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One thing the girls had seen on some blog posts was people having breakfast with the orangutans at Singapore Zoo. This was something that they both decided to do and what do you get kids who are travelling for the next few months? Some money to do an experience like this! The looks on their faces when my Dad handed them their Christmas cards with the little note inside was awesome.

They were both so excited when we told them that we had booked the tickets and on what day we were going. I had a look at some information on the web and they had pictures of orangutans on tables and people cuddling them.

Orangutans waiting for food
Waiting patiently for a feed

I thought these were a little bit strange as there are so many different rules with animals and experiences these days but then again there are some things that are acceptable in other countries that are not in ours. I so wish I had seen a post with the reality of what we had paid for in them and then I may have known exactly what we would get for our money.

How much does breakfast with the orangutans cost?

Breakfast with the orangutans in Singapore Zoo was a big-ticket item for us and one that we really wanted to do with the girls, but we are on a strict budget. Our holiday is not just about us but also things that will help them learn. It was also an expensive experience. We decided to ask our family members if they would mind giving the girls some money so they could do these experiences for Christmas.

Breakfast with the orangutans in Singapore Zoo will set you back $225.00 for a family of 4. We are classed as 3 adults and 1 child as Willow is 13. We booked our breakfast at the zoo through Get your Guide.

Adult ticket to breakfast at the zoo is: $61.13

Children’s ticket to breakfast at the zoo is: $43.06

Children are 3-12 years of age and these prices are correct as of March 2019.

singapore zoo orangutans eating
Food time for both people and the Orangutans

Booking the tickets to breakfast with the orangutans

We used Get your Guide to book our tickets for our breakfast with the orangutans at the Singapore Zoo. There are so many companies that you can book this experience with, so if you are on a budget it is best to shop around and find the best price. For us this was the best price we could find at the time.

What do I get for my money?

You get an amazing buffet breakfast and a chance to be up close to the orangutans for a few minutes.

Your ticket also includes your Singapore Zoo entrance fee so you can access the zoo at your own leisure. We spent about 4 hours wandering the Singapore Zoo after our breakfast with the oranguatans and looking at all the animals.

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How to get to Singapore Zoo

You have a few options on how to get to Singapore Zoo

The bus to Singapore Zoo

There are a few different public transport options to get you to Singapore Zoo and there is also a shuttle bus. If this is the way you would like to get there here is a link to the Singapore Zoo website that giver you all the information you will need. How to get to Singapore Zoo

A Grab to the Singapore Zoo

The address for Singapore Zoo is 80 Mandai Lake Road Singapore 729826. Our Grab took us about 20 minutes to get there and cost us $30. We used the wifi at the zoo to order one back to our hotel. It was less on the return trip from Singapore Zoo is $18.

*Grab is the Asian version of Uber.

Wyld Family Travel at the zoo
Our Girls posing for pictures

The breakfast at the zoo buffet

There is really nothing like an amazing breakfast in a brilliant setting and the Ah Meng Restaurant is lovely.

The breakfast at the zoo offers:

  • Juice
  • Cereals
  • Hot food (nasi goreng, dim sum, sausages, baked beans)
  • Tea and coffee
  • Fresh fruit
  • Pastries
  • Toast

*If you have any dietary needs they will be more than happy to help you out with something you can eat.

Zoo keeper at singapore Zoo
A zoo keeper making sure the Orangutans are eating enough

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The actual experience

We were the 2nd people in the line and I was really excited by this. It, to me, meant that we would get a nice table at the front and close to where the orangutans would be. Unfortunately, this was not the case for us. We were ushered to a table at the back and when I asked if we could be closer the lady showing us to our table gruffly said to me ‘no they are taken’

I must admit I was upset and I grew even more so as other people were never put on these tables. Even the people in the line before us (a lovely couple) were a little amazed by her attitude towards us. It surprised them even more as they had not booked breakfast at the zoo tickets and paid right then when they entered. They were ushered by another attendant to the table right at the front.

I realised I had to put this behind me and have a great day. At 9.00am the buffet breakfast opened and we had some breakfast. The girls, Mark and I all found plenty of things that we could eat and were having a lovely breakfast.

Just before 9.30 am, the orangutans started to play on the ropes above the wooden bench where they would sit. Watching them swing down so quickly was amazing. A lady came out to tell us the rules that we would need to follow. Unfortunately, it was really hard to hear her as people were still coming in to find their tables and get their breakfast. We missed the majority of what she had to say due to this.

Rules to follow

  • No touching the orangutans
  • No going behind the yellow line
  • Once your picture is taken hop back behind the ropes
eating Orangutans at Singapore Zoo
Looking full and content after breakfast

The disappointment of our seating was long forgotten at this time as they came closer and closer. They all sat on the wooden bench waiting for their favourite foods to be bought out for them to eat.

We were then encouraged to go and line up to have our pictures taken with the orangutans. At this stage, there were so many people still eating so we were some of the first to have their pictures taken. We lined up and got to stand on the yellow line just inches from these amazing animals. 123…123…123, ok next, please. That was it and you were ushered away for the next people to come in. It was a bit of a blur the first bit so I sat down for a minute to work out what I was going to do.

I made Mark and the girls get up half a dozen times in that half an hour to have pictures taken. We were unable to purchase the photo’s as we are travelling for so long I would hate to lose them during our trip at what they cost. I am so glad I kept going back though as I ended up with some great pictures on our devices.

At exactly 10 am the orangutans hopped up and started their way back across the ropes to where they had come from only 30 minutes beforehand. The 30 minutes goes super quick so get up there as many times as you can.

Orangutans eating at Singapore Zoo
Feeding time at the Singapore Zoo

Are there other animals at breakfast at the zoo?

On the get your Guide where we booked our tickets it said you would be greeted by elephants at your breakfast table, this was not the case for us. It also said that there are animals roaming freely in natural habitat separted by only a moat and wooden fencing. This is obviously the case when you use your Singapore Zoo entry ticket to explore the rest of the park but they are not visible from your breakfast table!

The girls did love the snake that was there to pat for a little while and there were some peacocks roaming around the breakfast area. The high light for them was the little squirrels that came to eat the leftovers that the orangutans had left behind. They were scurrying about and seemed completely oblivious to the people watching them.

What I think would be better

While I realise that the animal’s wellbeing comes before absolutely anything else I think it could be done a little better. The girls really wanted to learn about these amazing creatures but because everyone was being seated, even after the orangutans had arrived it was completely lost in the noise.

Maybe having a last seating before they arrive would be helpful in this. We didn’t go on a very busy day, there were only about 100-120 people but it was still hard to hear. I also realise that some people were only there to have breakfast at the zoo.

When Willow asked some questions she couldn’t really get them answered and she was told the keeper watching the orangutans would answer some questions for her at the end but we could not find him once they had gone. Willow ended up googling some things she really wanted to know on the free wi-fi.

Is breakfast with the Orangutans worth the money?

To be honest, no, not for us. This is just our opinion and this was just our experience and you may have a completely different one. We do know many people who have said this was the most amazing thing they have ever done. $225 is a staggering amount of money for an experience like this BUT to see my daughters right near these amazing creatures did soften the blow a fair bit. In the end, I do believe it should not be that amount of money.

A couple of extra tips

  • Keep going back and have as many pictures as you can take with your own camera and phone.
  • Many people found that the professional photographers were moving so much while taking the pictures they came out blurry especially with equipment that was not theirs.
  • Find some friends and help each other out by taking pictures. We got some really nice ones from the couple we lined up with.
  • The professional ones cost about $38 and come in a keepsake cover.
  • Get there early and eat straight away then you have time to keep going back to be close to the orangutans.
  • Fully use the half an hour to watch these amazing animals. You can eat a little more after they leave.

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Would we do breakfast at the zoo again?

If the price was significantly less then I would consider doing it again. For us, it wasn’t the experience we thought it would be but we are trying to take the positives away from it. It was an experience in Singapore that not many people get to have in life so we are fortunate that we are able to get to see these creatures up close.

Some people will disagree with us even going as it is a sort of animal tourism and I get that. I hope that our money does go into further research on the orangutan, their habitat and saving the rest of the wild population the world has and for that, I am glad we went…even if we did learn what we did from google while we were there.

We hope this article from us here at Wyld Family Travel has given you all the information you need if you are thinking about booking a Breakfast with the Orangutans experience at the Singapore Zoo. For more amazing ideas on where to holiday in Singapore click through to our Singapore Destination Guide Page for more brilliant inspiration.

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Breakfast with the Orangutans. The reality

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    • Hi Ibadah!
      Thanks for leaving a comment!
      We did think it was a lot of money too but the girls had their hearts set on the breakfast so we decided to give it a go. I hope they are able to use that money to help educate people on orangutans and then I feel it will be money well spent.
      Have a brilliant day!
      Bec and family

  1. I’m glad to read about your experience with this, as so often people just focus on the good aspects of attractions when travelling and we don’t always hear about how things could be improved. When we visited Singapore Zoo back in 2009 I did think about going to the breakfast with orangutans, but as we were just there for a stop over we didn’t have time. We did, however, get to sit with the orangutans while they were having an afternoon snack, and from what I can tell it sounds like we got a lot closer to them than you did – and this was for no extra charge!

  2. I’m not sure how I would feel about doing that type of animal experience. It seems a bit intrusive on their natural habits. Too bad your experience wasn’t that great. My family and I saw orangutans in the wild in Sumatra a few years ago, and I thought that experience was pretty amazing.

  3. We did go to Singapore Zoo, and honestly, I read about this breakfast with the Orangutans as I researched it before with a picky eater husband I decided that it’s not worth our money to go. Were on our Southeast Asia trip and we’re trying to save as much money as we can as we still have more to go after Singapore. But I agree with you and hope your money was able to help spend it with the research about our wild living animals. Thanks for sharing the experienced. I love all the pictures and honestly seeing your pictures and not reading the post it is enticing and wants you to really go there. Singapore Zoo is one of the attraction that the family can’t miss in visiting this country. We had a blast going in here.

    • Hi April.
      Thanks for the kind words on the pictures but I am not sure if you read the article or not! We found the actual zoo much better through the day than the actual breakfast so we ended the day on a high rather than upset with what had happened.
      I agree. It is hard to know what is ethical or not these days but I do hope we did something good with our money.
      Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment and we hope you are having a great time on your trip.
      Travel Safe.
      Bec and family


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