Things to do in Sacramento with kids

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This family-friendly California capital boasts a variety of activities, from enjoying scenic parks to exploring interactive museums and discovering the region’s fascinating history. Sacramento is a haven for families!

This vibrant city offers a mix of outdoor adventures, interactive museums, and rich historical experiences guaranteed to spark curiosity and excitement in both kids and adults.

Unwind and Learn at Capitol Park with Kids in Sacramento:

Sacramento’s beautiful natural scenery and pleasant weather make it an ideal destination for families seeking adventures.

The Sacremento Capital Building with flowers in front of it
California State Capitol building

Capitol Park offers a serene escape where families can relax, explore California’s history, and create lasting memories together.

History Detectives at Capitol Park

Challenge the kids to find all the different monuments scattered throughout the park. Each one tells a story about California’s past. See if they can identify historical figures or events depicted in the statues and memorials.

Explore Sacramento’s Beauty on Two Wheels: American River Bicycle Trail with Kids in Sacramento

The American River Bicycle Trail is paved, which is perfect for a family bike ride in Sacramento with kids. Stretching 32 miles from Folsom Dam to Old Sacramento, this trail offers breathtaking river views and a safe path for cyclists of all ages.

Numerous rest stops with picnic areas make it easy to take breaks and enjoy the scenery. Look for wildlife and soak in the peaceful atmosphere for a delightful family excursion in Sacramento.

Consider renting bikes if you don’t have your own, and choose a trail section suitable for your kids’ ages and cycling abilities. An image showcasing families enjoying a bike ride on the American River Trail would be a great addition here.

Escape to Nature: Family Fun at Folsom Lake Recreation Area near Sacramento with Kids

Just a short drive from Sacramento, Folsom Lake Recreation Area offers a wonderland of outdoor adventures for families with kids!

the blue water of Folsom Lake near Sacremento
Blue Water And Sky Lake Natoma And Rainbow Bridge Folsom California With Trees Reflected In Water People Paddling

From splashing in the lake to exploring scenic trails, Folsom Lake Recreation Area provides a fun-filled escape for families visiting Sacramento with kids.

Whether you’re seeking a relaxing picnic by the water, a thrilling boat ride, or an exciting hike amidst nature, this sprawling area caters to all interests. For younger children, consider the designated swimming areas or explore the shorter family-friendly trails.

Kayak rentals and fishing spots are also available for those seeking more water-based activities. Include an image showcasing the beauty of Folsom Lake and the variety of family activities available.

Family-Friendly Eats in Sacramento:

After a fun-filled day exploring Sacramento’s attractions, there’s nothing better than refuelling with a delicious meal together. Sacramento boasts a vibrant restaurant scene, perfect for families with various tastes.

Cozy Comfort with Kid-Approved Options: Prelude Kitchen & Bar

Prelude Kitchen & Bar is a standout choice in the heart of Sacramento’s cultural district if you’re seeking a warm and welcoming atmosphere with kid-friendly options. Their menu features dishes sure to please both adults and children.

Learning Adventures in Sacramento: Museums and More for Curious Kids

Sacramento is a haven for curious minds! Beyond the entertainment, the city offers a wealth of educational experiences that blend learning and fun, making it the perfect destination for families seeking enriching adventures.

All Aboard for History: California State Railroad Museum with Kids

The California State Railroad Museum is a must-visit for families in Sacramento with kids. This interactive museum offers a captivating journey through history with its exhibits showcasing vintage locomotives and railcars.

California State Railroad Museum. The museum features 21 restored locomotives and railroad cars, some dating back to 1862.

Hop on a historic train ride and explore the past firsthand! Engaging displays and educational programs capture the imagination of both young and old, making history come alive for the whole family.

Animal Encounters and Conservation Education: Sacramento Zoo with Kids

Get up close and personal with amazing animals at the Sacramento Zoo! This family-friendly zoo offers more than just animal exhibits.

Participate in educational programs focusing on conservation efforts and learn about the importance of protecting wildlife. Watch daily demonstrations, feedings, and animal encounters that will leave lasting memories on your kids.

Reach for the Stars: Discovery Museum Science & Space Center with Kids

Take your kids on a thrilling adventure through space and beyond at the Discovery Museum Science & Space Center. This interactive museum features hands-on science exhibits that ignite curiosity and spark a love for learning.

Explore the wonders of the universe through exciting planetarium shows or delve into the world of science through engaging exhibits.

Sacramento’s educational experiences are designed to entertain, educate, and inspire, making your family trip a truly enriching experience.

Sacramento’s Cultural Gems: Family Adventures in Art, History & Imagination

Sacramento offers a wealth of cultural experiences that go beyond museums! These exciting adventures provide families with a unique opportunity to learn and discover together.

Time Travel Through Sacramento’s Gold Rush Days: Explore Old Sacramento with Kids

Step back in time and immerse yourselves in California’s vibrant history at Old Sacramento! Explore the streets and shops painstakingly recreated to reflect the Gold Rush era.

a horse and cart in Old Sacramento
Historic buildings line the street in Old Town Sacramento

Wander through historic buildings, watch demonstrations by costumed characters, and pan for gold (just like the prospectors did)! Old Sacramento offers a tangible link to California’s past, making history come alive for curious young minds.

Spark Creativity at Crocker Art Museum with Kids

Calling all art enthusiasts! The Crocker Art Museum is a must-visit for families in Sacramento with kids. This renowned museum offers a diverse collection of artwork spanning centuries, along with engaging programs specifically designed for young visitors.

Interactive exhibits, scavenger hunts, and family-friendly workshops spark creativity and ignite a love for art in children of all ages.

Fairytale Town: Where Imagination Takes Flight

Fairytale Town brings the magic of children’s stories to life! This whimsical park features imaginative play sets inspired by classic tales, like Alice in Wonderland and the Three Little Pigs.

Children can climb aboard a pirate ship, explore a medieval castle, or wander through a crooked house. Fairytale Town fosters creativity and imaginative play, making it a delightful experience for young children.

Sacramento Throughout the Seasons: Family Fun All Year Round

Sacramento’s charm extends beyond its attractions! This vibrant city offers exciting experiences for families throughout the year.

Summer Fun in the Sun:

  • Dive into Summer Movies: Sacramento comes alive during the summer with outdoor movie screenings! Pack a picnic basket, cozy blankets, and enjoy classic films under the stars with your kids.
  • Make a Splash at Water Parks: Beat the heat and create lasting memories with a thrilling day at one of Sacramento’s water parks. With slides, pools, and splash zones, there’s fun for all ages.

Winter Wonderland Adventures:

  • Glide Around Ice Rinks: As the weather cools, Sacramento transforms into a winter wonderland! Lace up your skates and enjoy an afternoon of ice skating at one of the city’s rinks – a perfect family activity for the holiday season.
  • Dazzling Holiday Events: Immerse yourselves in the festive spirit with Sacramento’s magical holiday events. From twinkling light displays to festive performances, these celebrations create cherished family memories.

Year-Round Family Fun:

No matter the season, Sacramento offers a variety of activities to keep families entertained. Explore the city’s vibrant farmers markets, catch a minor league baseball game, or enjoy a relaxing stroll through the city’s parks.

Wrapping Up: Unforgettable Adventures Await in Sacramento with Kids

Sacramento stands out as a family-friendly destination with its mix of outdoor adventures, educational opportunities, cultural outings, and seasonal events.

This vibrant city encourages families to delve into its history, explore science and art, and appreciate the beauty that envelops it. From relaxing in Capitol Park

Whether your family enjoys outdoor activities, historical sites, cultural experiences, or simply sharing a meal, Sacramento welcomes you with open arms. Ready to create unforgettable memories with your family in Sacramento? Start planning your adventure today!

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