Licola is located in the Gippsland region of East Gippsland in Australia.

Licola Camping
The Macalister Valley between Licola and Lake Glenmaggie is great for camping in East Gippsland

This is the region of the world where our family lives. Willow and Marley love going for drives up into the mountains as I do. Licola is located hours drive from our house in Maffra as you wind up through the mountains the road following the Macalister River as it cuts its way through the Macalister Valley and around mountains. The drive up to Licola is amazing with its natural beauty in all directions makes it feel untouched and unspoilt by today’s modern society. The drive is very popular with road motorbikes, the twist and turns of the road really appeal to these speedsters.

Licola Camping
The Macalister River is full of trout and redfin for fishing

The Township

Licola lies on the banks beside the Macalister River, 254 kilometres east of Melbourne.

The township of Licola is owned entirely by the Lions Clubs of Victoria and southern New South Wales. It is the only privately owned town in Victoria and the only one not on mains power.

Licola camping
Camping in and around Licola on the Macalister River is very popular

The township of Licola generates its own power, pumps and treats its own water and is responsible for its waste management.

Licola is a very small town, one shop, a few small houses, Caravan Park and the Lions club, Licola Wilderness Village that caters for school group camps and other organisations.

Licola camping
BBQ facilities at Licola

There is a great BBQ area on the side of the river with electric BBQs and information signs about the region. Great spot to teach the kids about the joys of fishing.

Licola camping
Licola General Store, the only shop in town

Licola camping in the high country

The town of Licola is the gateway to the Victorian high country. Beyond this mountain, the township is one of many of Gippsland National Parks. here are many camping sites which are very popular in the summer months with people who love getting away from it all. The getaway you do with no showers, basic toilet facilities, no Wi-Fi, no phone reception. Licola camping is popular on the river and provides good fishing for trout and redfin, not to mention swimming for all. Many hunters and shooters frequent this area tracking Deer. 4WD tracks litter the land shooting off the main road in all directions and are very popular with city folk. Two popular Licola camping spots are Barkly River camping spot and the Wild Cherry Tree campsite.  Alternatively, Licola camping can be done in the Licola Caravan Park next door to the Licola

Licola camping
The mighty Macalister that flows through Licola

In the winter snow can be accessed beyond this beautiful mountain township. as you climb higher in the mountains. No resorts are located here,  but fun access to snow in the wilderness is possible. As a child I remember going to the snow beyond Licola, hiring a toboggan and flying down the hills between the tree’s free as a bird.

I travel to the area regularly with my work as a disability support worker, taking clients for BBQ’s and drives into the mountains, it is peaceful and relaxing, at times you feel like you are the only person for miles. Licola makes a great vacation idea for those looking to get away from it.

Licola camping
On old windmill on the banks of the Macalister River above Licola