bartered the price of the 2 LV items to 110RMB for both of them.

I loved this market the most during my time in China. It was the typical market that I was used to and found to it be a heap of fun. I made plenty of the stallholders mad with my bartering there too. Barter hard where ever you are. Know your conversion rate and pay what you think is a fair price in your currency. If you are doing any Xi’an shopping, do it here in this Silk Road market.

The Xi’an Bell Tower

In the middle of a roundabout is the amazing Bell Tower Xian. Another beautiful building that is a highlight of Xian. You can climb to the top and have a look over the square to the Drum Tower and see cultural relics inside.

You have to take a pedestrian underpass to the Bell Tower as crossing the road would be too hard. Make sure you get the correct exit or you end up on corners of the roundabout and not the Bell Tower.

Xi’an China travel tip:

You can get a combined ticket to the Drum Tower and Bell Tower when you purchase your ticket at the Drum Tower. We suggest you do this as the ticket office at the Bell Tower can be hard to get to if it is busy then you can accidentally skip it and get straight in line for the Bell Tower where the scanners are. You won’t realise until you are trying to get into the Bell Tower and don’t have the right ticket.

Top tips for the Xi’an Bell Tower:

  • You have to have your bag scanned to get entry
  • If you have a lighter it will be taken off you and put into a container. People will check them and take the fullest one with them when they collect!
  • There are security guards manning the entrance. If you are unsure if you have a combined ticket ask them. You don’t want to line up to be denied entry when you finally get to the Tower entrance
  • If you go to the left just after you have your ticket scanned it takes you out the front for a great photo opportunity

The Xi’an Muslim Quarter

WOW! This was an epic place to stay in Xian and we had the best time there. It is an absolute hive of activity all day every day with stalls, markets, tiny tuk-tuks, food and drinks. People yell their wares and some just know what they sell is good and have no need to.

In the morning you will find the butchers cutting the meat to sell right on the street in their stall. As the day passes you will see the streets become busier with fresh food being cooked on the street all the way into the night.

If you find a good spot that has good food (there are so many) know when they are open and go back to get their food whenever you can. This has to be one of the best places to stay in Xian just for the activity!

muslim quarter
The streets of the Muslim Quarter in Xian

Top tips for the Muslim Quarter:

  • Try Chinese pie. They are a round pastry with meat on the inside and they are sold until around lunchtime
  • You may not be able to get a Didi into or out of the Muslim Quarter as there are not too many cars allowed in the streets
  • You can always get something amazing to eat on Muslim Street. Don’t be afraid to try something
  • If there are a lot of locals eating in one place, they are definitely eating something good
  • Get off the big, bright tourist strip and have a look in some of the smaller streets for food
  • Some shops have a large drink dispenser with a juice inside. Get a cup and enjoy it. We can’t tell you exactly what it was but it was amazing

Thursday and Sunday Market in the Muslim Quarter

The streets are already narrow in the Muslim Quarter in Xi’an but on a Sunday and a Thursday, they get smaller with many of the streets extra crowded with market stalls. From fresh fruit to bric-a-brac you can find anything there.

*Just a warning that there are turtles, crickets, birds, kittens and other animals on sale there too.

Go on a food tour of the Muslim Quarter

Going on a good food tour in any city will give you the confidence to order and know what you are eating. There are many myths regarding food in China and thankfully Michelle from Lost Plate Food Tours was able to show us some of the best food to have while we were staying in the Muslim Quarter in Xi’an.

It is also a great way to try some food you would normally have the courage in trying. This was where we tried the Chinese Pie and the wraps that became our stable for when we were wandering the city of Xi’an. It was great to learn some phrases too to help with ordering food that is not as spicy!

Big Wild Goose Pagoda

As you are walking towards the Wild Goose Pagoda it just keeps getting bigger and bigger. If you are visiting Xi’an it has to be on your list of things to see in Xi’an. This Xian pagoda is a good example of Chinese traditional architecture

Adult ticket65RMB
Child ticket45RMB

*Around the outside of the Pagoda area (before you actually go inside) there are fountains, murals, statues and shaded areas to sit and take in the area around you. On a hot day, it is also a great place to get a drink and stop for a rest.

Grand Tang Mall

After you have had your time in the Wild Goose Pagoda head up to the Grand Tang Mall. It is a beautiful walk and there are so many places to sit and have a nice drink on a hot day or an ice cream. There are also some small souvenir shops for you to have a look at as well.

You will also find many artworks, huge monuments and some amazing buildings that are just stunning. It is definitely a top spot for Xi’an sightseeing, especially for travelling families.

Other places on Tang Mall:

  • Cinema
  • Museum
  • Xi’an Tourist Visitors Information Office
  • Shopping Centres
  • Restaurants

Do I need travel insurance in China?
We always say if you can’t afford travel insurance you can’t afford to travel. Get your travel insurance now to protect your epic holiday in China from any small hiccup.
For Australian travellers, we recommend Fast Cover Travel Insurance
For worldwide travellers, we recommend AXA Travel Insurance

Danfeng Gate

This was one of the best places we visited in Xi’an and we are so glad we did. It is not well known to visit for foreigners and it is such a shame.

Danfeng Gate was originally one of the gates leading to the Daming Palace. Over the years it was destroyed and over time it was lost. In 2008 excavation started at the site and the original foundations of the gate were unearthed.

Denfang Gate
The reconstructed Denfang Gate

What you see now, the large brown gate is a recreation of what the original gate would have looked like. Under this building now are the foundations of the original gate which you can go in and see. While there is a lot of information about the gate and how it is being preserved for future generations it is the short video that you must stay to see.

There are English subtitles so you can all of the information on the gate and what the history is behind it.

Daming Palace

After you have finished your visit to Danfeng Gate you can walk over the large square towards Daming Palace. It is a large open space where the Royalty of the Tang Dynasty called home. The palace is now mainly in ruins but with large stunning gardens for you to wander, it is a beautiful place to see and a top Xian attraction. There is a large scale model of what the Palace would have looked like back before it was destroyed.

a model of Daming Palace site
A model of the Daming palace site

The complex is so large there are golf carts that you can buy a ticket for and they will take you around to all the sites that you will need to see.

Banpo Village and Museum

Now, this is a place we had not heard of at all and have found very little information about it on the internet after we left China. It is only because one of the guys in our Lost Plate Food Tour was a history student that we knew about it. It has to be one of the most unusual things to do in Xi’an because there are so many people who don’t know about it

Banpo Village is a historical site just out of Xi’an city. Any person who has an interest in ancient China times and how man developed would love the place. It has excavated townsites from 6000 years ago and there are burial sites there as well.

There is not a lot of information in English but there is enough for you to understand what was found here and why it is being worked on to preserve the site. If history is your thing, this must be on your Xi’an itinerary.

Adult Ticket60RMB
Child Ticket30RMB

*One section of the Banpo Museum was closed on the day we went and is still under some renovation. We are unable to tell you what is in that section or what will be in the future

Cycle Xian City Walls

This is a complete must and one of the top places to visit in Xi’an. For us riding the length of the Xi’an city wall was high on our list of things to do in Xi’an. There are 13.7k’m of the Xi’an city wall in which you can ride or walk around.

Xian City Walls bike riding
Bike riding the Xian City Walls

Top tips for the Xi’an City Wall:

  • The bikes aren’t in great condition but they are ride-able. They are also not changed to suit your body so test it out and if it is no good swap it for another before you go too far
  • When you hire the bikes you will need I.D or a credit card
  • If it is raining they will give you disposable raincoats
  • Your bike has to be returned to the place you started
  • Go as early as you can. The crowds can get crazy there
  • Take plenty of water with you
Adult Entry40RMB
Child Entry30RMB
Bike Hire (per bike)45RMB
Deposit for bikes100RMB

It is a brilliant experience but as you can imagine with the city walls age it is uneven, bumpy and in some places hard to navigate. Please take this into consideration if you are planning on visiting the Xi’an city walls on your Xi’an trip. Xi’an Ancient City Walls are the largest and best-preserved ancient city wall in China. The wall was erected in the 14th century during the Ming Dynasty.

Tang Paradise

If you want to see just how much the Chinese people love nature and how well they plan out a park then Tang Paradise is the place for you. Tang Paradise is a park that is constructed on how the traditional Chinese gardens would have looked back in the time of the Tang Dynasty. It is one of the unusual things to do in Xian

You would not even realise that many busy roads run right up against the sides of the park once you are inside it is just that beautiful.

From large traditional buildings, small traditional gardens and so many loti you can get totally lost in the beauty here. If you need to relax during your Xi’an trip this is it.

If you are able to I would see if there is a performance when you are visiting Xi’an and I would go. Even if it is in Chinese I still think that it would be a sight to see while you are visiting Xi’an.

Xingqinggong Park

Another beautiful park where you can join in aerobics, singing and dancing or enjoy a walk around the lake. But Xingqinggong Park is also home to a small amusement park that would make any kid happy after a few weeks without some fun. It is a brilliant place in Xi’an for families.

Xingqinggong Park
Xingqinggong Park is home to an old amusement park

While there are no extra huge and scary rollercoasters there are some dodgem cars, a Ferris wheel, a haunted house and a few other rides that our kids liked. There were also plenty of rides for much smaller kids and an in build climbing course. If you are visiting Xi’an with kids this has to be on your places to visit in Xi’an.

*Rides are very cheap there and they start at 4RMB per ride

We know because we go! Are you planning on travelling to other cities like Beijing, Chongqing or Chengdu on your trip to China? The rail system in China is amazing and easy to useOur China train guide: how to book, collect, board and ride is exactly what you need to read.

Terracotta Warriors

Visiting the Xi’an UNESCO World Heritage site of the Terracotta Warriors has to be the most popular of the Xi’an tourist attractions and I can guarantee you they are at the top of every Xi’an itinerary on the planet.

YOU MUST arrive early if you want to enjoy your time there. We spent 2 hours at the Terracotta Warriors and we were some of the first to get to the pit. By the time we came back after wandering the park, we couldn’t get in the door.

Top tips for visiting the Terracotta Army:

  • Be there well before opening time
  • Go straight to pit 3 when you get there
  • Later on, after you have wandered and seen the pit lookout for volunteers in lime green shirts who will give you a free tour. Their information is so good
  • Take water with you as it can get crazy hot out there
Terracotta Warriors Xi'an
Xi An Terracotta Warriors

Emperor Qing Shihuang’s Mausoleum site park

What a lot of people don’t know is that with your Xi’an Terracotta Warrior ticket you are also entitled to go to the Mausoleum of the First Qing Emperor. This is the Emperor’s tomb that the warriors are protecting. Xian was once one of the ancient capitals of China and home to Emperors.

How do I get to the Mausoleum?

Once you have done all that you want at the Terracotta warriors site you go back to the place where you bought your ticket. Behind the giant warrior monument in the main entry square is a bus station. There you line up and get the free bus that will take you to the mausoleum site.

*With your ticket, you are allowed to ride the bus and get entry so you must keep it.

What is at the Mausoleum site?

This is the site where the Emperor is buried. It was under heavy renovations when we visited so there was not much to see. The mound where the Emperor is buried is what you really come to see and there is only really a small plaque there for it.

You can catch a small cart around to some of the other excavation sites that are there too. It is an extremely large area so please make sure you have lots of water with you if you plan on walking around. The commentary in the cart is only in Chinese.

The mound is yet to be opened as there is not a great amount of knowledge on how to best preserve it so the Chinese Government has decided not to open it until they can be certain that it will be well preserved when they do.

Some other places you may consider when you are visiting Xian:

  • Xi’an Great Mosque – is the largest mosque in China.
  • Huaqing Pool – are a complex of hot springs located at the northern foot of Mount Li,
  • Guanzhong Folk Art Museum – leading center for the study and enjoyment of Shaanxi folk art

Day trips from Xi’an

  • Mt Huashan – is the “Western Mountain” of the Five Great Mountains of China 
  • Qianling Mausoleum – This is the only mausoleum in China, where two emperors were buried
  • Louguantai Temple – is one of the most revered places of Taoists.
  • Taiping National Forest Park – is home to a large amount of plants and animals

Where did we stay in Xi’an?

We spent 8 nights in Xi’an China and we stayed at two very different places. We can highly recommend them both and they both have amazing facilities. If you want to be right in the action through a stay at the Alley Youth Hostel in the Muslim Quarter is the perfect place for you.

Tryp by Wyndham

Rating an 8.8 from 48 reviews and starting at $US75.00 per night for a family room. Tryp by Wyndham has a location score of 8.5 and offers guests in-house dining, breakfast, kids playground, free wi-fi and an on-site bar.

*We spent 3 nights at Tryp by Wyndham and it was fantastic. It is extremely clean and spacious. Some of the fronts of house staff had a little issue with communicating with us but it wasn’t anything google translate couldn’t fix!

You can read our review on Tryp By Wyndham here

Alley Youth Hostel

Rating an 8.6 from 797 reviews and starting at $US35.00 per night for a family room for 4 with a private bathroom. The Alley Youth Hostel has a location score of 8.8 and offers guests breakfast, washing facilities, organised group activities, English speakers and large family rooms.

*We spent 5 nights here and we absolutely loved it. It was right in the heart of the Muslim Quarter and the staff were so helpful. The kids did a dumpling-making class and got to practice their Chinese.

If you are looking for more Xian accommodation alternatives please check the booking.com map below for more options.

You can read our review of Alley Youth Hostel Here


Money in China

The official National Currency in China is the rénmínbì (RMB) or some call it the Yuan. They come in 100, 50, 20, 10, 5, and 1 RMB banknotes as well as 1 yuan, 5 jiao, and 1 jiao coins. We found for tourists you needed cash and smaller notes were better to have. Most Chinese pay through Wechat or Alipay. The ICBC bank was the easiest to use with an English language option and fewer fees than other banks for withdrawals.

Using ATM’s in Xi’an

You will find many ATM’s around the cities in China. They dispense anywhere up to 20000 yuan at a time sometimes higher in the tourist areas. They are normally very secure with your own little booth to withdraw money from but you must take all of the usual precautions when you are carrying money. We found the ICBC bank in China to be the best as it had an English menu that was easy to use.

Like most major cities you need to be aware of your surroundings and be careful of skimmers on the machine. We used numerous ATM’s in China and we had no issues. You should probably alert your bank as well if you are travelling to China to make sure they are aware and do not see your transactions as fraudulent and possibly cut off access to your money.

Our time exploring Xi’an attractions was amazing and we absolutely loved it there, it was a highlight of our China trip. It was a city that so many people know because of the Terracotta Warriors but there are so many other historical places in the city to be discovered. We did as much as we possibly could and we still didn’t get to see it all while we were there.

We hope this article from us here at Wyld Family Travel has you inspired to visit China and stay in Xi’an. There are so many things to do in Xi’an with kids that will have you entertained for your families whole stay in Xian. For more amazing ideas on where to holiday in China click through to our China Destination Guide page for more brilliant inspiration for planning a trip to China.

More travel inspiration for your trip to China

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