Unforgettable Caribbean Adventures with Teens

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May and June are the peak season for family vacations in Barbados, part of the Lesser Antilles Islands in the Caribbean. Visitors and families with teens flock to this tropical Paradise Island. It is known for its dreamy weather, and outdoor recreation such as windsurfing, sailing, and island hospitality. 

If you are planning a trip to this part of the Caribbean islands, a little preparation goes a long way — especially if you are bringing teenagers. Whether you are cruising to the islands or staying at the best all-inclusive resorts, give your teens a little freedom and autonomy during their vacation in paradise while sharing family fun experiences that create cherished family memories.   

Here are some tips for travelling the Caribbean with teens.  

Ask for Input 

It is easier to get teens invested in the entire experience when you involve them in the planning. Ask for their input regarding accommodations, water sports, outings, and food choices, to help get them enthusiastic and excited about the upcoming Caribbean vacation.  

Best resorts for teens have plenty of activities to choose from

Also, let them do their own packing. Create a checklist that applies to the basics but allows them some autonomy to bring what they want. Explain that travelling light allows them space to bring back keepsakes and souvenirs. This is good practice in teaching personal responsibility, making sure they take into consideration vacation activities for teens in the Caribbean.

Bring a Friend 

Some teens will have a better vacation experience with a peer, which could be a friend or relative. This could be cost-prohibitive in some instances, but it takes a lot of pressure off parents. Depending on the family dynamics and who is travelling, this may be a great option for families.

Some teens may come out of their shells a bit more and could act differently when in the company of their peers, which is something for parents to consider when planning and booking their trip to a resort in Jamaica.  

Keep Them Comfortable 

Keep kids comfortable during the vacation — it will make everyone’s trip better. If you have several children, give teenagers their own space rather than try to bunk everyone together.

Accommodation in the Caribbean with teens, a long pool deck area
Caribbean Resorts are stunning and will keep teens entertained

Teenagers need some privacy, and they should not be the designated babysitters for younger siblings throughout the trip, don’t spoil your Caribbean with teens trip

Indulge them in the simple comforts and amenities that may make your teenager happy. This is not an issue when you stay at a Barbados all-inclusive beach resort for teens, as everything will be provided for.  

Splurge on Screen Time 

It is natural to want to curb screen time during vacations with teenagers. But do you really want to take on that power struggle during your Caribbean trip? Instead, consider embracing technology and providing your kids with everything they need to stay connected to you. Splurge on the internet package and make sure everyone has chargers packed.

If you’re at luxury resorts for families with teens or a villa, they will likely offer Wi-Fi as a free amenity, particularly when you stay at an all-inclusive resort. This also ensures that you always have a way to reach your teen in the Caribbean, which is invaluable when travelling outside the country.  

Do Something Daring 

If you want to get your teens’ attention, do something daring with them! Barbados is the perfect vacation destination if your family is looking for extreme adventures.

Snorkeling in the Craibbean
Families with kids will enjoy the Caribbean Sea

For instance, the location of the island makes for idyllic beaches and a wide range of water sports including a visit to a water park. Plan on something the whole family can enjoy, or take time for a special excursion for just you and your teenager.

Some options when staying at the best Caribbean hotels and resorts include scuba diving, snorkeling on a reef, waterboarding, surfing, kiting, parasailing, boating, skydiving, bungee jumping beach volleyball, and much more!

Some teenagers will love just lounging on the beach on their island vacation, teens like that, make sure to splurge on photos or mementos of your daring experience at an attraction or two to bring home! 

Plan Alone Time in the Caribbean with teens

We all need a little downtime during a busy trip, so plan on some alone time for everyone. That is, give your teenagers some time to hang out in their room to nap, read, and talk with friends.

a teenage girl at a Caribbean resort
Many resorts are sprawling all-inclusive locations

You can even let them take a solo adventure — with safety always in mind, of course. Let kids order room service and rent movies one evening, which will let you bask in the peace and quiet of their own space, too.  

When planning your Caribbean with teen adventures, remember that you may have to compromise on some activities while participating in others to please everyone in the family. Don’t feel pressured to pack too much in to keep teens busy, or you will all end up with tired and cranky kids and teens.  

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Enjoy the Moment 

Don’t get so busy and focused on everyone else’s good time that you forget to enjoy the moment yourself. The entire trip does not need to be jam-packed or educational. The important thing is that you are spending time with the people you love most.

Take a bunch of pictures to laugh at later when you remember your best family vacation, activities. Place fun, togetherness, and relaxation above all else when staying at resorts in the Caribbean and you are destined to have a fantastic trip at the best vacation spot!  

In the end, the Caribbean is made up of over 30 different countries and territories including Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados, Haiti and Trinidad and Tobago just to name a few.

Use these tips when travelling the Caribbean with teenagers to ensure a smooth and memorable trip to the Caribbean. Focus on creating memories. If disagreements ensue, choose your battles wisely. Distract or take some time apart to reconnect later and enjoy the rest of your vacation.  Simple strategies ensure everyone has a trip to remember that teens will love! 

We hope this article from us here at Wyld Family Travel has you inspired to visit the Caribbean with teenagers. There are so many things to do in the Caribbean with teenagers that will have you entertained for your family’s whole stay in the city.

Use our Travel with Teenagers Destination Guides from all over the world for your next family vacation inspiration to make your family vacations with teens epic.

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