32 best things to do in Venice with teenagers

Venice conjures up images of gondolas and canals, of carnival masquerades masks and glassblowers in Piazza San Marco. The Venetians were a maritime republic in northeastern Italy, which existed for a millennium between the 8th century and 1797.

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  1. Know before you go. Venice travel tips for families with teenagers
  2. The best things to do in Venice with teenagers
  3. Venice lagoon Islands Hop-on Hop-off Boat Tour
  4. Free things to do in Venice Italy with teens
  5. Day trips from Venice
  6. Frequently asked questions about Venice Italy
  7. Where to stay in Venice with family

Today Venice relies on its tourist trade to survive, and survive it does as tourists arrive in hoards day after day. We have selected some interesting adventurous, cultural, and historic things to see in Venice with teenagers.

Know before you go. Venice travel tips for families with teenagers

There are some things that you really need to know before you travel to Venice with teenagers. Here are the top things you need to plan for your family vacation and Teen-friendly activities in Venice

Where to stay in Venice with teenagers

You’ll never be short of options for your family accommodation in Venice, Italy. In Venice, you find a range of hotels, apartments, and hostels suitable for any travelling family. You will be sure to be able to find something to fit singles, couples, families, and groups on every budget.

If you’re not keen on any of our picks below or have specific needs, we recommend using Trip Advisor and Hotellook to find the best family hotels in Venice.

  • Luxury: Located in the city centre of Venice with views of the Grand Canal is the Hilton Molino Stucky Venice. Featuring 4-bed family suites, ideal for travelling with teenagers. Featuring free Wi-Fi, an outdoor pool, a spa, 3 restaurants and a buffet breakfast.
  • Mid-Range: A 3-star hotel with a bar/lounge area, near St. Mark’s Square. Hotel Locanda Canal has family rooms sleeping up to four people. The Grand Canal and all the major sites are under a 10-minute walk from this hotel.
  • Budget: Located just 100 m from the Grand Canal and a 2-minute walk from Santa Lucia Train Station, Venice Maggior Consiglio offers comfortable family rooms for your stay. Featuring satellite flat-screen TV, air conditioning private bathrooms.

Apartment alternative for your stay in Venice

If you prefer a home away from home-style accommodation when on your Italy trip with teenagers in Venice, then an apartment is the best choice for you on your family vacation.

There are so many options for singles, families, and budget-friendly options in Venice as well. You can search VRBO or if you’re looking for a luxury apartment then Plum Guide will help you find the perfect apartment in Venice for teens on your Italy trip with family.

How to get to Venice

  • The location of Venice is in North-East Italy, on the Adriatic Sea. Travel to Venice is via Marco Polo Airport and Treviso Airport is also located nearby and only services budget airlines. The airport is 25 minutes from Venice. 12 million people travelled through Marco Polo Venice Airport in 2018. Search your flights to Venice with Kiwi.com
  • High-Speed Trains service Venice Santa Lucia station and Venezia Mestre. Trains to Venice from Rome (Roma Termini railway station) take 3 hours 45 minutes, from Milan (Milano Centrale) 2 hours 25 minutes and from Florence (Firenze Santa Maria Novella) just 2 hours. You can search for and book train tickets to Venice with Omio or save time with a Eurail Pass for Italy.
  • Piazzale Roma offers one very large open bus and coach station where all buses, both local, airport and intercity coaches terminate their travels to Venice. The bus station is on the opposite side of the Grand Canal to Santa Lucia Railway Station You can research all bus options to Venice with Busbud.
Ariel view of the Venice skyline
Venice family vacation ideas for teenagers

How to get around Venice with teens

For your vacation in Venice, Italy with teenagers, you have 2 options to get around, walk or by water. If you don’t want to walk, the water bus service is an affordable way to get around.

The water taxis will take you from point-to-point locations in the city and the mainland. This makes it easy to visit islands such as San Giorgio Maggiore. You can book your Waterbus and mainland bus pass here.

Why not book a combo ticket that features a Venice Public Transport Ticket + Venice Audio Guide to save some money on entries

Weather in Venice

The climate of Venice is moderate with cold, moist winters and hot, muggy summers, that are influenced by the Adriatic Sea. Winter from December to February is cold, damp, and grey, snow is seen almost every year, but it’s mostly a light dusting.

Summer is from June to August and is hot and muggy with temperatures up to 35 degrees. The best time for things to do in Venice, Italy with family is in the spring and autumn, from mid-April to mid-June and in the month of September.

If you’re planning a trip to Venice, you might want to consider bringing along some warm clothing for the winter months and light clothing for the summer months. Some popular products that might be useful to include are base layers, jackets, sweaters, and shorts.

You can also find many great deals on travel accessories such as luggage and backpacks. I hope this helps!

Venice for international visitors

International travel to Venice requires a bit more thought. You will need travel insurance in Italy. Medical care is not cheap and if you want good quality care it will cost you a fortune if you don’t have travel insurance.

The official currency of Italy is the Euro. If you use your bank account from home you will be stung with high transaction fees, while your mobile phone calls will all be charged at an international rate. These are just some of the things you need to think about when you travel to Venice with teenagers.

  • For International travelers, travel insurance is a must get a quote through Insurance Masters and don’t go home with a huge bill for medical expenses.
  • Do you need a visa to visit Venice? The country of Italy may require you to have a visa or an ETA (Electronic travel authorization) to enter the country. You can check and buy these documents at iVisa.
  • Load a Revolut Travel Money card with Euro for your visit and save on transaction fees.
  • Make phone calls with an international sim card that you can buy before leaving home, or buy a voucher for a virtual e-sim for your mobile phone.
  • A 4G pocket Wi-Fi modem is essential for accessing the internet. You can rent a pocket modem that you can pick up at the airport or your hotel, alternatively buy a pocket modem that you can use on all future trips with your phone, tablet or computer.

Travel accessories for teenagers on a family trip to Venice

For teenagers, travelling can be a fun and exciting experience. However, there are a few things that they need to take into account in order to make the trip as comfortable and safe as possible. One of these is ensuring that they have the necessary travel accessories.

The Venice Pass

This pass covers the top 3 things every tourist to Venice wants to do and see. The Venice Pass provides entry to the world-famous St. Mark’s Basilica, the majestic Doge’s Palace, and a classic gondola ride on the Venetian canals.

As an extra bonus, you can access the Discover Venice: Past and Present Virtual Tour, or the Welcome To Venice Self-Guided Audio Tour and 10% off any other Venice attraction tickets. Get your Venice Pass here

The best things to do in Venice with teenagers

We are going to pull the curtain back on great things to do on a vacation with teens in Venice, Italy. The best Venice attractions for teenagers will have the whole family happy while you are on holiday in Venice.

Doge’s Palace

Doge’s Palace was the residence of the Doge of Venice, the supreme authority of the former Venetian Republic. It was founded in 1340 and became a museum in 1923. To explore the secret side of the Doge’s Palace, you need to take a guided tour. It is interesting for teenagers to get an insight into the history of the city.

Doge's Palace in Venice with gondolas in front of it
Venice’s history for kids includes the interesting torture rooms

The palace gets interesting when you are led to the prisoners’ dungeons, the torture rooms and Casanova’s daring escape! Of course, one of the highlights is when you cross the famous Bridge of Sighs. The bridge connects the interrogation rooms of the palace with the new prison.

Why not book a combo ticket with entry to both Doge’s Palace + St. Mark’s Basilica and save some money on entries

Don’t forget to climb the nearby Campanile Bell Tower for the best views of Venice. Completed in 912, it is the tallest and one of the oldest buildings in the city of Venice. You can ride the elevator to the top of the Campanile for panoramic views.

You can easily combine a visit to Doge’s Palace with a Gondola ride to save money or book a reserved entry-time ticket for peace of mind

Take to the water in Venice with teenagers

A gondola tour is definitely pricey and of course touristy, but it is worth it! The small tour, leading you along the small peaceful canals, is lovely.

a gondola ride through the canals of Venice
Navigate the picturesque canals with kids is a dreamy adventure

A standard gondola ride in Venice has a fixed cost of 80 euros for a private 25-30-minute tour.

At night, however, the cost of a gondola ride is 120 euros for a private 25-30-minute tour! You can book and pay for a Gondola ride here to save the hassle.

Another way to see the city by water is to take a Vaporetto (water bus, public transportation) The Vaporetto line N°1 takes you along the main canal, with the best views to admire the coloured palaces and candy-cane-like gondola’s mooring posts.

From Piazzale Roma to San Marco Square is about 45 minutes. Then you can do it again, in the opposite direction, to admire the reverse view! Book your Venice Waterbus Pass with ease here.

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Things to do in Venice with teenage girls – High Tea

High Tea started out as a quintessentially British thing. This afternoon tea tradition involves savoury sandwiches, cakes, pastries, and of course, tea. For mothers and daughters, it’s a cherished ritual that often brings them closer together.

A girl enjoying afternoon tea
Afternoon tea in Venice for teens

If you’re looking for something to do in Venice with teenage girls, then you should experience high tea firsthand. There are plenty of places to go in Venice, but be warned – it can be quite addictive!

Once you’ve had a taste of those delicious treats, you’ll likely want to indulge again and again. You will find the best High Tea, Afternoon teas in Venice at Caffè Florian

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Venice for kids can be amazing – watch Glassblowers

Well worth seeing is the glassblowers’ demonstration on Murano Island. Learn about techniques that are century-old, and have made Venetian handmade glass famous worldwide. The skilled craftsmen’s work is really impressive when the tiny glass object appears where it was a blob.

venice with teenagers watching glass blowing
Glass blowing is an interesting family activity in Venice

You will see Italian Murano glass in the form of chandeliers and more in many of the historic buildings of Venice! Many shops around are selling stained-glass figurines and strings of beads. You can join free tours during the morning in several glass factories in Murano or you can book a make-your-own Murano Glass Experience.

Venice lagoon Islands Hop-on Hop-off Boat Tour

The Venice Hop-on Hop-off boat tour is a great way to explore Venice with your family. The tour includes 14 separate stops, and you can see the islands, including Murano, Burano, and Torcello.

The tour includes either 24/48 hours on the hop-on hop-off boat and audio guides with onboard itineraries and walking tour itineraries. You can also take a small group boat tour on the Grand Canal.

Things to do for teenagers in Venice- Kayak Tour

A kayak tour in Venice is the perfect way to see the city from a different perspective. Gliding through the canals is a fun and unique experience that teenagers in Venice will love.

 A serene view of parents and kids kayaking along the canals in Venice
Fun things to do in Venice with a teenager

People of all ages and abilities are welcome; no kayaking experience is necessary. Instruction and use of all equipment are included in Venice activity for teens. Paddle through the canals, while learning about the culture and history of Venice. Book this adventure today

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Even churches can be interesting for teens in Venice

Churches in Venice, Italy are some of the most beautiful and historic churches in all of Europe. With their ornate designs and stunning architecture, it’s no wonder that these churches are some of the most popular tourist destinations in Venice.

From St Mark’s Basilica, and the Basilica di San Marco to the Church of Santa Maria Della Salute, there are dozens of incredible churches to explore in Venice.

The Scuola Grande de San Rocco (Confraternity of St. Roch) offers the largest collection of Frescos by the Venetian 16th-century artist, Tintoretto. During 20 years, Tintoretto filled the two floors from walls to ceilings. This is why it is called the Sistine Chapel of Venice.

One can always do Gelato in Venice with kids

When in Italy one must have gelato. One of the best places to have a gelato is at Fondamenta Delle Zattere (in Dorsoduro) Fondamenta Zattere.

Gelato in Venice
Family holidays in Venice must include ice cream

It is a great spot in front of Giudecca Island featuring broad quays offering scenic views. Try Gelateria Nico, famous for its Gianduiotto, a chocolate-hazelnut blend ice cream with whipped cream. Is there anything better to do in Venice with kids than having ice cream? You will the shop at Gelateria Nico – Fondamenta Zattere, 922.

Venice for teens ghost and legends walking tour

Teenagers love anything a bit left of centre. A ghost tour of Venice is just such a thing to keep teenagers engaged on their Italy vacation. As dark Falls, you will explore narrow lane ways, abandoned buildings and vacant canals to learn about Venice’s dark past.

Your ghost-hunter guide will enthral you with tales about the ghastly deeds and tragic ends of people who once walked the streets. These same people still wander the streets as restless spirits. Myths, ghosts and legends are alive and real in Venice.

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Top things to do in Venice with teens – The Torture Museum

The Venice Museum of Torture is a museum that is dedicated to the history of torture.

Torture instruments from the past at Venice Torture Museum.
An interesting attraction in Venice is the torture museum

For teens interested in the anything grim or gruesome, this museum features exhibits that showcase various torture devices and methods used throughout history. The Torture Museum may not be suitable for younger teenagers as it can be quite graphic.

The Dragon Bones of Venice

The Basilica of Santa Maria de San Donato dates to the seventh century. It was a time when Venice was just a few islands populated by a few communities that traded with each other.

Santa Maria e San Donato Church in Venice
The Dragon bones are located behind the alter

The ribs hanging in this medieval church are no ordinary bones. According to legend, they once belonged to a fierce dragon who was killed by a Saint. Yes, dragons and saints, sound like something out of Game of Thrones. Such things are sure to keep teenagers enthralled.

Venetian Doge Domenico Michiel, allegedly acquired the bones while looting Byzantine Greece on his way to join the Crusades in the Holy Lands.

The dragon bones now hang behind the church’s altar. There are no directions or signs, the bones are accessible but remain mostly out of sight for anyone who’s not looking for them. The church is open for visiting from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday and from 12:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Sundays and holidays.

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Things to do in Venice with family – Houses of Burano

Burano is made up of a group of four small islands linked together by a series of bridges in the Venice lagoon. Burano is made famous by its glass and lace makers and its eye-catching colour scheme that the locals started a few decades ago. Burano’s houses shine with bright colours that make the house look like they could be edited pictures.

colored houses of Borano
Just near Venice are the colourful houses of Burano.

The colours stay bright and popping due to being repainted every two years. Each house has to be re-painted a different colour from the next to keep the neighbourhood looking attractive to tourists. You can also visit the nearby island of Torcello to see its famous cathedral.

To get to Burano, you’ll have to take the Vaporetto (number 12) from the Fundament Nove in Venice.

Learn how to row a gondola in Venice

Venice is known for its canals, and there’s no better way to see them than from a gondola. Rowing a gondola takes some skill, but it’s not difficult to learn and will be one of the most memorable things to do with teenagers in Venice.

A trained gondolier will teach you the secrets of the traditional, Venetian rowing style as you pilot your boat into the canals of Venice. Book this wonderful experience today.

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Creature di Gomma Exhibition

The Creature di Gomma Exhibition is an exhibition of vintage toys from the sixties, seventies and eighties. It is one of the most important collections in the world with over 6,000 vintage toys full of nostalgia. Do you want to introduce your teenagers to vintage toys from TV and Movies of your generation.

Does the thought of driving overseas make you feel overwhelmed and anxious. Luckily, Tripiamo’s comprehensive international driving guides offer instructional videos, handy PDF sheets, and immersive 360-degree driving tours. Tripiamo will have you prepared for driving in Italy like never before. Take a look before you get behind the wheel!

Stand-up paddle boarding in Venice

If you’re looking for a new way to enjoy the water on your Venice holiday, stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) might be just the thing. SUP is a relatively new sport that involves standing on a large, surfboard-like paddleboard and using a long paddle to move through the water.

It can be done in lakes, rivers, oceans and in the famous Venice canals. This cool thing to do in Venice with teens is suitable for all ages and abilities. It’s also a great way to explore new areas and see Venice from a different perspective. Book a paddle board experience in Venice today.

Go swimming at the beach in Venice

Lido Beach is a popular tourist destination in Venice, Italy. Locals and tourists alike flock to Lido Beach to escape from the crowded streets of Venice and enjoy some time at the water.

Lido Beach, a family-friendly spot in Venice
You can take kids in Venice to the beach

One of the most popular activities for tourists to do there is to go swimming. Lido is on the outskirts of Burano and consists of a beach and an old Venetian fishery village.

The beach itself can be found approximately 400 meters from the Lido train station. Italy vacations for families with teens should include a swim in the waters of the Adriatic Sea.

Go Karting in Venice

The next time you’re looking for an activity that is both exciting and challenging, look no further than go-Karting! Indoor go-carting is the perfect activity for groups of friends or family members looking to add a little friendly competition to their day.

With its fast speeds and sharp turns, go-carting is sure to get your heart racing. In Venice, you will find Chioggia Kart has a fun and exciting track with fast go-karts for your enjoyment.

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Walking Tours in Venice

A walking tour can be a fantastic way for families to explore a new city or destination while on vacation. Families in Venice can immerse themselves in the local culture and history of a place, providing a fun and educational experience for both kids and adults.

Teenage girl in sunglasses with the Grand Canal in the background. Venice. Italy

To make the most of this family adventure, it’s essential to remember a few things, wear a comfortable pair of walking shoes and appropriate clothing for summer or winter

Some of the best walking tours in Venice include:

Experience culture through food

Embark on a food adventure with your teenagers and discover the flavours of Venice through a food tour. These food experiences not only teach your teens about local foods, but also offer a gateway to culture.

From savouring local delicacies to learning traditional cooking techniques, food tours can ignite a lifelong passion in teens for cooking and eating global cuisines. Some of the best food tour in Venice are:

Venice scavenger hunt for young adults

If you are looking for great vacations with teen ideas, then look no further than a family scavenger hunt.

the famous campanile tower in st marks square in venice italy
Venice family vacation ideas for teenagers

There are quite a few different scavenger hunts to do in Venice for families. Instead of a traditional sightseeing tour, get to know Venice uniquely with a scavenger hunt.

On your hunt, you will discover both popular and lesser-known sights of the city as you solve clues and tackle challenges to complete the adventure. Scavenger hunts are completely unique things to do in Venice with teenyboppers. Book your Venice Scavenger hunt today.

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Things to do in Venice for teenagers – Make a Venitian Mask

Venetian masks are a centuries-old tradition of Venice, Italy. The masks are typically made of paper mache and are very intricate and beautiful. They are often decorated with feathers, beads, and other adornments.

mask making in venice
Making masks in Venice with teenagers

Venetian masks are worn during the Carnival of Venice, which is a festival that occurs before Lent. During the carnival, people wear masks to conceal their identity and enjoy a week of fun and festivities. Teenagers can have fun making their own masks to take home as a souvenir from Venice.

Pastry, ice cream and coffee shop tour

Teenagers love all things sweet and sticky, and this tour is just right for the sweet tooth in your family.

You’ll get to sample traditional pastries, ice cream, beignets, and much more while visiting all 6 Venice neighbourhoods. You will be taken to the best local pastry shops, bakeries, and cafés in Venice.

This is definitely the sweetest thing for teenagers to do in Venice. Book your Venice Food Tour to sample the tastes of Italy!

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Peggy Guggenheim’s Art Museum

In the heart of Venice, Peggy Guggenheim’s art museum is a must-see for any teenager interested in art. The collection includes works by some of the most famous artists in the world, and the museum itself is a beautiful Venetian palazzo.

Peggy Guggenheim museum in Venice
Visit a museum in Venice for teens

A visit to the Peggy Guggenheim Museum is a truly unique experience. The collection includes masterpieces by artists such as Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollock, and Mark Rothko. The setting of the museum, a beautiful Venetian palazzo on the Grand Canal, makes it even more special.

Whether you are studying art at school or not, the Peggy Guggenheim Museum in Venice is definitely worth a visit. Book your entry tickets today.

The most Instagramable places in Venice

With Instagram and social media playing an important part in the lives of teenagers, we have some great places for Instagram photos in Venice.

We recommend visiting Gondolas at St. Mark’s Square, Libreria Acqua Alta, Canals at Ponte de La Verona and Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana for the best Instagram shots in Venice.

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Professional photoshoot in Venice

As our kids get older, we spend less and less time with them making family memories. One excellent way to capture some of these important family vacation moments is to hire a professional photographer for a few hours to make some lifelong memories for you.

The photographer will supply everything, your family just needs to provide the smiles for your Venice photoshoot. Book your memory-making shoot today.

Fun vacations for teens – Escape rooms in Venice

For those new to Escape rooms, this is a quick run down. An escape room, also known as an escape game, is a physical adventure game in which players solve a series of puzzles and riddles using clues, hints, and strategies to complete the objectives at hand.

Escape rooms may consist of a large, single room, or span multiple rooms. Players are given a set time limit to unveil the secret plot which is hidden within the rooms.

If your teen likes this stuff it is definitely one of the top things to do in Venice with teenagers. There is only 1 escape room located in Venice.

Cinemas in Venice for travel teens

Watching a movie is popular with teenagers anywhere in the world. Going to the cinema with teenagers in Venice is a great evening activity. With the unpredictable weather in Europe, the cinema is a great backup for your family vacation.

You will find a state of the art screens and sound. When checking movie times, make sure to look for v.o. or version Originale (original version) which means the movie is playing in the language it was made in. The most popular cinema for English language movies is;

10 Pin Bowling in Venice

There are no bowling alleys on the islands of Venice. On the mainland, a short journey away will find a bowling alley in Venezia.

Going to the gym in Venice

Fitness is very important to a lot of teenagers these days. Working out is a big part of a healthy lifestyle. Just because one is travelling does not mean one needs to stop working out.

Teens love working out in Venice

In Venice, you can go to a number of gyms that sell passes ranging from a day to a week and a month. Day passes start at 16 euros a day while a week pass costs 45 euros. You can find a list of Gyms in Venice on the Trainaway Fit website.

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Bike Riding in Venice

Venice bike riding is a popular family activity when travelling with teenagers. Bike riding allows you to experience your location either in town or out in the surrounding areas. You will find bike tours are the best way to go if you want to get an up-close and personal experience of the city.

You will either have a guide to point out all the important attractions or a map to follow. The bike tours will take you on a Venice family vacation 2-wheeled adventure. Alternatively, you can find locations that hire bikes and let you explore on your own.

Cycling is strictly forbidden in the main city of Venice due to crowds and small streets, but the Lido and other parts of the Venetian lagoon are good for bicycles. The countryside around Venice is good for cycling.

Where to go shopping in Venice with teenagers

Teens love shopping, and Venice is a city for shopping. Most shops in Venice are designer labels selling goods that will cost you a fortune. You will find a number of shopping malls and designer outlets on the mainland. The following places make great places for some retail therapy.

T Fondaco dei Tedeschi

A part of the huge chain store group DFS. The store sells a range of duty-free goods including luggage, jewellery, perfumes and more.

The shopping centre is located next to the Rialto Bridge on the Grand Canal. The best part of this shopping centre is that it has a stunning roof terrace boasting 360-degree views of the city.

Noventa di Piave Designer Outlet

This shopping centre on the mainland runs a shuttle bus twice daily to pick up customers in Venice.

This outlet features 150+ stores including designer brands like Adidas, Boss and Calvin Klien. You will find a range of places to eat at this outlet on your family holiday to Venice.

Wandering the streets and laneways of Venice you will find many small designer stores selling everything from flags to shoes, leather goods and glass products. Venice certainly has something for everyone when it comes to shopping.

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Free things to do in Venice Italy with teens

Venice Offers, some of the best free things to do with your teenage family members. These free city of Venice activities are perfect for keeping everyone happy and entertained without having to spend any money.

There are also plenty of affordable restaurants and shops where you can shop for souvenirs without breaking the bank. Some of our recommendations for free family activities in Italy are as follows.

  • Free walking tour in Venice
  • Rooftop view from Fondaco dei Tedeschi shopping centre
  • Musical history museum
  • Go to the beach at Lido

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Day trips from Venice

A day trip from Venice, Italy can be both rewarding and exciting. You will find many attractions for teenagers within a short drive from the city. Fun things to do in Italy for teenagers include theme parks and adventure activities.

Caribe Bay – Venice water parks and attractions for teens

Caribe Bay is an exhilarating water theme park near Venice, Italy, that offers a Caribbean experience with white sand, palm trees, and crystal-clear water.

Designed to cater for all ages, including teenagers, the park boasts an array of attractions including water slides, wave pools, lazy river, chill zones and a beach area.

It is also home to one of the highest Bungee Jumping tower in Europe (60 m). If your into adrenaline activities, you can fly head first for the water in this ultimate thrill-seeker activity.

Caribe Bay is open from May to September and you can buy tickets online to get the best deals and avoid queues.

Travel teen’s day trip to Verona

Verona was made famous by Shakespeare and his tale of love and death Romeo and Juliet. And yes the highlight of any visit is spotting the balcony from which Juliet wondered ‘Wherefore art thou Romeo?’ The city though cannot just thrive on one attraction only.

Romeo and Juliet’s day trip from Venice

Head into the historical centre of Verona to explore its many picturesque piazzas and the famed historical houses. Visit the Verona Arena which is a huge 1st-century Roman amphitheatre, that these days hosts concerts and large-scale opera performances.

A walk along the river and stop by the Basilica and Verona’s Duomo to marvel at its medieval architecture.

Direct trains from Verona to Venice are Regionale trains, which take about 1.5 hours. You can pre-purchase your Eurail Italy Mobile Pass here to save time.

Pula Croatia

You can travel to Pula Croatia by ferry from Venice. There are many things to do in Pula during a day trip. The most popular attraction is a visit to the Pula Arena which was built in the 1st century AD during the reign of Emperor Vespasian.

It is one of the best preserved Roman amphitheaters in the world. You can visit the Temple of Augustus a well-preserved Roman temple and the Pula Cathedral which is a beautiful church located in the heart of the city. You will easily fill a day trip to Pula

Frequently asked questions about Venice Italy

Venice is one of the best family city breaks in Europe and one of the best places to vacation with teenagers. There are so many things to consider when you are planning your family vacation to Italy.

Here is a list of some of the most frequently asked questions about the city to help you make your family vacation to Venice easy and hassle-free.

Do people speak English in Venice?

People who work in the tourist trade generally speak enough English to communicate with visitors. In general, not many speak English. A travel translator such as the Langogo will help you ask and understand the locals.

What power plug adaptor do I need for Italy?

For Italy, there are three associated plug types, types C, F and L. You can buy a power adaptor before you leave home.

What type of currency is used in Italy?

Euro is used in Italy. We suggest you get a Transferwise Money card prior to leaving to save on withdrawal fees. You can transfer money from your home country into Euros.

How do I call the police in Venice?

Dial 112 for Police

Do I need to tip in Venice?

Italian restaurant bills normally include service, but if you’re at a sit-down restaurant, it won’t hurt to leave an extra 5 to 10 per cent on the table for good service.

Can I drink tap water in Venice?

The public tap water is safe, cold, and great tasting. It’s piped in from deep wells on the Italian mainland.

Where to stay in Venice with family

At the top of the article, we suggested some accommodation choices. If you are looking for a wider variety of choices please find below an interactive map from Booking.com for you to find your perfect stay in Venice Italy.


Are you looking to book flights, hotels, apartments, tours, airport transfers, travel insurance and more? Are you just not sure what companies you can trust to book your travel online? We have a resource page that is full of companies that we personally use and book through for all trips from a weekend away to long-term travel around the world. Click here to search our travel resources page.

We hope this article from us here at Wyld Family Travel has you inspired to visit Italy with teenagers. There are so many things to do in Venice with teenagers, and hopefully this article will help you create the perfect Venice itinerary for families with teenagers.  

Travelling with young adults has just as many issues as travelling with young children. Choosing the best teenage vacation destinations, what bags and suitcases to take, travel essentials and more can be so time-consuming. Planning family travel with teenagers and tweens can be stressful, and finding the best tips for travel is essential. 

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6 thoughts on “32 best things to do in Venice with teenagers”

  1. It looks like Venice is a great place to visit, with or without the kids! I bet the whole family really enjoyed the gondola ride and I would love to see the glassblowing demo. Such an amazing craft.

  2. I don’t have children, but some of these suggestions are great for adults! I have not yet been to Venice (someday!!!), but I would love to watch glass blowers.

  3. We don’t have children yet but we we enjoyed everything on this list so I’m sure kids will love it too! Well, not everything, since we couldn’t afford a gondola ride LOL but everything else, especially the ice cream part!

  4. I’m not a kid, but I want to do all of these! I’ve always wanted to do a gondola ride, I don’t care if it seems cheesy. And heck yes to the glassblowers! They have them at the Renaissance Faire in the US, and I ALWAYS get caught up just watching.

  5. Haha is it bad that this itinerary is quite close to the one I did in Venice when I went? 🙂 Although I didn’t get a chance to ride a gondola since I was on a poor student budget at the time. The glass blowing on Murano was by far one of the coolest things I witnessed in Italy!

  6. Venice is an ideal destination if you are looking for history and culture! I think I have to take my wife and daughter a trip to Venice!

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