Wildpark Poing is located just outside Munich in Bavaria, Germany and is an easy, fun family day trip from Munich. The best thing at Wildlife park Poing, is you see all the animals that once lived and roamed the forest of Bavaria. It is truly a magnificent place to visit in Munich.

Wildlife Park Poing an amazing day out!


Marley taking a picture of a small deer at the Wildlife Park Poing Bavaria Germany
Marley taking pictures

I must say as a family travel destination Wildpark Poing ticked all the boxes for me

  • the price was excellent
  • the attraction was interesting for both kids and adults
  • there were food and beverage facilities
  • playground for the kids
  • it was easy to walk around the park
  • Poing is stroller friendly
  • there are many animals so there is no need to push or shove

We arrived by car from Munich, with the trip taking under an hour to get to Wildpark Poing it is a perfect day trip from Munich for kids. You pull up at what appears to be a forest with some cleared paddocks beside it with animals lazily roaming freely around.

Paying for your entry is easy and after entering you follow the clearly marked paths through the forest. It is here you will first encounter many different deer and goats that are more than happy to come and eat the food out of your hands! You still do need to be gentle and calm. (There are vending machines that sell animal food scattered around the park).

Our kids loved this aspect of the visit to Wildlife park Poing the best. What kid does not like animals especially when they approach you to eat from your hands? We made plenty of trips back and forth to buy more feed which we thought was a better idea than carrying a heap of boxes in a bag. They can smell that food!

It is not an experience that your kids to get to do often so we made the most of the animal feeding.

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The Deer at Wildpark Poing were so friendly, an amazing experience

Willow surrounded by hungry deer at the Poing Wildlife Park Munich
Willow experiencing feeding the Deer

There is over 4 km of track through the park where you can observe the Bavarian animals in their natural habitat at Wildpark PoingThe animals are penned in big and natural enclosures. We are not talking small Zoo enclosures here we are talking big natural simulated environments for these animals, where they can roam and have some resemblance of what their life in nature would look like.

If your children are timid it can be a little overwhelming for them, as the deer and goats can surround you looking for food. They are not shy at all and they know exactly what is inside those little green boxes! I was not aware that the Bison once used to roam the plains of Germany and Poland. Yes Bison in Poland and Germany. The Bison are given large areas to roam freely and they are not wandering on the paths.

There are many native Bavarian animals at the wild park Poing 

  • Deer 
  • Goats 
  • Rabbits 
  • Beaver
  • Ducks
  • Falcons
  • Bear
  • Sheep 
  • Boars
  • Bison 
  • Lynx 
  • Owls 
  • Wolves

The only animal we did not see was the bear. The enclosure making it as close to realistic as possible means that the bear has its own cave. The bear may have been in there.

Wildlife Park Poing Bavaria Germany
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The Poing Park play area was amazing

The waterplay area at the Wilfpark Poing for kids. It is made from wood and has a sand base under it
Some of the great play equipment at Poing Park
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In the middle of the park, there is a big open area for picnics. They also sell food

The playground at Wildpark Poing had a fort, a water playground and a western themed playground. In 2015 a western town was added to the playground with a fort and coach. Great to pretend you are a cowboy and riding the stagecoach. It kept my children occupied for about 30 minutes and we had trouble getting them to move onto looking at the animals again until they both saw the little lambs clambering over each other so they could get the first pat off the girls! 

A large Bison standing very still at Wildlife Park Poing Bavaria Germany while we took his picture
The Bison of Bavaria

Wildpark Poing Bavaria Germany sells food and drinks in a small shop in this area. I was able to slip in a nice beer while we had something to eat. The playground for the kids is fantastic.

Just next to this area is a small arena where they have bird shows twice a day where the Eagles, hawks and owl fly in and around the small arena as instructed by their handlers. This gives these amazing animals time to fly free.

One of the handlers was talking about each of the birds as they flew in and out. It was in German and our friend did his best to translate for us. Basically, it allows you to see these raptors up close at full flight

Things to take to Poing Wildpark
  • Picnic Set
  • Drink Bottles
  • Sun Hats
  • sunscreen
  • walking shoes
  • snacks
Bec feeding some very hungry goats over the fence at the wildlife park
Bec feeding the goats

The Lynx that is native to Bavaria sitting very still while we take the picture. Looking majestic
The Lynx looks like a big pussy cat

Our youngest daughter Marley was getting pretty tired by the end of the day as it is a long walk around the park. It did not help her little legs as early on she was more than happy to run off into the trees to see the little squirrel and bird homes dotted throughout the park! (Conserving energy is not one of Marley's strong suits!). You can spend all day there if you wanted to, I would say at least a 4-hour minimum stay is required to get the most out of it.

The Lynx was among one of the favourites for Willow and Marley at Poing Wildpark. He looked just like a big pussycat, that was until he growled at Marley! He pretty quickly went from lovable and adorable to scary!

 Wildlife Park Poing is a great family travel destination

One of the wild horses that used to roam freely all over Munich Germany
The wild horses that used to roam Bavaria

To be able to get this close to the deer and goats and to be able to feed them as well as an amazing experience for the kids and ourselves. Willow loved the experience more than Marley did and could not stop talking about it.

For adults, I felt especially since we are not from Europe, we got to view some native Bavarian animals that we had never seen before. In Australia, we don't have Wolves, Lynx etc and I had never seen a Lynx even in a zoo before. The park is so open and spacious that you really got the feel for the animals and see them close up. This Wildpark Bayern is an amazing experience

Poing Wildpark only accepts cash for entry no electronic payments available.


85586 Poing



09:00 - 17:00


09:00 - 16:00


Adult- 10 Euro

Child (3-14) 6.00 Euro

Visiting Poing Wildpark by car 

At junction München Ost A99 to the A94 motorway towards Passau. First exit Parsdorf/Poing exit the highway. Direction Poing. In Poing, the way to the wildlife park is signposted. Address for navigation system: Easter Path 20, 85586 Poing. There is plenty of free parking available.

Visiting Poing Wildpark by train

With the S-Bahn: S2 direction Markt Schwaben / Erding. Stop Poing. Ca. 20 minutes walk: On the main road, then follow signs to Wildpark follow. Information about the travel times of the S2, please contact the MVG.

Top tips for visiting Wildpark Poing in Munich

  • buy the food for the animals as you walk around the park. If you carry more you may get mobbed by some hungry animals
  • take a break at the playground and enjoy a rest
  • it is a long way around the park so if you have to bring a stroller
  • food and beverages are well priced but if you need to pack some water for your kids as you walk around. Don't pack food

We thoroughly loved our time at Poing Wildpark and we are hoping to do this day trip from Munich again now that our girls are older. It is one of the best things to do in Munich for kids and a great family friendly attraction in Germany.

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Poing Wildpark is an amazing experience just out of Munich. See the native animals of Bavaria in there natural habitat. This is one of the best things to do in Munich. It is a Munich attraction for the whole family #Munich #Bavaria #Germany #familytravel