Lichtenstein Castle strikes an amazing pose as it sits perched on a cliff. It is reminiscent of castles you would see in horror movies. Maybe a damsel in distress is crying for help from a window.

Lichtenstein Castle Germany is often referred to as Little Neuschwanstein in reference to their similar style and look of Germany’s most famous castle. None the less Lichtenstein Schloss is a famous castle in Germany in its own right.

Schloss Lichtenstein in Germany
Schloss Lichtenstein sits proudly

Visiting Lichtenstein Castle Germany

germany burg lichtenstein
Burg Lichtenstein welcomes guests all year round

History: Records show there has been a castle situated at this location since around 1200. Lichtenstein Castle Germany sits above the source of the Echaz River. The original castle was destroyed, once in the Reichskrieg’s War of 1311. After a rebuild, the castle was again sacked and destroyed by the city-state of Reutlingen in 1377.

The castle was not reconstructed and subsequently fell to ruin. It is today known as Old Lichtenstein.  A newer version of the castle was built in 1390. This castle sits roughly 500 m away from the ruin of the original castle. Sometime around the 1560’s Lichtenstein Castle lost its place as a seat to the Lords of the land and fell into disrepair.

The nearest train station is Reutlingen Hbf. Reutlingen which is connected to the German ICE network. From Reutlingen bus station (5 minutes to walk from the railway station) take the bus no. 7606 and exit at Honau.

Coordinates:48.406667, 9.258056
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Lichtenstein castle

Opening times Burg Lichtenstein

Opening hours

 Jan. - Feb.MarchApril - Oct.Nov. - Dec.
Monday- Fridayclosed10 am - 4 pm9 am - 5:30 pm10 am - 4 pm
Saturdayclosed10 am - 4 pm9 am - 5:30 pm10 am - 4 pm
Sunday/ Holiday*closed10 am - 4 pm9 am - 5:30 pm10 am - 4 pm

Opening times are correct as of October 2019

Entry costs at Burg Lichtenstein

Admission charges

Castle Courtyard
Adults: 2 €
Children: 1 €

Basic Guided Tour
Duration: ca 30 min.
Children: 3,50 €
Adults: 8 €
Reduced: 7 €
Groups with a minimum of 20 paying participants: 7 €

I hope this Lichtenstein Castle family Travel Guide provides you with the relevant information. As far as castles in Germany go Schloss Lichtenstein should definitely be on your list. If you love castles we highly recommend you visit Neuschwanstein, make a trip to Schloss Hohenzollern and seek out Herrenchimsee Palace

*I have not personally been to this castle. Our German correspondents Adriana and Thomas visited Liechtenstein 3 weeks ago and provided me with images and information to craft this article

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