Mystical Multi-Day Hikes To Do for families In Australia

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There are plenty of reasons to embark on a hiking holiday that appeals to all family members. When done correctly, it can be an exciting and liberating bonding experience between parents and their teens. And while multi-day hikes do require plenty of planning beforehand, the effort that goes into a successful trip makes it worth every minute you spend. 

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Six Foot Track, New South Wales

The Blue Mountains are considered the crowning glory of New South Wales. The Six Foot Track follows a heritage horse track from the 1880s, spanning 45 kilometres and taking three to four days to complete.

This multi-day hike is one of the more well-known tracks in Australia and is a popular choice for many families looking for the perfect escape into nature. 

Many local New South Wales teenagers tend to choose the Six Foot Track for one of the multi-day hikes as part of their Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, further confirming it will be a fantastic choice for the teen in your family. 

Fraser Island Great Walk, Queensland

The Fraser Island Great Walk is a five to seven-day hike that follows old logging routes, subtropical rainforest trails, and white sandy beaches across Fraser Island.

While the route is relatively remote, clear signposts guarantee you don’t get lost, with small walker camps available for pre-booking. 

Highlights of this beautiful location include a rainforest boardwalk near Wanggoolba Creek, a refreshing swim in Lake McKenzie, and the looming sand dunes of Lake Wabby. Ensure you keep all food and rubbish secure in your pack, and be on the lookout for wild dingoes in the area. 

Jatbula Trail, Northern Territory

The Jatbula Trail is a stunning hike that follows a series of waterholes along the old Jawoyn songline that runs across the southern edge of the Arnhem Land Escarpment. It is a five to six-day hike that crosses 62 kilometres of the picturesque Northern Territory. 

Because the days are long and the skies remain cloud-free throughout the dry season, you will have plenty of time to enjoy a refreshing swim at the end of each day. 

Wilsons Promontory Southern Circuit, Victoria

In the southeastern state of Victoria, the Wilsons Promontory Southern Circuit is a well-maintained track that takes you through popular tourist spots of southern Melbourne, including secluded white sandy beaches, lush forests, and dramatically exposed granite headlands. 

The hike takes four days to complete and covers a total distance of 59 kilometres. The longest day of hiking covers 17 kilometres, but because it is in a loop, getting there and back is simple and straightforward. Squeaky Beach at Wilsons Promontory was recently named the 2nd best beach in Australia.

Overland Track, Tasmania

Tasmania is filled with many multi-day hikes that may vary in length, but don’t compromise on the sprawling beauty of this spectacular place. The Overland Track, which spans from Cradle Mountain to Lake St. Clair, is a firm family favourite. 

The hikes take five to eight days, with basic huts, water sources, and toilet facilities available at every night stop. You will need a permit to visit the location, and during peak season, November to May, you will only be able to hike in one direction. 

For families with children over 12 wanting added luxury, a guided version of the track can be booked through the Tasmanian Walking Company. 

Cape to Cape Track, Western Australia

In Western Australia, the Cape to Cape Track, which runs between the lighthouses of Cape Naturaliste and Cape Leeuwin, is a fantastic multi-day hike through the Margaret River region. The sprawling landscape includes the famous Sugarloaf Rock and beautifully blooming spring wildflowers on Contos Beah, Cape Clairault, and Wilyabrup Cliffs. 

Be sure to make plenty of time to enjoy refreshing dips in the water and whale-watching along the coastal track. However, it is essential to note that drinking water is scarce, so it is vital to plan correctly when tackling the trail. 

Three Capes Track, Tasmania

The Three Capes track is a stunning wilderness adventure that spans 48 kilometres across the Tasman Peninsula. The four-day hike includes many hut accommodation options along the way, meaning you can ditch the extra weight of a tent. 

Furthermore, modern facilities will keep you feeling comfortable after a long day of hiking, allowing you to fully enjoy the breathtaking clifftop views and stunning natural scenery along this excellent track. 

Larapinta Trail, Northern Territory

The Larapinta Trail is not for the faint-hearted. The entire trail spans 223 kilometres through the West MacDonnell ranges and takes 16 to 20 days to complete. It should come as no surprise that to successfully complete this hike, extensive planning and experience are needed. 

The good news is that there are multiple shorter combinations of the twelve separate sections from which to choose, allowing you to experience the beauty of the landscape in a more manageable time span.

Each trailhead is equipped with water tanks and basic facilities to accommodate visitors. Be sure to walk in the cooler months between April and September to avoid the unbearable heat summer brings to Australia. 

We hope this article on Wyld Family Travel helps shed some light on deciding which is the best hike with kids for your vacation.