We had been wanting to do the Raymond Island Koala walk for some time. Raymond Island is located in the Gippsland Lakes system. To get to Raymond Island you must travel 243 km east of Melbourne on the Princes Highway. When you get to Bairnsdale, you turn off and travel 18km on the Bairnsdale – Paynesville Road.It will take around 4 hours from Melbourne.

Lucky for us we live in the Gippsland region and Raymond Island is an easy 45-minute drive away for us. There are no shops on Raymond Island but shops and services can be found at Paynesville.

The island is one of the most unique places to visit in Gippsland. Raymond Island is serviced by a car and pedestrian ferry. The ferry is caught at Paynesville for a short ride over to Raymond Island.

Raymond Island Koala walk
The girls waiting patiently for the Paynesville Ferry. You can see it on the Raymond Island side

Catch the Raymond Island ferry

This makes the Island accessible by foot or bicycle (for free) or by car (for a small fee). The Raymond Island ferry operates on a regular basis from Paynesville. The ferry takes under 5 minutes from Paynesville to reach Raymond Island.

Raymond Island Ferry times

Raymond Island Ferry TimetableTimesVehicleCosts
Sunday to ThursdayRuns every 20 minutes from 7 am till 11 pmPedestrianFree
Friday and SaturdayRuns every 20 minutes from 7 am to 11.40 pmBicycleFree
Car with a trailer or a caravan$13
Truck/bus over 20 feet$20
Vehicle over 20 feet$28
After hours service$265

Raymond Island ferry times and fees are correct as of November 2019

Once on the island, there is a clearly marked 1.3km Koala walk around the island. Yes, a Koala walk it is one of the outstanding things to do in Gippsland. There is an information board in the park located adjacent to where the ferry docks and it is easy to see when you arrive.

You can buy a little information booklet for $2 which will give you fun and informative facts as you go on the walk. It works on an honour system and the money goes to help the koalas.

Raymond Island Koala Walk

You will see markers on rocks and signed posts even painted koalas on the ground lead you in the right direction. The walk can be done in as little as 30 minutes depending on how many Koalas you see and how long you stay to look at these amazing animals. While it is a good track it is gravel for some of the way so be careful with wheelchairs and prams.

The Raymond Island Koala walk is a great family activity

You start off in the residential streets of the Island, walking up the roads that are lined by mostly holiday houses and residential properties. The Koalas can be spotted anywhere on the Island where there is a gum tree. We were on the lookout from the moment we got on land.

It was a good game for the kids to try and spot the koalas since the koala and tree are a similar colour. After walking for about 10 minutes on the Raymond Island Koala walk without spotting one we were starting to get worried.

Raymond Island Koala walk
Strolling the streets of Raymond island searching for Koalas

We arrived at the back of the township and followed the path into some dense vegetation area with plenty of trees. Before long there were cries from the girls of ‘there is one of here’ and ‘one over there’ and ‘another in this tree’. We had hit the Koala mother load. There were Koalas everywhere and everyone around us knew when the girls had found another one.

Raymond Isalnd Koala walk
koalas have tough skin on their feet along with long sharp claws to provide grip, when climbing.

Some of these amazing native Australian animals were high in some of the trees, some low but they were everywhere. We were able to watch a dozen koalas lounging around sleeping their days away in the trees. It is such a great experience to see them in their own habitat looking so comfortable.

Things to do in Gippsland, Go to Raymond Island

The Raymond Island koalas look so natural with their heads tucked into their bodies or their legs dangling down, kicking back in the folk of a tree, just amazing. We were all surprised as well just how comfy they did look as it was a little bit windy when we were there but they were not moving at all!

Raymond Island Koala walk
Of the 600 types of eucalyptus trees, koalas are fussy eaters much like kids and limit their diet to 2 or 3 different types

The Koalas were first introduced to this Gippsland island in the 1950’s. Overpopulation and lack of food now plague the Raymond Island Koalas. There have been recent numbers of deaths with Koalas dying from starvation and bracken poisoning. This is being fixed by the volunteers who work there with some koalas being relocated and the opening of the Raymond Island Koala and wildlife centre.

Raymond Island Koala Walk
These amazing animals are still incorrectly referred to koalas as “koala bears.
Koala facts:
  • Koalas live for between 13-18 years of age
  • Koalas are usually between 60-85cm in height
  • Koalas in southern Australia are bigger than their northern counterparts.
  • Eucalyptus leaves is the only thing that Koalas eat
  • koalas eat 2.5 pounds of food a day
  • Koalas sleep for 18 hours a day
  • Koalas only live in Australia
  • It’s estimated there are less than 80,000 koalas left in Australia
  • cats and dogs kill 4000 Koalas a year
  • Australia has cleared 80% of the koala’s natural habitat.
Raymond Island Koala walk in East Gippsland Australia
When early European settlers first encountered koalas in Australia, they thought the tree-climbing animals were bears or monkeys

Family travel tip: What to do in Gippsland on the weekend, We recommend that you take some food for a bbq or a picnic. There is a park near where the ferry lands that had bbq facilities, table and chairs to sit and a kids playground. Remember to pack only what you can carry if you intened to do the Raymond Island koala walk after eating. Take you time and enjoy one of the best Gippsland tourist attractions

Where to stay when visiting the Raymond Island Koalas

We recommend that you stay in Paynesville. There are plenty of Paynesville accommodation options. You can stay at Paynesville caravan park for a budget option or up to a luxury option at Captains Cove Paynesville. Accommodation can be found for every budget in the area.

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