3 days in Luxembourg with the Luxembourg card

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Luxembourg and its gorgeous city was a place we didn’t know much about. When we had the opportunity to spend 3 days in Luxembourg we took it.

While it was only 3 days in Luxembourg altogether we had plans to see as much as we could while we were there and the best way to do that was with a Luxembourg card from Visit Luxembourg

Because we didn’t know much about Luxembourg as a country we decided to start first in Luxembourg City and then use the rest of our time in the country-side.

Table Of Contents
  1. Where is Luxembourg?
  2. Some Luxembourg facts
  3. Day 1 in Luxembourg City
  4. Grand Duke's House
  5. Top tips for visiting Luxembourg City
  6. Day 2 in Luxembourg
  7. Day 3 in Luxembourg
  8. What else can the Luxembourg pass get you in to see?
  9. What is the best way to get around Luxembourg and Luxembourg City?
  10. How much is a Luxembourg Card?
  11. Do I save money with the Luxembourg Card?
  12. Was 3 days in Luxembourg really enough?
  13. Where did we stay in Luxembourg?
  14. Money in Luxembourg
walking to Luxembourg City

We had spent so much time in large cities in the previous months that it was a priority for us to spend some time in the fresh air and there are so many open spaces to visit in Luxembourg.

Little did we know just how beautiful the whole of Luxembourg would be and that there is no way that 3 days in Luxembourg would ever be enough. But here we have exactly what we did on our Luxembourg trip and how we used our Luxembourg Pass to get a taste of the magnificent attractions in this country.

Where is Luxembourg?

Officially Luxembourg’s title is the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and it is a small country in Europe that borders Belgium, France and Germany. With only 2,586 square kilometres or 998 sq miles it is one of the smallest sovereign states in Europe but it is one of the 3 official capitals of the European Union along with Brussels and Strasbourg.

Luxembourg City with its history dating back to 963 was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1994.

Some Luxembourg facts

Here are some little facts about Luxembourg

  • The national language is Luxembourgish
  • French, German and English are also spoken
  • It is the seat of the European Court of Justice
  • Its ruler is Grand Duke Henri with a constitutional monarchy
  • Luxembourg is a founding member of the European Union
  • The currency used is the Euro
  • The European emergency number is 112

Where did we get out Luxembourg Pass from?

We picked up our Luxembourg pass from the My Luxembourg Tourism Office in Luxembourg City.

The address you will need is: B.P. 181 | L-2011 Luxembourg
30, place Guillaume II | L-1648 Luxembourg

Luxembourg city

We were able to then have a chat with the guys who worked there as to where we should go and what we should see in Luxembourg. They also gave us brochures and maps to help us get the best from our Luxembourg Card at no extra cost.

Getting knowledge from locals is a perfect way to get more out of any purchase like this and I can’t recommend visiting the Tourist Information office in Luxembourg city enough for the level of help they gave us.

Day 1 in Luxembourg City

Put those walking shoes on and get ready to wander the most beautiful city, Luxembourg City. If you only have one day in Luxembourg City as we did then these are a must-see in Luxembourg.

Bock Casemates & Chemin de la Corniche

The Bock Casemates are a series of caves and tunnels that have defended Luxembourg City for many years. They are a labyrinth that has protected the people of the city and confused want-to-be conquerors of the city. It is also one of the top things to do in Luxembourg City.

 The Chemin da la Corniche is a small walking path that leads off from the Casements. Sometimes referred to as the balcony of Luxembourg it provides amazing views of the river and the old town. These tunnels were also used in WWII as bomb shelters. We recommend entering the Casements at Montee du Grund end of the Chemin

Grand Duke’s House

While you are wandering the City of Luxembourg you can stroll past the Grand Duke’s house in the old town quarter

Grand Dukes residence Luxembourg

While we were unable to go inside Grand Ducal Palace as he was in residence. The palace is a magnificent place to go and have a look at from the outside. It is open to the public from June to August.

Lëtzebuerg City Museum

The museum was highly recommended to us at the Tourist office for us to visit in Luxembourg City especially with the girls for the learning aspects for it but it was closed for the Tuesday when we visited!

Just wander the city

We honestly spent so much time wandering the city that a few people actually thought that we were lost and asked if we needed any help.

Luxembourg city scape

We saw so many monuments and sculptures walking from the square where the tourist office was. The girl’s favourites were by the river.

Public Transport

With your Luxembourg Pass all the public transport is for free. We found it great to get on a bus and have it take us around through the streets of Luxembourg City. While we did not have a guide to follow along with we loved seeing the different areas that make up the city.

*This will also change in 2020 as all public transport in Luxembourg will become free to use. This will be fantastic for travellers who would like to stay out of the city and take transport so they can spend one day in Luxembourg City.

Hop on Hop off Bus

While it is not included in your Luxembourg Pass it can give you a guided tour of the city with a guide of what you are seeing if using Public Transport is not for you.

Some other options using the Luxembourg pass in Luxembourg City for free

  • Casino Luxembourg (Contemporary Art Exhibition)
  • The Mudam (Contemporary Art Museum)
  • National Museum of Natural History
  • Museum Dräi Eechelen – Fortress
  • Neumünster Abbey
  • D’Coque swimming pool

Other options with the Luxembourg card with a discount:

  • City Promenade walking tour (2 hours and 30% off)
  • Wenzel Circular Walk (30% off)
  • Luxembourg City Tour (30%)
  • Tourist Train (30%)
  • Segway Tour

Top tips for visiting Luxembourg City

  • Put your walking shoes on. You can walk the city but there are some huge hills
  • There are many places for you to sit and rest if you need to
  • Plenty of people speak English if you need help and people were very friendly

Day 2 in Luxembourg

We hope you got a great nights to sleep at your Luxembourg accommodation and are ready for a huge second day of driving in Luxembourg.

Vianden Castle

Construction on the castle at Vianden started on top of a Roman fortification in around the 11th century and it is one of the most stunning castle we have seen.

Vianden Castle

Located on a hill overlooking the town of Vianden in the north of Luxembourg it is definitely a great place to visit on a day trip from Luxembourg City.

How far is Vianden Castle from Luxembourg City?

If you drive it is between 55 minutes and 1 hour 10 minutes. This will always depend on road works and closures

By train: If you take the train from The Central Train Station in Luxembourg City (Gare Centrale) to Diekirch Gare and then get on bus number 570 from Diekirch Gare to Vianden, Breck.

By bus: Catch bus number L10 from Luxembourg Gare Routiere to Ettlebruck Gare transfer to the 570 to Vianden, Breck

*Trains leave every 30 minutes as well as buses

How much is entry to Vianden Castle?

With your Luxembourg Card there is free entry, you can also get an audio guide there to help you discover Vianden castle for 2Euro.

This is what you would pay if you did not have the Luxembourg pass.

Adult7 Euro
Children (6-12)2 Euro
Students (13-25)4.50 Euro
Seniors6 Euro

How long do I need to visit Vianden Castle?

We spent about 1.5 hours wandering the castle.

Top tips for visiting Vianden Castle

  • There is a steep hill to get to the entrance from the parking
  • Parking at the car park is around 2 Euro and the ticket you get needs to be displayed on the dash board of your car
  • The ticket comes out of a small covered slot in the machine which can be hard to see. Don’t panic it is there just have a closer look and lift the small plastic tab
  • There is disabled parking closer but there is still a climb
  • There are a lot of steps inside

*If you plan to wander the town of Vianden there is also a chair lift you can ride to get another magnificent view of the castle. It is included in your Luxembourg Card

What are the opening hours of Vianden Castle?

Vianden Castle is open daily from 10 am til 4 pm.

Vianden Castle is closed on the 25th and 26th of December and the 1st of January.

Beaufort Castle

This was a castle that had way more than we thought it would have. As we pulled up to the parking lot you could see the ruins of Beaufort Castle from the road and we thought it was very impressive.

Beaufort Castle

What we didn’t know was that a second castle was also behind the ruins of the old one. It was a castle that was lived in until 2012 by the last Beaufort descendant before she bequeathed it to the National Trust.

How far is Beaufort Castle from Luxembourg City?

If you are driving it is between 30 and 45 minutes from Luxembourg City.

By train: If you take the train from Pfaffenthal-Kirchberg, Gare to Diekirch, Gare you will then need to catch the 502 bus from Diekirch, Gare to Beaufort Op de Gare. From there you will have to walk to the castle.

By Bus: You can catch bus number 107 from Hamilius to Kirchberg, Luxepo. You then need to change and go from Kirchberg Gare routiere Luxepo to Beaufort Op de Gare. You will then have to walk the rest of the way to the castle.

How much is entry to Beaufort Castle?

With your Luxembourg Card you have free entry.

This is what you would pay if you did not have the Luxembourg pass.

Beaufort Castle
Castle Renaissance TicketCost
Adult 26+ years old10 Eurp
Children and students5 Euro
Medieval Castle TicketCost
Adult 26+ years old5 Euro
Children and studentsFree

*You can ask about a combined ticket price for both the castles when you arrive. You need to have a tour guide with your for the Castle Renaissance.

How long do I need to visit Beaufort Castle?

To wander the ruined castle it will not take you long but if you can time your visit to Beaufort Castle well enough you can also go on a guided tour of the new Beaufort Castle which is fantastic.

Beaufort Castle

There are two tours daily 11 am and 14.00. They are well worth the time and go for about an hour.

What are the opening hours of Beaufort Castle?

Beaufort Castle is open daily from 10 am and last entry is at 4.30 pm with a close time of 5.00 pm.

Beaufort Castle is closed on the 25th and 26th of December and the 1st of January.

Day 3 in Luxembourg

This was the last day we had in Luxembourg and we planned to see as much as we could throughout the day but the weather in the morning was not great so unfortunately, we went a little slower than we wanted but here is what we did.

Bourscheid Castle

The ruins of Bourscheid Castle sits on the top of a hill overlooking the town below it. While it is in ruins today it was once a mighty fortress that was transformed from a wooden fort into a stone-built castle.

The buildings you can see within the walls now have all been built after 1972 when they were acquired by the Luxembourg Government.

How far is Bourscheid Castle from Luxembourg City?

If you are driving it is between 45 minutes to 1 hour from Luxembourg City

By train: Take the train from Pfaffenthal-Kirchberg, Gare towards Michelau Gare and from there it is a 30-minute walk.

How much is entry to Bourschied Castle?

With your Luxembourg Card entry is free.

This is what you would pay if you did not have the Luxembourg pass.

Adult 5 Euro
Children (6-12)3 Euro
Students (13-25)4 Euro
Seniors4 Euro

How long do I need to visit Bourschied Castle?

We used the audio guide while we were there and it took us about 45 minutes to get around.

We stopped at the end to get a coffee and have that on the rooftop overlooking the castle which was really good and a nice way to end the visit.

What are the opening hours of Bourscheid Castle?

from 9:30 am to 6.:00 pm (last admission at 5:30 pm)
open every day 

from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm (last admission at 3:30 pm)
open every day

Bourschhied Castle is closed on the 25th and 26th of December and the 1st of January.

Larochette Castle

Records of the Larochette Castle date back to the 12th century when the Lords of Larochette appear as standard-bearers for the House of Luxembourg.

The Castle has been home to many noble families but at one time it was home to 5 families at the same time! Luckily the natural ditch separates two sections of the castle so it must have been enough distance for them all.

In the late 16th century, unfortunately, the castle caught fire and was reduced to ruins. Once Larochette Castle was acquired by the Luxembourg state in 1979 important renovations began and continue today.

How far is Larochette Castle from Luxembourg City?

If you are driving it will take you around 30 – 45 minutes from Luxembourg City.

By bus: You take bus number 100 from Centre, Badanstalt station to Larochette Bleech. You then have to walk around 10 minutes to get to the castle.

How much is entry to Larochette Castle?

With your Luxembourg Pass entry is free.

This is what you would pay if you did not have the Luxembourg pass.

Ticket Cost
Adult5 Euro
Children 3 Euro

How long do I need to visit Larochette Castle?

We spent about 30 minutes at the castle and we thought that was a great amount of time there.

There is a little cafe on-site if you would like to sit in the garden and have a light snack.

What are the opening hours of Larochette Castle?

Larochette Castle is open daily from 10.00 am till 6.00 pm.

Larochette Castle is closed on the 25th and 26th of December and the 1st of January.

What else can the Luxembourg pass get you in to see?

You will get a booklet with all the paces that will get you free or discounted entry with your Luxembourg Card.

We suggest that you study it, work out where the places are that you want to see in Luxembourg and then plan your day around that.

Do I need travel insurance when travelling in Luxembourg?
We always say if you can’t afford travel insurance you can’t afford to travel. Get your travel insurance now to protect your epic holiday in Luxembourg from any small hiccup.
For Australian travellers, we recommend Fast Cover Travel Insurance
For worldwide travellers, we recommend Vistors Coverage

What is the best way to get around Luxembourg and Luxembourg City?

You have many different options to travel around Luxembourg. Here are the ways we travelled in Luxembourg.

Luxembourg City

If you are able to walk Luxembourg would be the absolute best way to see Luxembourg City. The paths are wide, smooth and they can get you everywhere around the city. There are even maps you can get from the tourist information centre that will show you the best routes around the city to take.

If you are travelling in Luxembourg with children getting the ‘hop-on, hop-off bus would be a great way to see the city easily. Don’t forget you get a 30% discount with the Luxembourg Card for the bus.

Getting to Luxembourg City from rural Luxembourg

For us, we took a train from Tadel into Luxembourg as we did not know what the parking would be like in Luxembourg City. The bus to the train station was easy and very clean. It cost Euro

The train ride was smooth and easy. It took us all the way into the main strain station in Luxembourg city. From there we walked much of the city.

Around the country-side of Luxembourg

Luxembourg was a stop for us on a bigger trip so we had already hired a car for that part of our journey. This we think is the best way to see Luxembourg outside of the city.

Public Transport is a wonderful and very organised mode of transport in Luxembourg as a while and it is very cheap.  Arriving in Luxembourg City By Plane Luxembourg’s main international airport is relatively close to the city centre. You can catch a bus into the city centre, which takes about 30 minutes.

*As of 2020 public transport in Luxembourg will be free so it will be an even better option for you to see more while you are there.

How much is a Luxembourg Card?

Ticket1 Day Pass2 Day Pass3 Day Pass
Adult13 Euro20 Euro28 Euro
Family 2-5 people28 Euro48 Euro68 Euro
2021 prices

Do I save money with the Luxembourg Card?

I believe if you plan well and use the Luxembourg Card as much as you can save a great deal of money using it during your stay in Luxembourg.

Having the Luxembourg card gave us a paste of what Luxembourg has to offer as a whole and while we would return again it would be with another card as well. The amount of information and savings in the card for families is brilliant. I hope to return in the not too distant future.

Was 3 days in Luxembourg really enough?

Straight up, no. But is there really ever enough time in a country?

Luxembourg is an area to travel, to be honest. The public transport was brilliant, easy to ride, the people are fantastic, the food is so good and the sites are as varied as you will get anywhere else in the world. there really is something for everyone from history to hiking, it is stunning.

I must admit I knew little about Luxembourg before we visited and I can say that many of our friends, even fellow travellers knew little so it is definitely a place that you need to visit.

Where did we stay in Luxembourg?

We were looking for budget accommodation so we decided to stay in a caravan park just outside of the city in a town called Tandel.

We needed a place where the kids could have space, we could park the car safely and preferably where we could cook a meal. We chose to stay at the Waldorf Camp Park.

We had a self-contained cabin with shower and linen. There is a restaurant on-site with a small shop with all you need with basics.

It was a beautiful, peaceful place to spend 4 nights. It was a top place to stay in Luxembourg for kids too as there were playgrounds and places for them to play around the park.

So many people, including us, had no idea how beautiful and majestic Luxembourg can be. I am so glad that we spent only a couple of days there to get a taste of this magnificent country and some of the hat it has to offer. Luxembourg we will be back!

Money in Luxembourg

The official National Currency in Luxembourg is the Euro. Euro’s come in 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500 banknotes (the 200 and 500 are very uncommon) as well as 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 Euro cent coins. There is also a 1 and 2 Euro coin. You will find it easy to withdraw Euros from ATM’s and there are plenty of options within stores to pay with your card.

We hope this article from us here at Wyld Family Travel has you inspired to visit the amazing country of Luxembourg. For more amazing ideas on where to holiday in Luxembourg click through to our Luxembourg Destination Guide page for more brilliant inspiration.

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